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The boss's salad

The boss's salad

We clean and wash all the vegetables.

Boil eggs.

Mix the mayonnaise with the ketchup and vinegar and make the sauce.

In a deep bowl we cut the lettuce and put only half of it, on top we put finely chopped cabbage, from the tomato we cut four slices for garnish and the rest we cut large cubes, the cucumber also four slices and the rest cubes, cheese and salami ii cut into cubes, add salt and pepper to taste, a little of the sauce and then the rest of the lettuce on top, decorate the tomatoes and cucumbers on each side of the bowl with a slice.

At the end we put all the sauce on the whole surface of the salad and with the help of a spoon we smooth it to go in all the parts. We cut the eggs and we decorate them on top.

Good appetite!

List of contracts with the state of the USR chief. How many millions did Barna earn from the Budget. At 24, on

Until Dan Barna, candidate for the position of president of Romania, kept his promise and said publicly what contracts he had with the state, Evenimentul zilei searched and found out what business and what amounts it was about.

We remind you that, on Sunday evening, in a show on B1 TV, the USR leader downplayed the importance of his business relations with state institutions and promised to make them public.

"In a few days I will come out very transparent with all the contracts, with the sums with which it was delivered in order to close once this subject that scares the Romanians. There were contracts won by auction ", Dan Barna promised.

"The reality is very simple, we created a company in 2006. In 10 years it has become one of the most relevant and consistent in terms of services in Romania," said the head of USR.

The event of the day found out what some of these contracts are and what the amounts are.

Method of preparation

We prepare the ingredients for the assorted salad of tasty and colorful vegetables and fruits

We prepare the liquid solution for the assorted salad of tasty and colorful vegetables and fruits

In a bowl, on the fire, put water, vinegar, salt, sugar, pickles and bay leaves.
Let everything boil until the sugar and salt dissolve, then strain the liquid and add it over the ingredients in the bowl, stirring gently.
Leave them in the liquid for a few minutes (5-10) until they cool down a bit, then drain them well and place them in jars.
We lightly stuff them so as not to crush them and cover them with the warm liquid, then we screw the lids to the jars and fold them so that they stay warm for a while, after which we pass them in the pantry.
The remaining liquid will not be thrown away, it will be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container and will be used for other salads or pickles.
You can add 1 or two hot peppers cut into rounds and also red onion cut into julienne (I didn't have any more).

At the restaurant, the most important thing is the politeness!

Do you know that the man enters the restaurant before the woman? And that she is the one who has priority in choosing the place? Find out how you should behave so as not to make an unpleasant impression on those around you.

At the entrance to the restaurant, the man opens the woman's door, letting her pass in front, to enter first. Be careful of people in the back who want to enter, do not slam the door in their face. Wait until they manage to get close, holding the door. The first to enter the place is the man, to protect the lady from the prying eyes of others and to look for a free meal.

When you are in a place, you have to behave with common sense, without drawing attention to yourself. You must respect the habits of the place. For example, if a waiter is waiting for you to lead you to the table, do not pass him as if you did not see him, out of the desire to go alone to the table you want. If the restaurant also has a wardrobe, don't be afraid to leave your clothes. If you place them on the back of the chair you will not make a pleasant impression. If there is no wardrobe, there may be special supports on the wall or hangers inside. You should also know that some restaurants have special smoking areas and respect this custom.

The woman sits at the table first, who has priority in choosing the place. The man.

he must hold his chair, after which he will sit on the opposite side or next to it. If there is no free table, you can sit at the table with other people, but only after you have asked for prior consent. The menu must be consulted by each one, after which the gentleman will give the order to the waiter. A real lady avoids talking to the waiter throughout the meal.

During the meal, do not look insistently at the neighbors, do not comment on them, do not talk or laugh out loud. You will only attract the angry eyes of others. Sit comfortably in a chair. The napkin should not be held on the knee, but is used only for wiping the mouth. At the end, fold it nicely and put it aside.

If, in the absence of the waiter, the man serves the drinks, he will not put the bottle on the table, but in the shaker. The wines are tasted at the beginning by the gentleman, who decides on the right one. If the waiter made recommendations to you, consider them. He might know, for example, that fish goes with white wine, steak with red wine.

