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Figaro ... Figaro ... Figaro :)

Figaro ... Figaro ... Figaro :)

-mix the butter (at room temperature) with the yolks then add the sugar and mix until it melts and forms a very fine cream

-I mixed the baking powder with flour

-flour and milk are added alternately over cream (butter, sugar and yolk)

-optionally you can also add vanilla or lemon peel and "necessarily" a pinch of salt

-so formed the dough in the oven (I used a tray 23/33) at 150 degrees for 30 minutes

-when the dough is about 3/4 baked, take it out and spread it with jam

-from the three egg whites and 50 gr of sugar, make a meringue that is mixed with ground walnuts and added over the jam.

- put in the oven for approx. 30 minutes at 120 degrees

RECIPE: Figaro pralines

1. Prepare dark almond pralines or light hazelnut pralines. The pralines must be prepared in a ratio of 1: 1 with sugar and roasted Turkish hazelnuts (not peanuts), and also in a ratio of 1: 1 of fried almonds to a darker color and the addition of sugar are prepared almond pralines. The amount of cocoa butter will always be added only at the end of the process of making praline, in this case 18-20%.

2. Both compositions should be tempered to a temperature of 24-25 ° C, then spread on a sheet of paper 2 mm thick using a 2 mm thick slat. With another 2 mm slat, stretch the hazelnut wart and remove the excess. Peel off the paper and allow the nougat to harden at a temperature of 16 ° C. On the previous sheet will be applied a 2 mm layer of almond nougat, this process will be repeated until you reach 3 layers of almond pralines and 4 layers of hazelnut pralines.

3. The nougat layers will be covered with a layer of dark chocolate mixed with almond nougat of approx. 1 mm thick. Before the chocolate is finally hardened, it will be divided into 18-20 mm cubes. After dividing, leave the pieces to harden well. Curing should take place in air-conditioned spaces and not in the refrigerator. Because the product melts very easily, it will be sold packaged in aluminum foil.

Several recipes can be learned at the chocolate course organized by the PanGastRo Association between October 11-12, 2017.

The sink that promises

Granite may no longer be the number one choice in kitchen design trends for kitchen countertops, but granite sinks remain the perfect option, not being an outdated choice, as it would seem at first glance. These sinks are composed of a carefully made mixture of natural stone and resin to withstand continuous use, and the result is absolutely fabulous.

Kitchen sinks made of granite are incredibly durable and without a doubt for many, the indispensable element in the kitchen. These sinks exist on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and matte finishes to give personality to your dream kitchen.

In the following, there are some considerations that could help you decide that it is time to make a change and choose a granite kitchen sink.

We must keep in mind a very important aspect when we talk about installing a granite kitchen sink. It is hard. Give him the support he needs. Granite sinks cannot be "hung" on the countertop, like a conventional stainless steel sink. It is preferable to call a specialist to help you safely install the sink.

It is unique and unmatched. A granite kitchen sink, because it is made of natural stone, has a uniqueness and individuality that cannot be replicated. First of all, not everyone has a granite sink. But more than that, no two tiles or blocks are identical. Your sink will be literally unique.

The right countertop and sink. If you also opted for granite countertops, you can install a granite kitchen sink made of the same type of granite as the countertop. The result is a perfect visual appearance throughout the kitchen. Of course, insofar as you prefer this type of unitary decor. Natural granite complements many design styles. A granite kitchen sink completes various kitchen styles. Thus, the granite sink is compatible with both casual and formal style and fits beautifully with various colors and materials of furniture.

There are many online stores that sell granite sinks. They specialize in all types of household and kitchen products, including sinks, faucets and a number of other items. Everything becomes easier the more we think about the advantages that online orders bring. First of all, you have at your disposal a wide range of products that, if you chose to see them in physical stores, would be almost impossible. Everything is under your eyes on the internet. Second, the costs could be lower, you would exclude shipping costs, because many online merchants do not charge shipping fees. You save time and money, invest in sustainable products and benefit from fast and quality services.

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The concern of Romanians working in Italy

In the context of the COVID crisis, the daily also analyzes the situation of Romanians working across the border.

