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5 Awesome Apple-Based Vegan Recipes

5 Awesome Apple-Based Vegan Recipes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples have long been celebrated as a health food, and for good reason! Here are four great reasons to eat at least one every day:

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Sensible Snacking. A medium apple has just 95 calories, but packs an impressive 4 grams of fiber and supplies 14 percent of your daily value for vitamin C. This significant fiber content makes apples a sensible, filling snack.

Even Better News. Consumption of dried apples has also been shown to boost weight loss in postmenopausal women. So snack away!

Heart Health. Because the fiber found in apples is of the soluble variety, researchers believe regular consumption could even help lower LDL (or "bad") cholesterol levels.

Metabolic Syndrome. Adults who eat apples and apple products (like applesauce and juice) have a significantly lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health problems linked to heart disease and diabetes.

There are, indeed, many reasons to love apples. But let's not forget that they’re also delicious!

Apples make a tasty addition to baked goods like cookies, cakes, donuts, and muffins, but also shine in savory soups and other entrées. Check out five of our favorite ways to use this wonder fruit in the slideshow.

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5 Awesome Apple-Based Vegan Recipes - Recipes


A vegan diet is similar to a vegetarian one however vegan meals do not contain any product of animal origin. By eating foods that are lower in the food chain, veganism minimizes damage to the natural environment and is also a great way to eat healthy too. But vegan meals aren't just about some vegetables tossed with tofu. Here are few great vegan meal ideas that are interesting, and also delicious at any time of the day - most importantly, these healthy recipes don't require any outlandish ingredients and are simple to prepare.

Breakfast: Tofu Scramble

Yes, it's plain tofu, but it isn&rsquot boring it's the healthiest breakfast meal! Many people who have become vegan miss their morning egg scramble. While tofu scramble does not taste like eggs, it is still a great way to have a protein-rich meal in the morning. Just cook your tofu the way you would cook scrambled eggs in a pan. Add in a chopped onion and green chilies (if you want it spicy) and you have a delicious meal ready in 10 minutes. To give it a Latin twist, add some jalapenos or Chipotle and serve it over whole wheat toast for a vegan breakfast.

Lunch: Chickpea Burgers with Tahini

Eat lunch with a Mediterranean twist. A filling sandwich is easy to put together and a nutritious way to enjoy a scrumptious lunch. What's more, it is so easy to pack and carry to your office - no more canteen food!

Try a rich and creamy falafel with tahini, which is a great way to enjoy a filling lunch on the go. You can make falafels easily from chickpeas, but rather than deep frying the falafel, bake it instead. Drizzle some flavourful tahini on top for a healthy dose of good fat, add a slice of tomato and lettuce, and pack it all between two slices of whole-meal bread. Then you have an absolutely guilt-free, protein-packed meal.

Dinner: Gatta Curry with Brown Rice

Gatta curry is a yogurt-based Indian curry made with chickpea dumplings that have been steamed or boiled. A delicacy from the Indian state of Rajasthan it is a spicy way to enjoy a healthy meal with a serving of brown rice (that makes it gluten free too) or a whole wheat chapati.

Whenever chaat or general junk cravings strike, this Mumbai street food is a delicious and healthy way to combat them. You can make low-fat ragda by using a curry made from dried peas cooked with your usual curry masala. Then, make a patty from baked potatoes (not fried) and drizzle with sweet tamarind sauce. Just skip the sprinkle of sev to save yourself loads of calories let me tell you when no guilt is involved, your meal tastes much better.

Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Cake

Next time you're thinking of dessert, give this vegan chocolate cake a try. It's easy on your stomach and also packs a healthy punch of fiber.

Use your regular chocolate cake recipe, replacing the egg with flax seed meal paste. You can make this by mixing 2 tablespoons flax seed meal with a quarter cup water, which is the equivalent of 1 egg. This makes the cake rich in fibre (there is approximately 2 grams of fiber in 1 tablespoon) and gives a mild nutty taste as well.

