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Best Brunch In Boston

Best Brunch In Boston

Some people say you can’t have the best of both worlds, but these people must never have encountered brunch. What could possibly be better than breakfast and lunch foods available at the same time, and in some cases, on the same plate? The meal is growing in popularity, so here’s a list of places to find the best brunch in Boston.

Alden and Harlow
Having launched their Sunday brunch this spring, chef and owner Michael Scelfo presents guests with a delectable menu featuring local, seasonal ingredients with a touch of adventure. A&H is known for its interesting twists on dishes and ingredients, bringing a whole new approach to New England cuisine. When in for brunch, don’t miss their kale toasts with fried eggs, kimchi, fried avocado and anchovy, or their pig’s blood scrapple. Crumpets with jam and cream and their Convert beverage are also must-haves.

Tried and true, Mistral, of the Columbus Restaurant Group and one of Boston’s oldest restaurants, serves a stellar Sunday brunch in its beautiful location on Columbus Street. Big and bright, the service is fine-tuned to every detail, from complimentary coffee cake muffins to start, to individual pots of freshly brewed coffee poured tableside. Their cinnamon bun is a perfect dish to share for the table and any of their egg dishes are cooked to perfection. Try their squash blossom and whipped ricotta omelet as well as their confit of duck and root vegetable hash.

Kirkland Tap and Trotter
Over on the boarder of Somerville and Cambridge, chef Tony Maws brings brunch to the table at his second spot. Serving up a more casual side than sister restaurant Craigie on Maine, brunch at Kirkland Tap and Trotter does not mess around. Nose to tail is the focus, but vegetarians can have a delectable meal as well, as their grilled wild mushroom scramble is full of meaty fungi, and the KT&T hot dog is served with a runny poached egg so beautifully executed it oozes at the slightest touch. Take in any of the above alongside a hefty Bloody Mary and your Sunday will never be the same again.

Puritan and Company
Over in Inman, chef Will Gilson has also jumped on the brunch bandwagon. With his family farm connections at The Herb Lyceum, Puritan and Co is a mecca of New England charm with vintage farm pieces decorating the space. Start with an assortment of their baked goods to share and a cold brew, then tuck into something more savory like their breakfast sandwich with bacon on a biscuit or the duck and green onion hash with farm fresh eggs and herbed crème fraîche; the whole menu pairs gorgeously with a mimosa or two.

The Gallows
Located on Washington Street in the South End, the team at the Gallows offers certain brunch items on Saturday but the Full Monty is on Sunday. From thick cut French toast renditions that change almost on a monthly basis to special burgers and, dare we say it, doughnuts, the Gallows is perfect for that rough Saturday night recovery regimen. Fill up on treats here and then head to SoWa to enjoy the last of the seasonal market flavors.

The Paramount
Casual diner by day, restaurant by night, Paramount is a Beacon Hill institution. Head here for eggs and bacon or something more adventurous like their daily special French toast. Order in line and don’t try saving a seat; somehow by the time your order is ready, so too will be a table at which you can enjoy your meal. It just works out that way.

The Painted Burro
Nobody does brunch in Boston quite like The Painted Burro. It is a full-on Mexican feast, from horchata iced coffee to authentic huevos rancheros. No one will judge if you somehow end up with a margarita, and a trip here is not complete without experiencing their El Montanero, also known as the Superbeasto. A sound suggestion is to order this dish for the table to share; it’s less intimidating that way.

Boston Chops
Just around the corner from The Gallows is chef Chris Coombs’ steakhouse. Weekend brunch gets boozy but with all the right accoutrements: brisket, shank, and grilled tongue hash is a must-order for the table and their croque monsieur and madame are hefty, delicious dishes that’ll set you right.

Sam’s at Louis
With beautiful open views of the harbor, Sam’s at Louis in the Seaport is a great spot to enjoy a traditional Sunday brunch with items like their sesame bagel with smoked trout, crabby eggs benedict, or pig in a blanket. Go for something a little more unusual with their “gypsy” eggs (pan-seared polenta, spicy tomato sauce, kale, prosciutto, and scrambled eggs) or their vegan tofu scramble. Get a shopping spree in after your meal at Louis’ retail space just underneath and you have yourself a Sunday fun day.