Around one million Romanians work in Italy, especially in the construction and personal care services sector.

Many of them are now spending their holidays in the country and are worried about the future, given that Italy could tighten the conditions for entering the country on July 31, the French daily points out.

Romania is the main Balkan country that provides seasonal workers for Western countries, including Spain, France and Germany.

About 150 Romanian workers out of the 400 who worked on a farm in the Dingolfing-Landau region of Germany were found with COVID.

And this is not the first case, as the French newspaper notes. So far, around 1,500 Romanians working on farms and slaughterhouses in Germany have fallen ill.

Le Figaro: Dragnea watches from the cell how Kovesi becomes chief European prosecutor

Laura Codruța Kovesi, engaged in the fight against corruption, but sanctioned by the power in her country, will lead the European Prosecutor's Office. Justice has prevailed, and the rule of law created by Western democracies has prevailed - this is the significance of Kovesi's future takeover of the post of European prosecutor, writes Le Figaro.

The publication notes, in an article that will appear in the print edition on Friday, that Paris has decided not to support the French candidate for this position, prosecutor Jean Francois Bohnert.

At the helm of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, she will fight EU-funded fraud, corruption and money laundering.

Liviu Dragnea will watch from the cell the victory of his rival. The former head of PSD, the successor of the Communist Party, started a battle against the prosecutor since the victory of PSD in the 2016 legislative elections, writes Le Figaro.

During the period when he led DNA, the institution sent a former prime minister and dozens of ministers, parliamentarians and other officials to court.

Convicted of electoral fraud, which did not allow him to take over the leadership of the Government, Dragnea had a second trial pending, the case of fictitious employment. Hence his haste to reform the judiciary, writes Le Figaro, who recalls the massive protests in the winter of 2017, against GEO 13, when people took to the streets chanting Kovesi's name.

Le Figaro writes that DNA, initially the anti-corruption prosecutor's office, was created at the requirements of the European Union and that under the leadership of Laura Codruța Kovesi, dignitaries were tried.

The "fight" against corrupt politicians was to be pronounced when Liviu Dragnea's PSD decided to change the rules. Through laws and ordinances, it amended the Criminal Codes, the status of magistrates, resumed control over the careers of magistrates and disciplinary investigations. This is how Kovesi was fired from DNA, then suspected of "abuse of power, corruption and false testimony", but these false accusations were raised ", writes Le Figaro.

The publication also recalls the warning from European Commissioner Frans Timmermans on May 10 that the EU will take action against Rome and the activation of Article 7, which could leave an EU country without the right to vote - and the outcome of the May 26 European elections. c & acircnd PSD decreased by 13% compared to the previous election. He also mentioned the vote in the referendum on justice, which "clearly supported the fight against corruption".

The next day, Liviu Dragnea was definitively sentenced to life imprisonment and imprisoned in Rahova.

"Corruption can be defeated, don't give up," Kovesi told colleagues when she was forced to leave DNA. From his new prosecutor's office in Brussels, he will be able to keep an eye on them, Le Figaro concludes.

LE FIGARO: The twenty-seven at the head of a Europe that is barely breathing

Among the topics on the agenda: possible sanctions against Turkey, vaccine coordination, the fight against terrorism, the climate target for 2030 or even & # 8230 this recovery plan stalled for several weeks. At the end of this nightmare year for the EU, the sensitivity and importance of the issues to be addressed convinced European Council President Charles Michel of the absolute need to bring leaders to Brussels, despite growing Covid-19 contamination almost everywhere in Europe. . Nothing is being played at this stage, writes the French daily Le Figaro in an analysis

But the EU is not far from the abyss, on the verge of an embolism. And this Europe is certainly not the one dreamed of by former President Valéry Giscard d'Esting, who died last week and to whom the twenty-seven will pay tribute at the beginning of their meeting. & # 8222We have several elements waiting and this gives the impression that we are in a form of fragility & # 8221, admits, from the tip of his lips, a European diplomat. Two key issues are at stake. First of all, this damn Brexit, which has devoured European energies since the 2016 referendum. Three weeks before the end of the transition period, Britain will & # 8222 get out of European orbit, and Brussels and London are still in discussion of their future relationships, with no way for a compromise to emerge at this stage. Of course, it is said here and there that there is no question of the summit being vampirized by the British subject. As the twenty-seven were unprepared to accept BoJo's arrival at their meeting now that the UK is no longer part of the EU bloc, as of January 31, 2020, but Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel did not want to talk to him on the phone. . They consider, as the Elysee Palace points out, that a single channel of negotiation through the Commission is preferable to the unity of Europeans.

