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Great vitaminization

Great vitaminization

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Great vitaminization:

Mix the bananas with half the strawberries and melon, add the orange, leave a few slices of orange and a few strawberries to add at the end. In the cream obtained add the pineapple juice and the whole pieces + the pieces of strawberries and orange. melon peel or in ice cream glasses .... have a craving !!

Star recipe - Lita Dumitru

At home, the former international, who even if he doesn't play football in the kitchen, still has time for culinary centerings and spicy dribbles.

At home, the former international, who even if he doesn't play football in the kitchen, still has time for culinary centerings and spicy dribbles.

I don't know if Pele caught anything from Brazilian cuisine, but I know that at the age of 19, in Mexico â & # 128 & # 15370, Lita Dumitru made El Rey taste some grass. Whether he liked it or not, we'll never know. It is certain that Pele did not start grazing either, but the National team did not start the World Cups too soon. As for the mess of the current World Championship, no vitamins would hurt. I would recommend to a Ronaldo, Beckham or other marketing products who wore the football shirt by chance, a slight transhumance through the hills with the fat and tasty grass of Bucovina. For vitaminization. Then start from scratch by telling each other "Goat with three kids", while playing football with buttons on the table at the village buffet.

I spread my feet on the freshly mowed lawn. The lady of the house treated me to coffee. Until I return to the suffocating dust of the proud Capital transformed into a construction site, I take a few breaths of fresh air in my chest to shake the tile from the house. Flowers, a few trees, behind a garden. Octidental-octidental. "Well, it really is", Mr. Lita Dumitru catches me thinking aloud. Or, Nea Lita, better because she's the dad of many people around here. Whether or not they want to recognize it! And he's Hagi's idol. At least he had common sense and told her. "I liked a house in Germany, I photographed it and, when I could afford it, I made the same one. After so many years of work." We nibble on some snacks.

WE LIVE IN ROMANIA. "When I returned from Germany in '& # 128 & # 15394, the football plots were already divided," begins Nita Lita's story. "I quickly became uncomfortable. With FC National I had formidable results. For months I was on the first place in the championship. Then Casai told the vice-governor Soare that if he doesn't fire Lita Dumitru, he will have problems. I thought like in Romania, after the Revolution you can talk. But it seems that I upset some and others. So I was fired. " The wind is getting stronger. The umbrella under which we sit is shaking, and the table with it and, still holding the table so as not to lose the goodness of the coffee, we risk being taken up like Mary Poppins and I don't know if we have the fabric.

In the kitchen. "Come home better," says Nita Lita's magic formula. At home, that is, in the kitchen. Open the fridge without any explanation and take out something. The lady of the house, next door. "Miron Cozma was also told to fire me," the story resumes as if nothing had happened. "But he, stubborn as he is, did as he thought was best, not as others told him on the phone." If you don't catch Division A, don't cross the gorge, "Cozma told me. To work under this pressure, but I brought Tara, Matinca, Toader, Baicea and many others. From what Miron had, I kept two. Some from the Jiu Valley said to go to Geoagiu Bai to train. and no one is sick ", I said and I went to Predeal for training. I mean, I did everything by the book, not with improvisations. That's how the team grew. I got out of the relegation and I was promoted. "Then I made a big mistake." Pause.

My hosts put their culinary talent to work. They whisper something, and the table is filled with spices. The pot on the stove boils usefully. Let me ask Uncle Lita something. De gustibus.

FAST IF. INEDIBLE. "I went to Rapid," he dribbles over me. "Nea Lita," I was told, "we want to make the team young, with prospects. You have three years to spare. We don't care about anything else." "I was in fifth place. Performance for that time! Then came President Sichitiu. And the claims for the European Cups came. It was impossible with such a young team. Copos told me that out of five matches we have to win 15 points, otherwise I will out. Tene, the goalkeeper, slammed my match with National and that was it. I'm interested in the fact that, from a football point of view, they didn't do their job. " The lady supervises the kitchen, intervenes, corrects. Housewife.

THE PRINCE OF THE DESERT. "I felt best in Syria. The militarized team, the Syrian Army, the iron discipline. I reached the Arab and Asian Cup finals with them. To throw a match? Impossible. It was equal to the thief. And there, if you stole "If you steal once more, you will be left without a foot. And if you steal for the third time, public execution. I am not a supporter of capital punishment, but." But the food, I can continue the sentence. Irregular dispossession of idea. But no one has a card to give me! N / A!

"The food? I still cook from time to time. To be honest, I get along well with soups. You couldn't really find it there, but their cuisine is sensational. We kept trying to find recipes and ingredients, but in vain, "You still don't have much to do with them here. Pork isn't eaten at all, which suited me perfectly. I haven't eaten pork in years, anyway. But the recipe I'm making now I've learned in Germany. You can see it. A lot of sauces are eaten there. And I like that, so I adapted quickly there too. "

Women. Mame. Entrepreneurs. Cristina Manea, founder of LILOU’S Parties & # 038 Shop

Cristina Manea is a Party Stylist at LILOU’S Parties & amp Shop, a business that brings her a lot of joy with the smiles of the children she enjoys at every party.

"I am Irina's mother for 10 years and a full time entrepreneur for 5 years. At the end of 2015, I gave up the position of administrative director of a restaurant chain, a good salary and I dedicated myself entirely to a dream, that of being a party stylist / planner and to organize the most beautiful parties for children.

I discovered my passion with motherhood. I practiced my skill and creativity, organizing Irina's baptism party and anniversaries. I remember sitting for hours making moodboards with decorating ideas, color palettes, graphics, invitations. I was fascinated by everything that happened in this field across the ocean, in America, but I didn't think I would end up doing something similar in Romania. The challenge was to find the right suppliers to put into practice the ideas I had. Initially we ordered from America or Great Britain all kinds of party items, decorative letters. Meanwhile, the market has developed here locally, and now we have collaborations with premium partners in several fields: floristry, sweets, balloons, photography, entertainment, etc.

Another challenge was to convince parents that they needed a party stylist or planner for their child's party. At first glance, organizing a party for children seems a simple process and without too much hassle, only that the requirements of both children and parents have increased. Booking a playground to provide space and food is no longer enough.

The Lilou’s Parties team comes up with creative ideas and concepts, premium products and services, increased attention to detail. Basically, our clients witness the transformation of an idea, a concept into a party with the wow factor. Most of them told us that it is more beautiful than they expected, and this makes us very happy and we want to be even better ".

