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Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters) recipe

Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters) recipe

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The most popular Indonesian snacks in my version. With this recipe, you always want more!

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IngredientsServes: 4

  • 150g plain flour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 tablespoon vanilla powder
  • 125ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1 teaspoon rum flavouring
  • 4 ripe bananas, sliced
  • 500ml oil for deep frying

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:15min ›Ready in:20min

  1. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar and vanilla powder. Make a well in the centre, and pour in milk, egg, melted butter and rum flavouring. Mix until smooth. Fold in banana slices until evenly coated.
  2. Heat oil in a wok or deep-fryer to 190 degrees C.
  3. Drop banana mixture by tablespoon into hot oil. Fry until golden brown and crispy, 10 to 15 minutes. Remove bananas from oil, and drain on kitchen roll. Serve hot.

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I made this recipe as I had many ripe bananas so I doubled all ingredients (but used 3 tbsp of sugar). It came out very tasty but I would give less sugar (2tbsp for double version) as bananas are naturally sweet anyway. I used few kinds of flour to make them healthier, white, brown and spelt. I also substituted vanilla powder with vanilla extract.Thank you for sharing-17 May 2014

by audrey

hi I am indonesian--and pisang goreng is just the best. if you try to bake the bananas in the oven on a baking sheet (425 F) until they're crispy, and use egg substitutes and reduced-calorie margarine (instead of butter), you'll cut down on a lot of fat.-14 Apr 2004

by SummerRain

I'm an Indo girl too, and I LOVE pisang goreng!! DO NOT use banana's that are too ripe, they'll be soggy after you fry them. Adding the rum was something new to me...but it's delicious!!-25 Feb 2005

Smeerproppen (fried banana fritters or pisang goreng)

It’s important that the batter is thick and sticky, so the bananas are well coated. So keep the proportions of the ingredients exactly as in the recipe. We only use 4 bananas so I cut the amount of the ingredients for the batter in half.

I use chopsticks to pick the fried bananas out of the oil. Only do this if you are used to work with chopsticks, because if the balls fall back into the oil, it can be dangerous. I think chopsticks are really handy because I can easily turn them in the hot oil and one by one lift them out.

Too much bananas in the oil is not convenient. The oil will cool too much. Fry 3 or 4 fritters at a time and they will be fine.

Cover them with icing sugar and they are ready to eat. You can easily freeze them. I fill up a ziplock bag, so I can take out as many fritters I like at a time. I heat up the oven to 200 degrees and warm them up until crispy (10 minutes, depending on the size of the pisang goreng).

Beb Vuyk, best known for her Groot Indonesisch Kookboek (Great Indonesian Cook Book), was much more than a great cook. She belongs to the most important Dutch-Indonesian (Indo) writers and journalists of her time. Check this out.

Secret 1: Choose the Right Banana Variety

Top choice: Pisang raja. At one time, this variety was readily available in Southeast Asian wet markets, but now you have to really shop around.

Runner-up choice: Pisang abu. Common in Southeast Asia. A good alternative if pisang raja isn&apost available.

Other options:

  • Burro bananas: Sweet and sour taste, similar to pisang nangka.
  • Plantains: Native to West and Central Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America.
  • Indian cooking bananas: Available in Indian grocery stores. Ask for a variety with a sweet flavor that is suitable for frying.

If you live in the UK, Australia, or the United States, you may find these varieties in Asian markets or specialty grocery stores. Ask for cooking bananas.

To learn more about which varieties are suitable for banana fritters, you may be interested in this article: Which Banana Varieties Are Suitable for Banana Fritters?

The Cavendish variety, which is the large yellow variety that you find at most Western supermarkets, is best eaten fresh and is not suitable for banana fritters.

Pisang abu is my second-choice variety for banana fritters.

Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters) recipe - Recipes

pisang goreng | indonesian fried banana recipe – popular snack of indonesia, singapore, malaysia and Brunei.Pisang is banana in malay language. Here in singapore you can see separate shops in hawker centre serving hot pisang goreng. When i eat it first time, i can relate this taste with pazham pori kerala recipe. They used to add whole banana. Some shops use sliced pisang. I love to have sliced version than using whole bananas. So i made that way. If you want you can use whole banana. I was planning to make ethakka appam kerala recipe video. Both have same method so i posted this.

Where can I get goreng pisang?

Here in singapore, you can see seperate stalls in many hawker shops. They usually start by 11 am and close early by 5 or 6 pm. They used to fry after getting your order only. So you can get crispy and hot banana fritters.

Where do banana fritters originate from?

I read in some articles that deep frying technique from west africa. But i would say kerala pazham pori also has the same method. I am not sure where the banana fritters originates firstly.

Banana recipes:

Video recipe of kerala pazham pori:

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Ingredients used in this recipe (check out ingredients card for measures and variations)

Banana – i used small variety of bananas. you can use any variety.

Maida / all purpose flour – i have seen using corn flour also in traditional pisang goreng. i want to make it both pazham pori and pisang goreng in same method so i used maida

Rice flour – add crispness to the recipe

Jaggery / sugar – its completely optional

Salt – small amount is enough

Baking soda – gives puffiness to the batter after frying

How To make Pisang Goreng

Thinking of making some snacks for your loved ones? Try these super crispy banana fritters. In Singapore, this is commonly known as Goreng Pisang - which literally means Fried Banana in Malay language. There are two types of banana fritter batter available in Singapore. One is this traditional type and the other is the light and airy type. Personally we prefer the traditional batter as it makes the banana fritters more crunchy. If you're a fellow Singaporean too, let us know which type you prefer. :)

See the ingredient list below for your easy reference.

We would like to give special thanks to Shogun by La Gourmet for letting us try out their high quality non-stick pan in the video respectively. If you like to buy Shogun by La Gourmet pots and pans, you can go to any of the major departmental stores in Singapore such as Isetan, Robinsons, Takashimaya, BHG, OG, Metro or Tangs. These two brands are also available in most major departmental stores in Malaysia. La Gourmet products are also sold in Philippines and Indonesia.

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Makes 6 portions

100g of rice flour
2 tablespoons of wheat flour
2 tablespoons of custard powder
1/3 teaspoon of salt
1/3 teaspoon of baking powder
15g of margarine (or butter)
110ml of water
3 large bananas - cut into halves

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Street food Crispy Pisang Goreng Recipe/Resep pisang Goreng krispi/goreng Pisang recipe how to.

Street food Crispy Pisang goreng or banana fritters or crispy fried banana is one of the most popular street food snack in south east asian countries. Bali in particular, the Balinese love having crispy pisang goreng or banana fritters to accompany a cup of back coffee in the morning. Pisang goreng also widely eaten as desserts

In Malaysia and Singapore pisang goreng or banana fritters known as goreng pisang while in Thailand it's called gluay kag.

There are many versions of pisang goreng recipe from Indonesia to Thailand. Each country have their own style. Thailand for example, they added sesame seeds in their batter.

My recipe of pisang goreng or goreng pisang or banana fritters or gluay kag is my own develop recipe. And it's easy to follow, super crispy yet very light.

ingredients for 2 serving
4 small size bananas or 2 normal

100 he rice flour
1 dsp wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
110 ml water
1 drop vanilla essence
55 ml coconut milk (optional)
1 dsp caster sugar (optional)
15 get butter

For topping
3 dsp melted palm sugar
2 dsp grated freshcoconut/dedicated
if you using dedicated coconut, ensure to soak prior using

Goreng Pisang Crispy Recipe with 1 secret ingredient | Malaysia Favourite Street food

Goreng Pisang Crispy Recipe | Malaysia Favourite Street food

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Cut banana
1:15 - Prepare the batter
2:57 - Secret ingredient here
3:25 - Prepare to fry
4:00 - Test the crispiness
4:20 - Taste the soft texture inside

Goreng pisang and pisang goreng terms are used interchangeably. However, one need not to be confused as it just means banana fritters. This local snacks is sold by most of the hawkers on the street. Malaysian's street food will not be complete without this. A delicious goreng pisang need to be crispy outside but soft inside. There are many ways to fry a nice and crispy goreng pisang dish. But, what we share with you is a fail proof recipe that you should try.

