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Turkish roll dessert

Turkish roll dessert

We boil half of the amount of milk. We mix the sugar with the flour, then we "dissolve" everything with the rest of the cold milk. When the boiled milk boils, pour the composition with flour, in a thin thread and mix continuously, so that no lumps form.

Boil over low heat, stirring constantly, until you get a consistent pudding. Incorporate the butter and vanilla essence, then let it cool.

in the tray (25x35 cm) in which we will prepare the cake we put the coconut in a uniform layer. On top we put the pudding, with the spoon from place to place, then we level it carefully, so as not to spoil the coconut layer.

After the pudding has cooled completely, add the whipped cream and level. Sprinkle over the ground grind. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, when the pudding layer will harden considerably.

With a sharp knife we ​​cut long and narrow strips, then each strip is rolled, thus obtaining some mini-rolls.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

We take a cake tray (size 30 / 40cm) and line it with butter and baking paper.we eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt in the bowl of the mixer and mix until the eggs turn white in color and triples in volume.

Separately in another bowl mix cocoa flour. Then we add melted butter in a thin thread and mix a little more. stop mixer and incorporate dry ingredients with movements from bottom to top and we are careful not to let it. Pour the composition into the tray and level. Put the tray in the oven.

Bake leaf for 14-15 minutes, then take it out on a grill. After 2-3 minutes turn over top on baking paper. We roll it all with baking paper and leave it to cool.

Caramel cream.

we the sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Let it caramelize. When it turns golden we add sour cream and mix vigorously. We incorporate it butter and leave on the heat for a while until smooth. Add salt, mix. Let it cool.

When caramel cream it becomes a farm we can use. Carefully unroll the roll. spread caramel cream over the counter and then we run. I put the roll filled with cold cream.

Prepare caramel cream

ready a strong coffee. We will need 100 ml. Gelatine we put it hydrated in cold water and leave it for 5 minutes to swell, then add it over the coffee and mix well. We put the sugar and mix again.

We incorporate easily cream cheese / mascarpone into the coffee cream with gelatin, taking care not to cut. Let the mixture cool. When it gets the consistency of a cream it will be good to use.

Cream for whipped cream mix it well with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar. When we have a fluffy cream we stop mixing and incorporate it into coffee cream with light movements, bottom up.

We prepare a cake tray / cake, 30cm long. Grease the pan a little oil, then we wallpapered it with food foil. We stretch well sheet not to have wrinkles. We fill the tray up to half with coffee mousse. Over this layer we put carefully roll filled with cream. We press lightly for this to immerse in the cream. Cover the roll with coffee mousse, if there is any left. Put food foil on top and let cool for 3-4 hours.

After I left cold cake long enough, rasturnam cake on a large tray, stretched. We take them out easily plastic wrap and we start decorating it. mix two tablespoons of cocoa with a teaspoon of ground coffee. Powder cake. Decorate the roll with iced coffee beans / almonds or other chocolate decorations.

Walnut roll & # 8211 a perfect dessert to be served for tea! It deserves all the attention!

We present you the recipe for a delicious walnut roll. It is quite simple to prepare and is perfect to be served with tea. Get an appetizing roll with an irresistible, sweet and tasty aroma. This will surely please everyone. Enjoy your loved ones with a particularly delicious homemade cake.


& # 8211 4 tablespoons greasy cream

& # 8211 1/4 teaspoon baking soda


& # 8211 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

& # 8211 1 egg (to grease the roll)


1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the dough. Knead the dough.

2. Spread the dough on a countertop. Keep one edge a little thicker than the other.

3. Grease the thinner edge of the countertop with honey. Sprinkle with sugar, chopped walnuts and cinnamon.

4. Grease the second edge with a little beaten egg.

5. Roll the countertop, starting from the thinner edge.

6. Arrange the roll on a baking tray, preventively greased with oil. Grease the roll with beaten egg.

7. Stick the roll with a toothpick several times. Bake the roll in the preheated oven until ready.

"Karpatka" roll with ice cream taste! A simple and delicate dessert!

