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Puff pastry baskets with apples and quince

Puff pastry baskets with apples and quince

It's like I never have enough time and I'm still on the run ... so, following special requests, I also made these fragrant autumn baskets from the "fast, good and good-looking" category.

  • We need:
  • -1 pack of puff pastry from the trade
  • -3 small apples
  • -2 small quinces
  • -sugar, cinnamon to taste
  • -1-2 tablespoons gray

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Puff pastry baskets with apples and quince:

I thawed the puff pastry dough at room temperature, cut it into round shapes with a glass, then placed it in the muffin tray. Being puff pastry, there was no need to grease the tray with anything, especially since it is also Teflon. By simply placing the dough circles in the holes in the tray, we obtained some baskets, which we filled with grated apples and quinces, mixed with sugar, cinnamon and semolina (to absorb the excess juice left by the fruit) ... and quickly , quickly in the oven!

And here is the aromatic result!

Apple, pear and quince tart for a late fall. Fortunately, I have not yet met the snowflakes, although snow is announced last weekend. I say & # 8220 happily & # 8221 because I would have changed the filling of this tart if it was snowing (I am a man easily influenced by the weather) and maybe I would not have been lucky to put together three different textures and tastes combination of grade 10.

Not too sweet, not too sour, only good to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Or a cup of tea. But, if this cake is also tasted by a few friends, then it is a day when you are happy that you can pamper your loved ones.

And if, by chance, that day is announced to be longer, a dessert should bring enough energy to recharge your engines. That's how it was with me. A slice of tart after a night in which I didn't sleep much brought me strength and I felt full of life and even happier. I was in the mood and I also prepared the live on Facebook, when together with Andra I made a delicious Napoleon roll-shaped cake.

Apples, pears and quinces, with autumn scent, in a tart with tender dough, turn the dessert into something special, seductive and tasty.


for tender dough:

350-400 g flour (depending on the size of the egg)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

for the filling:

1/4 teaspoon orange peel powder

Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl, then knead it until it becomes smooth and does not stick to your hands. We divide it into two 2 pieces, about 70-30%. The biggest part will be the base. Spread it a little with a rolling pin on a counter sprinkled with flour, then move the dough into the pan and continue to arrange it by hand, then prick it with a fork to prevent excessive growth and force it to grow evenly.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Grate the quince as finely as possible, then cut the apples and pears into very thin slices and then chop them into small cubes.

Put the fruits in a pot with sugar and heat them for 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly so that they do not stick, add 100 ml of water and leave on the fire until the liquid completely evaporates. Turn off the heat, add the spices and mix until the composition is homogeneous, then let it cool. Put the hardened apples, pears and quinces on the base of the tart, and cover them with strips made of preserved dough.

Bake the tart in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes, then let it cool.

We can line it with powdered sugar (only when we eat), but I think it doesn't need more sugar.

I invite you to try this delicious tart and tell me how you like it.

Puff pastry baskets filled with various ingredients

Initially I wanted to make some pizzettes on puff pastry, but because I bought new silicone molds for muffins, everything turned into some Puff pastry baskets filled with various ingredients.

I filled them with what I had in the fridge, but they can be filled according to everyone's taste and imagination.

They were very good and effective, for those who served them!

  • 400 gr puff pastry (one sheet)
  • 200 gr urda of cows
  • 1 red pepper, red
  • 150 gr pressed ham
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon gray
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes

[preparation title = & # 8221Preparation & # 8221]

How to prepare delicious puff pastry baskets filled with various ingredients!

Lightly spread the dough sheet, completely thawed and cut it into squares about enough to fit in the muffin tins. I got 12 squares.

We place the squares in the muffin tins, gathering them more inwards, so that they do not spill during baking.
We cut the pepper into pieces, as well as the pressed ham.

Put a tablespoon of urda inside the baskets, then randomly place the pepper and pressed ham.

Mix the two eggs with semolina, a little salt and a little pepper and put a tablespoon of this mixture over the ingredients in the baskets.
Place a cherry tomato on top.

Put the baskets in a tray that we put in the oven for 35 minutes at 180 degrees, or until the baskets are well browned on the outside.

We served them both hot and cold with green parsley on top and ketchup.

Mere in puff pastry

Sift the flour on a plate, add salt, vinegar, 10 parts of butter and water. Knead well until a compact, non-sticky mass is formed, which is then left to stand for 30 minutes, growing with the knife in 3-4 places. Separately, knead the butter well to remove the water, add a little flour and continue kneading. From the resulting crust, a sheet of 60 cm / 60 cm is spread on the given table with flour powder. Add the butter in the middle of the sheet, wrap the sheet in four and spread with the rod. Fold in four again and leave to cool for 30 minutes. This operation of turning the hull is repeated four times, at intervals of 30 minutes between each turn. After the last round, spread a 1 cm thick sheet, cut it into squares and put a washed apple in the middle of each square and remove the seeds. The hollow of the apple is filled with crushed cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. Then bring the corners of the square over the apple, grease with a beaten egg the front of the package, sprinkle each apple with sugar and place in a tray, which is placed in the oven not too hot and hold for about 30 minutes, after which you can serve.