Goreng Pisang Crispy Recipe Malaysia Favourite Street food

Ingredients (for about 10 bananas)
1cup - Rice Flour
1tsp - Himalaya Salt
1tbsp - Brown Sugar
1tsp - Baking Powder
110ml - Cold water / Iced water
1unit - egg
1tbsp - oil
1/3tsp - ammonia bicarbonate

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Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters)

This Easy Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters) Recipe tastes amazing and is a very simple dinner recipe. Sweet and savory, this Pisang Goreng (Indonesian banana fritters) recipe is so delicious!
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Learn how to make Pisang Goreng (Indonesian banana fritters) with this amazingly simple and super easy to follow step-by-step recipe guide on how to make banana fritters Indonesian style, which is called Pisang Goreng. The main ingredients are bananas and batter so you know it's going to be delicious! And, this banana fritters recipe is so simple anyone can try at home using our recipe for how to make Pisang Goreng (Indonesian banana fritters).

If you love this how to make Pisang Goreng, Indonesian banana fritters recipe, let us know what you think in the comments below! #PisangGoreng #BananaFritters #Recipes

Ingredients for making Pisang Goreng (Indonesian banana fritters):
4 Bananas
1/2 cup of water
3 tablespoons of powdered sugar
1 egg
1 cup of gluten-free flour
2 tablespoons of canola oil (and multiple cups for frying)

Instructions for making pisang goreng (Indonesian banana fritters):
- First, peel and smush 2 of your bananas and add your water and mix.
- Now season with a pinch of salt, add your powdered sugar, egg, and mix in your flour gradually and add your canola oil.
- Slice your last two bananas and add them to the bowl and mix all together.
- Now to fry your fritters, pour canola oil into a pan and reach and keep a temperature of 350°F for the oil.
- Once the proper temperature is reached and maintained, start adding little balls of your batter to the oil and fry until golden brown.
- Then place your banana fritters on a cooling rack with paper towels on it.
- Now plate the pisang goreng (Indonesian banana fritters) and cover with powdered sugar and voila!

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Malaysian Favourite Food Goreng Pisang| Fried Banana-Original Easy Recipe

Pisang Goreng Crispy | Crispy Banana Fritters | பிசாங் கோரேங் | Amma Samayal Official

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Pisang Goreng Crispy | Crispy Banana Fritters | பிசாங் கோரேங் | Amma Samayal Official

Banana (Jackfruit Banana/Pisang Nangka) – A Comb Of Banana Peeled and Cut In Half
For The Batter:
Flour - 1 Cup
Rice Flour – 2 Tbsp
Brown Sugar – 1-2 Tbsp
Sesame Seeds – 2 Tbsp
Shredded Coconut – 2 Tbsp
Salt - ½ Tsp
Baking Soda – 1 Tsp
Vanilla Essence – ½ Tsp
Yellow Food Colouring – ½ Tsp
Water – 250 – 300 ML or As Much Required
Oil – As Required To Deep Fry

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pisang abu /nipah secukupnya
1 cawan tepung gandum
1/2 cawan tepung beras
1/2 sdt garam
1 cawan air sejuk dari aisbox
jika air kurang boleh tambah
3 sudu minyak panas atau mentega
boleh tambah perwarna kuning jika suka
minyak goreng untuk menggoreng secukupnya

1 cup of wheat flour
1/2 cup of rice flour
1/2 tsp of salt
1 cup of cold water
3 tablespoons of hot cooking oil or butter.
Add yellow food coloring if you like
cooking oil for frying

Banana Fritters / Pisang Goreng Recipe (With Tips)

Banana Fritters / Pisang Goreng Recipe (With Tips)
First of all,who doesn't like banana? I know i do. a lot.
Those day when i was a kid, banana was so cheap and at times we got our banana for free from neighbours who own a banana tree.