Complaints should not be made out loud. Avoid quarreling with the waiter by talking directly to the head waiter or the owner.

Yesterday morning, better said around 4 o'clock in the morning, the phone rang. An ugly, insistent noise, as if my mother-in-law was screaming in my ear. I fumbled on the nightstand and answered the phone. Nothing. She kept screaming - my mother-in-law was upset. I caress him well and gritted my teeth because he left a phone at home, I rush and take his phone. How I touch it, as if by magic, ready, it doesn't sound anymore & hellip Hell.

I turn on the lamp and after I fall asleep and I can't see well without glasses in general, I look to see who had the great insensitive courage to call at that hour. I searched for calls, but as I am, I did not go to incoming calls but to dialed calls. Well, folks, it's that smart phone, shut up and you barely touch it and your finger gets into a hole and not always the one you want. And I am parallel to everything related to the technical side. OFFF & hellip

I saw a B & hellip and I thought the child called (BIMBO-bebe is on the phone). So I called and insisted. Did not answer. I hung up and immediately the phone rang & ndash there was someone from Farmacentro, they were looking for my husband & hellip at AIA time! In a voice as sweet as a lemon, I told him that my name was not Doru and that I was a poor wife who wanted to sleep. He didn't even apologize for the inconvenience - Italian, ndec - and hung up on me. Of course I did a good job, do you think that only my mother-in-law can speak?

In a minute, I hadn't even finished my hysterical recital, the phone rang again, and he was looking for Doru. Well, fuck Doru's mother, I answered her too, in a delicate and nightmare voice: Doru is at work, I'm his wife and at this hour I usually sleep or that's what I struggle to do. & # 128577 The man stammered some apologies, but I hung up and went to bed. I fell asleep satisfied and when I started dreaming of something beautiful (probably erotic, I was smiling too happy like a mata with a snout in a pot of sour cream), I jumped up and stuck to the ceiling! The truth cracked me: well, you idiot and worthy descendant of all the bullies at hospital 9, YOU CALLED THAT MAN AT 4 AM! Of course the poor man was scared! Now I realized whose voice it was, which I caressed in all languages ​​- it was the voice of my husband's boss, the president!

Uuuppps & hellip si auci & hellip si valleleu di curu & prime nieu di moldovianca adornita. I lost my sleep instantly, as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water at me. Not that I wouldn't have deserved it, be it between us & hellip, but not that I admit such a thing. & # 128539

I looked at my watch, it was almost 6, so I called my husband, I thought maybe he had left the warehouse. No, he hadn't left, he still had to wait for the goods for 2 pharmacies. He answered immediately, he thought that something had happened to call him at night, that we were just not calling him to make declarations of love. & # 128578 I told him and he just dropped his tongue on his neck. He quit his job and sat down on a crate and laughed with tears. Mon bebe had also come, he was also at work and they both laughed at the warehouse. In fact, the first time someone else had called, a driver, to confirm something to my husband, how could that man know that he came across Baba-Cloanta?

He couldn't call Bruno (our boss and best friend) at that time, he waited until 10 o'clock, when he got back to the warehouse. The poor man didn't even realize that I had called him, he and his wife were having problems waking me up, and he even gave his wife some good nonsense that wakes people up at night. And I didn't have much left and I put a head in his mouth on the phone & hellip. the poor man.

So I apologize, I told him what happened, I laughed with tears and came to the conclusion that we are both asleep. & # 128512 I won't tell you how much my people laughed and what messes my naughty cops did. I won't tell you that the plots are waving their phones from a distance, they show them to me and they drop their tongues on their necks of happiness, that & bdquomadam Bradea committed it again! & Rdquo.

Here's how you can beat people in vain, but be firmly convinced that you're right!

Cauliflower with cheese

As humble and simple as it may seem, cauliflower with cheese is a classic dish that lends itself to variation: Nigel Slater's version & # 8211 orecchiette, cauliflower, cheese & # 8211 is even more comforting, with the added reassurance of pasta. Yotam Ottolenghi offers a more serious idea: fillo pie with cauliflower and cheese.