Nutritional values ​​for portions of 120g

There are two different tart recipes, a classic tart & icircn in which the apples are placed on top of the dough, on a bed of quince jam, and the second tart with apples is an inverted tart, with coarsely sliced ​​apples and a sugar syrup. with butter that will deliciously glaze the tart after overturning.

How to prepare apple pie on top.

Unwrap the puff pastry and cut into 7-8 cm wide slices. Grow with a sharp knife to cut a groove around the dough, leaving a 5-6 mm edge on the outside, but be careful not to pierce the dough completely. This groove is interesting because it will delimit the edges of the tart, and the dough will grow more on the edge.

Glaze the dough with quince jam leaving the simple delimited edges.

The apples are peeled and stalks, sliced ​​thinly, and the slices are placed nicely over the quince jam, lightly passed, like a fan.

Sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and place small cubes of butter in place, which will melt and glaze the apples nicely.

Bake the apple pies at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

Preparation of yogurt cream for apple pie.

To serve these apple tarts in the most delicious way, mix mascarpone with vanilla and yogurt-flavored sugar. Decorate the hot apple pie with this yogurt cream. The cream will melt slightly and will glaze the tart nicely. Sprinkle a few mint leaves on top, for a taste and freshness.

Preparation for the overturned apple pie

For this tart, the apples are cleaned only of the stalks and sliced ​​coarser, & icircn 6 or 8 slices, according to the size of the apples.

Grease a yena baking tray with butter, preferably. Sprinkle a lot of sugar and cinnamon and place the apple slices, c & acirct many. Place the puff pastry on top, which is stirred from place to place so as not to deform during the heat treatment.

The inverted apple tart is baked for 35 minutes, in the preheated oven at 180 degrees.

After baking, let the tart cool in the tray for 7-8 minutes, then turn it over on a plate. The syrup inside will glaze the tart appetizingly.

Preparation of sm & acircnt & acircna cream for serving the inverted apple tart.

As before, the tart will be served hot, glazed with a cream prepared by mixing sm & acircnt & acircnii with mascarpone and powdered sugar. Put equal amounts of mascarpone and fermented sour cream, and powdered sugar will be added to taste.

Apple tart and quince jam served with yogurt cream

There are two apple pie recipes quite simple to prepare, without the need for fixed amounts that give us headaches.

Puff pastry baskets with mushrooms and zucchini

I am very happy with this recipe, especially since, this time I was not inspired by any source but I thought everything alone and & # 8230 more than that my baskets came out so cute :).

But, let's leave the praise and tell you how the idea came to me & # 8230. I had some puff pastry in the freezer and I was still thinking what to do with it & # 8230 for an apple pie, honestly I didn't feel like giving 6-7 lei / kg of apples that don't even have any taste and are also overly expensive in my view, so I thought about what it would be like to make an appetizer.

The idea came to me to make some rectangles out of the dough and put them in the muffin tray and fill them with vegetables.

I used 5-600 gr of puff pastry

As I was saying, I spread the dough and cut 12 rectangles (so many holes in my muffin tray), I tried to arrange it in such a way that enough filling came in so that we wouldn't eat empty dough but it would look nice.

In a pan, I put butter and the finely chopped mushrooms with the zucchini, I sautéed them a little, I seasoned them with chilly and a little curry and when they were more than half I turned off the heat.

I beat an egg and mixed it with goat cheese and started filling my baskets.

I put a layer of egg, a teaspoon of mushrooms with zucchini, again a layer of egg and then another teaspoon of mushrooms.

I tried to gather the baskets at the top, but they opened a little more in the oven, exactly as I should say, but, & # 8230. I am also waiting for your opinions. I can say that they turned out delicious and that I will do more.

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Autumn has settled comfortably, temperatures have dropped, so it's time to complete the collection of seasonal recipes with the best pork chop recipe breaded with apples and quince. The scent and taste of these autumn fruits bring flavor to the slowly cooked pork chop, with the help of the Crow-Pot 4.7 l Digital Slow Cooker.

In October we celebrate #Crocktober, so I take the opportunity to show you how easy it is to cook with this appliance and what a delicious recipe I made with it.

Pork chop breaded with apples and quince it came out tender, without being dry and bland, as can happen if it is usually cooked in the oven. The recipe can also be prepared for Christmas, so keep in mind if you keep the oven busy with cakes, cakes or sarmale.

Slow Cooker Crock-Pot 4.7 l digital cooks slowly, but brings out the best in every dish. The effort made to make pork chop breaded with apples and quince is minimal. I needed a little time to cut the vegetables and fruits, to bread the meat and to put everything in the bowl of the appliance. Such an appliance will not overheat the meat, there is no risk of burning, and the flavors will blend perfectly.