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This recipe is like giving your average plain-Jane coleslaw (which is perfectly delicious and satisfying) a makeover. Just add generous portions of chopped apple, a creamy cashew-based dressing, juicy sweet grapes, and a sprinkle of poppy seeds. Now you’ve got fancy slaw—and you’d never guess it was vegan.

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2. Vegan Nashville Hot Tofu Nuggets

These vegan Nashville hot tofu nuggets by Lauren from Rabbit and Wolves are the perfect comfort food! They’re kind of like a vegan take on deep fried Nashville hot chicken!

But the best part is that Lauren’s tofu nuggets are super crispy and crunch all without frying! The sauce is a little sweet and very spice. BIG yum!!

Piña Colada Smoothie

Now you have coconut milk kefir, you are able to make some piña colada smoothie. In other to make this delicious dairy-free kefir drink, you will need:

  • 1 cup of coconut milk kefir.
  • 1 ½ cups of fresh pineapple cut into cubed pieces.
  • 1 frozen banana.
  • Honey to taste.

You have to blend the coconut milk kefir with the pineapple and the banana. One it’s blended, you need to add honey and blend it once again. Enjoy your dairy-free kefir drink! Read more of this recipe here.

Stored in an airtight jar or container in the refrigerator, this dairy-free sour cream recipe keeps in the refrigerator about 7-10 days. It does not freeze well.

You&rsquoll know when it is beginning to go bad, because it will become a little watery. As always, smell it to make sure that it doesn&rsquot have a foul odor to it.

5. Apples

As the old adage suggests, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The saying is definitely based on truth. Apples are full of antioxidants like Vitamin C and soluble fiber.

Plus, studies “suggest that the strong antioxidant flavonoid compounds found in apples—quercetin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin, kaempferol, and other polysyllabic wonders—play a key role by preventing “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and triggering a series of events that result in the buildup of plaque in arteries, as well as inhibiting inflammation,” according to Eating Well.

This year-round fruit is great in sweet desserts like these Vegan Caramel Apples, Pear Apple Pie, or Apple-Of-My-Eye Pie for your darling. Can’t get enough of apples? Check out these 24 Awesome Apple-Based Vegan Recipes.

These foods are just a start to the many plant-based wonder foods that will keep your heart healthy for this Valentine’s Day — and many, many more to come!

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Vitamix Recipes

Update: The third edition of our Vitamix Cookbook “The Perfect Mix” (also on Amazon) is now available.

Welcome to the Lifeisnoyoke recipe index. Here you’ll find some of our most popular Vitamix recipes.

All these recipes are plant-based. That’s right…

Vegan Vitamix Recipes Found Here!

But if we didn’t tell you, you’d never know. Because here, we’re all about:

Most recipes will work with any blender. Although with a Vitamix alternative, your juices may be chewier, smoothies less smooth, and nut butters a bit crunchier.

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Most Popular Vegan Vitamix Recipes

Cashew Queso
It’s the good-on-everything cheese dip that will change your life. By far our most popular recipe. And, the one with the most history. Read more »»

Creamy Wild Rice Soup
The soup you never thought could be dairy-free. By far, the most popular soup here. It’s the soup we grew up with, all grown up. Read more »»

Carolyne’s Green Smoothie
Looking for a green smoothie that’s not too sweet, but not green-tasting? Here’s your new go-to green smoothie courtesy of Chef Carolyne of the Vitamix HQ. Read more »»

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
A dessert you can serve to anyone, anytime. It’s dairy-free, but oh so delicious. Made with enough chocolate chips and love that Grandma would have approved. Read more »»

Green smoothie and juice recipes

Everyday Green Juice
This is the green juice formula we use to every morning. Add it to your routine and your life will change. Read more »»

Lower-back Pain Relief Juice
If you’re currently experiencing lower back pain, you need to do two things immediately. First, read the surprising article that accompanies this post. Then, make this healing juice. Read more »»

Apple Carrot Kale Smoothie
A simple, sweet green smoothie that’s good in almost any blender. Packed with micronutrients and most importantly, flavor. Read more »»