If you are looking for a smaller setting, reserve a spot at Coppa for their Sunday Brunch in the South End. Enjoy small plates perfect for sharing. Specifically for brunch, order their hangover ‘Za with bacon, sausage, prosciutto, farm fresh eggs, and mozzarella; their scrambled eggs with peekytoe crab, and almond-banana pancake with maple-bourbon butter are also wonderful options. If you are lucky, you may be able to snag a table outside for one of these last, dwindling sunny weekends…

The Best Brunch of the Year: Boston’s Super Hunger Brunch

The Greater Boston Food Bank’s Super Hunger Brunch is an event that I try to participate in every year. It is the easiest way to support one of Boston’s most important organizations. It’s a fun event to participate in, and the restaurants and chefs put so much into this day that there is no excuse for us not to fill every single seat.

What is the Super Hunger Brunch?

The Super Hunger Brunch is a weekend every year in January when some of the area’s top restaurants give their time and energy to support the Greater Boston Food Bank by hosting a brunch where every dollar spent is donated.

For guests it is a perfect opportunity to try a restaurant that you wouldn’t usually be able to dine in either because they don’t usually serve brunch or because you have trouble justifying spending a certain amount of money on dining out. When you get to think about it as a full dollar for dollar donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank, it is easy to justify.

When is the Super Hunger Brunch?

The Super Hunger Brunch is Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th. Different restaurants participate on different days so choose one day or both and make your reservation before your first choice is full.

Participating restaurants are:

In-kind donations have also been provided by Cabot, Cold River Vodka, Garelick Farms, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs and St-Germain Liqueur from Barcardi.

The spots

Bistro Du Midi

Sometimes you want to do brunch in jeans and a hoodie, and other times you want to feel like mid-level European nobility filling up on fine food and champagne before your afternoon quail hunt. Bistro du Midi is for those latter times. It’s a fancy space overlooking the Public Garden, with a menu inspired by the South of France. Go with the salmon if you’re looking for something lighter, but you should probably just get the burger and add some smoked blue cheese.

Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

At some point, every single person in America has said to themselves, “I should get into jazz.” Only one person has actually followed through with it: his name is Don, he lives in Blountstown, Florida, and he has A LOT to say about the spiritual value of art. But just because the rest of us can only call each other “cats” ironically doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy some good jazz and southern cooking. Darryl’s in Roxbury is the perfect place to do it. For brunch, stick to the classics like the shrimp and grits or the fried chicken and waffles, and bring some friends because, in an era when just about everything is a small plate, the food at Darryl’s is usually too big to finish by yourself.

Brassica Kitchen & Cafe

Brassica is normally a casual cafe during the day and an elevated French bistro at night. On the weekend, though, this place takes regular brunch and puts rims on it - the eggs benedict has torched duck, the chicken and waffles has maple umeboshi, and the mimosas have cava and Aperol instead of champagne.

Myers + Chang

There are plenty of great places in Chinatown to get your dim sum fix, but Myers & Chang in the South End is where you go for a less-traditional experience that always feels like a party. If you like spice for breakfast, they offer the same dan dan noodles and chicken wings you can get on the regular lunch and dinner menus, but you should also try brunch specials like the smoked mushroom omelette. And if you want something other than a mimosa, the yuzu-pineapple shandy is a good place to start.

Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square feels like a throwback to a time when all special occasions took place in big, plush restaurants over shellfish and cocktails. Despite the marble bar and soaring ceiling, though, it isn’t actually that old and you won’t feel out of place if you’re not wearing a pinstripe suit. This place has a pretty standard brasserie brunch menu with heavy egg and meat dishes, but sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Best brunch spots in Boston

1. Rosebud American Kitchen

We envision a world where brunch is a thing the whole week through&mdashand Rosebud is out there in Somerville making our dreams come true. The restaurant, whose hip space features an old diner car, serves brunch everyday from its Davis Square kitchen. From its stack of Plain Jane Pancakes to the Kitchen Sink Salad, Rosebud has a dish that will please every member of your party. Helpful tidbit: We recommend getting the Kentucky Iced Coffee, a deceivingly boozy cold brew that makes your morning caffeine hit even stronger.