Yotam Ottolenghi & # 8211 fillo dough pie with cauliflower and cheese. Photo source: The Guardian

How to make your life more beautiful with the help of e-mails! We tell you who to send them to to make you happier

When you feel powerless and your level of happiness has dropped quite a bit, you can make a simple change.

We know it seems hard to believe, but if you send five emails a week you can make your life more beautiful, writes

We teach you how to reach five fundamental areas of your life.

Every morning, send an email to a friend, family member or co-worker to thank them for something. It may sound strange, but it will definitely make your life more beautiful and over time you can be happier.

At the end of the week, send your boss an e-mail summarizing your activity.

He probably won't realize why you're doing this, but he'll appreciate that he gets the reports without him asking for them.

Mental health

Once a week, send an email to a potential mentor. It doesn't have to have to do with your job. Think about the people you admire and learn from.

Send an email to a good friend and make plans together. Friendship can be kept alive if you interact once every two weeks. If you have many friends, you need to send them emails every day. Make many plans.

Send an e-mail to someone you know, but not well enough. These weak ties are precisely the main sources of career opportunities for the future.

My husband's life is so easy!

Have you ever thought that your husband is lucky? That his life is so simple compared to yours? Did you envy him for his daily schedule? Would you like to exchange for at least a few days?

The saying & # 8220 take care of what you want! & # 8221 applies in many life situations, including when it comes to the responsibilities of mom and dad!

The same thing happens every day. When our alarm clock rings, my husband postpones it 3 times. He hardly wakes up and goes to the bathroom. Take a long shower that never ends, shave and apply aftershave, deodorant and perfume.

He dresses in the 4-pin clothes I prepared for him in the evening, puts on his shoes, prepares his cup of coffee to drink in the car on the way to work, while listening to the news or his favorite music on the radio, he kisses children on their foreheads and leave.

He spends the whole day in the company of other adults, with whom he has interesting conversations, has a career that he is proud of and that makes him feel important. During the lunch break, he eats at the canteen, from where he can choose exactly what he wants to eat, and spends half an hour quietly.

In the afternoon around 5, after another coffee, he shuts down the computer, gets in the car and comes home. At home he is eagerly awaited by children, who no longer know how to show him how much they love him, the evening meal is ready, the children are happy to see him. They play with them for half an hour after dinner, after which they enjoy a quiet evening, because the little ones go to bed.

All this time, I cook, wash and iron, I tidy the house and I feel absolutely useless because anyway I gather one thing and the children scatter three, I resolve the conflicts between the children, I make sure that they have solved their homework, I take care to either safely, I make the supply, I pay the bills, I make some more food and I do the clarification work to explain to them why it is important to brush my teeth or hands.

Many times I don't even have the strength to take an evening shower, I manage to put on make-up once every three days, I only get to the hairdresser if we have to go to a wedding and I walk in jeans for weeks on end. I spend time in the company of adults once a month or less, I feel like I forgot to talk about something other than children, I don't have a career and I feel absolutely useless. What would I not give to exchange!

& # 8230and the wish came true and for a week, Mom and Dad exchanged roles.

So Mommy woke up happy one morning, took a long shower, put on make-up and arranged her hair. She opened the closet door and spent the most pleasant quarter of an hour of the last week, wondering which of the long-forgotten dresses to wear.

He also chose the matching pair of shoes, arranged his purse and set off for work. He grabbed a delicious coffee from the corner store, turned on his favorite music CD, and sang all the way, enjoying the morning sun.

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Arriving at work, she warmly greeted her colleagues and got to work. When she looked at her watch, she was already 12 and she realized that she did not know how her husband could handle the little ones. But he had to help a colleague.

Then she was called to explain the last working terms to the boss, so only at two o'clock did she have a moment to call home, but it was time for the children to sleep, so she sent a message that she knew that Daddy she will probably see him in at least another hour.

He had planned to eat a delicious chicken breast salad in the canteen, but he opted for a sandwich brought to him by a nice colleague, because otherwise he would have had no chance to finish the job by the end of the program, and he had already started. to miss children.