Pomegranate helps you lose weight

Fruit takes It is a source of soluble and insoluble fiber, has few calories, many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins B and C. Sweet and sour fruits regulate the digestive system and relieve constipation, promoting detoxification of the body and preventing colon cancer. Pomegranates reduce the risk of heart disease, treat kidney disorders and increase immunity. In cosmetics, it helps to depigment spots caused by sunburn.
Goji It is an Asian fruit, sweet and slightly sour, with many healing properties. It is said to prolong life and is energizing due to the vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, amino acids and essential oils it contains. It is very rich in vitamin C. It contains more beta-carotene than carrots and more iron than a steak, so it strengthens the immune system, prevents aging and is a general tonic.
fruit Acai Berry contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, vitamin B, fiber and amino acids that speed up metabolism, prevent fat storage and give a feeling of satiety. They are indicated in weight loss and detoxification cures, and due to antioxidants they prevent cancer and aging. Their taste is delicious: a mixture of currants and chocolate.
The fruit of Kumquat it belongs to the citrus family and is sweet-sour. It is delicious, excellent for preparing jellies, jams, salads or desserts. Fruits are detoxifying and are an important source of vitamins A and C.
cannon , or star fruit, is eaten before a meal and is indicated for people who have no appetite. It tastes similar to pineapple, but unlike it is contraindicated for those with kidney disease, because of the oxalic acid it contains.
The fruit of rambutan it is sweet-sour, aromatic, invigorating and has a juicy pulp. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is indicated for the prevention of colds and for vitaminization, in spring. The shell and kernels are not edible.
Guava it has a sweet-sour taste, it is rich in vitamins A and C, but also in dietary fiber, so it is indicated in diets. The seeds are edible and contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Due to its flavonoid content, guava is also a powerful antioxidant. In addition, it treats constipation, prevents colds and flu and improves the appearance of the skin.
maracuja , or & # 8220fruit of passion & # 8220, is sweet and fragrant and effectively treats stomach ailments, insomnia, skin diseases, asthma, hypertension and menstrual problems. Moreover, it prevents cancer and heart disease and strengthens bones and teeth due to its rich content in vitamins C and A.
Litchi , the fruit also called Chinese hazelnut, contains vitamins B2 and C (in large quantities), potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It helps the body fight infections, strengthens the bone system, promotes the assimilation of iron and the formation of red blood cells. Consumed in excess, it can cause itchy rashes, so don't fall prey to its sweet taste!
Cherimoya it tastes like a mix of bananas, pineapples and strawberries. It contains potassium and vitamin C, fiber and iron, and the tree in which it grows is used in the medicine and alcohol industry. The seeds are not edible and can even be toxic.
Exotic fruit khaki it looks like a yellow tomato and tastes like peach. It is very rich in glucose, water, vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. 100 grams of persimmon has 70 kilocalories, enough to give you energy for half a day.
Durian it is such a foul-smelling fruit that in some Asian countries its consumption in public places is forbidden by law. But the taste is very pleasant, sweet, like a mixture of almonds and sour cream, and the texture of the core is very creamy. It contains vitamin C and potassium and is delicious in cakes and ice cream.
Kiwano it is also known as African melon or African cucumber. It's yellow-orange, and its taste is a combination of bananas, cucumbers and lemons. The fruit is rich in vitamins, being used in the field of beauty. The puree made from the pulp of the fruit and applied to the face gives brightness to the skin.

Natural treatments with autumn vegetables and fruits

The most beloved fruits of this period are, without a doubt, grapes. Recognized for the invigorating and vitaminizing effects of the body, as well as for their diuretic and purifying effects, grapes are a delicious dessert for any meal.

Pharmacological action: energetic muscular and nervous, remineralizing, antitoxic, hepatic stimulant and decongestant, refreshing, cholagogue, diuretic, laxative, antiputrid, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, eliminates excess uric acid, helps in cancer.

They can be used in the following diseases:

heart disease (controls cholesterol levels and prevents it from settling on the arteries), lung disease, tracheal disease, kidney disease, bladder disease, liver disease, arthritis, anemia, angina, asthenia, azotemia, bronchitis, calculosis, cancer (antitumor), liver congestion, spleen congestion, convalescence, demineralization, dermatoses, dyspepsia, eczema, edema, enteritis, dermatoses, fever, boils, gout, hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, hypertension, chronic mercurial and saturnal intoxications, stones, nephritis, obesity, pletitis , rheumatism, pregnancy, old age, stomatitis, overwork, endurance sports, acute conditions, bilious and bloody temperaments, pulmonary tuberculosis, digestive disorders.

Chestnuts edible can be eaten baked or pureed. They are an antiseptic for the digestive tract, antianemic, energetic, remineralizing, nerve and muscle tonic. The sulfur content is low, but due to the fact that they have sulfur they help to disinfect and restore bones, especially since they also contain phosphorus that helps to ossify.

Magnesium which they contain also helps a lot both the bone system and the whole body. Potassium helps the heart and blood vessels. The action of these fruits is known especially in the case of those with venous diseases (varicose veins, etc.). They are very helpful for all those who want to overeat and even athletes and convalescents. The iron they contain also helps to restore blood.

It should be noted that chestnut fruits are contraindicated for obese and diabetic patients.

Recommended in: coronary heart disease, venous or arterial disease, physical and mental asthenia, anemia, old age, convalescence, growth, decalcification, depression, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, osteoporosis, stomatitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

Chestnut tincture It is recommended in: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, prostate hypertrophy, rheumatism, sprains, myalgia, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, sprained arthritis, contusions, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, neuralgia, myalgia, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.

pumpkin contains leucine, tyrosine, peporesin, vitamin B, provitamin A, phosphorus and is known for its nutritional, sedative, refreshing, emollient, laxative and diuretic properties. It is indicated in asthenia, urinary tract infections, kidney failure, hemorrhoids, dyspepsia, enteritis, dysentery, constipation, heart disease, insomnia, diabetes.

seeds they are the most nutritious part of the pumpkin and contain a lot of magnesium. A study by French researchers showed that men with high magnesium levels had a 40% lower risk of dying young.

The seeds will also get rid of intestinal worms. They are peeled, keeping a thin greenish membrane, passed through a meat grinder and mixed with honey or jam (100 grams of honey to 300 grams of seeds) and taken on an empty stomach in small portions during an hour.

Specialists in natural medicine encourage the consumption of pumpkin seeds due to their rich content in vitamins. In addition to helping to eliminate intestinal parasites, clog blood vessels, regulate cholesterol and stimulate kidney activity, pumpkin seeds have a balancing glandular and nervous effect. Pumpkin seeds are recommended for heart patients!