I just love those old days when most of the things were free or just grew wildly.

Normally, in the late afternoon or evening the banana fritter's vendor will start selling their banana fritters. And i was one of those kids who queue to buy banana fritters and love to eat one.

For me banana fritters should taste crunchy, sweet and little bit of saltiness to balance up the sweetness. So, i tried few recipe to make a good banana fritters.

But, end up i still prefer the cheat version, by using Adabi banana fritters flour. It just taste better.

So, in Malaysia this Adabi Banana Fritter flour is easy to access but in other country i'm just not sure. May be you can try with Tempura flour or any other banana fritter flour brand.

But, i just want to give some heads up on the tips of getting the right Banana Fritters. So, check out my video for more tips.

Check out my previous recipe here :
Crispy Pork Skin/Crispy Roast Pork Belly

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Easy Homemade Crispy BANANA FRITTERS | Pisang Goreng

#popularstreetfood #pisang #snackfood

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Pisang Goreng or banana fritters is a snack food made of banana or plantain covered in batter and deep fried in hot cooking oil mostly found throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other south East Asian countries. It is consumed as a snack in the afternoon and is often sold by street vendors.

Banana Cheese Fritters | Banana Fritters Recipe| Pisang Goreng | Quick & Easy Snack | Fried Banana

In this video, I'm going make a classic dessert: BANANA CHEESE FRITTTERS with a little twist using grated cheese as toppings.

In Malaysia, Pisang goreng is a very famous snack and dessert! The batter mixture can also be used for frying yam, sweet potato, and even vegetable fritters.

I'd like to share this recipe specially to my friends and family in the Philippines as we love deep fried banana as well. Such as turon and banana cue, using banana plantain/ Saging na Saba

What you'll need:
1 Cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp cooking oil
200ml water
Cheddar Cheese
Condensed milk

8-10 Plantain bananas
Oil for deep-frying

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and please give it a try! Remember to like this video and subscribe to my channel.

Comment down below, any recipe you'd like to request! If you're reading this, thank you! See you in my next video.

Credit to my supportive husband.
My personal photographer in this video..

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#howtomakefrittersbatter #homemadebananacheesefritters #quickandeasysnack

Pisang Goreng Enak dan Legit

Crispy Banana Fritters 炸香蕉 Pisang Goreng

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Ingredients (材料):
8-10 Bananas ( peeled, halved them lengthwise)
8-10 条香蕉,去皮切半

120g (1 cup) rice flour (粘米粉)
2 tsp baking powder (发粉)
1/2 tsp salt (盐)
125ml (1/2 cup) water (水)
1/2 tsp ammonia bicarbonate (臭粉)
2 tsp oil (油)

Cara membuat pisang goreng crispy super renyah

Cara membuat pisang goreng crispy super renyah

Halo semua. kali ini dari dapur channel akan membagikan resep camilan yang banyak disukai keluarga yaitu pisang goreng crispy super renyah.
Berikut bahan-bahannya

Bahan pencelup adonan kental:
10 sdm tepung beras
1 sdm tepung tapioka
Air 200 ml
1/2 sdt garam

Bahan pencelup encer:
10 sdm tepung beras
1 sdm tepung tapioka
1 bungkus santan kara 65 ml
500 ml air
1 butir telur
Sedikit vanili bubuk
Pisang Bawen secukupnya

Simak videonya sampai akhir ya

Banana Fritters with Crisp Coating (Pisang Goreng) | MyKitchen101en

This is a simple deep fried banana fritters (pisang goreng) with crispy coating. Banana fritter is a popular street snack mostly found throughout Southeast Asia. Cooking banana (plantain) is preferred to make banana fritters.

