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Red lentil feathers with lettuce

Red lentil feathers with lettuce

First we put water in a bowl and put it on the fire.

When the water boils, put a little salt and the pasta to boil for 8-10 minutes.

Wash the lettuce leaves and break them coarsely.

We wash the leurda and break it, like a salad.

We clean the onion, wash it and cut it about 2 cm.

Washed, cleaned radishes, cut them into rounds.

Season the salad with salt, vinegar and oil to taste.

We pass the cooked pasta through a stream of cold water and put it over the salad.

We mix everything and enjoy.

Thanksgiving turkey coloring pictures

Serve grilled Greek turkey soup with sour cream and lemon. Serve the turkey soup hot, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley or larch leaves. What a delicious soup I made! Vegetables are not overcooked, have a beautiful color and perfect texture Depending on the size of the pieces marinating can take from 2-3 hours (for slices of meat or smaller pieces), 24 hours for turkey legs or wings or 2 -3 days for whole turkey. The turkey can also be marinated with beer - see at the end of the recipe what I'm talking about. So I put the turkey legs to marinate in a large bowl. The bare skin on the head and neck can change color. It can be gray, white, red or blue depending on the condition of the turkey, when it is in difficulty, excited, etc. Turkey reproduction. It is recommended to raise males separately from females

You will find the best free stock images for your Thanksgiving dinner query. Download all photos and use them even in commercial color projects. Transparent Black and white. Related images: turkey sea water travel istanbul 117 Free Images of sea turkey. 433 399 60. Boats, Yacht, Ship, Water. This is not a year in which, at the end of November, we will not find out that Americans are preparing for a big holiday: Thanksgiving Day. This is eagerly awaited (this year, Thanksgiving will be on November 24) by people of all ages, not only because it represents the time when families reunite, but also because it announces the date from which they can

Thanksgiving Day (English: Thanksgiving Day, French: Jour de l'Action de grâces) is an annual one-day celebration, in which one thanks (traditionally to God) for the richness of that year's harvest. It is celebrated in most of North America (United States and Canada). It is a family holiday. In the United States most businesses (except. I think the recipe is American turkey, Thanksgiving, no garlic. Mr. Chief, the classic who posted turkey breading with butter / margarine and spices, is actually a classic today. It's a good idea, bad, it smells like meat to the bone. These printable drawings are suitable for children who want to know more about spring celebrations, Easter, Children's Day. Here you can find coloring pictures with flowers, fruits, food, sweets, animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles. Whole turkey in the oven. As I said, there is no Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving, without a generous turkey on the table, cooked in the oven for hours, to make sure it's well penetrated. Here's how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey from just a few ingredients from a simple recipe, which you can enjoy with the whole family. Green beans juicy and all-promoting image of the whole turkey put on the Thanksgiving Day table, as we see it from the can) 400 g boneless and skinless turkey breast 1 sweet onion Preparation: Cut the turkey breast into large cubes (approx. fried the turkey breast is left until the juice decreases.

Greek-style turkey soup topped with sour cream and lemon

  1. at the top with two wide black and white-brown stripes. Body weight in males reaches 15-17 kg, but can reach 20-22 kg, and in females 8-10 kg but can also reach 18 kg. Egg production is 60-75 eggs / year, the weight of the eggs being 80-90 grams
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  3. iaturi. Baked turkey on the sun vector image. Sponsored vectors. Download. Description. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new free images. Link.
  4. ute or up color. It is then removed from the oven, after which it is cleaned of the recipe from Frittata with boneless turkey spinach potatoes carrots leek dried vegetables salt pepper This is strong. After I cleaned the vegetables and put them in.
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  6. Vector illustration of a turkey in the oven. Thanksgiving food coloring page

58131 Free Color Images. 1295 1166 206. Japanese Cherry Trees. 1143 1187 92. Blond Woman Portrait. 1320 1229 114. Fat Makeup Paint. Turkey - festive recipes - posted in In the kitchen: Hello, girls! I bought turkey breast for Christmas and I do not know how to cook it. I would like a more special recipe, to come out tasty and soft. Delia What we are contributes more to our happiness than what we have. Schopenhaue One of the many great free stock images from Pexels. This photo is about tropical, Turkey, Thanksgiving. Lately, however, the American model borrowed by the British is gaining ground, especially among young people. Thus, the traditional turkey is present on the tables of those who celebrate the day of the earth's fruits, and the parties are chained, especially since it falls on the weekend, when the clubs are full of partygoers. to oven, watering the bird to every 30 minutes with sauce from the pan. As the liquid in the vessel evaporates, add from the reserve. 4. After 2 hours of baking, remove the aluminum foil and put in the tray the three oranges, very well cleaned of the peel and white filaments. 5

24.11.2016 - Explore nutzamihalache's board CURCAN, followed by 103 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Turkey, Food, Recipes Turkey meat is, like chicken, a great source of iron, zinc and other minerals essential for the growth of the baby. Many doctors consider it an even healthier alternative than chicken. Turkey has some small nutritional differences, but also cooking compared to chicken, although both types of meat are introduced at the same age and have the same benefits for. Rosacea is characterized by inflammation and pustules on the forehead, nose and chin. Often, this condition manifests itself in people who have light skin after the age of 30. Small blood vessels in the face area dilate and become visible through the skin # 4406099: Download this image together with other royalty free stock images and vectors starting at $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Register for free The turkey steak is extremely healthy.Although in our country pork seems to be the most consumed, it would not be bad to change our habits a little. That's why I'm going to propose you a recipe for turkey steak to prepare in the oven. Turkey steak in the oven

Baked turkey legs simple recipe with potatoes and

  1. Color (HEX) Stock photo: Thanksgiving Autumn Fall Border Image and Illustration and Illustration composition for Autumn, Fall or Halloween, Thanksgiving invitation, Banner pumpkins, copy space
  2. How to cook grilled turkey meat Sorina Severin. Since turkey doesn't have meat as tender as chicken, here's what you need to do to get a juicy, flavorful dish. You need: 1 turkey stern. 1 turkey breast. 3 tablespoons olive oil
  3. Here it is eaten mainly on Thanksgiving, next to the turkey steak. Ingredients: 340gr cranberries 150 gr sugar 1 orange 1 cinnamon stick 1-2 stronger pears. Put in a bowl cranberries, sugar, 1/2 orange peel, whole orange juice, peeled pears and cut into pieces, cinnamon stick
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  5. Quesadilla with turkey, a simple recipe from Mexican cuisine, very tasty and quick to prepare. with sour cream, guacamole sauce (mashed avocado, green onions, chili, lemon, spices) or salsa sauce (diced tomatoes, onions.

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  • Baked zucchini in layers - with meat and cheese - recipe illustrated with pictures. Pumpkin dish with meat and cheese - baked. Pumpkin gratin with meat and cheese, a tasty and filling food for the whole family. This is a seasonal recipe, no doubt, but it is even more so
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  • Fun Baby Pictures- A Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes Jokes Funny Pictures Flash Games Quote
  • The former American president pardoned a turkey that was to be cut with the celebration of this day, and since then, every year, the tradition is respected by every American president. Other Thanksgiving Day traditions. A tradition of the meal is the prayer that people say at the beginning of the meal

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  • Description Salt Flakes, Banana, Feathers / Turkey Flakes (2 meters / piece) Code: YB1. Turkey flake salt. The price displayed is the price / piece. Code: YB1-FULG Quantity: 1 piece Dimensions: 2 m Colors: Banana Use: decoration of occasion dresses or carnival costumes Info: ATTENTION !! The shades in the images may differ from the actual ones, depending on the type and settings of the monitor
  • Description Salt Flakes, Black, Feathers / Turkey Flakes (2 meters / piece) Code: YB1. Painted turkey flake salt. The price displayed is the price / piece. Code: YB1-FULG Quantity: 1 piece Dimensions: 2 m Colors: Black Use: decoration of occasion dresses or carnival costumes Info: ATTENTION !! The shades in the images may differ from the actual ones, depending on the type and settings of the monitor
  • US President Donald Trump respected the tradition on Tuesday and pardoned two turkeys before leaving for his club in Palm Beach (Florida) to celebrate with the family Thanksgiving Day, the most popular holiday in the country, reports EFE
  • This paper describes Chicken vs. Turkey. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 docx file of 9 pages .. We recommend you to take a good look at the extract, table of contents and the images provided and if it is what you need for your documentation, you can download it. You only need 3 points
  • Riddles about turkey, as well as other sauanimal animals, is one of the most popular types of folk art. This bird is loved to be seen from all sides and carelessly emphasizes its characteristics.
  • When it boils, the bone marrow comes out of the bone, I take it out with a spoon, crush it and add it to the soup. I don't use oil in this soup at all. Do you know how to see the meat from the young beef and which is from the old beef? The young meat is lighter in color (the veal is pink, almost like the turkey meat), and the tendons and fat are white.

Traditional recipes from Romanian and international cuisine, various articles and ideas for home cooking, food, gastronomy, dishes, dishes. Turkey, which is the main dish served on Thanksgiving, a holiday in the United States with a centuries-old tradition, was domesticated much earlier than previously thought, according to a recent study, informs Live Science. In the United States there are three places named in honor of the main course of the family meal: Turkey, Texas Turkey Creek, Los Angeles Turkey, North Carolina Christmas is marked by a rich meal, which should not miss pork steak, rolls, sarmales , cake, fruit, fish, sweets and, of course, drink. For those who are not fans of pork, we recommend the recipe for stuffed turkey Sausages in the store we never have at home, and when we feel like a sandwich or a meat salad, I make a kind of simple turkey roll, baked . It's not a classic roll, because it contains no cheese, no mushrooms, no chopped or boiled eggs

Turn the meat every hour to boil evenly and make sure to cover the bowl as tightly as possible each time. ** After the first hour you will not see much changed, the sauce is still liquid. After the second hour the sauce is darker in color and has decreased a bit. After the third hour, the sauce is very low, reddish, and the meat comes off the bone easily. First, boil the turkey meat separately and debone it. When you cook the turkey meat you can add some vegetables and prepare a soup to use for the stew) After which in a large saucepan I sautéed the onion and the fish, after it got a golden color I added the sliced ​​carrots Birthday calculator Find out when the stork comes, when the baby is born While the turkey breast is boiling, we heat a pan without oil in a medium heat in which we fry the ground hazelnuts until they get a golden color (mine also had a peel so they were not very golden :-p ). When they are ready they are placed in a deep plate, the chicken breast is removed, drained and passed through the roasted hazelnuts. Epicless downloads Wallpapers: Turkey, Turkish, Cappadocia, hot air balloons 4760x3118,114986