2. Stillwater

Stillwater might be the only reason you&rsquoll ever need to be in Downtown Crossing before 2pm on a weekend. The Kingston Street eatery offers craft comfort food with slightly Southern flair, and its brunch dishes are no exception. Take your pick from elevated down-home items like hot honey chicken and biscuits, Okie eggs benedict, Texas toast breakfast sandwich or smoked pork mac and cheese&mdashjust block off ample time to nap off that food coma afterwards.

3. Buttermilk & Bourbon

You can laissez les brunch temps rouler at Buttermilk & Bourbon. Located across the street from the tranquil Comm Ave. Mall, this restaurant is an ode to New Orleans, bringing big Louisiana flavors to breakfast. Whether you&rsquore chowing down on the crawfish étouffée hand pies, low country scramble or house special buttermilk fried chicken with cheddar-bourbon waffles, it&rsquos going to be like Mardi Gras in your mouth. When in doubt, go for the freshly fried beignets and the warm honey biscuits because you only brunch once (a day).

4. Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

The rare restaurant that offers brunch seven days a week, this welcoming Southie hangout has developed a reputation for deliciously sinful brunch treats. In addition to the restaurant's steady stream of daily specials, its regular mouthwatering eye-openers include Fruity Pebbles pancakes, dark chocolate waffles and hashbrowns loaded with bacon and cheddar. The weekday and weekend brunch menus vary, so if you have your stomach set on a certain dish, be sure to double check it'll be there beforehand.

5. Rochambeau

There&rsquos no better way to say &ldquobonjour&rdquo to the weekend than a bucket of bubbles and a perfectly crisp croque monsieur from Rochambeau. With French favorites like steak frites and tarte flambée (that&rsquos an Alsatian bacon, egg and cheese pizza), this Back Bay bistro adds an air of sophistication to brunch while you casually chug a carafe of sparkling wine. We suggest grabbing a table on the patio for one of the best people-watching vantage points on all of Boylston Street.

6. Cósmica

Honestly, everyday should begin with a bowl of chips and guac, but we&rsquoll settle for just the weekends at Cósmica. This South End spot breathes new life into tired guests with a menu of Mexican-inspired morning eats, like chilaquiles verde, egg quesadillas and breakfast tacos. For folks in dire need of a &ldquohair of the dog&rdquo fix, there are plenty of alcoholic remedies offered, including its tequila-heavy bloody maria and on-tap house margarita. Vaya a Cósmica and vaya con Dios.

7. Myers + Chang

This South End institution is home to one of the city &rsquo s coolest dim sum scenes on the weekends. Local couples and packs of culinary enthusiasts gather to share small dishes from the lengthy brunch menu, much of which veers into veg-heavy territory. Inviting options run the gamut &mdash from edamame and wasabi potstickers to tea-smoked spare ribs. Refreshing cold salads provide a cooling counterpoint to spicy dishes like the fiery tofu bao.

8. Harvest

For more than four decades, this refined Harvard Square restaurant has set the local standard for farm-to-table dining. Sunday brunch service offers a decidedly grownup affair (no hangover hash here). Culinary gems include a strawberry rhubarb salad, salmon tartare tostada and fried chicken and foie gras waffles. Come summer, a seat on the garden terrace is one of the most coveted brunch options in Cambridge.

9. Krasi

One word comes to mind when we think about the weekend brunch at this Greek wine bar: opa! Whether you're splitting a bougatsa (a sweet custard and phyllo pie) or demolishing the loukaniko sausage strata, you'll feel like you died and went to Mount Olympus. Because the name of this Back Bay joint literally means wine, it's almost imperative to order a cocktail featuring Greek bubbles &mdash try the Krasi Mimosa with mango juice and dill or the Aphrodite Bellini with ouzo-infused apricots.

10. Alden & Harlow

Chef-owner Michael Scelfo churns out some of Cambridge's most inventive weekend brunch offerings. Pickled corn pancakes jockey for attention alongside the likes of hickory smoked pig tails with cheese crisps, grits, and a soft poached egg. Lighter options include local burrata with spring onion jam, or what's billed as the "ubiquitous" kale salad, featuring shaved fennel, pistachio, and lemon. Plus, the bar's Szechuan Bloody Mary provides a textbook hair-of-the-dog option for those in need.