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400g-500g cooking banana
100g rice flour
1 ½ tsp custard powder
½ tsp salt
100ml water
1 Tbsp oil
1 ½ tsp baking powder

Pisang goreng

indonesian fried banana recipe

indonesian fried banana recipe

kerala style pazham pori
. detailed recipe:
Banana recipes:
Banana rasayana :
Apple banana dates smoothie :
Banana sandwich :
Banana bonda :
Mango banana smoothie:
panchamirtham :
click below time stamps:
0:00 ingredients
0:05 slicing banana
0:22 batter preparation
1:13 deep fry
2:09 serving
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Cara Buat goreng Pisang crispy, cuma dengan 2 bahan dijamin mantul dan endul

Yummy Bananas Recipe ! Crispy Fried Bananas ! Easy & Instant Pisang Goreng ! Easyvideo

Yummy Banana Fried Recipe! Asian Dessert Recipe ! It would be a nice Sunday breakfast with a bit of chocolate syrup on top!
Try and enjoy it!
Thank you for watching!
2 bananas
50g rice flour
15g wheat flour
2 small eggs
75ml water

#easyvideo #bananafried #recipe

Resep Pisang Goreng / Recipe Fried Bananas - Globe in the Hat #2 INDONESIA

[English below] ➡Gdybym w trzech słowach miała określić kuchnię indonezyjską, z pewnością powiedziałabym: słodka, słona i tłusta. I rzeczywiście Indonezyjczycy cukier, sól i tłuszcz dodają do większości produktów, a moimi pierwszymi słowami jakie przyswoiłam w języku indonezyjskim były…no właśnie – „tanpa gula”. Co oznacza „bez cukru”.

➡Cukier, cukrem, ale pewne indonezyjskie dania po prostu musicie spróbować! Jednym z takich przykładów jest „pisang goreng” czyli smażone banany, które również Wy sami możecie przyrządzić we własnej kuchni!

Zobaczcie przepis na indonezyjskie smażone banany po indonezyjsku w Indonezji :)

[ENG] ➡If I could describe Indonesian cuisine in three words, I would definitely say: sweet, salty and greasy. Indeed, Indonesian people add sugar, salt and fat to most products. The first words I’ve learned in Indonesian were…exactly…tanpa gula, which means no sugar - very useful in local restaurants, cafes, and everywhere else.

➡With sugar or without, you just have to try certain Indonesian dishes. One such example is pisang goring” meaning fried bananas, something you can also prepare in your own kitchen.

Let’s see the recipe of Indonesian fried bananas!

English-Indonesian translation: Very Kurnia Aditama

Globus w kapeluszu/Globe in the hat
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Hai semua, hari ini aku akan bagikan resep Cekodok Pisang. Aku suka banget jajanan yang bahan dasarnya pisang, ada yang gitu juga ngga? Beberapa diantara kalian request makanan ini karena makanan ini juga muncul di serial tv Upin & Ipin. Sejujurnya aku bukan penonton Upin & Ipin, tapi karena requestnya menarik banget, aku langsung cari tau resepnya dan bikin jajanan ini. Resep ini aku adaptasi dari resep Nyonya Cooking.

Link Video Nyonya Cooking:

Resep Cekodok Pisang (8-10 buah):
185 gr pisang
50 gr tepung
30 gr tepung beras
pinch of salt
20 gr gula
1/4 baking soda

Pisang yang aku pakai adalah pisang sunpride karena aku udah yakin pisangnya manis dan enak. Kalian bisa pakai pisang kepok yang manis dan matang (atau justru malah pisang yang sedikit kematangan lebih baik).