Heart disease associated with high cholesterol levels can be alleviated with the help of a pumpkin seed cure. Meat, fried foods, butter and margarine, as well as confectionery and pastries are removed from the diet. It consumes about a hundred grams of pumpkin seeds daily, whose oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are an elixir for blood vessels. To be therapeutically effective, pumpkin seeds are eaten only unroasted.

Cabbage It is recognized for its richness especially in provitamin A, vitamins C and E and in fiber, elements that ensure the health of cells. Although it is a very low-calorie vegetable, it has around 25 calories (100 kjoules) per 100 grams of product, cabbage is very rich in vitamin A (a portion of 200 grams of cabbage covers the daily requirement of vitamin A) , vitamin E (200 grams of cabbage consumed daily covering the daily requirement of vitamin E) and the anticancer group of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9).

The mineral content is also very well represented: calcium, magnesium, iron, as well as trace elements: iodine, copper, manganese, sulfur. Dietary fiber is abundant, being composed mostly of cellulose and hemicellulose, which explains some intestinal intolerances.

Research conducted over the past 20 years has confirmed that regular consumption of cabbage has a beneficial effect in preventing colon cancer in particular, stomach cancer, but also lung, esophagus and rectum (research conducted at the University of Minnesota and J. Hopkins in the USA, in Greece, Israel, Japan, Norway).

Cabbage is a nutritious, energetic, remineralizing and toning alkalizing food and it is preferable to eat it raw, in order to keep its properties intact.

horseradish has antiscorbutic action, volatile oil through its components and synigroside communicates revulsive and rubifying properties also due to these products, which slimens both respiratory and renal has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, diuretic effect, excites the mucous membranes being revulsive, rubefiant , or even tear gas, makes internal secretions more abundant, helps eliminate bile, makes nasal and salivary secretions more abundant.

It is an appetizer because it causes the stomach to function faster. It is useful in various forms of anemia or even convalescence.

It helps as a diuretic to better kidney function. Externally it is a strong revulsive helping in various cases in which it is desired to restore blood circulation. Helps the normal functioning of the heart.
Horseradish tincture

Internal use: catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tract, chronic pulmonary catarrh, adjuvant treatment in anemia, anorexia, symptomatic treatment of urinary tract infections, digestive atony, hypoacid gastritis.
External use: poultices in tracheobronchitis, laryngitis, pulpitis and periodontitis, rheumatic diseases.

Quince yellow, sweet bitter, is not only the lamp at the window all winter, but also a kind of pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical properties: fruits, seeds and flowers are astringent, stomachic, appetizers, fortifying the liver, cures a number of diseases. Malic acid helps to neutralize the blood. Pectin helps blood clotting, useful in lung diseases, even tuberculosis, as well as intestinal diseases with diarrhea or even dysentery. It is tonic for the whole body and also contains a vitamin that helps cell recovery. Externally it can also be used even for rectal or uterine prolapse. Enemas and washes are made in this case.

Try a recipe for baked quince with cinnamon!

It is used for the following diseases: canker sores, burns - especially seed tea, bronchitis, cracked cheilitis, conjunctivitis, frostbite, diarrhea, digestive dystonia, eczema, pharyngitis, anal fissures, nipple fissures, gingivitis, uterine bleeding, hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, gastric hyperacidity, respiratory infections, , liver failure, skin irritations, leukorrhea, rectal and uterine prolapse, skin wounds, hoarseness, wrinkles, stomatitis, tuberculosis, cough, ulceration, vomiting.
The leaves are also used to paint yellow or black depending on the concentration.

During this period, we also find broccoli in the Romanian markets. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin A, B2, folic acid and vitamin C (2 times more vitamin C than an orange) and rich in iron and potassium. It is a vegetable with a high calcium content, almost an equivalent of milk in the diet. Contains selenium and sulfur compounds, with important antioxidant and anticancer effects.

It also contains a phytochemical compound (sulforaphane) that destroys a bacterium - Helicobacter pylori - responsible for gastritis and gastric ulcers. This compound together with others - indoles - have important anticancer properties useful in preventing breast cancer, gastric cancer, malignant melanoma, leukemias. Due to the content of antioxidants in the carotenoid family, broccoli also intervenes in eye protection, preventing the formation of cataracts.

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(3 July 2018 06:39) captarimariana said

I'm from Constanta where to go, what can I do, I can't feel a swelling in my anus and it doesn't allow me, I took dulcolax and I can't use a medical office in Constanta in vain,

(3 July 2018 06:32) captarimariana said

hello madam doctor nustiu what to do I took dulcolax pills and in vain I can't do it I think I'm constipated badly by all nustiu what to do help me go and work in vain I can't

Vitaminize your skin with 7 Days Vitamin Mist spray, which takes vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables that have been shown to help skin care.

Aria 7Days Vitamin Mist is a multifunctional spray that cleanses and moisturizes your skin and can be used both during the skin care process and makeup!

The benefits of each element in the composition:

  • Red: purifying effect
  • Broccoli: toning effect
  • Banana: elasticity stimulating effect
  • Apple: exfoliating effect
  • Cabbage: regenerating effect
  • Carrot: vitaminizing effect

Phyto-6 complex - banana for moisture and elasticity stimulation, apple for exfoliation, cabbage for reducing inflammation and skin regeneration, red for radiance, purification and UV protection, anti-aging and vitaminization carrots and broccoli for skin repair and toning.

Evaluated with the score "green" (Green) by the EWG (Environmental Working Group).

Proven not to cause irritation.

Formulated without silicone, phenoxyethanol, alcohol and without other 20 harmful ingredients.

Ingredient (INCI)

Water, Glycereth-26, Methylpropanediol, Niacinamide, Mineral Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Betaine, Octyldodeceth-16, Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lactobacillus / Soybean Ferment Extract, Adenosine, Dioscorea Japonica Root Extract ) Leaf Extract, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract, Carbomer, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Musa Sapientum (Banana) Fruit Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract, Tremella Fuciformis ( Mushroom) Extract, Tromethamine, Beta-Glucan, Sodium hyaluronate, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Riboflavin, Disodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin.

Way of ussage

Spray an appropriate amount of uniform spray on your face (5-6 inches away from your face) when your skin feels dry. Press lightly to absorb completely.

Alternative: Soak a cotton swab with spray and apply on the face for soothing effects.

About the Aria

Aria is a world-renowned Korean skin care brand that launched its most popular product, Aria 7Days Mask, in 2012.

