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Bengoasa Pie

Bengoasa Pie

Now I hope this pie is good and the cooks don't throw it at me ......

  • 2 packets of Bella puff pastry, 4 sheets of 400 g each
  • Filling
  • 2 kg of meat, meat and pork leg, minced
  • 230 g sheep cheese
  • 250 g smoked cheese
  • 660 g mushrooms
  • 11 green onion ties
  • 3 carrots
  • pepper
  • salt
  • 6 eggs + 2 egg whites
  • For anointed
  • 2 egg yolks + 2 tablespoons milk

Servings: 2

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


First, take out the dough to thaw. Prepare the meat for mincing, cut it into smaller pieces and chop it through a larger sieve. We prepare the vegetables, we clean the carrot and we put it through the large grater, we clean the mushrooms and we cut them into bigger pieces, we clean and cut the green onion. Grate the cheese and cheese on a large grater. Place the wok pan on the fire, let it heat up, add a little oil and add the onion and carrot, sprinkle a little salt (not much, we have sheep's cheese which is a little saltier). Heat the vegetables, then take them out in a large bowl. Peel a squash, grate it and add a little oil. Remove the mushrooms from the pan with the foamer, taking care to drain the juice left by the mushrooms. Add the mushrooms over the onion and carrot. We clean the pan, we put it on the fire again, we add a little oil, then we put the minced meat and a little salt, we harden it and then we add it over mushrooms, onions and carrots, taking care to drain the formed juice. Mix everything well, then add the cheese and cheese, mix well, at the end, add the 6 eggs and 2 egg whites, mix well the composition. I used two trays with dimensions of 40/30 cm. I lined the trays with baking paper, then I spread the first sheet of dough, I pricked the sheet with a fork and I added half of the filling. On top I played a little and made a grid from the other sheet of dough. I pricked with the fork, the strips of dough, then I greased with egg yolk with milk. I put the tray in the preheated oven, under the tray I put a kettle with water, so that the dough does not burn. I left the tray in the oven for about 35-40 min. It's good hot, but also cold, we'll eat it cold ....


Rarely in my life has it seemed to me that everything around me is as dumb as it is now. After all, I am an optimist, with decent doses of pessimism. Most of the time I am amused by problems, I identify their positive side, I make fun of trouble (like any green novel).

But now I'm fed up with misery. I'm tired of the dirt on the streets and the garbage in the grass. Tired of people's garbage. Especially the ones condescendingly put by neighborhood intelligence representatives on my car. In addition to the tomatoes thrown on the windshield of my car this morning, on Sunday I was overshadowed by a bottle of Nivea cleanser thrown in the grass. The image of this usual object (and definitely useful) in the green grass and covered with dew (or frost, I'm not sure) disgusted me.

I was also disgusted by the answer of a neighbor I asked, while I was wiping my car with tomatoes and vodka & # 8211 wasn't the place to make Bloody Mary & # 8211 if she didn't see it somehow, tonight or last week, someone circling my car. The lady refused to answer me, but a few hours later she remembered my pertinent and offensive question, knocked on my door, approached my face impermissibly for a long time and shouted & # 8220What the fuck did I do? take care of your car? & # 8221

So today (at least) I am disgusted and disgusted by so much human misery. If until now I claimed that nothing human is disgusting to me, today until the smell of the human body disgusts me. It's disgusting this being so dirty, which secretes tenfold misery compared to a simple animal, which stinks, which is cracked, oily, sticky & # 8230Who thinks he is superior because he knows how to walk on his lower limbs and his upper limbs remain to attracts even more mess. Because there is nothing more disgusting than man, more whipped, weak and fearful. I leave and avenge, the man who sells his soul for a handful of yellows, the man who passively waits for salvation and throws mud in everything around him just because he was promised Eden.

And especially because man does not know how to love. He is the only one who loves with & # 8220because & # 8230 & # 8221. I love him because he is beautiful, smart, readable, talented, sociable, resourceful, stuck, with a bank account, with a dirty car parked in front of a villa with a pool, because he reminds me of my father, because my mother would not like , because I am alone, because I need someone, anyone & # 8230.because, because & # 8230.Because we do not know to love simply.

So today (at least, at least.) I want to be just me, away from the rest. At least today.

Pie created with salted cheese (borek) with thin sheets of trade

Pie created with salted cheese (borek) with thin sheets of trade. A salty pie on the tray that is making waves on the internet. A simple recipe with fine sheets of pie (commercially) that folds, does not layer. The cheese filling makes this pie on the tray extremely tasty. Borek is a traditional Turkish pie from which our Dobrogean pie is also made.

