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Parody Combines Girls' Favorite Topics: Yogurt and Birth Control

Parody Combines Girls' Favorite Topics: Yogurt and Birth Control

In this parody ad for yogurt with birth control on the bottom, we learn what diverse girlfriends really care about

If you ever sit in on one of our girls' lunches here at The Daily Meal, you will only find us talking about a) yogurt, or b) birth control. At least that's what TV seems to think.

This parody skit from Yahoo combines the two most popular advertisements for women in Dannon's new "Birth Control on the Bottom" yogurt, made by mixing real daily birth control pills into nonfat probiotic yogurt with live cultures. "You don't have to choose between the only two things that matter to you as a woman according to TV," one of the characters says.

Watch below as this multicultural group of girlfriends chatter on about yogurt and birth control, eating the crunchy, not delicious-looking-at-all bites by the spoonful. The three flavors? Light blue birth control pill, peach, and dark blue birth control pill. We're just surprised there aren't any shots of them laughing alone with salad, or failing to drink water.

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