Mix eggs well with sugar and then add baking soda, oil and flour.

A little warning, the eggs are 60 g, the weight for the amount of flour matters a lot. It will result in a softer dough, if you respect the quantities it will come out for sure, otherwise the peaches will crack very hard.

Knead the dough well in a bowl and then place it on the work table and knead with 100 g of flour no more. Form small balls without cracks on them and put them in a tray greased with a little oil, the balls should not be large but the size of a pigeon's egg. Leave the distance between them because they will grow and not stick to each other .

Bake for 20 minutes at 160 degrees. Working with two trays goes much faster, You will get about 350 pieces of balls (depending on the size the bigger they are the less)

After they have been baked and cooled with a sharp-pointed knife, each ball is dug out (here you need help, no joke, it is a very meticulous job) the middle and the edges are very tender and break very easily, great care for those who try the recipe for the first time. or milk potatoes)


Mix the butter well with the sugar until it foams. The hollowed core from the balls (three quarters of the composition) is mixed with cocoa and warm milk. Put a little of the cocoa composite in the butter mixed with sugar and continue mixing until the whole amount is well incorporated.


Take two well-hollowed balls (the edges should be as thin as possible to make a good grip), put the cream and join, the excess cream is taken down, the operation is repeated ... approximately 160-170 peaches from 2 gates will come out ( they still break from the balls when digging).

After we have finished filling the peaches, we move on to the next operation, coloring the peaches:

Take the red dye and dissolve it in a little water (70-80 ml), as well as the green one in a separate bowl, and in the third bowl put caster sugar.

We still need ivy leaves (it's all over the country) I don't have them here and I replaced them with olive leaves (they work perfectly)

So take the peach, pass it on one side through the red color and the other part through the green, then add the caster sugar and put the leaves.

It is very true, they are very meticulous but it is worth it, on a plate with cakes put 4-5 peaches, it changes the complete appearance and the taste is very good.

ps: I had help, not a joke, my grandfather dug them all out and colored them, he's licensed in something like that :))