It was a harvest festival, where they did not eat turkey, but deer, corn and vegetables. Later, the 3rd Thursday of November was established and declared a national day, when families gather and eat together turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin or apple pie, and thank him. Thanksgiving is a one-day annual holiday, in which God is traditionally thanked for the richness of that year's harvest.. It is mostly celebrated in North America (United States and Canada). But how is it celebrated and what is the menu for Americans on this holy day for them

Turkey pulp grows on the inside, around the bone. We boil it with a pinch of salt. Then garnish with pieces of garlic, rosemary sprigs and dried tomatoes and tie everything with string. We pull the meat to the pan. Season with salt and pepper. We put the meat in the oven along with the sparkling wine and water, which we pour over $ 9.99 - stainless steel plastic injector baking tool kitchen utensils tools turkey meat 1 pc 7822297 2020. Cheap Shopping Meat Tools Online? Buy at on sale today Santa Claus Beard, pearl white color Manufacturer: Smiffy Category: Men's wigs Product code: 21371 Santa Claus beard, pearl white color - accessory created to complete your costume and mysterious image at X-Mas party Chair green color is problematic when it persists for many days in a row, is diarrhea and the little one has other symptoms (lethargy, apathy, vomiting, lack of appetite, possible fever, abdominal cramps) can be an infection or a serious digestive disorder and requires emergency medical consultation and appropriate treatment

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Jul 10, 2014 - Baked turkey for the holidays? I know that baked turkey is more of an American tradition than a Romanian one, but in Romania it also starts to cook. In the end, you will drain the remaining water. You can laugh yes this is a traditional Japanese bowl. In it the sauce is prepared for? Polishing? of rice: in the bowl put the vinegar, sea salt and sugar, mixing and heating it simultaneously over medium heat until these ingredients are homogenized in a slightly yellow liquid. This project deals with the Turkey Pulp Storage System. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 doc file of 30 pages .. Supervising teacher / Presented to the teacher: David Adriana We recommend you to take a good look at the extract, table of contents and the images provided and if it is what you need for your documentation, you can.

Buy My First images - Farm of to eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, you benefit from the promotions of the day, the opening of the package to delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back And because in our country, for Catholics, fasting is ovo-lacto-vegetarian, it is also a very good recipe for fasting. The following days I will show you a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate this holiday) or a perfect dessert for autumn, based on dolveac (for the rest of us). You're welcome Roasted turkey A few days ago, Diana from Can't boil an egg challenged us to cook a specific Christmas dish in the area or country where we live. Usually, Christmas is traditional in dishes, with sarmale and beef salad, instead, on Thanksgiving I cook specifically American food.

Downloads Wallpapers: Hagia Sophia, city, Istanbul, Turkey, architecture 1920x1080,68093 In the middle add 3 hard boiled and peeled eggs and complete with the rest of the composition Tray put in the oven at 170-180 degrees Drobul de The turkey should stay in the oven for about 40-45 minutes until it turns brown. After it has been removed from the oven, it should cool for about an hour. 26.12.2019 - Explore marianabud45's board curcan on Pinterest. See more ideas about Turkey, Cooking, Food It has no appetite, the motto is purple, it breathes hard, it eats very little only if it is forced, it stays longer, it is very sad, it has a lost look, it has a thin greenish white coat , don't drink water, I gave him Swedish bitter without alcohol, I gave him antioxidant pills, he took oxivetS, I rubbed his goiter and abdomen, I want you to help me because he is very dear to me and I don't want to I lose him

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Turkey pulp on a bed of potatoes a tasty recipe for the main course with a garnish you choose according to your preference, I used potatoes. Equally appetizing recipes are pomegranate sauce or turkey leg pulp in turkey crust s.f. feminine noun: It designates feminine beings or objects of feminine part: woman, house, beach. We ate turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I ate turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. turkey buzzard, turkey vulture n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (carrion bird) (family. Recipe Turkey food with peas recipe from the category -Aperitifs -2012-03-13. We clean the onions, cut them into small pieces and put them in a frying pan. When they start to get a golden color Add the boneless and chopped thighs, let them fry for 1-2 minutes, then add enough water to cover the meat, cover the bowl with a.

This Easter I decided to try the turkey meat. I always saw various recipes with this meat, I liked how they looked but not put .. Melania Trump is an extremely elegant lady, but sometimes the outfits of the first lady of the USA make them all to bend her elbows. Just 2 days before Thanksgiving, Melania Trump was seriously ridiculed by netizens, because of the coat that Donald Trump's wife wore at the turkey forgiveness ceremony. Thus, the fact that he wore a coat of color. Color. Messages from the category of Saints Peter and Paul. see all messages. Sunbeam May God decorate every ray of sunshine that reaches you with success, happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday! I wish you a beautiful St. Peter's Day! A clear day

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  • I will try to cover as wide a range as possible of the main diseases of poultry. When any disease occurs in birds, the veterinarian should normally be called. Unfortunately, many veterinarians are unaware of the specific characteristics of the type of disease and make the mistake of generalizing and ignoring the specific symptoms.
  • Along with his wife, Melania Trump, and their son, Barron, the president pardoned him at a White House ceremony on the Drumstick turkey, raised on a Minnesota farm and weighing 21 pounds. from the same farm in Minnesota, he was saved from perdition, but did not have the honor of being pardoned in it.
  • Parmigianini are super soft sandwiches, which contain a good amount of grated Parmesan cheese, which, in addition to giving a nice color to the dough, ii Miscellaneous foods 13 aug. at 23: 0
  • The presidency, the position where you have the most power in the world, is associated with many formidable and solemn responsibilities, but this is not the case here, 'Obama said during a brief ceremony at the northern entrance to the White House, with a 17-year-old white turkey. kg called Popcorn
  • The turkey hen, as Brahma hens are also called, is a source of pride for purebred bird enthusiasts. In addition to the fact that this breed manages to reach record weights of 8 kilograms (which is why it is also called the Giant of the Hens), Brahma has an imposing stature and comes in a variety of colors as you rarely meet.
  • I want 3 categories of turkey in our Thanksgiving menu. His wife - Sylvia, son - Ludwig and Brand Ambassador - Cristina Turnagiu listened to him carefully. They knew the Thanksgiving Menu project they had been working on for a few days
  • The President of the United States, Barack Obama, symbolically pardoned a turkey on Wednesday, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, a popular tradition deeply rooted in the White House, writes Hotnews uses cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our website

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Prices in Los Angeles - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Los Angeles. 04/02/2016. 0. Cooking recipes with images, food recipes, cake and dessert recipes, appetizer and salad recipes, pickle recipes, pasta and sauces, fasting recipes, bread recipes, recipes explained with pictures step by step

Ingredients Turkey breast on a tray 1 turkey breast (about 1 kg), 1 glass of semi-dry white wine, 2 tablespoons oil, paprika, salt, pepper, thyme The way the leaves are prepared is the same as for fresh leaves of life. I chose to prepare these turkey sarmales but you can use any meat you like - chicken, pork, beef, even lamb or sheep. I recommend you try them !! Sarmale in lime leaves - Ingredients. 1 kg of minced meat from turkey pulp is the number 1 news site in Romania! News about celebrities, images of paparazzi and exclusive information from the world, directly from the source! Read now the latest domestic and foreign news, information from the world of sports and worlds in the country and abroad Lower the temperature to 180 degrees and put the turkey back in the oven. A 7-8 kg turkey is cooked in about 3 hours and 4 hours for about 30 minutes for each kg. Every 20 minutes sprinkle the turkey with the juice that leaves in the tray America, the United States, holidays, parades, Thanksgiving, turkey, which allegorical. On the same topic. Protests in Washington after a black man was killed by police The US state of Louisiana was hit by Hurricane Laura. Thousands of people were evacuated in the face of the massive storm

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Chop the onion and heat it in oil. Then add the broth and leave it until the oil is well colored. If we use sausages, we put them now and fry them until they take on a little color. - Recipe Main course: Lentil food by JustLoveCooki One person died, another 8 arrived at the hospital 0 Unique images taken by a photographer, on cochleas, with the night between the years of a city - Râmnicu Vâlcea 0 The world in pictures, photos of the day January 7 0 Winter in the most isolated villages in the Foresters' Land 0 Emanuel Gyenes awaits the start of Dakar 2019 Turkey articles written by Martzian. It is the time of year when people thank (traditionally God) for the richness of the harvest, being an opportunity to reunite family and close friends. It is the time for counting the blessings, the moment being marked by the traditional food of this day and certain

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The pepper is also cut, and the roots (white part) of the green onion are cut into slices. The tails will also be used, but later. Chicken breast (I used turkey) cut into very small pieces Put the fried turkey in a non-stick pan in which you have previously melted the butter, turning them on both sides until they turn a golden color, then keep the meat hot. Cut 2 oranges into slices without peeling them, and fry them a little in the remaining fat in the pan.

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Buy Crystal Candy Case Model 18 Cm code 2270 from Delivery in 24 hours anywhere in Romania. Call 073354061 Turkey filled to Vita Cook - for the Christmas table I cooked this turkey according to a recipe received by to my girlfriend, Claudia, and it turned out super delicious. The recipe is a bit laborious, but I assure you that it is worth all the effort. How to make Turkey steak with wine on the tray, why you need .1.5 kg of turkey meat, .3-4 onion rings, .3-4 cloves of garlic, .2 tomatoes, .2 bell peppers,. 1 parsnip, .1 / 2 lemon, .150 ml white wine,. Olive oil | Craft it

Turkey recipe on the tray, with stuffed mushrooms. from the Turkey category. Specific Romania. How to make Turkey in a tray, with stuffed mushrooms., Why do you need 9 turkey medallions., 20 champignion mushrooms., 1 large lettuce., 1 Chinese lettuce with long leaves., 1 red bell pepper., 1 c | Craftlo Kitchen Digital Thermometer BBQ probe turkey meat food cooking temperature - selling products from the original Chinese catalog at low prices. Free delivery and a wide assortment Add the marinade and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to 2 hours, turning the turkey from time to time. For the grill: drain the turkey breast pieces and keep the marinade. Heat the grill and put the breast pieces on medium to high heat, about 5-10 minutes on each side, greasing them from time to time with marinade, until cooked ICR Stockholm supports Lateral ArtSpace participation in the 2018 edition of the fair alternative art Supermarket, with a group exhibition, presenting works by artists Dragos Badita, Dan Beudean, Lucian Indrei, Mirela Moscu, Musz The exhibition is coordinated by Cristina Curcan, Lucian Indrei and Dragos Badita For Supermarket 2018 Independent Art Fair, Lateral ArtSpace will focus on.