The "Karpatka" roll is prepared much faster than the cake. The cream, with the taste of ice cream, is evenly distributed on the choux dough top and you get an incredibly tasty dessert.


For the countertop:

For the cream:

& # 8211 50 gr of corn starch

& # 8211 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.


1. Prepare the cream. Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

2. Mix the sugar with salt and starch. Add the eggs and mix well until smooth.

3. Pour some of the milk into the egg and starch mixture, stirring constantly with the whisk.

4. Put the saucepan of milk back on the fire and pour the milk and egg mixture, stirring vigorously with the whisk.

5. Boil the cream until it becomes thick and boiling, stirring constantly.

6. Remove the pan from the heat, add the vanilla extract and mix. Cover the cream on contact with cling film and allow it to cool completely.

Advice. In order for the cream to maintain its shape well, do not add butter to the hot boiled composition.

7. Prepare the dough. Pour the water into the pan, add butter, salt and sugar. Bring the composition to the boil.

8. Add the sifted flour to the boiling composition, all at once, and mix intensely with the spatula, until the dough gathers in a smooth ball, and a film must form on the surface of the pan.

9. Transfer the dough to a bowl and mix a little to remove excess steam.

10. Add one egg at a time, mixing well after each one, until completely incorporated. Beat the 4th egg with a fork and add gradually, so that the final dough is not too liquid. Check the consistency of the dough: it should slide off the spatula, forming a "tongue".

Advice. Break the eggs into a separate bowl. If the egg is not good, you will not spoil the whole dough.

11. Line the tray with silicone foil (30 * 42 cm) or silicone baking paper or greased with oil, transfer the dough and distribute it in an even top. At the end, use the spatula to highlight the surface of the dough.

12. Optionally, sprinkle the dough with almond flakes, flattening them slightly.

13. Place the tray in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for 25-30 minutes. The surface of the countertop will be crispy, but after it cools, it becomes soft. Transfer the top to a kitchen towel.

14. After the boiled cream has cooled, transfer the soft butter to a bowl and beat with the mixer for 3-4 minutes.

15. Then add small portions of boiled cream and continue to mix with the mixer. The final cream should be thick.

16. Cover the countertop with baking paper and turn it over. Spread the cream, keeping a free edge.

Advice. If you have a countertop that is too dry, you can let it sit for a while covered with cream and it will become softer.

17. Carefully roll a roll, wrap it in baking paper and refrigerate for about 4 hours or overnight.

18. Remove the roll from the fridge, cut off the ends and transfer it to the tray.

The dessert already looks festive, but you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar and decorate each slice with a cherry. It tastes great ice cream in a glass of waffles. The combination of vanilla cream and choux pastry is extremely successful and always successful!

Turkish roll

I think I saw this recipe posted by you and the Chef. I did it the same way Miha took it, but my pudding came out too thick and I couldn't stretch it well or roll it. So I cut it into squares and it ended up in my belly. It's good, but even better is how you changed it here.
So, I'm still practicing.

Cristina, I hope you will come back to read the answer. Last night I didn't do it as in the recipe but I used pudding powder. On the envelope it said 500ml milk but I put 700 and I put 2 tablespoons of flour and 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, plus vanilla sugar. for the first time it didn't come out too thick but thin. It would have come out right if I had been patient to leave it in the fridge, but I can't :))). I don't care how good they look, but if I post them somewhere, I can't afford to let them cut my head :))). I hope I helped you. Kiss and nice day.

Of course I'm coming back, don't get rid of me until my roll comes out like the Turks. I will also try pudding.
Thank you! (that you paid attention to me.)

Come on, it's good :)))) that I took you into account :)))). I kindly help anyone who has questions, or wants additional information :)))

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

:))))), yes why don't I take it more danutzo?: d :))). kiss.

I cooked it today. very good.
Gaby, you should know that I deleted the culinary blog because it took me too long to correct the text full of mistakes. I hope to redo the old blog with your links in the summer. Thank you for understanding.

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