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KFC and Comedy Central Create 'Growing Up and Getting Out' Web Series

KFC and Comedy Central Create 'Growing Up and Getting Out' Web Series

Fact: 85 percent of college graduates are moving back in with their parents. In a recent KFC commercial, viewers watch as one of those "85 percent-ers" sits at home munching on Original Recipe Bites, the new "bite-sized chicken for grown-up tastes." His parents approach him, and just as dad begins to criticize his son’s "chicken nuggets," he tries one of the bites. He’s blown away, and realizes that his son is grown up after all.

Now, KFC is teaming up with Comedy Central on a mini-series based on the maxim, "if bite-sized chicken can grow up, so can you." The five-episode web series will feature Comedians Dave Koechner, (The Office and Anchorman) Steve Rannazzisi (The League) and Mo Collins (MADtv).

Targeted toward "The Basement Generation," the mini web series, which launched July 17, revolves around Michael (played by comedian Michael Palascak) and chronicles funny moments as moves back home with his parents (Dave Koechner and Mo Collins). The show will also feature Alexis Knapp (Project X) as Michael’s date, Allyn Rachel as his sister, Daveo Mathias as his friend, and Steve Rannazzisi as the host. Each week, the series will capture the dramedy of life at home as it relates to day-to-day events: Homecoming (July 17); Dinner (July 23); Chores (July 30); Date (August 6), and Video Games (August 13). The internet-based series, KFC spokesman Rick Maynard says, is a good way to reach their target audience for the new menu item, which is geared toward young, single males.

In addition to the web series, Growing Up and Getting Out also features a socially fueled contest, running from July 17 to August 20, that asks contestants to share pictures and stories that capture the humorous side of living at home. Fans can give the "thumbs up" to posts they like and comment on the leader board, which will be monitored by Comedy Central for funny posts to feature. According to Maynard, the judges are looking for "creativity and fun," and the ability to tell a compelling story in just a photo and a few lines of texts. Maynard reports that they've received a slew of hilarious submissions already. Five winners will win free rent for a year ($12,000), and of course, a lifetime supply of KFC Original Recipe Bites. Or technically, $600 in KFC Chicken Checks — to cater the "move-out" party.

Check out the pilot episode for yourself below.

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