Easy VIDEO RECIPE: How to make turkey in the oven! BONUS: 33 photos with women who sensually cook turkey is a good recipe for a very special weekend! And it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for that. It can be said that this dish is prepared almost on its own. After you have prepared it and put it in the oven, you just have to make sure to sprinkle it from time to time with the sauce from the tray to get the best turkey breast in the Ferma oven. My first images Learn the names of the creatures that live on the farm, with this cute card. The little ones will learn more easily about the farm animals with the help of colorful illustrations and pictures from these cards designed especially for them turkey s.m. Do you see that wild turkey over there? Did you see that big turkey over there? turkey n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (food: meat of the bird) carne de curcan s.f. We ate turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I ate turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Additional translations: English: Romanian

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  • The other day I made macaroni and cheese in the oven. Without exaggerating, I think I haven't eaten before, although I love it. I don't know exactly, but I think it's been about two years: D. And maybe I wouldn't have done it now, but luckily my mother called me and, at one point, she mentioned that she was preparing to make some macaroni and cheese for dinner.
  • Thanksgiving comic pictures Picture views: 2690.Photo rating: 3.33.Picture votes: 9. Sent by cosmi
  • Chicken brine with tomatoes and peppers. Here we are at the last recipe with poultry prepared in collaboration with Ferma Vranceana- Avicola Focsani. This time, the stars are the chicken sticks that I thought I would highlight by making them the tastiest chicken brine with tomatoes and peppers. It is a simple, quick and very tasty recipe on [

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A very versatile salad, which allows the combination of various tastes, with a delicious yogurt dressing with corn, turkey or well-browned bacon (in this case I did not put), is certainly full of flavor and color, for a meal and Impressions, thoughts and opinions about religion, recipes, articles, movies, free games on 2 review r

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I can sometimes slip it into my color scheme without taking it into account, as in the Easter table above. But if the tablecloth is white, the napkins are white and half of everything I put on the table is the same, I consider white the main color and I usually allow myself only one more color next to it. 2. Add a metallic color A set of labels is almost a must for a Thanksgiving meeting, and these clothes with DIY turkey labels make it even more fun. Let the children paint and decorate the rags to look like turkeys. Attach them to the back of the shirts and they are all ready for a fun game of labels The ostrich is the biggest bird on earth. With a height that can exceed two and a half meters and a weight of over 120 kilograms, this huge creature has lived on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs. Ostrich fossils

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- 4 lower turkey legs - 2 onions - 2 canned peas and carrots - 1 bunch of dill - 3 tablespoons flour - paprika - salt - pepper. We clean the onions, cut them into small pieces and put them in a frying pan. When they start to get a golden color, add the paprika. Add the boned and cut thighs, let them fry for 1-2 minutes. - nesting area - wintering area - permanent habitat Edit text Haliaeetus albicilla - MHNT Haliaeetus albicilla groenlandicus - MHNT Contents 1 Characteristics 2 Distribution 3 Habitat 4 Food 5 Reproduction 6 Bibliography 7 External links 8 Notes 9 External links Characteristics Modify Codalbul is a large waist, has a massive silhouette characterized by a. Honey has come to the attention of consumers around the world and due to the antioxidants it contains, responsible for neutralizing free radicals. In this sense, dark honey is more effective than light honey. Some people prefer turkey meat for several reasons. First, it lowers bad cholesterol. Cooked in the oven, turkey meat has the lowest amount of saturated fat or cholesterol of all types of meat, including chicken, pork or beef. Second, it prevents cancer and good mood. On the last Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States. of gratitude for what? For a rich harvest in a new land, where the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island are now located. A three-day feast, in which the first settlers, settled on the territory of the ancestor

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Cut the turkey breast into small cubes and cook for about 20 minutes. Add the carrot and the washed, peeled and chopped potatoes. Boil for another 10 minutes, then add the pumpkin puree and olive oil. Mix the pumpkin soup, the turkey breast and the vegetables until the vegetables are crushed. The Penes Curcanul store in Podu 'Ros offers you fresh turkey meat (whole turkeys for grilling and various components), as well as dishes.

The second name is Egyptian.

Such lentils are cooked quickly and often used to make mashed potatoes, stew and soups.

Due to its high iron content, it is included in the diet of people with anemia and anemia.

This type is necessary with a low hemoglobin content in the blood and problems in the activity of the nervous system: regular consumption of dishes with this vegetable improves concentration and memory.

Find out how good carrots are, useful properties and contraindications.

Take a look here, about Chinese lemongrass, the beneficial properties it has.

One of the most popular dishes is lentil soup or mashed potatoes.

After cooking berries, add spices: cumin, curry, red pepper.

Let's not "sniff" so much!

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food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
andive 1.9 3.2 0.1 22
artichoke 1.7 7.5 0.1 38
red bell peppers 1.3 7.3 0.4 90.2 39
green bell peppers 1.1 4.8 0.2 92.7 25
potatoes 2.1 19.1 3.0 89
new potatoes 1.7 17.4 0.2 82.5 80
cucumbers 1.3 2.9 0.2 19
dried onion 1.5 10.5 0.2 87.6 51
green onion 1 7.5 0.2 95.3 35
mushrooms 5.0 3.0 0.5 88.4 35
cauliflower 2.8 4.6 1.3 91.6 32
pumpkin 1.1 6.5 0.3 32
zucchini 0.9 3.2 0.1 93.7 18
dried beans 24 56 2.0 13 346
green beans 2.6 6.3 0.2 89.4 38
gulii 1.8 6 0.1 33
hrean 2.2 17.2 0.2 81
lentils (dried) 25 52 2 337
lobodã 2.9 1.4 0.2 19
dried peas 23 56 2.0 13 343
green peas grains 8.4 14 0.5 71 96
dill (leaves) 1.8 0 5.6 30
carrots 1.5 9.0 0.3 87.2 45
napi 1.1 6.3 0.2 32
parsnip 1.4 15 0.5 72
red aubergines 1.1 4.3 0.3 93.9 25
eggplant muffins 1.3 4.8 0.2 91.6 27
parsley (leaves) 3.7 6.7 0.7 50
parsley (root) 1.1 10 0.8 53
praz 2.8 9.9 0.4 54
winter radishes 1.3 4.9 0.1 26
moon radish 0.6 4 0.1 19
green salad 1.9 2.9 0.3 94.2 22
red beets 1.8 9 0.1 43
spinach 3.5 2 0.3 90.1 25
asparagus 2 2.6 0.2 21
stevia 4.6 - - - -
telina 1.4 8.8 0.3 45
nettles 7.9 7.1 0.7 68
garlic 7.2 26 0.2 61.9 137
cucumbers in vinegar 0.6 1.5 0 9
gogosari in otet 0.8 3 0 15
pickled red cabbage salad 1.0 3.0 0 16
beetroot salad 1.0 8.0 1.0 38
sour cabbage 1.2 3.3 0 18
white cabbage 1.8 5.8 0.2 91.7 25
brussels sprouts 4 7 0.5 50
Chinese cabbage 1.3 2.9 0.2 19
red cabbage 1.9 5.6 0.2 90.5 33
green cabbage 4.9 10.3 0.9 71

Canned vegetables
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
peppers stuffed with rice 1.4 8.2 8 83 114
oats in broth 1.5 6 0.6 36
tomato broth 3.6 12 0 80 60
dehydrated potatoes 7.4 77 0.4 350
pickled cucumbers in vinegar 0 3.6 0 95 15
dehydrated mushrooms 41.7 30.8 1.7 12 313
cauliflower in water 0.9 1.5 0 95 10
cauliflower in water 0.9 1.5 0 95 10
pumpkin in water 1.8 2.5 0.5 21
green beans in water 1.5 2.4 0.4 94.4 20
pots in broth 1.2 3.8 0.5 93.5 25
pots in oil 2.5 3.4 8.0 98
green peas berries 6.5 10 0.5 72
fine peas 6.5 9 0.5 86.5 67
dehydrated carrots. 9.3 61.4 1.5 15 304
tomato paste 4.7 17.6 0 68 92
tomatoes in broth 1.7 4.7 0.4 30
asparagus in water 0.8 2.7 0.1 15
tomato juice 1.1 4.9 0 93 23
vegetable stew 1.4 5.5 6 83.5 94
tomatoes stuffed with rice 2.1 8.4 8 117
sour cabbage 1.2 3.3 0 90 25
breaded eggplant 1.5 2.4 8 90
eggplant in broth 1.1 2.5 0.5 19

food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% calories water% acids org.
afine 0.8 15 60 84 0.6
agrise 1.3 9.5 48 0.4
pineapple 0.4 11.9 52 85 0.2
bananas 1.3 13.4 84 75 0.6
apricot 0.9 11.1 64 85 0.2
strawberries 1.3 10 50 90 0.6
cherries 0.8 18.3 82 0.3
bitter cherries 1 17.8 80 76 0.4
red currants 1.5 10.2 54 0.6
black currants 1 13.7 65 0.7
horn 0.7 16.9 81 0.4
corcoduse 0.8 16.4 45 82 0.1
dude 1.4 14.5 81 83 0.6
forest strawberries 1.3 9.8 57 1.0
grapefruit 0.8 6.5 50 89 0.2
gutui 0.6 15 66 82 0.5
lemon 0.9 10 55 89 0.7
mandarins 0.8 10 40 88 0.1
mere 0.4 16.9 59-74 82 0.1. 0.4
cranberries (mountain currants) 0.7 11.6 67 67
walls 1.5 14.1 77 1.4
nectarines (peach plums) 0.6 13.8 56 86 0.1
melon 0.8 6.4 30 94 0.1
watermelon 0.5 5.4 29 91 0.1
pere 0.6 20 59-80 82 0.5
peaches 0.9 14.2 65 83 0.1
orange 0.8 11.5 53 87 0.2
plums 0.8 20 89 78 0.1
grapes 2.1 20 100 100 1.7
visine 1.2 15 66 85 0.5
raspberries 1.4 13.6 67 0.6

dried and oily fruits
food protein g% carbs g% lipids g% calories water%
hazelnuts [most often] 17.0 10 62.5 682 4
peanut 26 13 43 584 8
pitted apricots 5.2 68 0.4 304 20
pistachio 22.3 13.8 54 650 4
chestnuts 10.7 69.5 7 400 8
dates with seeds 1.9 74 0.6 326 19
pumpkin (seeds) 28 5.1 47.4 572 7
sunflower (seeds) 14.7 14.5 32.3 420 8
rosehips (with seeds) 2.2. 4.1 21.8- 24.6. 62.2 131. 270
olives 24 13.2 55 664 6
dried apples 1.4. 1.8 55. 70 302
dried pears 2.4 70 300
nuts (in shell) 19.8 3.7 60 654 5
peaches (pitted) 3 69.4 304
plums (with seeds) 2.5 71 0.5 306 20
figs 4.3 58 1.3 267 26
raisins 2.5 71.2 0.5 307 17