General instructions were given to keep calm. Everyone is committed to this. This unknown would, of course, be much easier for leaders to bear if they were assured that they would be able to restart the EU with the right in 2021, ie with a solid European budget for 2021-2027 and a consistent recovery plan. Otherwise, much of the Commission's agenda would be threatened, in particular its two mantras, the European Green Agreement and the digital transition. As for the twenty-seven, they will be obliged to conclude an agreement in twenty-five.

After the cheers of July, the image sent to the world would be that of a Union still unable to make a common front, even in the most critical moments. However, a glimmer of hope loomed in Brussels on Wednesday over the possibility of being able to quickly access this dizzying € 1.8 trillion package negotiated in July and then presented as a "historic agreement", blocked since mid-November. to Hungary and Poland, because of the conditionality of the rule of law that the two countries do not even want to hear about.

A compromise was found this morning between the German EU presidency, Budapest and Warsaw. What does it provide? Relaxations to which the countries of northern Europe, extremely attached to these issues of respect for the rule of law concerning Warsaw and Budapest, may not march. Not to mention the European Parliament, which is just as tough on this issue. As promised, the mechanism in question is not affected. But more symbolic guarantees and assurances were given for Hungary and Poland. There is, first of all, these & # 8222 clarifications & # 8221 or reassurances expected by Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki, when both are convinced that the Commission is now waging a political battle against their countries.

& # 8222 The application of the conditionality mechanism under the Regulation will be objective, fair, impartial and factual, guaranteeing a fair procedure, non-discrimination and equal treatment of Member States & # 8221, it is stipulated. As there is no doubt that these two countries will challenge the rule of law mechanism before the EU Court of Justice, it is to be expected that no sanctions can be imposed on them before the court itself rules on the legality of the regulation. At the risk of leaving Orban open until the 2022 general election? & # 8222No & # 8221, reacts at the Elysee Palace, while it is admitted that the court will not be able to rule until & # 8222 in the first half of 2022 & # 8221. & # 8222 The fact that it will rule in 2022 will not prevent the Commission from carrying out investigations and works & # 8221, adds the French presidency. In addition, the leader of a Member State concerned may bring the matter back to the European Council. A kind of braking mechanism that these two countries will not hesitate to activate. The capitals began throwing themselves into this compromise in order to reach an agreement on the 27th this Thursday. It's urgent.

UPDATE. Ion Iliescu, interview for Le Figaro. & # 8222PSD is experiencing its worst political crisis. Liviu Dragnea 's legal problems created internal fractures in the party & # 8221

Ion Iliescu spoke for the French daily "Le Figaro" about the problems facing the Social Democratic Party. The former president stated that PSD "is experiencing its worst political crisis" and that "Dragnea's personal position, with its legal problems, has created internal fractures in PSD".

In reply, Paul Gozighian, the journalist Le Figaro who conducted the interview with Ion Iliescu, declared, on Monday evening, on Realitatea TV, that it is very possible that the former president will not remember the fact that he gave this interview.

& # 8222Romania, the country of one party & # 8221 is the title of the report made by Le Figaro journalists who interviewed Ion Iliescu.

& # 8222The successor of the Communist Party, PSD has almost always led Romania. Its current president, Liviu Dragnea, manages the country according to his own judicial agenda. He orders, his party executes with Stalinist discipline. The authorities in Bucharest, who will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union from January 1, 2019, submit & # 8221, writes Le Figaro.

As the founder of PSD, Ion Iliescu specified that & # 8222 Dragnea's personal position, with his legal problems, created internal fractures in PSD & # 8221.