Carolyne’s Green Smoothie
Being one of our most popular recipes, it deserves another nod. It’s thick, luscious, and creamy. There’s not a better first-time green smoothie. Read more »»

Protein shake recipes

PB&J Shake
It tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In protein shake form. So simple, too! Read more »»

Cake Batter Smoothie
Cake is for special occasions. But this shake with a cake mouth-feel is for every day. Read more »»

Red Velvet Shake
Sometimes you just want a little something special. This shake is surprisingly delicious without having to use cake mix or any dairy. Read more »»

Chiberia Chiller
It seemed like the winter that would never end. Mountains of snow. Non-stop wind. And frigid temps. To stay happy, healthy and strong, I often made this. Read more »»

All-Fruit Smoothies

Here are four of our most popular all-fruit smoothies.

The Pinkman
You gotta try this grapefruit-based smoothie. It’s quite tart, but surprisingly, we’ve heard rave reviews from the pickiest of eaters! Read more »»

Invigorating Citrus Carrot Juice
You’ll rarely hear, “I feel like carrot juice.” This drink may not change that. But dang, it’s invigorating. Read more »»

Acai Bowl
Acai bowls are good because of the toppings. The more and sweeter the better. Read more »»

Mango Smoothie
Whether it will be your first or your thousandth, you should go make this mango smoothie. Simple perfection at its finest. Read more »»

Soup Recipes

Here are four of our most popular Vitamix soups.

Fancy Tomato Soup
Who doesn’t get excited about delicious, homemade soups? But you want hassle-free, right? No extra cooking! Read more »»

Broccoli Cheese Soup
There are certain comfort foods that you just miss when you veganize your household. For me, broccoli cheddar soup is one of them. Read more »»

Creamy Corn and Roasted Pepper Soup
A creamy springtime vegan soup for your Vitamix. And by the way, this soup’s ingredients make it burst with flavor. Read more »»

6-Ingredient Balsamic Butternut Squash Soup
This soup features a fall favorite, butternut squash. But instead of the basic recipe, we’ve kicked it up a notch with a unique flavor profile! Read more »»

Nut Butter Recipes

Here are four of our most popular nut butter recipes.

Monkey Butter
This nut butter tastes like banana bread. And that’s only the beginning of the story. Read more »»

Apple Cinnamon Walnut Butter
This apple cinnamon walnut butter will make you drool. A complex flavor profile that’s also simple enough for the entire family. Read more »»

Maple Pecan Nut Butter
Here’s a fairly fancy, three-ingredient, five-minute nut butter you’ll love. Read more »»

Panang Peanut Butter
If you’re looking for bold and flavorful, this nut butter is the answer. It’s savory, but has a hint of sweetness and a kick of spiciness. Read more »»

Ice Cream Recipes

Here are four of our most popular ice cream recipes .

Banana Nice Cream with Chickpea Cookie Dough Chunks
Haven’t made banana ice cream in your Vitamix yet? It’s simple. Some people call it “nice cream.” We just call it delicious. Read more »»

Perfect Homemade Frosty!
This homemade Wendy’s-like “Frosty” Soft Serve ice cream is glorious. Read more »»

Coffee Ice Cream
There’s something so decadent and satisfying about a creamy scoop of coffee ice cream. Read more »»

Black Forest Ice Cream
Chocolate, cherries, and cream in plant-based and frozen form. Read more »»

Sorbet Recipes

Here are four of our most popular sorbet recipes .

Bermuda Sorbet
This Bermuda Sorbet, with mango and coconut, is so, so good. Say hello to this instant classic. Read more »»

Coco Lime Sorbet
A quick and refreshing dairy-free, banana-free frozen dessert made with coconut and lime. Read more »»

Peach Buzz Sorbet
A boozy (or virgin!) sorbet recipe for your Vitamix. Read more »»

Berry Lime Sorbet
This sorbet is so easy, so fresh, so good. No added sugar — just fruit. Read more »»

Baked Goods Recipes

Here are four of our most popular Vitamix baked goods recipes .