The other day I noticed that on a group of housewives from the Republic of Moldova (Delights in my kitchen) everyone makes & # 8222 virus pie & # 8221 with salted cheese and pleated sheets. One of the girls did it and posted the recipe noted in a notebook. The iures has begun! It's a & # 8222virus & # 8221 in the true sense of the word because it spreads, it actually takes this desire to make this good pie with salted cheese!

No wonder, now that I'm writing to you, I'm with the plate of pie next to me, I bite into it a little and then I write. I am amazed by the goodness of this pie and how quickly it is made.

Oana made burek (borek) with cheese when he cooked live at Sibiu Jazz Festivalrecipe here & # 8211 but the classic version. Borek can be filled with both salted cheese and sweet cottage cheese with raisins or even meat and vegetables.

Researching on the thread of this recipe, being clear to me that it is a Turkish recipe, I looked directly at the Turks. They know what they know when it comes to pies. How many wonders they no longer have in their kitchen. I stopped at one (you can find it here on Facebook), adapting it easily.

I saw that the ingredients for the cheese pie differ a lot. Put milk, mineral water, yogurt, cottage cheese, feta, telemea, bellows cheese or other local cheese. I decided to adapt this recipe to our ingredients and replaced the oil with butter. A miracle came out! I used 12 thin sheets of pie and my tray is 28 x 30 cm.

I also made a pie with apples and walnuts (fasting) using the same technique. You can find her recipe here.

FORTAL road accident at the House of Culture! VIDEO

The soldiers from ISU Dobrogea were asked to intervene, on Thursday, February 13 a.c., in Constanța, in the Casa de Cultură area, where a road accident took place. According to the first information, a pedestrian was injured. He allegedly crossed the street at the red light at the pedestrian crossing.

An SAJ C2 crew is on site. This is a man in respiratory arrest. The resuscitation protocol is performed.

The patient was pronounced dead.

UPDATE 3: How the accident happened:

According to law enforcement, on Thursday, February 13, around 7:00 p.m., a 33-year-old woman was driving a car on I.L. Caragiale from Constanţa, from Baba Novac street to Alexandru Lăpuşneanu boulevard and, after passing the intersection, on the green color of the electric traffic light, entered I.G. Duca, where he caught and injured a 71-year-old man, who was engaged in crossing the street on the pedestrian marking in front of a restaurant, on the red color of the electric traffic light, to the left of the driver.

The accident resulted in the death of the pedestrian on the spot.

Research is being carried out.

Be fluffy and they will all lose their minds!

To have humanity at your feet, you must neither have money, nor have power, nor have money and power. You just have to be fluffy. When you are fluffy, absolutely all bipedal beings who call themselves "humans" and believe in the top of the food chain become desperate to hold you in their arms and caress you. This is the first step. To enslave them forever, all you have to do is take the second step: reject them. Be disgusting and don't let them get their hands on you.

If anyone listened, from time to time, to the door of the apartment they own, they would hear the slave perplexed:

- Cats, let me worship you. Cats, please let me worship you for a while. Cats, I beg you, let me worship you. Cats, please, please, on your knees please, let me worship you for at least a second. Pisi, leave me in * & amp *% 7) (& amp $ @! $ ^ & Amp% $ ^ & amp% _ @ $ MĂ-TII to worship you.

Here's how to do it. Does he take you in his arms? You struggle and bite until you escape. Does he kneel in front of the armchair you've been lying in for three hours, like a stink, and wants to caress you? Bite until you give up. She sits on the couch next to you, hoping you'll watch TV together, as they saw in the movies with cats squeaking quietly next to "masters"? You get up disgusted and leave. First, as we have already established, there are no cat owners, then, cats squeak quietly only in movies. In life, they are very stingy with this end. Just as there is no "and they lived happily ever after," there is no cat to poke in your lap. The cat spins randomly when it feels like it, and just to show you that it can.

The only times when, as a cat, it's good to be cute and give them the illusion that you care are the ones when the suckers come home, after being away for a few hours. Eight between his legs, a rubbing of their pants, accompanied by a slight squeak, will make him flinch. After the traditional reception show, you must turn your ass and leave.

A cat is not a fluffy pet to play with when you feel like it and to sleep with. A real cat is just the promise of something fluffy that will never be yours. Muhahahahaaaaaa! Sorry, meow!

2 pamphlets from the archive on request

A fan of Ciorogarla was a big fan of Bob Marley. (hopa tzopa, after other translations).


I ALSO HAVE AN UNCRAFTED DESIRE. cekit'aut, cekit'aut.
TO KNOW THOSE WHO LIE TO US. mesh or mesh.
THEY DIDN'T ESCAPE. THEY PAID. off, off. more more.

The text saw a genuine inclination towards strong feelings of patriotism, in which the Mioritic hero sacrificed himself promethetically for the good of the community. A community that promised in its turn to dedicate to the Mioritic a living and eternal gratitude in the form of the erection of a suggestive monument entitled "Monument dedicated to the Unknown Hero".

