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10 Beertails to Try this Fall Slideshow

10 Beertails to Try this Fall Slideshow

Beetails are an underrated invention, perfect for the season

10 Beertails to Try this Fall

A beetrail is exactly what it sounds like: a cocktail made with beer. There are many ways to accomplish this, from combining beer with a mixer to stirring suds into a finished cocktail to just adding a splash of brew at the end of the cocktail-crafting process.

There's nothing wrong with drinking beer right out of the bottle or can, or out of a Pilsener glass or schooner, but why not go a step further and incorporate it into a creative cocktail?

Here's a roundup of 10 beertails that all beer lovers should try.



Dance with the Devil

El Matador Beer Cocktail

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Humpday Cocktail


Lay Lady Lay

Mexican Michelada

Pop-Up Paloma

Strawberry Lemonade Beer

The Big Blue Beer Cocktail