Black Bean Brownies
These are fudgey, chocolately, “healthy” brownies. And their “secret” ingredient can remain a secret! Read more »»

Apple Cinnamon Cake
Here’s an old-school apple cinnamon cake recipe updated for modern times (and your Vitamix!). Read more »»

Sweet Potato Muffins
A healthy & filling breakfast you can batch. Read more »»

Triple Ginger Cookies
Here is a chewy, vegan, gingery cookie recipe for your Vitamix! Read more »»

Snack Bites and No-Bake Goodies

Here are four of our most popular Vitamix snack bites and no-bake goodies .

Chocolate Pomegranate Protein Bites
A no-bake, quick and satisfying snack. Great if you like supplementing with protein powder. Read more »»

Hula Bites
A delicious and quick (yet, no-sugar-added, raw, and vegan!) treat called Hula Bites. Read more »»

Blueberry Breakfast Bites
Set yourself up for success with these simple, no-bake breakfast bites. Read more »»

Super Seedy Granola Bars
We used our Vitamix to make these granola bars even more minimalist. Read more »»

Dough and Batter Recipes

Here are four of our most popular Vitamix doughs and batter recipes .

Lemon Poppyseed Waffles
It’s tart, it’s sweet, it tastes like something you’d be served at a fancy brunch place. Read more »»

Pizza Dough
Pizza dough made in a Vitamix. It’s easy! Read more »»

Fluffy Oatmeal Pancakes
Fabulous pancakes you can make in your Vitamix and (be proud to) serve the whole family. Read more »»

Dips and Spreads

Here are four of our most popular Vitamix dips and spreads .

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Perfectly simple hummus that’s great on everything.

5-ingredient California Salsa
A mild, yet flavorful salsa that’s great for first-time salsa makers. Read more »»

Perfect (vegan) Cream Cheese
Here’s a recipe for vegan cream cheese and plant-based “lox.” Read more »»

Food prep recipes

Here are four of our most popular food prep recipes that use a Vitamix .

Super Satisfying Detox Salad
Wonderfully addicting, super-filling detox salad.

Cauliflower Fried Rice
Ricing cauliflower is one of those tasks that for which the Vitamix is surprisingly perfect. Read more »»

“Tuna” Salad
A tuna that doesn’t taste fishy? Yep! Plus, it’s satisfying to make and quite easy. Read more »»

Yummy Kale Pesto
Go grab some greens and make some pesto. You’ll want to put it on everything. Read more »»

Dressings to make with your Vitamix

Here are eight of our most popular dressing recipes.

Bright Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
This gorgeous, delicious dressing made with blueberries is a must try. Read more »»

Thai Coconut Curry Dressing
Refreshing and savory, this dressing is always a hit with guests. Read more »»

Perfect (vegan) Caesar dressing
This Caesar is the Simone Biles of salad dressings. Read more »»

Sauce recipes to make with your Vitamix

Here are four of our most popular sauces.

The Best Thai Peanut Sauce
Easy, quick, and delicious Thai peanut sauce for your Vitamix. Read more »»

Chimichurri sauce
Try this chimichurri sauce for mind-blowing flavors.

No-Heat Vegan Caramel
Ridiculously good and incredibly easy to make Caramel for your Vitamix! Read more »»

Vegan Avocado Hollandaise Sauce
This Caesar is the Simone Biles of salad dressings. Read more »»

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7. Southwestern Pasta Salad

This Southwestern pasta salad with avocado, black beans, and lime dressing is one of my new favorites. It’s not only super easy to make, but also healthy. It’s a great addition to any BBQs and potlucks!

Reader Feedback: Laurel: “This was perfect! Great for vegans or non-vegans. We followed the recipe except for the agave bit in the dressing– we loved the tanginess without it. Some of us added hot sauce to it– excellent. Thank you!”

85 Best Vegan Recipes

With everything from creamy pastas to burgers and beyond, these 85 vegan recipes will get you excited to cook (and eat!) plant-based meals at home.