dairy products
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
bellows cheese 28 0.5 28 39 337
greasy cottage cheese 13 4.5 9 70 156
lean cow cheese 17 4 1.2 75 97
melted cheeses 7.0 0.9 36 75 366
cheese 25 1 19 50 283-382
fat yogurt 3.2 3 3.2 90 55
low yogurt 3.3 3.6 1.2 92 30
whipped milk 3.5 4.6 13.6 88 64
normal milk powder 27 40 24 498
whole cow's milk 3.5 4.8 3.6 87 67
skimmed cow's milk 3.5 4.9 2 88 50
goat's milk 3.5 4.5 3.7 67
sheep's milk 6.0 4.6 3.7 113
cow telemea 17 1 17.2 57 243
sheep telemea 17 1 20 55 270
cream 20% 3.5 3.1 20 71.4 213
cream 30% 2.5 2.3 30 63.2 299
and 8.0 2.5 84 9.5 787. 806
urda 18 6.0 4 136

food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
arpacas 10 75 1.5 348
biscuits 8.2 74 9.5 6 337
horns, buns 10.5 53.5 0.6 33.5 269
wheat flour 12 74.7 1.4 357
rye flour 8.9 74.6 1.2 353
corn flour 9.6 72.1 1.7 351
oatmeal 13.6 65.3 6.3 12 382
wheat 12 68.7 2 348
gray 11.2 73.3 0.8 14 354
corn 10 75 1 362
rice 8 77 0.5 351
husked rice 5.6 75.8 1 14 355
white wheat bread 10.3 54 2 32.1 282
graham bread 9.1 51 1 0 256
intermediate wheat bread 8.3 52.2 0.8 37 255
black wheat bread 8.4 48.5 1.2 33.5 245
rye bread 7.8 47.5 1.3 40.2 239
ordinary pasta 5.6 75.9 1 12.5 360
pasta with egg 10.2 79.1 2.2 11.8 366
corn 9.4 69.4 4.1 362

food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
deer 20 0 1.9 76 100
cal 21 0.9 2.5 113
turkey 24 0.5 8.5 65.8 178. 179
turkey (fat) 20.4 0.5 15.3 227
chicken (fat) 19 0 9.5 70 167
hen (weak) 20 0 5.0 73 128
chickens 20.1 0 10.0 177
goose (semi-fat) 18.4 0 20 260
goose (fat) 16 0 35 392
rabbit 22 1 0 75 98
honey 20 0 20 62 260
mistret 22 0 2.4 74 114
sheep (fat) 17 0 28 54 331
sheep (weak) 20 0 6.5 72 144
fatty pork 15.0 0 35 49 388
semigras pork 16.5 0 21.5 60.9 268
weak pork 20.4 0 6.3 72 143
rate 19.6 0.4 6 75 136
fat fat 22 0 35 74 401
weak life 21 0 3 74 118
thin calf 18.3 0 16.3 226

meat products
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
brain 10 0. 2 9 125
pork liver 19 3 6 72 146
beef liver 20 4 5 72 146
bovine heart 15 0.8 3 93
language 16 0.4 16.0 68.4 215
kidneys (cattle, pigs) 18 0.4 5.0 76 122
leberwurst 17.5 0.7 24.2 349
parizer, cremurst 15 1.2 26.6 61 289
liver pate 15 3.2 25 76.1 160. 295
carnati 18.0 0 26.9 324
gypsy muscles 21.6 0 26.3 333
Italian salami, hunting 21 0 26.3 316
Russian salami, glade 17 0 36 402
dried salami, sibiu type 26.5 0 43.4 510
summer salami 20.0 0 47.0 519
smoked bacon 10 0 74 729
Pressed ham 24 0 26.7 52 330
pork drum 23 0 22 299
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
canned pork 13.5 0 29.3 327
canned beef 20 0 8 156
pork meat with beans b. 6 19 6 158
meat pork with peas 7.8 10 10 166
beef with beans b. 10 9.4 6 135

food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
hen's egg white 13 0.5 0.2 86 57
yellow 16 0.3 32 52 364
chicken egg (50g) 7 0.3 6 72 85
whole chicken egg 14 0.6 12 171
duck egg (60g) 7 0.2 8 104
whole egg powder 45 1.8 40 564

fish and derivatives
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
babuscã 17.3 0 4.5 113
calcan 17 0 2 88
canned carp in tomato sauce 12.4 2.8 8.7 125
canned horse mackerel in tomato sauce 15.5 0 6.6 125
canned pike in tomato sauce 14.2 2.8 4.0 123
cod in tomato sauce 10.6 2.9 6.9 85
hering in tomato sauce 16.2 1.8 10.4 170
mackerel fillets in tomato sauce 14.5 1.6 10.6 164
herring in oil 13.7 0 28.9 325
sardine fillets in oil 19.3 0 21.6 280
crap 18.9 0 2.8 104
salted carp 24.4 0 4.4 141
weak spring herring 19.1 0 6.5 167
herring summer, autumn, winter gr. 17.7 0 18.5 245
heringi gr. salt 18.9 0 19 254
heringi sl. salt 19 0 6.2 135
icre (crap) 16. 25 3.0 3 106. 130
caviar (pike) 27 0 1.5 125
manicure caviar 35 0 12 255
black caviar (caviar) 26 0 15 246
macro 22.0 0 10.0 183
morun 17.5 0 4.7 115
nisetru 18.5 0 17.3 238
plastic 16.9 0 3 78
room 19.4 0 0.9 83
Danube mackerel 14.2 0 25.9 299
salted Danube mackerel 19.9 0 20.7 274
semigras (carp, trout, mullet) 18.9 0 4 77 115
weak (perch, saloon) 19.4 0 0.9 78.4 80. 88
sleep until 16.8 0 18.8 244
pike 19.1 0 0.4 82
stavrid 16.6 0 5.1 115
salted pike 22.8 0 0.5 98

food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
sheep and cattle tallow 0.3 0 99.4 0.3 927
margarine 0.5 0 82.5 15.7 786
sunflower oil 0 0 99.9 0.1 929
soybean oil 0 0 99.8 0.2 928
and 8 2.5 80 9.5 806
melted butter 0.1 0 97 903
goose lard 0.5 0 99 0.3 923
lard 0.2 0 99.6 0.2 928

alcoholic beverages
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
bere 0.6 4.4 4 90 50
rom 0 43.9 0 56 312
brandy 0 40 0 ​​250
wine average 0 7.5 0.1 53
whiskey 0 42.2 0 301
liquor 210. 330

food protein carbohydrates lipids calories%
peppers stuffed with meat 4.6 4.2 5.1 81
boda de loboda 160
meatball borscht 13. 19 4. 16 7. 15 203. 220 (one serving)
Russian vegetable borscht 5 42 0 188 (one serving)
Russian borscht of vegetables and cream about 25g 6 44 5 245 (one serving)
broth 5.4 14.6 3.12 95
grilled meat 18 - 8 144
belly soup 400 (one serving)
mashed potatoes 385 (one serving)
380 lamb soup (one serving)
pork bone soup 120
soup over 220 (one serving)
220 stew soup (one serving)
stevia soup 9 8 11 163 (one serving)
mushroom ciulama 21 23 20 356 (one serving)
bird's eye with polenta 28 48 14 428 (one serving)
poultry steak with mashed potatoes and beet salad 28 62 36 594 (one serving)
hamburger and bun 3 (!) 25.9 2.8 125. 140
polenta 7 57 8 328
polenta with cow's milk and cream 9 36 18 348 (150g of which 50 g cream)
green bean meal with lean beef 5 5 4.6 80
green bean dish with chicken 12.5 5.3 5 96.1
food dishes
lean meat mussels 22 0 12 196
diet omelet 17 4 18 246 (2 eggs and butter)
non-dietary even 400!
mesh eggs 7 - 10 146 (one egg)
over rasol 8 7.6 2 80.4
meat pilaf 26 60 19 515 (one serving)
dietary pilaf 7 64 4 320 (one serving)
mashed potatoes 1.6 20.5 0.1 20.5
mashed potatoes / butter / milk 2 26 2 140
tomatoes stuffed with eggplant salad 1 6 6 82 (of which 5g oil / 100g)
beet salad 1 7.5 5 79
spinach salad 4 2 7 87
tomato sauce for food 1 6.3..6.7 3 58
vegetable cream soup 5 42 0 176 (one serving)
lean meat soup 1.2 1.0 0 10 (one serving)
vegetable soup 0.9 1.3 0 9 (one serving)
carrot soup 0.4 3.7 0 16
bone soup 70
bird soup & Greek # 224 6. 7 8 3 80 (one serving)
noodle soup with noodles 9 24 4 168 (one serving)
tomato soup 5 37 0 168 (one serving)
cow soup 80
vegetable noodle soup 3 20 5 132 (one serving)
vegetable soup with semolina dumplings 5 ​​17 13 211 (one serving)

sugar products
food protein g% carbohydrates g% lipids g% water% calories
starch 0 83.0 0 0 340
meringues 4 30 - 136 (recipe with an egg white 80g)
chocolate candies 7 56.3 33.8 0.9 574
fondant candies 3.1 78.7 9.1 8.4 420
cheese 22 42 19 427 (a portion of 200g)
caramels with milk 0 96.0 0 3 398
milk chocolate 6.9 49.8 29.9 1.2 603
vanilla chocolate 5.1 58.9 33.1 1 570
household chocolate 6.5 61.6 27.5 1 536
cherry compote 0.4 26.5 0 65
apple compote 0.3 24 0 73
apricot compote 0.5 14.0 0 60
plum compote 0.4 15.3 0 65
cherry compote 0.4 15.5 0 65
grape compote 0.5 19.0 0 80
quince compote 0 17.0 0 70
pear compote 0.2 20.5 0 85
peach compote 0.6 16.1 0 70
drops 0 98.8 0 405
jam 0 80.3 0 18.8 300. 328
eclair with vanilla cream 9 48 9 300 (a 140g eclair)
apricot jam 0.65 73 0 25 302
strawberry jam 0.34 74 0 23 304
gem gutui 0.35 75 0 22 308
peach jam 0.53 74.5 0 21 308
plum jam 0.62 72.5 0 25 300
gem visine 0.88 69.5 0 24 399
raspberry jam 0 74.3 0 20 304
glucose 0 77.7 0 22 319
halva from sunflower 18.8 43 31.5 3.7 546
sesame halva 13.9 47.4 32.5 3.3 554
jelly 0.6 76 0 0 314
lactose 0.2 99 0 0 407
plum magician 1.5 55 0 0 245
extra jam 0.42 71 0 26.5 292
martipan 9.3 46.7 28.5 14 495
bee honey 0.5 81.3 0 18 340
apricot nectar 0.8 17 0 73
nuga 9 53 35 1 575
quince peel - 75 - 300
cottage cheese pie 12 37 8 260
praline 3 73 15 8 450
rahat 1 55 0 398
fruit salad - 37 - 150
savarina with whipped cream 8..8.5 40 12 256.8. 300 (approx. 120g)
fruit syrup (sour cherry, raspberry) 0.09 70 0 28 288
egg white foam with fruit 6 55 - 244 (one egg)
sugar 0 99.8 0 0.1 410

fruits and calories
100 grams of fresh pineapple contain:
• calories: 52
• carbohydrates: 12 g
• glycemic index: 66
• fiber: 1.2 g
• vitamin c: 25 mg.
100 grams of pineapple compote contain:
• calories: 83
• carbohydrates: 20 g
• fiber: 3 g
• vitamin c: 15mg
• vitamin e: 3.2 mg.