That is why all the producing houses on the Romanian territory literally stepped on their feet, making the first offer: "Take it elsewhere". They feared that he would succeed. In Ceau's time, you knew that if you failed in the first place in a political joke contest, you would be awarded 7 years. Yes now? Who else can calculate. where you give and. who cares? Like many of those with notable successes today, they belong to the category "with healthy origins". From the past. yes now you can bark as much as you want so that no one listens to you. Nothing more untrue. They keep listening. Out of inertia. I don't know how to do anything else. And the information is golden. as a contemporary shepherd states.

So. he swelled up in Fane, pulled out two backpacks, and cut straight into the STATE. with aspirations. chubby.

It took them half a day to explain to American producers that SECURITY was not a security and protection company in the "Newborn" district of the supermarket on the corner. That they were "AIA" because they swore to defend foreign interests from the national interest. And they succeeded, although Ceausescu had become free of contract in the meantime and played elsewhere. That they have not been intimidated by the changes of the last two years and. ideology continues. in costumes adapted to the current period.

In vain. The Americans did not understand peace. That they cut it off at one point: "- Sony boy! We don't care what kind of shit you want to sing about. It hurts our elbows. The Danube and the Black Sea. You We set up a military camp there when we noticed an alarming increase in the salinity of the waters on the shore, and we thought the Russians were doing some nuclear experiments on the seabed near Snake Island. by Romanian tourists on the grounds that it is biodegradable. Well, do you understand how to merge with nature? Tell me. Ok, that's fine! in tea bags, finely ground and hidden in smuggled cigarettes, dissolved in acetone and poured into the mold later, we don't know or don't care. You're Romanian. Bill Gates hires you as “drivers.” That you can imagine the unimaginable. You have no idea how much progress we have made in anti-theft technology, in any field, due to your talent.

How Fane managed to introduce CDs with a case and soft graphics. clandestine. in Romania. nobody knows. What is certain is that the song "If I shot a security guard" became a hit overnight and is constantly rising in the charts and topless. In black.

The transfer of cultural values ​​between one generation and another seems to still work in Romania. That I heard a Pustan holding my grandmother's hand on the way to kindergarten, humming.

1 Pamphlets from the archive on request

The elite representatives of the bees were convened at an international congress held in New York, for debates on the topic of the feminist movement in the apiaries around the world after "nain ilevan" (09.11.2011).

From Europe were present, among others, Ligustica, Buckfast, Galbena de Banat.

The Caucasian would have gone too. as she had explained on a piece of artificial honeycomb that she had folded into an envelope glued with pink chewing gum in her area of ​​origin and controlled flight, females could not open their mouths due to the veil. It enters their mouths due to the strong currents that blow from the mountain and plain slopes. And in them it was known that the maximum development is. much delayed. And the myth that they have the longest horn does not apply to their type of drones. The only feminist movements are consumed during the cleaning flight, when they manage to sprinkle some protest messages (cut from guerrilla folklore). on the lawn in front of the apiary. with what was left on the matz.

Apis Melifera Carpatina said to Galbena de Banat: "- Listen, you have to wait for my documents to come out. And I'm going to have to sign a lot of paperwork. That they recognized me. Not you, not INTERPOLU. "No, not that of Sarcozy who practices positive discrimination. Not you. These people who deal with races. "I don't know. Ashe, go alone. You know I don't like to swarm with one or two. Come on, I'll cut your teeth. I know you don't."

Once landed in New York, Galbena de Banat presented herself with dignity at the airport as a. Miss Romania, declaring to the New York beekeeping press "- Io mis' GALBENA de BANAT".

In the improvised apiary in the sewerage system. bustle, agitation. what else. big bazaar. hard ventilation. An old queen of color, (British), with reduced spawning, with increased aggression and experience in trade union struggle, attacked the central theme from the desk: "What should be the position of the female versus the male in the modern hive - Currents and trends" .Capra was excluded. as here it was about bees. After hours of heated debates (later extinguished by firefighters of the rapid anti-terror intervention brigade), the participants took flight. Transoceanic.
After a few days of return, LIGUSTICA, BUCKFAST and BANAT YELLOW enter the teleconference on the messenger. Picture. sound. tot tacamu. plus a coffee to the watch brought from the States, (with the watch with everything).

LIGUSTICA: - Hello to all of you. I am very happy. that I respected my ragatzu from day one. I explained to him that we are equal in rights and not the other way around. from behind the diaphragm, to clean. to propolis. until I get back from fitness. First day I didn't see anything. the next day he had already done the shopping not only from the diaphragm but also from the neighboring hive (more bezmetic of his kind). As for propolation. I pulled it two layers and on the flight board I had my sandals stuck at the entrance. Atzi you understand.