The aria works to provide care to the skin affected by the stress of modern life, by capitalizing on the strength of natural ingredients. Aware that a brand cannot progress sustainably without providing quality products, Ariul is constantly working to create the right care for every skin type, from acne-prone skin, to dry and exfoliated skin, to anti-aging solutions. and more. Aria explores the benefits of natural ingredients that are beneficial for the inside of our body and applies them externally, for a healthy and radiant complexion.

Detoxification in a healthy way

& # 8222 Take care of your body, it 's the only place you live & # 8221. Each of us has periods when we eat a lot, either because of stress or because we have other concerns and forget about main meals, and this leads us to overeating. Our body undergoes changes due to this fact, and we must think about detoxification, a detoxification as natural as possible, so as not to influence other unhealthy appearances.

Natural detoxification contains natural ingredients, not based on herbal pills or teas.

Some recipes that help visibly after three weeks:

  • Strawberries + lemon. Cut 4 strawberries and a lemon into slices, add water (you can add ice according to your preferences), put everything in a shaker and mix. Eat this combination every day.
  • Kiwi + lime. Cut into slices 2 kiwis and 2 limes, add water and repeat the above steps.
  • Grapefruit + orange. Put these two ingredients in a blender to make a creamy texture that brings you detoxification and vitaminization at the same time.

Detoxification is essential, especially as the summer season approaches, the healthy body is formed over time, so start only with these recipes for the most toned body.

Stay with Verzuliu for news!

& # 8222 Take care of your body, it 's the only place you live & # 8221. Each of us has periods when we eat a lot, either because of stress or because we have other concerns and forget about main meals, and this leads us to overeating. Our body undergoes changes due to this fact, and we must think about detoxification, a detoxification as natural as possible, so as not to influence other unhealthy appearances.

Natural detoxification contains natural ingredients, not based on herbal pills or teas.

Some recipes that help visibly after three weeks:

  • Strawberries + lemon. Cut 4 strawberries and a lemon into slices, add water (you can add ice according to your preferences), put everything in a shaker and mix. Eat this combination every day.
  • Kiwi + lime. Cut into slices 2 kiwis and 2 limes, add water and repeat the above steps.
  • Grapefruit + orange. Put these two ingredients in a blender to make a creamy texture that brings you detoxification and vitaminization at the same time.

Detoxification is essential, especially as the summer season approaches, the healthy body is formed over time, so start only with these recipes for the most toned body.

Vitamins for chickens

I am especially interested in a mixed breed chicken (poultry, but chickens bought from distributors), a scheme of deworming, treatments, vitaminization but everything as natural and effective as possible. At the same time, I am interested in feed recipes (which I can make) from the natural component. Ditto for turkeys and ducks

Drinkers and feeders for day-old chicks, other equipment for raising day-old chicks, quail chicks, chickens, turkeys, etc. Raising chickens, turkey, duck and goose in the household Article Information Category: Birds February 14, 2020 After the chicks have hatched, following the natural incubation (shell), they will either be further protected for 3-4 weeks of cloisters with the help of the owner , or the shell will be given up and they will be taken care of only by humans. What you need to know if you want to raise chickens. We all know that a chicken raised in the yard is much healthier than commercial chicken. Therefore, I am convinced that many of you have thought of raising your own chickens for both meat and fresh eggs. Another issue to consider is the space required for each age. The size of the cage presented fits a relatively small number of chicks. That is why a 2 m / 1 m wire mesh fence can be made. The grass provides the chicks with an extra vitamin necessary for growth, the sunlight helping a lot to fix the calcium, very necessary for development.

Poultry feed - a mixture of cereals or rye

  • If you buy one-day-old chicks for meat, make sure you take them from authorized stores or farms, that they are healthy, vaccinated, and have good genetics. To recognize a healthy chicken, look for a sharp, beaked look. clean, to stand well on the feet, not to have ruffled feathers and no spots on the body
  • Poultry diseases are diseases that affect birds, which are usually raised for human consumption for example, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pheasants and quails. Diseases can be bacterial, viral, due to a deficiency, parasitic and neoplastic
  • is for laying hens from all online stores in Romania. VITAMIN E 100 ml, VITAMIN E 1 L, COMPLETE COMBINED FEED for Ga INI OUa CONSUMPTION (21-5) (ungranulated) 5K

Raising broilers - 3 lei - Agrolan

  • even of
  • it's because of those parasites. Chickens are the most affected, so that in the maximum two weeks after contacting the disease, the first symptoms appear, namely lack of appetite, anemia, diarrhea and difficulties in maintaining balance.
  • It is recommended for chickens because I have noticed that many of the chickens behave quite strangely, meaning they are sluggish and can barely stand. I asked at a veterinary pharmacy here in the area and the saleswoman there told me that it is possible that the chickens have a lack of cattle.
  • O gaina este mama adoptiva a patru catei. pui de gaina In loc sa stea si sa cloceasca oua, pentru a scoate pui, o gaina din Marea Britanie a preferat rolul de mama adoptiva si a luat sub aripa ei nu mai putin de patru catelusi, pe care nu-i scapa din ochi nicio clipa
  • erale şi vita

Timp de un an de zile, minim, vaccinati-va pasarile din 3 in 3 luni MAXIM! Pana atunci, mariti doza de antibiotic la 0,3 ml pe pasare si 0,1 ml pe pui afectat, injectabil, concomitent cu vitamine injectabil (doza de 0,1 ml per pasare, iar pentru pui, buvabil, in apa de baut) . Este recomandat crescătorilor care au sursă proteică și bază cerealieră proprie. Formă de prezentare: făinos Tip ambalaj: 25 kg Caută magazinul tă Si eu am acasa 44 de pui de gaina din care 11 sunt de carne iar 33 asa mixta acum au doua luni si o saptamana au deja pene pe ei si sunt tare blanzi . Anonim a scris la 31.05.2013 13:53: help. as dori si eu sa stiu ce tratament este mai eficient puilor de gaina pt coccidioza. Anonim a scris la 23.12.2012 10:29