Most days in our house, Jack and I eat vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, there are exceptions, but the food I most enjoy cooking and eating often happens to be plant-based. I love putting vegetables at the center my plate – not only is it good for my health and for the world, but it’s also downright delicious.

To kick off the New Year, I’ve rounded up my top 85 easy vegan recipes. This list includes everything from hearty vegan dinner recipes (think creamy pastas, veggie burgers, tacos, etc.) to vegan basics that can serve as starting points for improvising satisfying plant-based meals. Whether you’re a longtime vegan, considering a plant-based diet for the first time, or just want to eat more veggies, you’re sure to love one (or more) of these delicious vegan recipes!

Pasta & Pizza Vegan Recipes

This luscious creamy vegan pasta will give any traditional mac and cheese a run for its money. Instead of containing dairy, the smooth, tangy sauce is a protein-packed blend of white beans, nutritional yeast, and lemon juice.

This recipe is an all-time Love and Lemons fan favorite, and for good reason. Even the biggest cheese lovers will fall for its bright, creamy spinach “ricotta,” caramelized cubes of butternut squash, and rich cashew cream sauce.

You won’t miss the meat in this hearty vegan version of spaghetti bolognese! Walnuts and lentils pack it with protein, while sage, mushrooms, rosemary, and balsamic fill it with rich, savory flavor.

This easy vegan pasta is basically everything I want to eat for dinner any night of the week! An easy creamy tomato sauce (just cashews+marinara!) coats a 50/50 mix of fresh veggies and floppy rigatoni noodles.

Who says you need cheese to make a crave-worthy pizza? This easy vegan pizza may be my all-time favorite! I top chewy homemade pizza dough with a lemony cashew cream sauce, a jumble of savory, spicy, crisp, and juicy veggies, and big handfuls of fresh basil.

Taco & Tex Mex Vegan Recipes

Saucy jackfruit mimics jerk-spiced chicken in these hearty vegan tacos. Topped with a fresh mango, cucumber, and avocado salsa, they’re a fun, filling, and delicious vegan meal.

Smoky grilled mushrooms take the place of meat in these easy vegan fajitas. The fajita veggies take minutes to make, so you can get straight to the good part: loading them into tortillas with guacamole, tomatillo salsa, and pickled jalapeños for pop!

There’s no cheese hiding in the oozy, gooey orange queso you see above. Instead, it’s a tangy, smoky blend of cauliflower, potatoes, and chipotles in adobo sauce. Add lots of tortilla chips, pineapple salsa, pico de gallo, and black beans into the mix, and you have absolute nacho heaven. We also love this vegan cheese recipe that’s super easy to make.

Vegan Burger & Sandwich Recipes

When I say that this is the best veggie burger, I mean it. Made with wholesome plant-based ingredients like mushrooms and walnuts and seasoned with tamari and smoked paprika, these patties are hearty, satisfying, and packed with smoky umami flavor.

Falafel was the first food that showed me how flavorful vegan dinner recipes could be, and this crispy baked version is sure to do the same for you. Serve it with hummus, pickled red onions, and fresh veggies to really take it over the top.

This plant-based version of a classic BBQ sandwich is every bit as delicious as a traditional one! I simmer jackfruit with sautéed onions and a smoky chipotle BBQ sauce before piling it onto buns with a quick slaw and crunchy pickles.

Whether you stuff them into subs or pile them onto pasta, these savory, smoky vegan meatballs are guaranteed to be a hit.

If you’re thinking about switching to a plant-based diet, you don’t have to bid farewell to BLTs forever. Swap crispy marinated tempeh for the traditional “B,” and keep things simple by pairing it with the classic “L” and “T.” Otherwise, take your sandwich one step further and finish it with two creamy spreads, avocado, and (of course) extra veggies!

Sushi & Noodle Vegan Recipes

Who needs takeout when you can make delicious sushi at home? Savory roasted shiitake mushrooms and a vibrant carrot-ginger dipping sauce make this vegan sushi just as good as any you’d get at a restaurant.