Temukan alat masak dan bahan-bahan yang aku pakai disini:

atau di toko shopee pufflova

Sweet Indonesian Fried Bananas Fritters (Cook Pisang Goreng) Recipe in English

How to make the sweet Indonesian Fried Bananas Fritters (Cook Pisang Goreng)

You need the following ingredients:

- Bananas (Pisang)
- Sugar (Gula)
- Unbleached Flour
- 1 Egg
- Water
- Cooking Oil
- Baking Powder

Crispy Fried Banana Fritters | Pisang Goreng Rangup

#crispybatter #fritters #snackfood

The best bananas for making fried banana fritters are the Saba bananas. They are fat, sweet and full of flavor. Using this most crispy batter recipe to give a most crispiness on the outside and thick soft bananas on inside. One of the best malaysian snacks no one can denied.

INGREDIENTS for the Recipe
Ripe Saba bananas
80g self raising flour
40g cornflour
20g rice flour
1/4 tsp himalayan rock salt
1/3- 1/2 can 100plus (agak agak)
Oil for frying

Mix all flours, add salt. Then add 100plus to get a smooth batter.
Cut bananas into fan shape (watch video). Dip in flour batter and fry in medium hot oil until brown on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper towels. Served warm. Yummy & delicious.

Resep Pisang Goreng | How to make Crispy Banana Fritters | Street Food Recipe Channel

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Watch the end of the video to see TIPS for longer lasting crispy Banana Fritters (Saksikan akhir video untuk menyimak TIPS pisang goreng krispi yang tahan lama krispi nya.)
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RECIPE Secrets of Crispy Banana Fritters by Street Food Recipe:
1 cup of all cup of all purpose flour (110 grams)
1 cup of rice flour (160 grams)
3 tablespoons of sugar
Pinch of salt
400 ml of cold water
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
1 teaspoon of baking powder
some Thai bananas
Oil for deep frying

Some Cheddar cheese
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Chocolate chips

Put in 1 cup of All purpose Flour in a bowl.
Put in 1 cup of rice flour.
Put in 3 tablespoon of sugar.
Sprinkle a pinch of salt.
Pour in 400 ml of cold water.
Mix well until there are no any lumps.
Pour in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Mix well.
Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Mix well.
Cut some Thai bananas’ edges, pell it and slice it thin onto 5 slices but don’t slice through the edge, leave 1 edge of the banana intact. (see video)
Span banana onto fan shape.
Heat pan with lot of oil to deep fry the bananas.
Dip the banana into the batter. Fry the bananas until golden brown. Make sure the oil cover the whole banana part.
Put the bananas on wire rack to drip excess oil.
Serve the banana on a platter, sprinkle with some grated cheese, drizzle with some Sweetened Condensed Milk.
Garnish with some chocolate chips. Serve warm.
#bananafritters #pisanggoreng #crispybananafritters #streetfoodrecipe #streetfoodrecipes

(Pisang Goreng) Fried Banana Recipe

Goreng Pisang/Fried Bananas

Fried Banana's also known as Goreng Pisang in Malaysia is made with ripe bananas and coated with batter before deep-frying. It's a simple snack, but they taste so good!

How to Make Pisang Goreng (Fried Bananas) - LIVE Broadcast

Summer Fruit Festival Recipe # 7 - Pisang Goreng (Fried Bananas) & Bananas with Palm Sugar and Coconut Sauce

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- ½ cup plain flour
- ½ cup rice flour
- ¼ cup sugar
- 1/2 cup water
- 1.5 teaspoons baking soda
- ½ teaspoon salt
- ¼ cup desiccated coconut (optional)
- ½ kg bananas, cut into halves or quarters

1. Combine batter ingredients in dough mixer, mix until well-combined.
2. Heat oil to 180°C.
3. Dip banana pieces in batter, then gently place in oil. Fry until golden brown.
4. Remove and place on paper towels to absorb excess oil before serving.


- 1 large banana, cut into 1cm chunks
- 1 cup coconut cream
- ½ cup water
- 3 Tbsp palm sugar or demerara sugar
- Pinch of salt

1. Combine ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until sugar is dissolved. Serve with sticky rice or ice cream.

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Pisang goreng recipe – Fried banana fritters

‘Gorengan’ is a popular snack throughout Indonesia. It literally means ‘fried things’ and covers a wide range of crispy goodies. One of my favourites is pisang goreng (deep-fried bananas in batter), especially first thing in the morning with a cup of hot coffee.