Ai căutat calciu pui de gaina. La eMAG, ești liber să alegi din milioane de produse și branduri de top la prețuri avantajoase ⭐ Schemele de tratament şi vaccinări se vor aplica numai după consultarea medicului veterinar responsabil de exploataţiile de pui de carne. Pentru a veni în sprijinul crescătorilor, prezentăm trei variante de scheme aplicate pentru menţinerea stării de sănătate a efectivelor de pui de carne (tabel). DE REŢINUT. 1 iti ofera posibilitatea de a publica anunturi gratuite pentru orasul tau si imprejurimile sale. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. Pe te asteapta locuri de munca, apartamente si camere de inchiriat, masini second-hand si telefoane mobile la preturi mici Cusca cu 2 compartimente pentru pui gaina. Cusca pentru pui de gaina cu doua compartimente la lungimea de 100 cm care poate gazduii, in prima faza, pana la 80 de pui. Are MaxMember Bobilech Srl 230 lei Adauga in Cos. Localitate: Tigau Judet: Bistrita Nasaud Producato Din statisticile existente, o gaina crescuta in conditiile gospodariilor taranesti produce pe an circa 120 oua, exclusiv in timpul verii, dar consuma pe zi 120 g graunte, sau pe an 43,8 kg, rezultand cca. 365 g furaje pe ou, fata de 280 - 300 oua pe an in sistemul intensiv de crestere, cu un consum de 140 -1 50 g pe ou . Proteinele din carnea de pui sunt considerate proteine slabe si, prin urmare, de calitate. O portie de carne de pui iti ofera aproximativ un sfert din necesarul zilnic de proteine, acei nutrienti esentiali organismului pentru a transforma grasimile in energie si pentru a preveni pierderea masei osoase.. Acest aliment are si proprietati energizante, multumita aportului.

Cumparam vitaminele potrivite pentru puii de carne de pui

Sisteme de incalzire pentru pasari si pui de o zi. Incalzire cu infrarosu, lampi de inclazire pasari, trubosuflante cu aer cald, arzatoare gaz cu infrarosu In filmuletul anterior v-am prezentat structura. Acum e momentul sa vedeti cotetul si noul tarc cum arata. Citeste articolul complet pe: Pui de gaina de rasa de vanzare Introduceți-vă adresa de e-mail pentru a primi alerte când vom găsi anunțuri noi pentru Pui de gaina de rasa de vanzare . Câmpul destinat e-mailului nu trebuie să fie gol Vă rugăm să introduceți o adresă de e-mail validă Media de consum de furaje pe serie / cap de pui este de 3,6 Kg, respectiv de 1,8 kg furaje pentru 1 kg spor in greutate. Evolutia greutatii corporale a puilor broiler: conform unui calcul matematic are loc o crestere treptata a sporului de greutate bazat pe un spor proteic, care atinge maximum la virsta de 42 de zile Ouale fac parte categoria super-alimente deoarece sunt singurele cu cele mai multe valori nutritive pentru sanatate. Un ou are forma ovala si culoarea alba. Culorile acestuia pot fi in functie de calitate si de specia de pasari (gaina, rata, gasca, curca si prepelita)

Trucuri pentru Supa de gaina cu galuste de gris. Gaina fiarta intreaga, la foc mic nu face spuma iar supa va fi limpede. Galustile fierte separat nu riscati sa se imprastie in supa daca compozitia de gris este prea moale Știți cum sunt hrăniți puii sănătoși? Pentru creșterea puiilor sănătoși hrana este foarte importantă. Aaylex a investit într-o fabrică modernă de hrană pentr.. Ciorba de pui - bors de pui cu taitei de casa, bors de gaina ca-n Moldova, acrit cu bors de putina. Se poate acri si cu otet, lamaie, zeama de varza si se numeste ciorba. Reteta scrisa si video pas cu pas

Acestia sunt vanduti pentru a fi crescuti in continuare in conditii naturale si pentru a obtine asa numita gaina de casa . Carnea de pui este bogata in vitamine si saruri minerale avand un continut ridicat de zinc, fier, magneziu, vitamina B12 Daca tu crezi ca le va fi de ajutor, cumpara un mix de vitamine pentru pui si adauga-le in apa ca sa ajuti la intarirea sistemului lor imunitar. Adapostirea puilor Brahma este o gaina de culoare alb cu negru. Cocosu are intre 4,5 si 5,5 kg iar gaina 3,5 si 4,5 kg. O gaina produce anual 120-140 de oua

Tratament Ologeala Pasari, Vitamina D, Calciu Pasar

Cotete pentru gaini - Opinii si recenzii in 2020 . Cei care au ales viata la curte isi doresc, de multe ori, sa se poata bucura si de alte avantaje in afara de aerul curat, iar cateva gaini care sa iti puna la dispozitie cateva oua proaspete sunt usor de intretinut, cu conditia sa le oferi un adapost adecvat Cusca pentru crestere / transport este un produs care se recomanda a fi utilizat de catre clienti pentru cresterea / transportul puilor de la o zi pana la 3 saptamani . Numarul de pui care se pot acomoda in aceasta cusca este de 50 . Desigur in functie de specie numarul poate creste sau trebuie sa fie diminuat . Dimensiuni: lungime - 46 cm latime - 90 cm inaltime - 25

Alimentația și îngrijirea puilor de găină

Pui of gaina mari of vanzare Introduceți-vă adresa of e-mail for a primi alerte când vom găsi anunțuri noi for Pui of gaina mari of vanzare . Câmpul destinat e-mailului nu trebuie să fie gol Vă rugăm să introduceți o adresă of e-mail validă Pentru a facilita aceste servicii, datele colectate pot fi transmise și prelucrate de către terti, iar stocarea datelor legate de semnătura electronică se efectuează într-un mod securizat fără posibilitatea de a fi utilizate în alt scop decât cel al prelucrării în scopul prestării serviciilor de onorare a comenzilor online Pui de gaina cu probleme - Buna ziua, am scos la incubator 10 pui de găină pe data de 6 aprilie, i-am hrănit cu malai si ou fiert in prima săptămână, apoi.. Deficienta de vitamine nu este chiar atat de grava ca cea de minerale. Si in Craiova sunt cativa crescatori care dau la porumbei reproducatori concentrate granulate pentru puii de gaina sau de curca iar pui lor chiar cresc frumos.Tot in Craiova sunt crescatori care in momentul in care vor sa dea vitamine LA porumbei ia o oala ,pun un cartof. Ca si gust, carnea de pui nu o poate inlocui pe si mai gustoasa carne de rata sau de gasca. Nutrienti benefici prezenti ce se regasesc in carnea de pui: vitamina A, acid ascorbic, complexul de vitamine B3, B6, B12, vitamina E, zinc, potasiu, fosfor, selenium. Informatii nutritionale pentru 100 de grame de pui: Kcal: 119 Grasimi: 3.1 grame