Even so, a prolonged meeting made her half an hour late. The traffic to the house was quite crowded, so he managed to get home at 7, exactly when Daddy put the children at the table. They ate together, followed by the evening ritual, the children watched their favorite cartoon episode, brushed their teeth, prepared their pajamas and went to bed.

The next day, the scenario was repeated. It was just that there was a queue for morning coffee, he had to do the work of a colleague that the boss was not happy with, he missed lunch again. But he managed to make a phone call home to find out that the little one's nose was running and he started coughing and managed to leave exactly at the end of the program.

Wednesday was a horrible day. One of the children had a high fever overnight, so he was terribly worried about how Daddy would handle him, if he could persuade him to take the syrup against the fever, if he would be able to pack it if it was necessary, if he is prepared to intervene in case something unforeseen happens. On top of that, exactly that day, he received information about a deadline during the week, so the reasons for concern multiplied.

Fortunately, the little boy's fever was just a simple virus, so on Thursday Mommy went to work a little calmer, considering that the episodes of fever were over. But he stayed at work until an hour and a half after the end of the program, in order to meet the deadline.

When she got home, she found a father who was a little unhappy that Mommy was late, and who didn't pay much attention to him when he explained that he had no choice but to explain how hard he had been alone with the children and how much he had. to walk with them to solve some problems for the house.

Friday night, exhausted, Mommy found out that she has no idea how her children had fun for a whole week, that tonight the little ones were going to bed without kissing her good night, that she doesn't know if they got to the activities that each of them practices and that he has no idea if his eldest son finally reconciled with his best friend.

In the evening, before going to bed, Daddy told him that the little one was, more recently, afraid of the monster in the closet, and Mommy didn't know where he could hear about it.

She felt exhausted, lonely and terribly sad because she had missed a week in her children's lives and for what? So she was looking forward to returning to her normal full time mom schedule, starting tomorrow!

Lovers' days-Corina Ozon

Some time ago, my brother Catalin Badulescu praise a young and restless writer, Corina Ozon. He said something about some lovers, some things said green in the face and made me curious.

So I went to the blog & bdquomneaei & rdquo and I read & hellip and I read & hellip and I read, fragment by fragment. It was extremely frustrating that I only read excerpts and I wanted to read everything. I was like a child in a confectionery, I admired all the sweets, but I was allowed to taste a crumb. HELL, I WANTED TO READ EVERYTHING.

Well, do you know how this girl writes? First look and see what an angelic mocha has, please! And then I tell you how it says: simple, flowing, effervescent and so natural that you get the impression that your office colleague is telling you or that you are sitting on a gossip between girls.

She doesn't use phyto words, she doesn't have precious phrases and no, I don't do a phraseological, semantic analysis or I don't know how, because I'm not a writer or a literary critic. He simply "gets in" naturally, uses the words with p & hellip. naturally, as in any conversation and without being vulgar. The reading is extremely pleasant, you don't even know how time passes, it captivates you and you want to see what happens to the boss's boy, with p .. from accounting, with & helliptoti and all. They are real characters, which you recognize, because they are your office colleagues, your neighbors and maybe even your boss. & # 128578. You feel like getting your hands on the phone and calling:

& ndash Come on, girl, what have you done with that?

"Lovers' Days", Corina Ozon's book, will appear on the market in September, and I have already ordered an autographed copy for my personal library. I recommend to modest people, hypocrites and phytoids not to buy it or to read it Corina's blog, because they will be deeply shocked and hopelessly horrified! & # 128539

Come to the table at 1!