Pisang goreng also makes a great dessert served with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of palm sugar or caramel sauce over the top. It’s such an easy dish to make because it’s so quick and you hardly need any ingredients. For best results with this make sure you get the oil really hot and remember not to slice the bananas too thickly or put too much batter on. My favourite pisang goreng are the ones where the oil has come into direct contact with some of the bits of the banana beneath and it takes on a kind of caramelised texture.

Ingredients: (enough for 4-6 people – depending on how greedy you are feeling!)
85g self-raising flour
150ml water
a pinch of salt
3 bananas (sliced diagonally into 4-5cm pieces)
Enough oil to deep-fry the bananas

1. Mix the self-raising flour, salt and water salt until there are no lumps.
2. Heat the oil until it’s hot enough to fry the bananas (test by dripping a little batter in and seeing if it bubbles).
3. Dip the bananas into the batter mix until they are covered in it then put them in the oil to fry until they are golden brown then remove and drain.
4. Serve on their own, with other coffee snacks, or as a delicious dessert with ice cream.

Crispy Deep-Fried Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng)

Banana fritter (Pisang Goreng) is a very popular street snack in many parts of Southeast Asia. These crispy deep-fried bananas are easy to make at home. Simply coat banana with batter and deep-fry to golden brown. These delicious treats are best served warm and only take minutes to prepare.

Cooking bananas (plantains) which contain more starch and less sugar are more suitable to be deep-fried as banana fritters. Dessert banana such as Cavendish variety with higher sugar content are meant to be eaten fresh, it is not suitable for cooking and will probably turn soggy after deep-fried.

  • Choose cooking banana variety which is generally more starchy with less sugar.
  • Baking powder should be added in as late as possible, just before frying. Sift in to distribute evenly into the batter.
  • Fry in small batches.
  • Place fried banana fritters on cooling rack to keep them crispy before serving.

Crispy Deep-Fried Banana Fritters Recipe | MyKitchen101en

  • 400g-500g cooking banana
  • 100g rice flour
  • 1 ½ tsp custard powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 100ml water
  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder


1 Sift and mix rice flour, custard powder and salt.

2 Add in oil and water, mix until blended with no visible lumps, set aside.

4 Sift in baking powder, sifting helps incorporate baking powder evenly throughout the batter. Baking powder should be added to the batter just before frying.

5 Dip banana pieces in the batter and deep fried until golden brown, about 4 minutes.

PISANG GORENG (Indonesian Banana Fritters)

Pisang goreng is popular eaten as snack, breakfast item, or pretty much anytime of the day. In Indonesia pisang goreng is often sold by street vendor.

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla powder
1/2 cup milk/water
1 egg
2 tbsp butter, melted
4 ripe plantation/regularbananas, cut
1 cups oil for frying

In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar and vanilla powder. Make a well in the center, and pour in milk/water, egg and melted butter. Mix until smooth. Fold in banana slices until evenly coated.

Heat oil in a wok or deep-fryer to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
Drop banana mixture by tablespoon into hot oil. Fry until golden brown and crispy, 10 to 15 minutes. Remove bananas from oil, and drain on paper towels. Serve hot.