100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 83
• carbohydrates: 19 g
• glycemic index: 54
• fiber: 3.4 g
• vitamin c: 10 mg.

its fruit is very nutritious, refreshing, astringent (fresh), laxative (dry) and is recommended for anemia, asthenia, insomnia, convalescence, diarrhea or constipation.
100 grams of fresh apricots contain:
• calories: 44
• carbohydrates: 10g
• glycemic index: 31
• fiber: 2.1 g
• vitamin c: 7 mg.
100 grams of dried apricots contain:
• calories: 27
• carbohydrates: 63 g
• fiber: 3 g
• vitamin c: 2.5 mg.

the energetic value and the special flavor have made dates a food and a medicine at the same time (they prevent aging, and according to some data they are anticancer).
100 ranges of dates contain:
• calories: 30
• carbohydrates: 73 g
• fiber: 8.7 g
• magnesium: 59 mg.

grapefruit is an aperitif, tonic, depurative, digestive, being indicated in anorexia, dyspepsia, biliary insufficiency, febrile and lung diseases.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 43
• carbohydrates: 10 g
• glycemic index: 25
• fiber: 0.6
• vitamin c: 40 mg
• magnesium: 10 mg.

Rich in vitamin C, it protects the body against many diseases. it is an excellent winter fruit.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 57
• glycemic index: 53
• fiber: 1.5 g
• vitamin c: 94 mg
• magnesium: 27 mg.

the lemon
the fruit is refreshing, tonic of the central nervous system, diuretic, antiscorbutic, remineralizing, depurative. it is indicated in anemia, asthenia, tuberculosis, demineralization, growth, convalescence, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, as well as asthma, bronchitis, influenza, headache.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 32
• carbohydrates: 8 g
• fiber: 1 g
• vitamin c: 80 mg.

As properties, tangerine is comparable to orange, but contains fewer minerals. the fruit is energetic and facilitates intestinal evacuation.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 47
• carbohydrates: 11 g
• fiber: 1.9 g
• vitamin c: 30 mg
• calcium: 33 mg.

the Apple
apple as a fruit was considered a food-medicine, becoming a reference point in the diet. it is tonic, refreshing, intestinal antiseptic, blood purifier and is indicated in asthenia, overwork, rheumatism, arthritis, fever, insomnia, nervousness, headache.
100 grams of apples contain:
• calories: 51
• carbohydrates: 12 g
• glycemic index: 38
• fiber: 2 g
• vitamin c: 5 mg
• magnesium: 12 mg.

the fruit is depurative, laxative, remineralizing and nutritious, being indicated in anemia, overwork, tuberculosis.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 55
• carbohydrates: 13 g
• glycemic index: 37
• fiber: 2.3 g
• vitamin c 3 mg
• magnesium: 7 mg.

100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 50
• carbohydrates: 12 g
• glycemic index: 42
• fiber: 1.4
• vitamin c: 8 mg
• magnesium: 8 mg.

oranges are some of the best winter fruits, supplementing vitamin deficiencies. orange is remineralizing, anti-infective, digestive, diuretic and laxative. it is indicated in convalescence, anemia, anorexia, demineralization and prevention of infectious diseases.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 39
• carbohydrates: 8.5 g
• glycemic index: 44
• fiber: 2 g
• vitamin c 50 mg
• magnesium: 13 mg.

plum fruits are energetic, diuretic, laxative, being indicated in asthenia, anemia, overwork, atherosclerosis.
100 grams of fruit contain:
• calories: 52
• carbohydrates: 12 g
• fiber: 2.5
• vitamin c: 3 mg
• magnesium: 8 mg.

Figs are invigorating, nutritious, diuretic and laxative, being recommended in asthenia, acute conditions, urinary and lung inflammation. they are recommended for children, teenagers, convalescents, the elderly and athletes.
100 grams of fresh figs contain:
• calories: 54
• carbohydrates: 12 g
• fiber: 2.5
• potassium: 250 mg
• calcium: 42 mg
• magnesium: 20 mg.

100 grams of dried figs contain:
• calories: 27
• carbohydrates: 62 g
• fiber: 18.5
• potassium: 983 mg
• magnesium: 70 mg.

.is diuretic, remineralizing, energetic, stimulating and decongestant of the liver, being recommended in anemia, convalescence, remineralization, dyspepsia, dermatoses, intoxications.
100 grams of fresh grapes contain:
• calories: 73
• carbohydrates: 16 g
• glycemic index: 46.
100 grams of dried grapes contain:
• glycemic index: 64
• fiber: 0.9 g
• vitamin c: 4 mg
• magnesium: 7 mg.

Different types of walnut photos

Lentils are annual plant seeds of the same name in the legume family. The seeds are rich in vegetable protein and are used in food for a long time. There are different types of lentils, which greatly affect the final taste. for example, the brown variety after boiling gives a slight nutty aroma..This plant is called one [In the Republic of Moldova, the first variety of walnuts without viruses was created. The realization belongs to Nicolae Kiktenco, a resident of Rediul de Sus village, Falesti district, who owns an orchard of 300 hectares with over 240 species of nuts, reports This is one of the most important exporters of kernels and seedlings [ Praline is a type of confectionery that contains nuts, sugar and sometimes cream. The word praline can refer to different types of candy in different regions. There are two main types of pralines: American and French. Types of pralines. French pralines contain a combination of almonds and caramelized sugar. This thing. Numerous studies have shown that nuts can prevent various cancers (especially prostate and breast cancer), protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol and help overweight people lose weight. The fats found in nuts help maintain a normal level of insulin. Portrait photography is one of the most approached topics by both amateur and professional photographers. * For interesting results try to photograph the person from different perspectives, fill the frame with the subject, use a short exposure time and play with the backgrounds

Everything you need to know about different types of nuts

  1. Butter from different types of nuts - at first glance they look the same, but they are so different! The differences refer not only to nutritional values, but also to their composition!類 Want to know more ..
  2. ant inhabitants of different types of forests and light forests
  3. 100 pieces M4 / M5 / M6 / M8 / M10 Zinc Alloy Furniture Hex Socket Screw Threaded Inserts Nut Insertion Tool Kit Set for Good Quality Wooden Furniture Materials: These threaded inserts are made of good quality, durable and durable Zinc alloy Hard Use: Pre-A suitable hole, screw with internal Hex tool Unique screws designed external thread.
  4. Typesof come into office of color. The wines can be red, white or rosé. Red wines come from varieties of grapes such as: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Malbec. The color of these wines is taken from the skin of the grain of grape and the intensity of the color is related to the time when the must was in contact with this skin
  5. Turron is a cake, usually made of honey, sugar, and egg whites, with fried almonds or various types of nuts, and is usually presented in a rectangular tablet or a round cake. It is commonly consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain and Italy
  6. Types of haircuts for men with oval face. Men with oval faces have the least chance of failing to choose a hairstyle. The harmonious proportions of the face allow you to choose from a wide range of haircuts, but if you want to go safe, try to avoid those with bangs

Today's stores are different types of mixers. But how do they differ from each other and what kind of electric desktop models exist today? But what types of mixers are on sale today and how they differ from each other, we will tell you in this article. 8 photos. destiny. for grinding fruits, vegetables, nuts. It depends on the ingredients of the dish and the time it is served. The salad is a unique delicacy, striking in its diversity and a wide range of flavors. There are more than a thousand different recipes for dishes, from fish and meat to fruit and combined. The names of salads, photos and recipes can be read on. The rich color of textile upholstery (especially from Ikea) allows you to create a perfect kitchen set for even the most demanding aesthetics

That is, when a person talks about nuts, it probably refers to different types of oilseeds. Professor Jurucê A.G. Borovac, Anhanguera Nutrition Program Coordinator Guarulhos College explains that oilseeds are edible, compact in texture, high in fat and covered with a hard crust. minutes, until slightly browned. Walnut bread can be eaten as such, or with different types of cheese. It goes very well with spicy dishes and Cozonac Vintage pickles with nuts, raisins and candied oranges. Ingredients: 40% filling [sugar, 24% walnut kernels, breadcrumbs, egg whites, 16% candied orange peel cubes (candied orange peel cubes, fructose glucose syrup, sugar), 12% raisins, water, cocoa, flavors, alcohol], white wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm, sunflower, rapeseed), water, yeast.

Good fibers, bad fibers

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  3. Nutritionists in Jena have now shown that these defense mechanisms are stimulated and supported by nuts and their healthy ingredients. They explored three different types of nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts and black walnuts, as well as pistachios and almonds, which are not nuts, but stone fruits. The walnuts were digested in the laboratory
  4. The leaves of all types of plants differ in shape and have different colors: green, reddish, brown, purple. The inflorescence flowers are white-yellow, white, pink-yellow, lilac fireflies, pink-white, white-red. Both types of garden grill and acid syrup gardens take root quickly, give shoots and flowers
  5. The basics of making lime-free walnut jam To make the delicacy unusually tasty and healthy, you need to follow a number of rules. It is necessary to choose the right nuts: large, without defects, as smooth as possible, with the correct shape
  6. Photos can be printed on different types of professional photo paper (glossy, satin, raster, crystal or metallic) as well as on super glossy premium paper. All you have to do is send us your photos by transfer (, to choose the desired material, its color and format.