AVIANPROTECT TEN 100 Comprimate: 9,92 RON - PetMart PetSho

In ferma noastra pentru cresterea puilor de carne, am desfasurat programe ample de modernizare a sistemelor de hranire, adapare, ventilatie si incalzire. Ferma de pui este formata din doua hale si este amplasata la distanta mare de zonele locuite si beneficiaza de filtre sanitar-veterinare pentru acces controlat al personalului Ce vitamine este bine să îi dau unui pui de cățel de aproximativ 5 luni. Nu știu exact când s-a născut, pentru că l-am luat de pe stradă. Am fost la un control, totul părea normal, dar este foarte slăbit și mănâncă puțin Ministrul german al agriculturii, Julia Klöckner, a prezentat recent un proiect de lege care interzice uciderea puilor de gaina in fermele din Germania, începând cu finalul anului 2021. Activiștii pentru drepturile animalelor și politicienii s-au indignat multă vreme de faptul că milioane de pui mici și pufoși ajung în tocător • pui de tara (pui de gaina, pestriti, colorati, gat golas) • prepelite (oua de prepelita, pui si prepelite adulte) datorita posibilitatii acestora de a-si asigura o parte din vitamine si saruri direct din mediul natural spatiu de miscare, lipsa zgomotelor si a luminii artificiale pe durata noptii, deci lipsa de stres a pasarilor. Bec cu infrarosu Helios - 150 W. Ideal atat pentru pui de gaina, cat si pentru alte pasari sau animale mici din gospodarii/ferme Are o oglinda dubla reflectoare, care emite cu 20% mai multa caldura, cu o durata de utilizare de pana la la 5000 de ore Include o baza de alama care permite schimbul facil al becului

1. Se pune găina, curăţată şi spălată, în prealabil, să fiarbă în apă cu sare. După ce a început să clocotească, se adaugă legumele tăiate cubuleţe şi se lasă să fiarbă la foc mic, acoperită cu un capac. 2. Între timp, într-un bol, se sparge oul, se bate cu sare şi se îngroaşă cu făina Gama de produse este diversa si axata pe interesul specific al acestei categorii de clienti. Acesta creste pui - oferim cei mai buni hibrizi care exista in Europa in acest moment. Are nevoie de furaje pentru cresterea lor - oferim cele mai sanatoase si mai performante furaje din magazinele din Romania Reteta supa de gaina cu galuste. Acest tip de supa este una de suflet pentru romani. Te alina cand esti bolnav sau te incalzeste daca o mananci fierbinte pe timpul iernii. Insa, multe persoane se feresc de ea cand vine vorba de gatit, din cauza galustelor. Par ceva atat de dificil de preparat, incat majoritatea renunta

The chicken breast is deboned and its skin is removed. It is sliced ​​into strips with a thickness of 1.0-1.5 cm. Feliile din piept de gaina se pun intr-o punga din plastic impreuna cu amestecul de macerare - ceapa si usturoi verde, tocate marunt, ulei de masline extravirgin, mustar de Dijon, otet din orez, zeama de lamaie, putina coaja de lamaie, marar si patrunjel verde, tocate marunt, sare grunjoasa. Expertii sunt de parere ca expunerea de 3 ori/saptamana la soare timp de 10-15 minute, este suficienta pentru a stimula sinteza acestei vitamine, cu asigurarea cantitatii necesare organismului. Vitamina D faciliteaza absorbtia calciului si depunerea sa in oase si dinti (asigurand astfel o rezistenta crescuta acestor structuri) si intervine in. Pui de gaina, craiova catargiu. 1,062 likes. Pui de gaina la 2 -3 saptamani .GARANTAT CELE MAi BUN RAPORT : CALITATE-PRET Au ars instalaţia de iluminat, instalaţia sistemului de adăpare şi hrănire a puilor şi sistemul de deschidere a ventilaţiei în hală. De asemenea, în urma incendiului au murit aproximativ 12.000 de pui de o zi, din cauza intoxicării cu fum PROMOTOR L 47 este indicat - In perioada de crestere la purcei, vitei si pui de gaina - In caz de scadere a apetitului din alte cauze decat cele infectioase - Pentru cresterea rezistentei fata de boli infectioase sau parazitare - In perioadele de convalescenta, subnutritie, sau stress - Pentru cresterea performantelor functiei de reproductie - In perioda de lactatie - Pentru imbunatatirea.

Nu ai selectat nici un produs! Căutare. Prima Pagin Descoperiti 4 produse din sectiunea Animale Si Pasari Vii de la Panthera Med: Pui de curca, pui gaina carne precrescuti, Tg-mures - Oferta vanzare. Contactati firma pentru mai multe detali Ciclul vietii la Pui Set educativ care contine 4 figurine din plastic, vopsite manual, reprezentand ciclul vietii la pui. OUA Corpul puisorului se formeaza si este hranit de ga.. Aceasta rasa are pielea de culoare galbena. Nutritie. Pentru cresterea ca la carte a brahmei se vor folosi furaje bine echibrate, pe categorii de vârsta pentru pui (energie metabolizanta, proteina bruta, aminoacizi esentiali si neesentiali, micro si macroelemente, precum si vitamine)

Oțetul pus în apa găinilor, de mare ajutor pentru

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Hrana pui gaina Garvo Alfastart chicks 1075, 12,5 kg Hrana starter pentru pui de gaini Garvo Alfastart chicks 1075 Pret: 162.9 RO Hrana completa pentru pisici mai mari de 1 an. Aceasta prezinta un continut optim de vitamine si minerale pentru a contribui la mentinerea sanatatii pisicii dumneavoastra. Cele 4 pliculete contin pui, mazare, vita, curcan, miel si morcov 48 oferte pentru Pui de gaina de carne sau pui rasa mixta 4-6 saptamani 7.90 lei. Puii sunt vaccinati ( 2 vaccinuri contra pestei aviare si 1 vaccin contra borsitei). Hranitoare plastic pasari albastra, 4kg, 30213, Copele Hranitoare plastic pasari albastra, 4kg, 30213, Copele Hranitoare din plastic pentru pasari de. Vand Oua de bibilica si de gaini pentru incubat mai multe rase ouatoare si de carne. Vând pui de gaina rasa Araucana. Găinile Araucana sunt originale din Chile, foart Savarsin Arad Telefon validat. 20 iulie. 3 1. incubatoare performante automate 3 000 RON. Sc executa incubatoare de diferite capacitati cu intoarcere automata Executam.