The part I like the most is that I don't have to wash the oven, the tray, possibly another pan at the end.

I'm a real fan of cooking at Slow Cooker Crock Pot. I recently convinced a friend to buy one. Besides the fact that in this way she will have more time to sit with the little girl while the appliance is cooking for the family, there is no risk that the little one will burn or burn, the appliance does not emit steam / water vapor during the process. cooking.

My pork chop breaded with apples and quince can be eaten the next day, it is just as good. If it is cut into thin slices it can be turned into a sandwich for the school package.

I chose to turn cooked vegetables and fruits at the same time as meat into a delicious sauce.

The garnish on the first day was made from natural potatoes with butter and greens, but the next day my son wanted a mashed potato.

Now I leave you to see the list of ingredients and how to prepare the pork chop breaded with apples and quince at Slow Cooker Crock Pot 4.7l Digital:


1 pc. pork chop & # 8211 2kg

a few sprigs of thyme

I cut the pork chop at a distance of 1 cm, so that the recesses reach about half the height of the piece of meat.

The slices of the previously washed fruit, I dipped them in a bowl with water and lemon juice to prevent oxidation, then I put them in the slits made in the piece of meat alternating fruits (and colors).

I cleaned the onion and the carrot, washed them and cut them. Julien chopped onions and sliced ​​carrots were the first ones I put in the Crock-Pot bowl.

I tied the breaded chop with apples and quince with a food string, then I put it in the bowl. Next to it I arranged the rest of the fruits, after I dipped them in lemon water.

I sprinkled salt, pepper, cinnamon, I added a clove of garlic and thyme. I poured the wine and cold soup.

I set the Crock-Pot to HIGH cooking mode for a period of 4 hours. I put the lid on and let it cook in my place.

During this time I went to the market to make potatoes and dill, I came home, I boiled them and I mixed them with butter, salt and finely chopped dill.

The garnish was ready just as the Crock-Pot switched to keeping food warm.

Here's how appetizing the pork chop breaded with apples and quince is.

For other simple and delicious recipes I invite you to see my recipes in the video version. I hope you subscribe to my channel, where I will soon come with Slow Cooker Crock Pot recipes.

Apple strudel

The apple strudel has a history behind it, it is slightly aristocratic and used to boast the care of the manufacturing process (the real apple strudel, say the most demanding, is also made of hand-stretched sheets, thin so you can see the shadows through them). Today, with so much globalization and so much industrialization, the strudel is somehow within everyone's reach and only the convenience pushed to the extreme can prevent you from trying it at least once (or you may not like the idea at all, and then convenience is out of the question). There are quite well-made strudel sheets to buy today, without margarine, without additives, you only have to read three-five-seven labels in the store until you discover the safest of them. Once you've done that, go to the fruit stand or, better yet, to the market, and buy a pound of juicy and fragrant apples.

Allow the sheets to thaw and wash the apples well.

Remove the pips from the apples, with their alveoli and then cut the apples into cubes.

Put the apples in a non-stick pan over low heat. Along with them, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, two tablespoons of brown sugar and a few mint leaves, even dried. After ten minutes, take the apples off the heat, let them cool a bit and then pour them over the spread dough.

Roll the dough carefully and make a roll.

If you keep three overlapping sheets it will be enough (the dough comes in many-many & # 8211 about 15-sheets). Sprinkle a little cinnamon and a little finely ground brown sugar over the sheets.

Grease the roll with melted butter, cut it lightly every 3 centimeters (practically portion it before baking, this will make your work easier after baking), put it in a tray on a baking sheet and bake it at 180 degrees Celsius until nicely browned (15-18 minutes). The oven must be well preheated.

After baking, powder it with a little sugar. It goes well with sour fruit puree.

It was hard? Not pre, right? Stay healthy.

Apple pie and quince jam

These days I cleaned the pantry and found a few jars of older quince jam, so I prepared this wonderful apple pie recipe and quince jam.

The sour apples combined very well with the pleasantly aromatic quince jam!

And I added, of course, the indispensable cinnamon. I think you can imagine what an autumn scent I had in the whole house!

As a dough, we prepared the recipe we like the most, with yogurt and butter.

We actually like the dough recipe with yogurt and lard, but I missed the lard, so I used butter.

The yoghurt dough comes out of this very tender apple pie recipe and quince jam, especially since I add a little baking soda, in addition to baking powder.

It is also interesting Apple pie and cinnamon dough recipe, which I highly recommend!

And if you opt for a thin-leaf pie, I recommend you try it This Apple Pie Recipe!

Homemade thin sheets successfully compete with commercial ones, so they are worth a try.

Find on the blog more pie recipes with various fillings, for all tastes, in the category Sweets.

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