. When choosing cocoa, you should pay attention to the fact that it has a rich color, slightly bitter taste and chocolate flavor. The fat content should be at least 15%. Important in the form of eggplant rolls with cheese and garlic and nut recipe with photos and video Use different combinations of food, experiment, to be surprised by new tastes. And then you can get acquainted with the recipe for cooking in the form of eggplant rolls, combined with various fillings .. So there are several types of flour of wheat but also others types of flour from various other sources, such as maize, rice, NUTS, legumes, even fruits or vegetables. It is important to know the type of flour with which we work to have the desired results in the kitchen Hair follicles produced a natural sebum containing palmitoleic, one of the most important fatty acids. As we age, our body produces less and less of this substance and, as a result, our hair begins to lose its strength and shine. Because Macadamia nut oil contains. Cabbage has long been known to mankind and is one of the most widely consumed foods. In nature, there are more than 50 varieties of vegetables. With the most popular types of cabbage, photos and their names will be introduced in this article

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  • or cosmetics), raw vegans (eat only raw or heated vegetables at temperatures up to 40-48 degrees Celsius.), fruit and vegan junk foods that rely on processed foods for their diet
  • Consumption of nuts has a particularly important role in maintaining health, but also in treating or ameliorating a number of diseases. Walnut is full of essential fatty acids. Health benefits include a reduction in bad cholesterol in the body, an improvement in metabolism and control of diabetes.
  • Technology. Transilvania Nuts annually processes over 5,000 tons of walnuts, freshly harvested from clean plantations in Romania. Walnut is processed by the most modern technological system using optical sorting equipment and biochromic cameras designed to identify any defect in the product and remove foreign matter.
  • Study participants were asked to estimate the amounts consumed of different types of food in the last eight years, including red meat and processed meat (ham, hot dog or bacon), nuts, fish, eggs, whole grains, vegetables and chicken. or skinless turkey

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Interesting view of short bean haircuts and the first types of hair coloring in different colors, which will add texture to the haircut and image versatility. It also looks intriguing short haircut Bob-Bob, which allows you to create charming bows, a fact demonstrated by most. Photographs of animals of different species are presented below. External data. Under natural conditions, the nutria sits on the banks of ponds and other freshwater bodies, living in burrows. On the outside, they resemble buds, but have a smaller conical tail. Females are smaller than males.

Breading is a wonderful layer for fillets.It maintains juices, delicacy, gives a beautiful crust and an unusual taste.There are many options for bread, as well as ways of preparing fillets.Will we know about them? Contents1 Chicken fillets in duck - general principles cooking2 Recipe 1: Chicken fillets in breadcrumbs Gentle3 Recipe 2: Threads in breadcrumbs in .. .18-0.56 grams (170-560 mg) of EPA and 0.072-0.31 grams (72-310 mg) of DHA. Different types of fish contain varying amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and different types of nuts or nut oil contain varying amounts of LNA. Fish oils contain about 9 calories per gram of oil

Harcho with nuts - Georgian soup

The first variety of walnut without viruses was created in the Republic of Moldova. The realization belongs to 74-year-old Nicolae Kiktenco from the village of Rediul de Sus, Falesti district, who owns an orchard of 300 hectares with over 240 species of walnuts About Us Karmod. Karmod is a brand of Prefabricated Technologies that is discovering the world. Karmod Prefabricated Construction Technologies is the main Turkish company that was founded in 1986 and since then executes various projects in almost 90 countries around the world.

Cozonac Vintage walnut cream. Ingredients: 50% nut cream filling [20% walnut, 13% raisins, 13% candied orange cubes (candied orange peel cubes, fructose glucose syrup, sugar), water, breadcrumbs, sugar, egg white, jam apricot, ethyl alcohol, flavors], white wheat flour, natural yeast (white wheat flour, water), vegetable oils (palm, flower. I think all computer users, sooner or later, needed a photo editing program, for various reasons: a blurred or dark picture, red eyes, unwanted elements or people in the photo, too large size and I could go on indefinitely, the reasons can be many Stainless steel metal nutcracker is a practical and useful kitchen gift. You can break different types of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, nuts, placing them in the right place for their size, then press hard. The nut shell will break and the core will be ready to be eaten or used in various dishes. The Eight Different Types of Cough and Your Health - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Cough is one of the most common medical problems encountered by doctors, and the exact causes are known in less than 50% of cases. which aims to remove foreign bacteria, its mucus

Eye shape make-up allows you to adjust the non-ideal shape - eyes that are too bulging or deeply clogged are no longer a problem. Step by step for different types - widely set, tilted, sunk or too close - a simple and affordable way to transform. How to determine the shape of the eye The most popular American types of beans with long and flat beans. In contrast, the Asian ones have a characteristic cylinder shape. The shape of the plant can be bush, with half eyes and ass. Its length reaches 5 meters. There are varieties with different numbers of seeds and beans of different sizes (5 to 15 cm) There are different types of temporary visas, for temporary visitors traveling to the United States, if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident with legal forms in the United States . The purpose of the trip you intend to make and other factors will determine the type of visa that is required by law. Duties and types of photographers As in other arts, the definitions of amateurs and professionals are not entirely categorical.Occasional photographers are those who photograph different moments in each person's life such as marriage, baptism, childhood, family and various other household activities. Soaking times for nuts and peeled seeds Posted by Alin Marinescu on Monday, January 16, 2017 Under: Health News Like cereals, nuts contain phytic acid, a substance that protects them from predators until ripe

Product photography is everywhere we look and wherever we go. By scanning the web or looking at magazines, brochures and outdoor advertisements, we often see different types of product photos for advertising. You need something unique that captures the attention of the already immune to trivial client. Fibers help cleanse the colon, reduce the risk of constipation and are of two types: insoluble (wheat flour, wheat bran, pistachios, nuts, different types of vegetables) and soluble (oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, psyllium, flax) Milk (whole) of nuts or seeds. If you want to give your child a milk full of healthy fats, vitamins and other nutrients, we recommend walnut or seed milk. In today's recipe we used walnuts. Ingredient. 100 g walnuts 1 l water, flat honey, or dates (5-10b) salt Necessary steps. by A.C. In the contemporary period, at a theoretical level, the exhibitions are the result of the following perspectives [1]: the arrangement of the artifacts [2], the way of communicating the ideas, the activity of the visitors and the created environment. These four elements have different weights, depending on the type of presentation and theme. Usually, oversizing a perspective attracts reduction. Natural nut and seed butters are long-lasting healthy alternatives to their commercial counterparts, which usually contain added oils and sugar. and enjoying them regularly can help reduce the risk of various diseases, including certain types of cancer, mental decline.


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Windows storage libraries (such as Images, Music, and Videos) provide access to folders created to store different types of files. Many applications only have access to media files in these storage libraries and do not have access to files saved in other locations, such as local drives. Privacy settings. Choose which cookies you agree to use. You can change these settings at any time. Do you have any questions? Don't forget to read our privacy policy. With the cursor you can enable or disable different types of cookies. Using the backtracking method, all cakes consisting of three layers of distinct types of cream from the crowd are generated. . The last layer is whipped cream or vanilla, and these types of cream cannot appear on the first two layers.

That surpasses them all: Two different types of

Skin gallons: photos, names and descriptions of different types Pathological growths of cells can occur anywhere in the internal organs, a growth is often formed in the nose, mouth, genitals, but most often the skin is exposed to it. asked to estimate the quantities consumed of different types of food in the last eight years, including red meat, ham, hot dog or bacon, nuts, fish, eggs, whole grains, vegetables and skinless chicken or turkey dishes, quotes . The results showed that people who grew up. 5 different types! Admire the most successful and beautiful large format digital photos, for which you can choose from 5 different types of special papers. from 13.90 Lei

5 types of normal lips with pictures and explanations - CSID: What

How to buy nuts online. Nowadays, everything can be found and purchased online. Celebrating online you can skip malls, sit in long queues and at the top of them, save time and money, however it could have its own disadvantages such as receiving orders against your expectations Rocking chair - 50 photos of different types of chair rocking chair - 50 photos of different types of. 03-07-2018. A rocking chair is a perfect addition to any interior, which causes associations with the comfort and warmth of your home. From time immemorial, these chairs have been installed near fireplaces. Different types of blankets and paper are available to you, dare to create something great! Use our free software or mobile application to place orders. Editing is extremely simple, even for a beginner, but it also offers countless creative possibilities for our customers.

Nutcracker. This nutcracker is an ideal kitchen accessory for selling different types of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds to enjoy their core without damaging it. Being equipped with. Add to favorite At this fasting cake you can use different types of nuts, not only the classic, Romanian ones. 2. Mix the flour well so that it does not remain lumpy, then add the chopped walnuts. 3. Grease the cake tin with oil and line with flour, then pour the composition. 4 Here are some types of penis adored by women! Types of penis adored by women: 1. XXL. Yes, we can say that it is one of those types of penis adored by women that he dreams of all the time. However, what they do not know is that this size of the genital organ does not always create pleasure, on the contrary it can create a lot of discomfort.

Itchy skin is an unpleasant symptom being an important sign in various diseases, both dermatological and renal or hepatic.. The medical term for itching is itching. Itching can affect any part of the body and can be generalized (all over the body) or localized (on the hands, feet, face, etc.). Living in an apartment with a normal city, the owner should take care of the availability of tools, such as be the patch keys in the tool arsenal. You never know what tasks you have to do around the house. First, they may be required by those owners who own a transport. Plant cells are eukaryotic cells that make up blocks of plant tissue. They are similar to animal cells and have many of the same organs. As a plant matures, its cells become specialized to perform vital functions, such as nutrient transport and structural support. There are a number of important types of plant cells.

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25 different types of birds with names and photos Styles

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  • teas, different plant juices, in some cases nuts and roots. Some species grow special colonies of fungi. A considerable part of the diet is played by sedentary insect species, such as bones. In general, they can be called omnivores

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Why give your child nuts? - Choose to be healthy

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Red lentil feathers with lettuce - Recipes

Couscous pilaf with yogurt and tahini

This couscous, rich in vegetables, contains less fat than other types of pilaf, and is a healthy recipe or an excellent garnish for 8 servings, along with any red meat or poultry, cooked simply. The leftovers can be used as a delicious filling for chickens, or other poultry, or feathered game.


    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 large chopped onion 4 cloves chopped garlic 1 small diced carrot 1 teaspoon medium hot paprika 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon garam masala (or chilli) 2 teaspoons paprika ginger powder cinnamon powder 2 cumin ground 4 green cardamom pods 85 g diced sweet potatoes 85 g diced turnips 1 sliced ​​zucchini 75 g green beans 400 g canned chopped tomatoes 900 ml vegetable broth (see Practical Tips / Beginner's Guide) 400 g borlotti beans, at box, drained well 250 g coarsely chopped cabbage 86 g broccoli cut into small bunches 340 g couscous 3 tablespoons raisins sultanas (gold) salt and pepper
Yogurt with tahini

Heat the oil in a pot, flame-resistant casserole or 4.5-liter saucepan and add the onion. Keep about a quarter of the garlic, and add the rest to the bowl. Cook for 3 minutes or until onion is slightly softened. Add the carrot and continue for another 3 minutes.