BUCKFAST: Gutavan tag tu! Yes. alle rechts. gut, gut. ich I told mine that he is too schnell and I am too. comfortable. And if you don't take into account my biorhythm. the fact that I have amplified desires and needs through genetic engineering. then I switch to alternative fuel. That's why I'm a hybrid. I don't want to cry like any other. First day. nichts vazut. tzvai tag. I have not seen anything. Starting with the third day. ooo. JAAA. W U N D E R B A R. that he was also surprised by the results and said to me "You have really improved your feminist movements since you came back.". Gut. yes? Cius

BANAT YELLOW: - I don't serve you. da ni she faine si mandru aratatzi. tzucu-va. ioi she I'm glad to see you. da geabgia va vad. No. And as I said. ni nam kikat ghine din aviuan ca din capu scarii am shi-nsheput sa tzip: "- Aaarooaaaneee. treshi ia amu ni aishia. ba trantore banatzan she ieshti satz 'spui sheam aflat la niuiorc ba! Pa baaa. sa pare cu nu tu eshci "I was waiting for you to lie down because I didn't cook for you. bring the water to the brood, (yes, I won't catch you in the crash again), you get up and build combs without commenting, you get up. ". Yes, I didn't get more. The first day I didn't have vast nika, the second day I didn't have vast nik, the third day the same. from this morning I started to move my left eye, so that I could pull the swelling faster. Like mine, when you falter, you see the green stars as much as you shovel Stalin's heart. As in the army he beats spikes with an empty fist, as he has the code name "picamaru". Yes, you. statz 'o tzira,. the thing with the queen that must be bad for the fly in the hive is very good for you. yes no aishia. like no other. No, go for it. that I'm going to give him some vaseline to eat because I'm dying.

The experience of an internist on a walk between SECTIONS can be viral in 2018. "Faith requires SACRIFICES"

The internist Răsvan Cristian Stoica reported, on Facebook, the most recent event he witnessed. The doctor tells how, walking between the wards, he found, in the courtyard of the hospital in H & acircrlău, a car that he could not afford even if he sold the hospital with a manager with everything & rdquo.

& bdquoGARDA. Walking between the wards, I came across a boo of Mercedes, 4 & times4, which I could not buy even if I sold the whole hospital, with a manager. The number read HAR. I thought it belonged to a priest who outdid himself. Grace is the free gift that God gives you.
But it didn't belong to a priest, but to a nice Roma man, whom I asked why he took such a kind car.
& quot; We, he says, are very faithful people. We go to a monastery on a mountain, at the bottom of the forest. We needed a powerful car. There 's a bridge that is a bit shaky, but otherwise everything is fine. & Quot
Faith requires sacrifices. & Rdquo
, was the message posted by the internist, Răsvan Cristian Stoica, on his Facebook page.

& Icircn almost two years ago, the doctor told, also on Facebook, about another shocking episode from the hospital. Răsvan Cristian Stoica pointed out, at that moment, that the Roma are having a hard time with the doctors from the hospital in H & acircrlău, they are threatening and they are not allowed to do their job.

& bdquoRromii rushes & icircn horde & icircn hospital, profit & acircnd of the lack of the gate (purely formal, left true at any time of day and night) and the lack of gfire on most of the perimeter. The guard is provided by a goalkeeper, who also hides, where he can, in front of the attackers. & Icircn last guard, last night, the pediatrician was threatened with cutting the g & acirct, by a group of individuals from that community, who brought a drunk individual in crisis, for & # 8230 consultation and debate & rdquo, said the internist, on Facebook.

Cheesecake and leurd

I couldn't go through the leurde season without adding it to a cheese pie. The colorful and fragrant result delighted us for several days in a row. You can put the cheese mix as you like and depending on what you have. Instead of curd it goes well and urda. It's all about balancing the salty taste of Telemea cheese.

For a pie divided into 16-20 slices:

  • 500 g unsalted cow's curd
  • 300 g telemea
  • a bunch of leurd (mine had 40 g)
  • 2-3 sprigs of green onions
  • a few sprigs of dill
  • 6 eggs

Grate the cheeses with a fork or grate them. Chop the onion and dill, put them over the cheeses.
The leurda, washed and shortened by the tails, is cut into segments and added over the cheeses, together with 5 eggs. Mix the composition well, homogenizing it.

Pour into a tray on baking paper (mine has the dimensions of 20 x 30 cm) and level. Beat an egg and grease the surface.
Bake the pie over medium heat (180 degrees C) until it grips and browns the surface. It lasted 55 minutes in my oven.

When ready, remove the pie on a grill and leave to cool. Cut hot or cold.

TOTAL: 1200 grams, 2643.5 calories, 215 protein, 185.5 fat, 27.6 carbohydrates, 1.6 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

Video: MESSI AU PSG! (November 2021).