Formulele de calitate pentru pui conțin o mulțime de proteine ușor digerabile și un grad ridicat de minerale esențiale, cum ar fi calciu, fosfor, magneziu, zinc și fier, precum și vitamina D, pentru a ajuta la oase și dinți sănătoși. Astfel, dacă nu te sfătuiește veterinarul altfel, nu este nevoie să dai puiului suplimente Pui de gaini rasa mixta Pentru clientii doritori de carne cu aspect placut si gust pe masura, magazinele VITAL ofera 2 variante de pui rasa mixta: Pui pentru carne-oua. Acestia prezinta viteza mare de crestere si ajung la greutati de 4.5-5 kg gaina si 6-7 kg cocosul (Rosu supergreu, Master grey) (vezi imagini si grafice de crestere)

O scurta introducere in cresterea puilor de gaina

Ca si gust, carnea de pui nu o poate inlocui pe delicatesa carne de rata sau de gasca. Nutrienti benefici prezenti ce se regasesc in carnea de pui: vitamina A, acid ascorbic, complexul de vitamine B3, B6, B12, vitamina E niacina, B12. zinc, potasiu, fosfor, selenium. Informatii nutritionale pentru 100 de grame de pui: Kcal: 119 Grasimi: 3.1. Se calculeaza doza de vaccin - 1,05-1,2 doze - pe cap de pui in functie de toti factorii care pot opri ingerarea de catre pui a dozei de vaccinare (dezinfectanti, front insuficient de adapare, etc.). se calculeaza cantitatea de apa in care se introduce vaccinul pentru ca toti puii sa consume vaccin in maxim 1-1,5 ore de la desfacerea flaconului. - amestec pentru pui de curcă până la vârsta de 60 zile: 55 kg uruială din boabe de porumb, 18 kg uruială orz, 12 kg uruială ovăz, 8 kg făină de lucernă, 4 kg lapte praf, 2 kg cretă furajeră, 1 kg sare. Creta şi sarea trebuie să fie bine amestecate. Consumul zilnic este de 1,5-2 kg (în funcţie de vârstă) pentru 10 pui de curcă - 1/2 cana de bulion Pentru compozitie: 1 gaina (1 pui sau pieptul de la un curcan), - 1 ceasca de orez, - 1 ceapa mare, - 1/2 cana de bulion, - 1/2 de lingurita de sare, - 1 varf de cutit de piper, - 1 ou bulion, oul, sare si piper dupa gust. Dezoseaza gaina de carne si pune-o in robot la tocat

Coaja lor are multi pori prin care respira viitorul pui, dar si prin care microbii patrund inauntru. Of aceea, se recomanda sa spalati bine ouale, chiar si inainte of fierbere, ca sa preveniti salmoneloza. Vindecatorii recomanda: Din mosi-stramosi ouale au fost folosite of romani atat for vindecare, cat si for indeletniciri magice. 1 Ouale pentru incubat nu trebuie sa fie mai vechi de o saptamana sau mai proaspete de 3 zile. Pentru a favoriza ecloziunea, in ziua precedenta a punerii oualor la incubatie, ouale trebuie transferate intr-o incinta incalzita la 34°C, apoi in incubator unde suporta o noua dezinfectie. Am acest model de 4 ani,am scos pui de gaina,si de.

Cresterea puilor de rasa mixta - 2,8 lei - Agrolan

Pentru că am primit feedback pentru produsele Gata de gătit, cum că sunt foarte bine marinate şi au un gust special, vrem să împărtăşim cu voi 5 retete de pui marinat.Sunt 5 combinaţii pe care noi le recomandăm gospodinelor pentru a obţine o friptură specială Producem peste 100 de produse: furaje cât și concentrate proteino-vitamino-minerale pentru toată gama de animale și pasări ( pui de o zi, pești, curcani, struți, porci, porumbei, iezi, ovine, macropremixuri și altele) Am niste pui de gaina care au inceput sa se manance intre ei adica toti se intorc impotriva unuia si incep sa-l mamance pe sub aripioare. Ce sa fac ca sa nu se mai inample asta? Este sindromul de pica, boala care netratata duce la canibalism. Este o afectiune nervoasa generata de densitate, monotonie alimentara si/sau excitatie luminoasa Vand pui de gaina brahm Sector 6 Bucuresti Telefon validat. 16 septembrie. 2 4. Oua fara colesterol 4 RON Vand pui de carne pentru taiat pret 10 lei kg in viu 0721531795 Timisoara Timis Telefon validat. 15 septembrie. 4. Matase japoneza. Al doilea sfat a fost acela de a lua una dintre gaini pentru a-i fi analizati parazitii, astfel incat sa nu existe niciun dubiu ca ar fi vorba despre altceva decat paduchii de gaina. In fine, ultima sugestie a fost aceea de a insista cu substantele deparazitante iar, daca acestea nu vor functiona, sa se recurga la construirea unui nou cotet.

Punem la dispozitia dumneavoastra pentru anul 2019 - perioada februarie pana la 30 iunie -pui gospodaresti de 1-2 zile la pret de 2 l. Pui din productie proprie Găina este o pasăre domestică, iar sub formă sălbatică mai trăiește în prezent în Asia de Sud Est, India , Indonezia și Europa Carnea de pui reprezinta o sursa bogata de minerale, oligoelemente si vitamine, furnizand intr-o proportie variabila majoritatea vitaminelor complexului B, vitaminele liposolubile A, D, K, E, fier, cupru, zinc, magneziu, fosfor, potasiu, calciu. Seleniul din carnea de pui are un rol important in mai multe hrana pentru pui de gaina incubator. Puii zburati sunt puii crescuti de la ecloziune pana la varsta de 3 saptamani sau mai mult. Acestia sunt vanduti pentru a fi crescuti in continuare in conditii naturale, pentru a obtine asa numita gaina de casa Aceasta problema apare si la puisorii de gaina scosi la clocitoare daca hrana nu este corespunzatoare si nu exista aderenta buna in containerul in care sunt crescuti. Vitamine 3. + tratament pentru flora intestiala am avut si eu un pui de porumbel de vreo 16 zile si mi a murit avea gainatul apos si culoarea era un galben desi l am.

Cresterea gaini - Misiunea Cas

Odata cu sosirea primaverii atat micii crescatori cat si crescatorii specializati in cresterea puilor, se pregatesc pentru cresterea puilor . Fabrica Custi-Animale Bistrita sta la dispozitie cu o gama variata de custi si echipamente pentru cresterea puilor de gaina, curca bibilici, pui prepelite si nu numai. Custile realizate la fabrica Custi-Animale Bistrita, sunt de inalta calitate foarte. a ei, de pui :P Ingrediente: Pentru supa: - 1 gaina de casa sau 2, 3 bucati piept de pui + pulpe - 4 litri apa - 1 lingura care se strecoara. Carnea de gaina/pui se taie fasii sieu, deoarece nu am avut gaina de casa, cu grasime suculenta.