Add paprika, coriander, garam masala, paprika, ginger, cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of cumin (the rest is kept for yogurt with tahini). Split the cardamom pods and add the seeds to the bowl. Stir a little, then add the sweet potato, turnips and zucchini. Cut the green beans into pieces and add to the bowl. Cook the vegetables for 5 minutes, until slightly softened.

Add the tomatoes, with the juice, the broth and the borlotti beans. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Add cabbage and broccoli and cook, covered, for another 5 minutes.

Reduce the flame to a minimum. Add the couscous and raisins and season to taste. Stir, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. The couscous must absorb fluid and swell.

Meanwhile, prepare the yogurt with tahini. (Mix the tachini in the jar to be homogeneous, before measuring the amount needed for the recipe.) Mix the tachini with the remaining garlic and yogurt, then add 4 tablespoons of water, lemon juice, the rest of the cumin and season. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Red lentil feathers with lettuce - Recipes

  • a package of puff pastry dough (round)
  • an egg
  • 2 more chubby pumpkins
  • a small red onion
  • 250 g ricotta
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • black olives
  • pumpkin flowers
  • sesame seeds (go much better, those of sunflower or. pumpkin)
  • a roll of puff pastry
  • an egg
  • 2 large courgettes
  • a small red onion from Tropea
  • 250 gr. of ricotta
  • sale q.b.
  • pepper q.b.
  • extra virgin olive oil


Thank you for kindly informing us with such delicious recipes. I wish you a lot of health and a lot of personal satisfaction.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the visit and for the compliments! A wonderful week, full of peace and joy!

If you are new to my meal plans, I have shared with you these healthy, flexible, 7-day meal plans (you can see my previous meal plans here) that are meant as a guide, with plenty of space for you. add more food, coffee, drinks, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc. or change the recipes for the meals you prefer, you can search for recipes by course in the index. You should aim for about 1500 calories * a day.

There is also a precise, organized list that will make shopping easier and much less stressful. Save money and time. You will eat less often, you will lose less food and you will have everything you need to keep you on track.

Finally, if you're on Facebook, join my Skinnytaste Facebook community, where everyone shares photos with the recipes they make, you can join here. I like all the ideas that everyone shares! If you want to get on your email list, you can subscribe here so you never miss a meal plan!

Also, if you don't have Skinnytaste Meal Planner, now would be a great time to organize one for 2020! A printing error occurred last year, but now it's perfect! You can order it here!


Breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday are designed to serve 1 while meals and all meals on Saturday and Sunday are designed to serve a family of 4. Some recipes make enough leftovers for two nights or lunch the next day. Although we truly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all meal plan, we have done our best to come up with something that will appeal to a wide range of people. Everything is friendly with Weight Watchers, we have included the updated WW Blue SP for your convenience, do not hesitate to change the recipes you want or simply use them for inspiration!

The food list is comprehensive and includes everything you need to make all the meals in the plan. I've even included brand recommendations for the products I love and use often. Check the cabinets crosswise, as you will notice many spices that you use often, so you may already have many of them.

And last but not least, this meal plan is flexible and realistic. There is much room for cocktail drinks, healthy snacks, dessert and dinner. And, if necessary, you can move some things to make it work according to your schedule. Please let me know if you use these plans, this will help me decide if I should still share them!

MONDAY (1/4)
B: Oats overnight in a jar (5B 5G 3P)
L: Club of Turkey (7B 8G 7P) with an apple (0B 0G 0P)
D: Lentil soup with Butternut and Kale (1B 2G 1P) and a lettuce * (1B 1G 1P)
Total: points WW 14B 16G 12P, calories 897 **

B: Oats overnight in a jar (5B 5G 3P)
L: LEFTOVER lentil soup with walnuts and cabbage (1B 2G 1P) and lettuce (1B 1G 1P)
D: Chicken Santa Fe Slow Cooker (0B 4G 0P) with ¾ cup of cooked brown rice (5B 5G 0P) and 1 ounce avocado (1B 1G 1P)

Total: points WW 13B 18G 6P, calories 844 **

B: 2 boiled eggs (0B 4G 0P) and one pear (0B 0G 0P)
L: Light tuna avocado sandwich (4B 4G 4P) with orange (0B 0G 0P)
D: LEFTOVER Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken (0B 4G 0P) with ¾ cup of cooked brown rice (5B 5G 0P) and 1 ounce
avocado (1B 1G 1P)

Total: points WW 10G 18G 5P, calories 941 **

B: Smoothie Bowls with Strawberry Peanut Butter (½ Recipe) (7B 7G 7P)
L: Light tuna avocado sandwich (4B 4G 4P) with an apple (0B 0G 0P)
D: Light turkey bread (3B 5G 3P) with cauliflower puree (2B 2G 2P) and beans with garlic and oil (2B 2G 2P)

Total: points WW 18B 20G 18P, calories 1,021 **

FRIDAY (1/8)
B: Smoothie Bowls with Strawberry Peanut Butter (½ Recipe) (7B 7G 7P)
L: Light tuna avocado sandwich (4B 4G 4P) with orange (0B 0G 0P)
D: Codfish tacos (5B 7G 5P) with Chilotro Cilantro Lime rice (6B 6G 6P)
Total: points WW 22B 24G 22P, calories 1,105 **

B: Easy Bagel recipe (3B 4G 3P) with 2 tablespoons light cream cheese (3B 3G 3P), cucumber slices and tomatoes (0B 0G 0P)
L: Wonton Soup (2B 2G 2P) with Spicy Garlic Edamame (3B 6G 3P)

Total: points WW 11B 15G 11P, calories 527 **

SUNDAY (1/10)
B: Quiche Broccoli Cheddar Quiche (4B 6G 4P) with orange (0B 0G 0P)
L: Chickpea Salad (1B 5G 1P) with 2-ounce Multigrain Wand (3B 3G 3P)
D: Baked chicken parmesan (4B 6G 4P) with light garlic (1B 1G 1P)
Total: points WW 13G 21G 13P, calories 844 **

* Lettuce includes 7 ½ cups of mixed greens, 3 puffs, ½ cup each: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, chickpeas and 5 tablespoons of light vinaigrette. Set aside a portion of soup and salad for Tuesday lunch.

** This is just a guide, women should aim for about 1500 calories a day. Here is a useful calculator to estimate
your calorie needs. I left a lot of space to add more food, such as coffee, drinks, fruit, snacks, dessert, wine, etc.

The effects of applying Keto Guru will be visible after a month.

Keto Guru in ketone pharmacies-price-instructions-manufacturer will remove. It is necessary to use a workout that will definitely support the weight loss procedure. And now the trouble begins. In life, on the shelves, in the form of textbooks, and the manufacturer Cetone the price of a CD, as well as understanding, many online sites, as well as online, online forums, there is a wide range of learning strategies in in addition to teaching people to deal with, dealing with unwanted people. fat cells. Many of them are sold as the "golden medium", which in the blink of an eye will absolutely turn your body into a version or design. In most cases, this is a marketing and advertising trick, and the ketone manufacturer's recommended strategies for weight loss instructions do not meet generally accepted training standards. A similar circumstance is found in various online discussion forums on the Internet. Individual workout tips for effective weight loss are often & gt & gt & & lt & lt & lt

Review Only the low-action approach will definitely allow you to completely transform the way you do it. Do you feel bad after drinking? Discover the most common 6 poisons a gluten-free diet is a big obstacle, and for some people, it is also a great sacrifice. See what foods you can eat, even if you eat gluten-free. Check policy as well as gluten free products, gluten-free drinks, coffee (if instant) tea, coffee, Keto Guru in herbal tea pharmacies, natural, chocolate-rum, wine grapes, mineral water, Dairy-milk products, yogurt , whipped milk, kefir, feta cheese, meat, fish, feta cheese, fresh meat, offal, fish, seafood and shellfish on the menu, instructions for weight loss, Holland, delicacies (pork, steak) Fats: butter , groenteboter, margarine, butter, olive oil, fish oil, Vegetables and fruits, you can eat weight loss in the Netherlands, applying ervaringengranen, fluffy bread, gluten-free noodles, corn, millet, buckwheat, cereal, rice, hard, fried corn , pure corn chips sweets: sugar, honey, jam, jelly, jelly, flowers, flour-based, nuts and Holland experience, almonds, poppy seeds, sesame, milk and bitter, delicious, and hard chocolate to be cute, gain, lose weight without any malt and starch, gluten-free, suikerhoudend alim ente.

Others: gluten-free baking powder, baking soda, pure jelly, yeast, herbs and spices, white wine vinegar, flax seeds, pure tomato paste, eggs. Have you ever taken a gluten-free diet? Dashboard is a diet program developed by scientists in the United States. Studies show that consuming it for 2 months Keto Guru in pharmacies lowers blood pressure in 78% of people. experiment for weight loss instructions the menu is based on items that reduce the content of bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. What to choose in the diet mode dashboard? 4-5 servings of cereals and cereal products per day (whole grains or rye bread, cereals, porridge). 4-5 servings of vegetables

Keto Guru in pharmacies (tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin and fruits (apricots, bananas, grapes, oranges per day. Daily 2 servings of meat, fish and poultry (lean meat, poultry or turkey without skin, salmon, tuna, cod, kruidvat for weight loss in mackerel capsules, herring) 4-5 servings per week of nuts, beans, seeds (almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peas, beans, lentils, soybeans). fat per day (soft margarine, olive or rapeseed oil) No more than 5 sections per week of sweet food Capsules -kruidvat-do not work (sugar, jam, honey, jelly, sorbet, ice cream, handful of fruit). Example of breakfast menu: 1. Keto Guru in pharmacies a plate of oatmeal with raisins 2. Keto Guru wholemeal toast with?

Old dishes with mushrooms

In fasting, when you can not eat fish and meat, you will get rid of lean dishes with mushrooms. Mushrooms cook easily, they adorn the taste of neutral dishes, give the dish its unique aroma and saturate it as well as meat and fish dishes.

In Lent for mushroom dishes we have several options:
& bull Dried mushrooms (mostly white and shiitake)
& bull Frozen mushrooms
& bull Mushroom puppets
& bull Fresh shampoos
& bull Fresh fresh mushrooms

Meatballs with buckwheat and mushrooms
Rolls with mushrooms "Fasting"
Mushroom mushroom in a pot
Salad with marinated honey mushrooms

Remember that dry white mushrooms and fresh mushrooms are absolutely safe, oyster mushrooms require a little longer heat treatment, and pickled mushrooms are already ready, they need to be washed and filled with oil. Carefully check the preservation of the house mushroom, especially if the mushrooms have not been kept by you. The lids on the banks should fit snugly around the neck, not rotate, there should be no swelling (danger of botulism!) Or mold in the box. If you doubt the good preservation of pickled mushrooms, it is better not to use them. Prefer mushrooms or dried mushrooms.