11. Bar Mezzana

For Sunday brunch by way of Italy, stop by this South End hotspot. Located within the Ink Block complex, this restaurant specializes in coastal Italian fare. Menu highlights include spaghetti with prosciutto and lemon, polenta with mushroom ragù and poached eggs, as well as brioche toast served with an optional black truffle burrata accompaniment. When the weather allows, opt for a table on the sunny sidewalk patio and slurp down an affogato.

12. Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery

A beloved Somerville fixture for nearly 30 years, this family-owned restaurant is known for its huge portions of American breakfast favorites prepared with a Portuguese spin &mdash all served on the cheap. The Union Square spot has developed practically a cult following for its cream of wheat, and we highly suggest you order anything that comes with linguica. The vine-covered patio makes it a popular choice when the weather is warmer.

13. Committee

Weekend brunch at Committee is all Greek to us, and we love it. This Seaport eatery serves Hellenic reinterpretations of brunch basics &mdashthink baklava oatmeal and Greek yogurt pancakes &mdash as well as morning meze plates like zucchini crisps and sesame-crusted feta. The breakfast gyro &mdashthat's scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi, loukaniko and Florina pepper coulis wrapped in pita &mdash is a house favorite. When the weather allows, the breezy outdoor patio is a great spot for people-watching.

14. Trina’s Starlite Lounge

This Inman Square haunt may be the only spot in town to offer brunch on Monday nights in addition to the normal Saturday-Sunday schedule. The odd timing might cater to restaurant industry workers, but anyone can stop by to enjoy scrambled egg rolls and pizza bagels. Other temptations: a brunch burger and weekly pop tart specials. The bar whips up a bevy of creative booze-forward drinks to accompany your brunch bites &mdashmorning or night .

15. Boston Chops

Befitting a modern steakhouse, Boston Chops really leans into the meat for its Sunday brunch service. Carnivores have their pick of the menu with dishes like the steak and egg burrito, juicy 8-oz burger or linguini bolognaise prepared with beef, veal and pancetta. Guests who are looking to lay off the red meat can also find their fair share of options, including vegetarian huevos rancheros and the crab cake benedict.

16. Loyal Nine

For a historically-minded Sunday brunch, look no further than Loyal Nine. This East Cambridge kitchen is celebrated for its slew of longtime New England classics reinvented for modern-day palates. This approach provides eaters with the a rare opportunity to start the day with items like crispy fried steel-cut oats with seasonal vegetables, spicy baked beans with poached eggs, pesto and toast, as well as a fried oyster roll on a toasted potato bun.

So many people choose to show Mom just how much they love her by preparing breakfast in bed. If that's not her (or your) jam, serve her a glorious Mother's Day brunch instead. The recipes here are sure to get Mother's Day off to a delicious start, no matter how she likes to celebrate. Some of our recipes are just right for serving on a pretty tray in bed, but the more elaborate entrées are better-suited to a family brunch enjoyed around the table. Whatever you do, don't forget the fresh-brewed coffee or a pot of tea.

What could be a better breakfast for Mom than a delicious stack of our test kitchen's tried-and-true fluffy buttermilk pancakes, pictured here? Follow our step-by-step guide, then serve them with whipped cream, strawberries, and maple syrup&mdashit's like having strawberry shortcake for breakfast!

If Mom's taste runs more to the savory than the sweet, our stunning Roasted Radish Tart is just the thing to make. Consider it the most elegant quiche ever. And if you know you'll be short on time or you plan to bringing breakfast to Mom, baked French Toast is just the thing to whip up. This make-ahead wonder recipe can be assembled the night before and baked in the morning. Does Mom prefer tropical flavors? Choose the most colorful and ripest fruits available at your local market and make our coconut-pistachio crunch, a sweet, gluten-free take on granola to pair with the fruit salad. The crunch is made ahead so all that's left to do on Mother's Day morning is prep the fruits and arrange them beautifully.