Pisang Goreng (Indonesian Banana Fritters) recipe - Recipes

Indonesia have around 5,350 traditional recipes, with 30 of them are considered as the most important.Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region and has many different influences.Some popular Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, gado-gado,sate and soto are ubiquitous in the country and considered as national dishes.Today, some popular dishes that originated in Indonesia are now common across much of Southeast Asia. Indonesian dishes such as satay, beef rendang, and sambal are also favoured in Malaysia and Singapore. Soy-based dishes of tofu and tempe, are also very popular Indonesian cuisine,however this cuisine is quite a unknown cuisine for me. When i was planning my recipe choices for this month's long blogging marathon with cuisines all around the world starting with alphabets, i dont want to stick to the famous Italian cuisine for the alphabet 'I'. Since i want to explore this Indonesian cuisine, i started searching for an interesting recipe and finally i ended up with this dangerously addictive Indonesian style fried bananas. Immediately i got hooked to this recipe and the author of this space shares many authentic Indonesian dishes with her beautiful clicks. This dish is quite a simple evening snacks, one cant stop just munching these super crispy fried bananas, they are dangerously addictive.The author of Daily Cooking Quest says that this Pisang Goreng is one among the Indonesian most favourite food. She also says that traditionally Indonesian bananas are used for making this fritters, since Indonesian bananas are not that much easily available in other countries, any bananas available in your place can works awesome too for making this fried bananas.

Indonesian cuisine is really very vast, they cook prominently with peanut sauce, spice paste, coconut milk in most of their dishes. Seriously once i started exploring this cuisine, i was tempted to try this cuisine at home as i love to try different cuisines. However i picked this fried bananas as my first trial and i simply loved these fried banans very much. Let me tell a secret, i have prepared these pisang goreng couple of times at home since this fritters are our family favourite now.These fritters tastes fantabulous when served along with a cup of tea. If you want to give a try to a new fritters,this Pisang goreng is just for you.

4nos Bananas
1cup Rice flour
1tbsp Tapioca flour
1/4tsp Salt
1/4cup Water
Oil for frying

Take the rice flour, tapioca flour, salt, and water in a mixing bowl.

Peel bananas and cut each into two. Make three slices along its length, but keep the bottom 1 inch intact, so it can be opened up like a fan.

Heat enough oil in a pot for deep frying.

Dip the bananas into the batter and fry until golden brown and crispy, about 3-4 minutes.

Easy Peasy Pisang Goreng

Do you love bananas? I have the easiest 5 ingredients recipe to share with you today.

We all know that the ever popular pisang goreng is eaten all over Indonesia and other parts of South-east Asia, and is loved by many all around the world!

Whole bananas dipped in batter and deep fried are very popular as a street food or a home-made snack. However, if bananas become over-ripe – they are often mashed and prepared slightly differently, as I’m going to share with you today.

I always create my pisang goreng from this simple recipe, from an old family friend and altered to just the way I like it.

This is one of THE easiest Indonesian recipes I know. Using only 5 ingredients <6 – with the inclusion of cinnamon sugar for serving>hence the reason why I have made this so many times back in my teaching days. It’s the perfect recipe as it’s cheap and easy! You could make these with Pre-schoolers/Early Childhood learners! And yes, obviously if you were going to make these with a grade then you are going to need loads of bananas. however, I usually have students working in small groups of 4-5 – this way all students get that hands-on experience and they will each get more pisang goreng to eat!

TIP: Go on a hunt for over-ripe bananas at your local market. You can usually pick-up a bag of over-ripe bananas for a fraction of the cost of perfectly ripe bananas at the supermarket. Save on your budget!



  1. 3-4 over-ripe bananas, mashed
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1/2 cup plain flour
  4. 1 1/2 tblsp sugar
  5. oil for frying
  6. cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on top!

TIP: The mixture can be deep fried or shallow fried. I tend to shallow-fry as a healthier option.

  • When the edges of the fritters start to turn brown, it’s time to flip them over. When your fritters are crisp and golden brown on both sides, remove them from the pan, place on paper towel to drain and serve while still warm.

*I love a dusting of cinnamon sugar on mine! Yum! nakal‘ then add a scoop of your favourite ice cream!>

*I also added some coconut to half of my mixture this time, just to try something different. Can I just say… I think I’ll be adding coconut to the whole mixture next time! It was yum!

And that’s it folks – the easiest pisang goreng recipe I know. Hope you try it out and integrate some simple traditional cooking into your Indonesian Languages Program and at home too! I promise it will be a big hit!

Do you like pisang goreng?

Have you ever made pisang goreng in your Indonesian Languages classroom?

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