No wonder mushrooms are very popular all year round - they are safe, they are very easy to prepare: the mushrooms are ready in minutes. These mushrooms accept the aroma of spices well and give their own tastes and tastes.

The second winter-spring mushroom in terms of polarity is the oyster mushroom. These are simple mushrooms, which are also quickly prepared, but almost do not have their own taste. The aroma and texture of the mushrooms are also poorly expressed. The shout can be added to stews, casseroles and pies.

If you need a bright taste and aroma of mushrooms, then it is better not to dry the white mushrooms with this task. Now, in stores, dried mushrooms are quite common and are an excellent gift for those who have not prepared dried white mushrooms during the summer. In order for the white dried mushrooms to restore their properties, they must be washed and soaked for 10-20 minutes in cold water, so that they are saturated with liquid. Spend the white mushrooms strangely - they are very fragrant.

You can combine different types of mushrooms into one dish. For example, ice cream and a handful of dry white for flavor or champagne with oyster mushrooms and the same white for smell and taste. Do not forget that oyster mushrooms, mushrooms and plugs do not like long cooking, they can become watery, they can lose structure and even flavor. Try to prepare a dish with mushrooms, to eat them on the same day. Mushrooms lose their taste in a few hours after cooking.

Buckwheat food with mushrooms

1 cup buckwheat,
2 cups of water,
1 handful of dried mushrooms,
4 tablespoons. tablespoons olive or mustard oil,
200 g of pumpkin,
1 onion,
1-2 cloves of garlic,
black pepper,

Method of preparation:
Preheat the oven. Rinse the mushrooms, fill them with water so that they are saturated and become heavy. Wash the buckwheat, remove the black seeds and place it in a ceramic pot. Add the mushrooms soaked in the pot, salt and pour hot water. Bake for 50-60 minutes at 180 degrees.

Diced pumpkin, onion - halves of rings, garlic chocolate. 10 minutes before the buckwheat is ready, heat the pan and fry in pumpkin, onion and garlic oil. Pepper, lightly salt.

Put the buckwheat in a bowl and, at the top, add the pumpkin.

Mushroom soup with pearl barley

2 liters of water,
100 grams of pearl barley,
1 handful of dried mushrooms,
1 carrot,
1 onion,
Bay leaves,
green onion,

Method of preparation:
Perlovsku wash and soak for 3 hours. Rinse the mushrooms and soak them in cold water. Boil water, add pearl barley and simmer for 40 minutes. Cut the vegetables and pour into the pearl barley, add the mushrooms along with the water in which they were soaked, bay leaves and salt. Cook for another 15 minutes. After cooking, leave the soup under the lid for another 7-10 minutes to insist.

Serve the soup with green onion feathers or other available herbs.

Chopped cabbage with mushrooms

300 g cabbage,
1 onion,
200 g of pumpkin,
100 g of frozen green vegetables (green beans, peas),
Lots of fresh herbs (parsley, dill, coriander, wild garlic),
2 cloves of garlic,
1 soup of dried white mushrooms or 200 g of shampoos,
4 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
1 teaspoon hop-sun mixture,
black pepper,

Method of preparation:
Thaw the vegetables. Enjoy the dried mushrooms in cold water or rinse the herd in running water and dry. Cut the cabbage, onion and garlic. Wipe the pumpkin and cut into small pieces. Pour into a wok or deep frying pan oil, fry onions, garlic and mushrooms, add cabbage and pumpkin, salt, add spices, mix, cover and simmer. Drain, in which the mushrooms soaked, finely chop and add to the cabbage. Rotate them together under the lid for 5-7 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle chopped cabbage with chopped fresh herbs.

Raw candy appetizer

200-300 g of samples,
3-4 tablespoons. tablespoons olive oil,
1 tbsp. spoon of sherry vinegar,
1 teaspoon thyme,
Black pepper, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Rinse and cut the mushrooms into plates. Mix oil, vinegar, spices and salt separately. Pour the dressing mushrooms, sprinkle with thyme, salt and mix. Cover with food wrap and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. Before serving, heat at room temperature for 5-7 minutes, stir again and place in a salad bowl.

Mushroom sauce for pasta

A handful of dried mushrooms or 200-300 g of fresh mushrooms or oyster mushrooms,
1 carrot,
1 sweet pepper,
2 onions,
2-3 cloves of garlic,
4-5 tomatoes,
1 tbsp. a tablespoon of Provencal herbal mixture,
Bay leaves,
black pepper,

Method of preparation:
Bring the water to a boil. Rinse the dried mushrooms and soak them in cold water for 15 minutes. Hit the tomatoes with boiled water, remove the peel from them. Carrot, onion and garlic are cut, pepper and tomatoes cut into small pieces.Finely chop the mushrooms. Spread the pan or deep frying pan, pour the oil, fry the garlic, onion, carrots. Add the tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms (do not drain the water). If the liquid is not enough, add water in which you soaked the mushrooms. Salt, pepper, add the bay leaves and wait 10 minutes for it to thicken. Add the olive herbs, cover and let stand for another 5 minutes while your pasta is cooking. The pasta can be put in the sauce and a little to prepare together and you can already mix them in a plate.

Potatoes with mushrooms

1 kg of potatoes,
2 carrots,
3 tomatoes,
250 g of mushrooms (shampoos),
1 onion,
3 cloves of garlic,
2 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
Spices, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes, rinse the mushrooms and cut into quarters. Cut large onions, cut carrots into circles, tomatoes - slices. Add garlic, spices and salt. Sprinkle with oil, mix and put in a cooking sleeve. Bake for 1 hour at a temperature of 180-190 degrees.

Fresh champagne salad

350 g fresh mushrooms,
& frac12 red onion salad,
1 bouquet of arugula,
2 tablespoons. tablespoons apple cider vinegar,
2 tablespoons. tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,
A pair of sage eyebrows,
Black pepper, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Rinse the sliced ​​mushroom mushrooms, finely chop the onion with semicircles, remove the leaves from the sage branches and cut finely. Prepare the marinade: mix, butter, vinegar, pepper and salt. Push the mixture with a fork.

In a deep bowl, put the onion, mushrooms, sprinkle with sage, pour the marinade and mix. Cover the dish with the food wrap and leave it in the fridge for several hours. Sometimes it stirs. Rukkolu spread on plates, chocolate onions on top.

Cabbage linen

1 medium-sized cabbage,
120 g of rice,
1 carrot,
1 onion,
200 g of shampoos,
2 tomatoes,
3 cloves of garlic,
4 tablespoons. tablespoons tomato paste,
4 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
pepper, herbs, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Wash the cabbage, disassemble it on the leaves and soak them in boiling water for 3 minutes to soften. Divides no more than 3 leaves at a time. Cut the thick parts of the leaves. Cook the rice. Wash the mushrooms and cut into 4-8 parts. Wash the tomatoes, water with boiling water, peel and cut into small cubes. Crush the garlic. Cut the onion into small cubes. Wash the carrots, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Wash green, chop and chop.

Heat the pan, fry the onion, add the carrots and shampoos. Fry for 3-4 minutes. Mix onions with carrots and mushrooms, rice, tomatoes, garlic and chopped greens. Salt, pepper and mix well. Spread on cabbage leaves to 1-1 / 2 teaspoons. Remove the mixture and turn the cabbage rolls. Roll cabbage rolls in oil for a few minutes on each side. Pour the cabbage rolls with water diluted with tomato paste, add and simmer for about 40 minutes.

Mushroom Solyanka

100 g of dried white mushrooms,
200 g pickled mushrooms,
2 large onion heads,
20 grams of tomato paste,
Fir leaf,
a bunch of fresh greens,
black pepper, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Clean the dried mushrooms for 2 hours in cold water and boil in the same water. Inflate the stem, rinse the mushrooms in cold water and cut. In the hot mushroom broth, add chopped onion, tomato paste, pickled mushrooms, pepper, bay leaf and salt. Cook for 20 minutes. Add the dried white mushrooms, cook for another minute. When serving, sprinkle with chopped greens.

Mushroom goulash with oyster mushrooms

800 g of cherries,
2 onions,
3 large solid tomatoes,
2 green bell pepper pods,
& frac14 a glass of vegetable broth,
3 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
1 teaspoon ground black pepper,

Method of preparation:
Rinse mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms and peppers into slices, the tomato sauce with boiling water, peel and cut into four or eight pieces. Cut the onion. Heat the oil in the pan, put the onion, then the mushrooms and fry for a minute or two on high heat, then reduce the flame and chop for 5-7 minutes under the lid. Add the tomatoes, sweet pepper and black earth, salt, pour the soup and cook for 20 minutes on low heat under the lid. Sprinkle with greens before serving. The Goulash mushroom is great for side dishes, such as potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat, peas or lentils.

Mushrooms pinched in mustard sauce

400 g fresh or frozen mushrooms,
1 onion,
1 cup mushroom mushrooms,
1 tbsp. spoon mustache,
2 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
1 tbsp. spoon of flour,
1 teaspoon wine or apple cider vinegar,
black pepper, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Cut the mushrooms into pieces, boil them until the juice is separated. Separately, save the onion and flour, add broth and season with mustard. Mix the mushrooms with the mustard onion and cook together for another 5 minutes.

Mushrooms pinched with potatoes and peas

500 g fresh or frozen mushrooms,
1 onion,
1 kg of potatoes,
1.5 cups of peas,
3 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
bouquet of dill,
bunch of parsley,
black pepper, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
The mushrooms are cleaned, rinsed, cut into slices, add chopped onion and boiled in vegetable oil. Add the finely chopped potatoes, a little water, salt, pepper and cook under the lid for 10 minutes. Then add peas and cook until cooked through. When serving, sprinkle the bowl with chopped herbs.

Mushroom dressing

150 g pickled or salted mushrooms,
1 onion, 1 carrot,
1 beet,
2-3 potatoes,
1 pickled cucumber,
3 tablespoons. tablespoons vegetable oil,
2 tablespoons. tablespoons apple cider vinegar,
a bunch of fresh greens,
black pepper, mustard, salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Cook beets and carrots separately with potatoes. Mushrooms are cut or left whole. Cucumbers, potatoes, carrots and beets cut into cubes. Mix, salt, pepper, if necessary - add mustard and season with vegetable oil and vinegar. Up with chopped fresh greens.

As you can see, low-mushroom dishes are very diverse, at the same time they are rather ascetic, they help maintain strength during Lent, focusing your mind and body on purification. Fast with the benefit and enjoy the appetite!