These super fresh soba noodles are the perfect make-ahead lunch. I love this version with watermelon radishes and snap peas, but the light, tangy sesame dressing pairs well all sorts of veggies. Feel free to swap in your seasonal favorites!

Mushrooms, bok choy, and a richly spiced homemade broth round out this vegan version of traditional Vietnamese pho.

Creamy Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews

There’s no reason that tomato soup shouldn’t be vegan-friendly! Instead of using dairy in this soup recipe, I blend in chickpeas to make it thick and creamy. It’s great on its own, but a big handful of toasty vegan grilled cheese croutons makes it completely irresistible.

I have this butternut squash soup recipe on repeat from the first day of fall until the last day of winter. It’s light, comforting, and easy to make, and fresh rosemary, sage, and ginger fill it with robust, cozy flavor.

This homemade cream of mushroom soup is too good to hide inside any casserole! Instead of nuts or dairy, its super creamy texture comes from blended cauliflower.

You likely have all the ingredients to this creamy curried lentil soup in your pantry already. That’s good news for you, because it’s so warming, nourishing, and flavorful that you’ll want to try it ASAP.

This curry is one of my go-to easy vegan recipes for busy weeknights. Chock full of fresh veggies and warming spices, it’s bright, nourishing, and comforting.

Substantial Salad Vegan Recipes

This salad has everything: something briny, something bright, something nutty, something fresh. Whether you pack it for lunch or serve it as a dinner side dish, it’s a recipe you’re sure to love.

Smoky roasted nuts take the place of bacon in this vegan riff on classic broccoli salad. It’s also naturally sweetened, as the lightly creamy, tangy dressing gets a pop of sweetness from maple syrup instead of sugar.

This recipe will shatter any pre-conceived notion that kale salads are boring and bland. Loaded up with crunchy veggies, toasted pumpkin seeds, crispy chickpeas, avocado, and a vibrant carrot ginger dressing, it’s one of my favorite vegan dishes to make for lunch. It never fails to keep me full till dinnertime, and with all its colors, textures, and tastes, it’s fun to eat, too!

Sharable Vegan Side Dish Recipes

Even mashed potato purists will fall for these fluffy, light vegan mashed potatoes! Roasted garlic infuses them with rich, nutty flavor, and a generous glug of olive oil gives them their crave-worthy creamy texture.

Coconut milk takes the place of heavy cream in this fresh, delicious 15-minute side dish.

Sauce & Dip Vegan Recipes

If you’ve never tried tahini sauce, get ready to fall in love. Creamy, nutty, and lemony, there’s no limit on the ways to use it, especially when these 4 bold variations come into play!

Vegetable Basics

Zucchini noodles are such a fun way to add extra veggies to vegan pasta recipes! Try skipping regular noodles entirely, or use a 50/50 mix of zucchini noodles and pasta.

Skip the spaghetti, and make spaghetti squash instead! Serve it on its own as a healthy vegan side dish, toss it with pesto and roasted veggies, or go the classic spaghetti route and top it with a big scoop of marinara sauce.

Swapping cauliflower rice for regular rice is a great way to pack extra veggies into any stir fry, bowl, or curry dish. Fresh, light, and SUPER easy to make, it’ll become a staple in your kitchen!

Keep these quick and easy pickled onions on hand to add a bright pop of flavor to your favorite vegan recipes! They’re the perfect finishing touch for salads, bowls, tacos, and more.

Whether you serve them as a snack, an appetizer, or a side dish with your favorite sandwich, you’re guaranteed to love these crispy baked sweet potato fries. Chipotle sauce for dipping is optional, but highly recommended.

Grain & Legume Basics

Not only is quinoa loaded with protein and other nutrients, but it’s delicious, too! Its yummy nutty flavor works well in everything from cookies to grain bowls, and it cooks in just 15 minutes!

Warning: it’s hard to resist eating these crunchy, salty little guys straight out of the oven! If you can, enjoy them as a snack or top them onto vegan dinner recipes for extra protein.