I suggest you an exercise in imagination, in short, not to waste time: let's imagine a world where people wake up in the morning, send their children to school, get dressed on the run and leave houses in a hurry, stressed by the thought that they will spend a hour and a half in traffic to the place where they will spend the next 8-10-12 hours working. On the way he buys a pretzel made of boiled and then baked dough, a box of yogurt, maybe a greasy puff pastry and stuffed with cheese of dubious origin. Arriving at the crime scene, he buys a coffee with two lei from the vending machine at the end of the hall, I go out on the service stairs where he smokes half a cigarette to make the coffee work better (or he doesn't smoke, equal) and to get rid of stress & # 8222 8221, then starts working in an environment not necessarily friendly to the human fish. After spending three hours immersed in numbers, situations and budgets (replace & # 8222 figures, situations, budgets & # 8221 with any other operation you do during a working day), I unpack the pretzel / snack and yogurt packages, eats in a hurry, wipes the yogurt from the keyboard with the fingertips (not big anyway, not many), throws the packaging in the trash can under the desk, wipes on the fingers of jeans (men) or with the napkins in the corner of the desk ( women) and continue their work. After an hour, they return to the coffee machine at the end of the hall and to the half of the cigarette on the service ladder. In another two hours I will extinguish the sting from my stomach with the water from the plastic barrel that we all know. Time flies when you have fun, the siren sounds, the work day is over. People grab a bunch of everything on the way to the subway / parking lot, because they know they'll be too tired to cook anything else at home. Or maybe order a pizza to take home with them. Or some Chinese food. A lot, because they haven't eaten anything all day. The next day I start over.

It may seem sad, but the truth is that this is how life goes for more and more of our contemporaries. There is no need to complain, no need to complain of pity. Yes, we need to change a wrong system that we have adopted too soon (several decades have overturned centuries-old good eating habits), and the power is ours. Yes, we need to take a break from this rhythm, and the idea of ​​starting with a lunch break seems at least as good as any other. Why do you need one media campaign to remind us of that? Again, because this is the world we live in, because just as there is no time to cook a meal for the family, there is no time for serious discussions about the things that matter. We need to be reminded more and more often what decency looks like and how it manifests itself, including or especially towards oneself. In the last ten years, I have heard the phrase "healthy lifestyle" many times, without it being really developed in coherent and useful messages. Everyone tells you that it's good to live better, but no one shows you a clear direction. I decided to join the campaign Come to the table at 1 o'clock primarily because it has a clear and useful message. In addition, an hour dedicated to lunch is an act of decency that we can do for ourselves, and that we deserve. A healthy lifestyle starts with making small decisions, but with big long-term effects. One of these decisions may be, for example, to take advantage of the lunch break to eat disconnected from work, stress, pressure. I know, it may seem difficult because we are used to taking extremely personally everything that happens at work, but I guarantee you that nothing is more personal than this body in which we live only once and which we must have. care. Let's be healthy.


Hello. This campaign is very good if it really exists. I live and work in France. I have the right to 1 hour lunch break like all colleagues, we have a canteen in the same building with 50% of the lunch paid by the company. Usually people eat on teams, friends and even spend almost an hour at the table. Talk about work, food, wines, vacations, children and everything else they want. But they admit that for them food is a pleasure and especially that they like the time spent together eating. From my experience only in France people still talk about food at any level. Food in the canteen is not so bad, or at least you have a choice to eat a variety: vegetables, meat and fish, salads, burgers & pizza, but also something more original "fun dish" (a try of food gastronomic, gourmet). With € 4.50 you get a main course, with 5.30 you get the main course and dessert or entré, with 5.30 you get the boss's specialty. I think we are getting a little closer to the above campaign, so it is possible.
PS it's true that even the French can't imagine their morning without their shit (croissants et pains au chocolat), but they are still in shape and long-lived. I don't know why, I can do more sports and small.

This is not only practiced in France but also in other countries. I have lived in Germany and the Netherlands for about 4 years and I can say that & # 8222the table is the table & # 8221. It is eaten at fixed hours when there is a lunch break during the program and yes, there is an hour of total detachment or eating + discussing various topics, even if they are related to the work schedule or extra aspects.

Now seriously, did you somehow live in Canada? lol, I don't think so, the lunch break there is 30 minutes

This lunch break hour means an extra hour in the program, because no one pays you to sit at the table. You didn't even say that and I don't think it suits the budget holders, because it can't be private. And anyway, the teachers don't go to eat in the city every day, at most they stay in the hallways for an hour with that shit you were talking about. Maybe the doctors, but I'm not losing the rope either. And corporatists prefer to socialize in the evening, when they can drink.

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