& # 8222 It is a difficult, confusing period for the party, which is experiencing its biggest political crisis & # 8221, admitted Ion Iliescu, who personally does not appreciate Liviu Dragnea, whose & # 8222 personal position, with legal problems, created internal fractures & # 8221 in PSD.

Iliescu also said that in Romania there is no & # 8222 alternative to PSD today, there is no other force capable of responding to the needs of society & # 8221, but he believes that the party should end the Dragnea chapter.

Editorialist Thierry Portes argues that PSD is built on the model of the & # 8222 Leninist parties of yesteryear & # 8221.

& # 8222Everything started with him and everything continued with him. Ion Iliescu, the man who caused the fall of Ceausescu's regime in 1989 and who held all the powers for a decade, left his country an institution that structures Romania and anchors it more than the other Eastern European neighbors in the communist past: the Party Social Democrat (PSD). After many name changes, this is the name of the party now built on the model of the former Leninist parties, with the same discipline that allows leaders to impose their views on comrades, then on a society and a strong infiltrated state & # 8221, comments editorialist Thierry Portes.

& # 8222After 1989, PSD did not fully relinquish power for more than four years, between 1996 and 2000, and in 2004 for three years, when, however, it remained the main force in the Bucharest Parliament. This party has dominated Romania 22 of the 29 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, after 44 years of the regime of the communist party it succeeded. And, unlike all other formations, many of which have disappeared, this party has managed to survive in opposition and quickly regain power.& # 8222, notes Le Figaro.

The editorialist recalled how the political parties in Romania were born after the 1989 Revolution.

This party was a queen for all the Romanian political formations that formed from the National Salvation Front, created after the fall of Ceausescu, explained Silvia Marton, professor of Political Science at the University of Bucharest, according to Le Figaro.

& # 8222 Starting from this Front (FSN) all other parties were founded & # 8221, Marton added.

All the other political parties tried to copy the PSD, but they did not succeed, because at the moment it is the only structured party.

& # 8222It is a Leninist party, very disciplined, in which the central organization decides the organization controls the territory and went into business, then in the privatization of enterprises. It is a state party that has the goodwill to double all the positions and tasks performed by officials & # 8221, said Silvia Marton.

& # 8222In 1989, the second echelon of the nomenclature removed the first echelon. Iliescu wrote the Constitution, he was the president of the Republic and the president of the party, he appointed his prime minister, the ministers were his vassals and he also controlled the state and the secret services (the descendants of the famous Securitate from the Ceausescu era). But Iliescu was honest and when necessary, he cleaned the party of all the elements qualified as deviant, sanctioned for a moral mistake & # 8221, mentioned Silvia Marton.

The article Le Figaro reviews the general situation in Romania, dominated by Liviu Dragnea's desire to solve his problems in justice.

The ballet "Mirandolina" returns to the stage of the Children's Comic Opera

From April 12, the ballet "Mirandolina", created by choreographer Mihai Babușka, returns to the program of the Comic Opera for Children, at the UnderGrant Hall. The show, performed by the young dancers of the theater, is inspired by the play "Hangița" by Carlo Goldoni and presents, in dance steps, the story of a charming young woman who, as soon as she inherits an inn begins to be courted by many suitors, one more funny than another. The ballet "Mirandolina" is a show full of comic events, funny puzzles, energetic music and complex choreography, performed to the taste of spectators of all ages. Tickets for the performances in April 12, 18:00, 13 and 14 April, 11:00 and 13:30, respectively, can be purchased from the network

Figaro, the meringue cake from my childhood

Because it's winter (and I stay at home longer, not being very friendly with the cold), because it was the Holidays (I spent more time with my family) and because I'm a big fan of sweets, I woke up in the middle of nostalgic January & # 8230 with my mother's crazy craving for meringue cake.

This meringue cake is the taste of my childhood. That perfect Figaro, which my mother used to make (which she still does, but only with insistence and special interventions).

Cold, winter - I already mentioned that in winter I only leave the house out of necessity - what was left for me to do?

A look in the closet with "supplies" and a grateful thought for the inspiration to pay a visit to the Topoloveni store on Rosetti. Then a desperate phone call to my mother and the situation seemed almost resolved… almost because the hardship was only then beginning: the preparation of my first Figaro, the first meringue cake made with my own hands.

