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Taylor Swift Calls Out Rude Fortune Cookie

Taylor Swift Calls Out Rude Fortune Cookie

Taylor Swift’s fortune cookie was a jerk, but she’s shaking it off

Taylor Swift's latest hater is a judgmental fortune cookie.

Fortune cookies sometimes say weird or incomprehensible things, but there’s not much a person can do about it — unless that person is pop star Taylor Swift, who recently used her Instagram account to get revenge on a particularly snarky cookie.

“Don’t be over self-confident with your first impression on others,” the cookie instructed.

Those are pretty harsh words for a cookie, and, according to Jezebel, the “Shake It Off” singer did not seem to appreciate the cookie’s tone, so she called out her latest hater by posting a photo of the judgmental baked good on her Instagram account.

“Maybe I’m being oversensitive here but this seems kind of mean,” she announced to the 16.7 million people currently following her account. Taylor Swift’s fans are very devoted, so that judgmental fortune cookie is almost certainly the most hated cookie on Instagram right now.

Swift added the hashtag “#shakeitoff,” indicating that she intends to brush off the cookie’s barb the same way she brushes off the judgment of all her critics who are not baked goods, but the post stands as a warning to all other desserts that might want to criticize the pop star.

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