Hrana bobocilor necesita un procent de proteina mai mare decat a puilor de gaina (15-20%). NU hraniti bococii de rata cu furaj pentru pui de gaina, daca acesta contine medicamente. Substantele medicamentoase din acest tip de furaj sunt nocive pentru bobocii, determinand afectarii ale organelor si malformatii, adesea moartea Riscă închisoare un an pentru că a omorât un pui de găină pe teren 07.11.2019, 10:15 . O asociaţie croată de apărare a animalelor şi-a anunţat, miercuri, intenţia de a depune plângere împotriva unui fotbalist croat acuzat că ar fi ucis un pui de găină cu lovituri de picior în timpul unui meci semi-profesionist. Dacă va fi. Un joc de logica absolut magnific si captivant despre pui de gaina. Descopera cum sa manipulei elementele pentru a putea salva pui de gaina si de ai aduce in siguranta in cuibul lor. Statistici Jucat de 34.883 ori Etichete. jocuri cu gaini, jocuri cu pui, jocuri cu pui de gaina, jocuri de logica. Categoriile Joculu

Piept de Gaina Refrigerat - Fileul de gaina deține recordul conținutului de proteine de origine animala care este ușor de digerat.Este necesar nu numai pentru mușchi, ci pentru întregul organism. Produsul conține vitamine B, precum și fier, care menține un nivel ridicat de hemoglobină în sânge. În comparație, de exemplu, cu gamba de pui, în fileul de pui există de patru ori. Un pui are alte nevoi fata de o gaina matura, de aceea hrana unei gaini va fi diferita. Cei care cresc gaini in curte aleg furaje amestecate, ce se gasesc usor in comert. Mancarea pentru gaini ouatoare trebuie sa fie specifica pentru fiecare specie si rasa de gaini in parte, dar si sa corespunda varstei acestora Pentru a beneficia de proprietatile supei, trebuie totusi sa ingerati o cantitate semnificativa, astfel incat sa fiti protejati impotriva infectiilor. O supa care sa contina carne de gaina/pui, ceapa, cartofi dulci, morcovi, telina, patrunjel, sare si piper este mai mult decat indicata in zilele reci, de iarna

Pui si gaina. Pui la cuptor cu orez și cartofi. see recipe. Saramură de pui. see recipe. Ciorbă de fasole verde cu pui. see recipe. Ciorbă de pui cu legume. see recipe. Rice with vegetables and chicken breast. see recipe. Cordon Bleu de pui la cuptor. Ardei umpluți cu carne de pui - cea mai simplă rețetă. gaina, pui, pui gaina, carte de colorat, carte de colorat gratuita, colorare, fisa colorat, fise de colorat, imagini de colorat, imagini de colorat de printat, planse de colorat, Blog Bookmark Gadgets. Daca acesta acuza lipsa de chef pentru desene, practica tactica recompensa. EX: Daca desenezi plansele acesta mergem in locul x, mergem. 5 vitamine si minerale uitate. Cum să ai o dietă sănătoasă și echilibrată Cel mai bine este să obții vitaminele și mineralele de care ai nevoie dintr-o dietă sănătoasă, bine echilibrată, dar uneori asta este dificil. Iată cinci vitamine și minerale pe care poate fi nevoie să le suplimentezi, dacă nu obții suficient prin dietă Gama variata de hranitori din plastic si galvanizate pentru pui de o zi Pentru a prepara o supă sau o ciorbă delicioasă adăugaţi o linguriţă (3 g) Vegeta Gust de Găină pentru o porţie (250 ml) şi fierbeţi 5 minute. Folosiţi Vegeta Gust de Găină pentru a îmbogăţi gustul supelor, ciorbelor, tocăniţelor, sosurilor, fripturilor, mâncărurilor din legume, orez, cartofi şi a altor preparate Vitamine pentru potență la bărbați. O vitamină poate trata disfuncțiile erectile la fel de eficient ca celebra pilulă albastră, iar spre deosebire de aceasta, vitamina are efecte secundare nesemnificative. Vitamina B3 (niacina), care se găsește în pieptul de pui, în grâu sau în pește poate ajuta la depășirea problemelor.

Cura DETOX, Vitaminizare 4 zile cu Sfecla rosie, Mango, Matcha, Spirulina

Cura pentru detoxifierea ficatului și vitaminizare 4 zile cu sfecla rosie, ananas, matcha 750 ml. Ingrediente: suc de mere BIO, suc de sfeclă roșie BIO (10%), nectar de mango BIO, suc de ananas BIO, nectar de acerola BIO, nectar de kiwi BIO, suc de fructul pasiunii BIO, matcha BIO (0,2%), spirulină din alge marine BIO (0,1%). BIO = ORGANIC = din culturi certificate ecologic.

Suc de legume și fructe cu sfeclă roșie, matcha și spirulină din alge marine, cu vitamina C naturală. În special după sărbători sau atunci când vor să își vadă silueta mai frumoasă, oamenii vor să urmeze o cură de revitalizare. Cura DETOX este ca un fel de buton de resetare pentru a ne ajuta organismul să își găsească echilibrul. Rabenhorst Detox cu vitamina C protejează celulele de stresul oxidativ. Este un suc delicios din fructe și legume organice, precum mere, mango, ananas, acerola, kiwi și fructul pasiunii, care a fost armonios coordonată cu sfeclă roșie, ceai verde autentic Matcha și alge spirulina. O adevărată experiență de gust și savoare!

Ecologic. Vegan. O porție de 200 ml acoperă 50% din necesarul zilnic de vitamina C.

Înainte de a deschide, agitați sticla. Închideți întotdeauna sticla deschisă și păstrați-o în frigider. A se consuma de preferință în 5 zile de la deschidere.

Conținut: 0,75 l. Producător: Haus Rabenhorst, Germania.

Rabenhorst reprezintă peste 200 de ani de experiență în producerea de sucuri și tratamente naturiste de cea mai înaltă calitate. Sucurile sunt create cu fructe crescute în ritm natural, în agricultura controlată. Ingredientele nealterate și procesul de fabricare blând - în principal presare directă - nu numai că garantează un gust excelent, natural, dar și un maxim de ingrediente nutritive și de vitamine esențiale. Cu sucurile Rabenhorst poți obține acel echilibru pentru viața de zi cu zi turbulentă. Astfel, ai grijă de sănătatea ta!

Sistemul imunitar este apărarea organismului împotriva bolilor și a infecțiilor. Indiferent dacă aveți un sistem imunitar mai slab în mod natural ori suferiți de o boală, fie că sunteți perfect sănătoși dar acordați importanță prevenției, puteți ajuta la întărirea sistemului imunitar urmând formulele de vitaminizare Haus Rabenhorst.

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