The recipe for Figaro, the meringue cake I love, is simple, and does not require many ingredients. I leave it below, explained in as much detail as possible.

The margarine, the sugar, the yolks of the 4 eggs, the flour and the baking powder are mixed and the crust is obtained for a small tray. I opted for a tart pan because that's what I had available.

Put baking paper (or grease with butter / margarine) in the tray. Spread the coca leaf, place it in the pan and prick it with a fork.

Topoloveni plum magiun (or another sour jam, according to preference) is added on top.

At the end, whisk the remaining 4 egg whites with the 250 g of powdered sugar. The foam obtained is spread over the layer of magic.

Place in the oven over medium heat and watch constantly.

Simple, but very delicious. I don't think I need to add how quickly the cake ended and how good it seemed to me… exactly the taste of childhood, my favorite meringue cake!

And as you know, the Topoloveni plum magician is the only Romanian product recognized in the European Union as unique, traditional and authentic, since 2011. It also received two consecutive years, two (out of a maximum of three) Michelin stars at International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. Topoloveni plum magician can be eaten by the whole family, from 6-month-old babies to grandparents, including people with diabetes (with the consent of the attending physician).

What childhood dessert do you miss?

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"Figaro's Wedding", online

The sixth edition of the MOZART Festival is coming to an end Saturday, February 13, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., with the well-known puppet opera "Figaro's Wedding" of W.A. Mozart. The libretto was written in Italian by Lorenzo da Ponte, who was inspired by Beaumarchais' comedy & # 8211 The crazy day or The wedding of Figaro.

The opera premiered on May 1, 1786, at the Burgtheater in Vienna, with Mozart himself as conductor. "Figaro's Wedding" resumed a year later in Prague, where he enjoyed a resounding triumph.

"Figaro's Wedding" explores territories that many found troubling when it was written in the mid-1780s. What was thought was the often controversial relationship between social classes. Therefore, the original play, by Beaumarchais, was banned by the French authorities, and Mozart's work created nervousness among the Austrian monarchy.

Both the play and the work make a clear distinction as to the limitations imposed by rank and privilege, showing us that common sense can easily overcome wealth and power, and that genuine modesty can overcome unjustified arrogance.

Da Ponte's dialogue is subtle and meticulously layered - but at the same time ingenious and engaging. Mozart's music is well done and extremely sophisticated & # 8211 but also very melodic and contagious.

The action takes place in the castle of Count Almaviva, in Seville, in the 18th century. The unfolding of "Figaro's Wedding" is a long series of unforeseen quiproquos and upheavals that make this opera a frothy and successful comedy. Count Almaviva, tired of his years of marriage with Rosina, makes advances to the housekeeper Susanna, Figaro's girlfriend.

The count wants to prevent the two from marrying and tries all sorts of tricks. The troubles are chained, Rosina also plays a party for her husband so that, in the end, Count Almaviva apologizes in front of everyone, and Figaro and Susanna regain their trust and happiness. The cast of the show includes: soloists: Laura Eftimie - National Opera and Ballet Theater "Oleg Danovski" Constanța (Susanna), Marian Rește (Figaro), in the role of Count Almaviva will be baritone Ionuț Pascu, Anda Pop (Countess), Anca Panait (Cherubino), Sonia Hazarian (Marcellina), Ștefan Schuller (Doctor Bartolo), Cristian Dicu (Don Basilio), Alina Ichim (Barbarina), Mugurel Oancea (Don Curzio), Paul Tomescu (Antonio), Andromeda Nemeș, Mariana Tomescu (Two young girls). The Brașov Opera Orchestra and Choir give their competition.

At the conducting desk will be the master Ciprian Teodorașcu (Bucharest National Opera), and the artistic direction of the show is signed by Carmen Dobrescu. The scenography and costumes are created by Rodica Garștea. Stage movement: Nermina Damian. Assistant director: Anda Pop. Stage movement assistant: Ramona Mezei. Choir conductor: Dragoș-Mihai Cohal. Stage director: Silvia Papadopoulos.

Video: Barber of Seville - by Pietro Spagnoli lyrics (December 2021).