Whether she prefers sweet or savory, here you'll find our most delectable recipes for breakfast in bed or a Mother's Day brunch. Treat Mom in style and don't forget to tell her how much you love her.

Brunch With us at Krasi

Krasi Meze and Wine is here to offer you the best brunch experience in Boston. Every Saturday and Sunday, we open our doors early for brunch at 10 AM and continue serving brunch until 3 PM. If the weather permits, we will open up our patio dining so you and your group can soak up the sun.

Brunch here at Krasi is slightly different than what you may expect. We service traditional Greek dishes that put a unique twist to the typical brunch menu. Taste our fresh-made pastries and bread such as our Baklava muffins, Bougatsa, Koulouri sesame bread. Next, dive into our egg dishes such as Saganaki, Peinirili, and Avga Me Patates. Finish off with something sweet like glazed apples or fried pancakes. For groups, we offer a Chering is Caring shareable option. We promise you will experience delicious new flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Boston’s Best Brunch

Get there early to avoid long lines, but its Mac & Cheese and Potato Pancakes are definitely worth the wait.

A hidden gem in Allston, between Commonwealth Ave. and Brighton Ave., Union Café has a huge breakfast menu, featuring Eggs Benedict, fruit salad, pancakes, muffins and omelets.

Breakfast served all day, so you can stop by whenever you have the cravings for breakfast sandwiches.

Fancy a classy Sunday brunch? Then Stephanie’s is the place. A smoked salmon omelet served with a mimosa will make your Sunday morning (or afternoon) delightful.

Brunch with live jazz music in the background. They serve oysters and chilled lobster cocktail at the Raw Bar for brunch as well.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and 10 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, they have $9.95 all-inclusive breakfast. Otherwise, average of $10 per entrée for typical breakfast with eggs, meat of your choice, home fries and toast, omelet or sandwich.

(credit: Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks)

From 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Eastern Standard serves scrambled eggs with homemade sauce, lobster beignets and sweet corn pancakes.

Looking for fun omelet with Portobello mushroom, tomato and goat cheese? Or Greek omelet with tomato, feta and olives? Then Sound Bites is your place.

Waffles, flavored pancakes, muffins&hellip they have it all. They also have family-recipes for pastries, jelly and even syrup.

I n our travels, we come across many creative souls and today we are thrilled to share our favorite Damn Delicious Best Recipes. They are the epitome of comfort food and you will love how easy they are.

Chungah Rhee is the hugely successful recipe developer behind the website and to say she is a whizz in the kitchen is an understatement.

Her recipes certainly live up to their name. Chungah began her blog in 2011 as a place to store her recipes.

It didn’t take long before word got out and her site blossomed into one of the most creative spaces on the Web. She is famous for her simple gourmet meals and we have featured many over the years.

Her recipes are so legendary that she now has her own Cookbook.

We were super excited to find we can all own 100 of her fastest and easiest recipes and we highly recommend it to you. They are handpicked by Chungah so you know they are going to be good!

The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery Arrow

Somerville's Union Square has long been home to The Neighborhood Restaurant. This institution and its now-gentrifying setting offer a glimpse into the city's thriving Portuguese community, with heaping plates of mouthwatering breakfast food from the Borges family. Every order starts with divine cream of wheat, a divine cinnamon comfort you'll crave even in the heat of summer. The French toast made with fresh Portuguese bread is the best in the city and, paired with an egg or hash dish, will leave you satisfied for a day or two. The tradeoff? The schlep to get there! Union Square is a bus ride from Harvard Square and can be tricky to get to from other parts of the city. Patrons agree, though, that it's always worth the journey.

Little Dipper

Space-themed diner? Sure, why not. With a menu littered with space puns and out-of-this-world decor that includes rockets hanging from the ceiling, Little Dipper is a popular spot for a weekend brunch. Expect big plates of brunch staples, plus some tasty sandwiches and burgers. Whether you’re here for the ‘grammable decor or the food, it’ll be sure to please.

Save on Boston attractions

We might not be able to flip pancakes quite well as these Boston brunch havens but we can help you save on your sightseeing. With a Go Boston pass, you can save on the city’s best attractions vs. paying at the gate.

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