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Halo Top Ice Cream Parlors Are Coming Soon

Halo Top Ice Cream Parlors Are Coming Soon

Are you ready for low-calorie soft serve in a cone?

If you're firmly in the Halo Top camp, you'll be excited to hear that the brand is slowly expanding into brick-and-mortar ice cream parlors, Eater reports.

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Halo Top opened their very first "scoop shop" in November of last year, according to PopSugar, dishing out a variety of cones, cups, and treats that slash the fat and calories of traditional ice cream.

You can snag a sample of your favorite Halo Top treats currently in one of their two California locations—Culver City, and another in Topanga. A pop-up recently opened to test the New York market, serving a very enticing (yet not as indulgent) summer treat of peaches and cream Halo Top served in a croissant-muffin hybrid, Eater writes.

In these new stores, customers are able to order either soft serve or scoops of Halo Top ice cream in a cup, which is definitely your best bet for the lightest treat out there. But you can also enjoy a variety of cones or convert your favorite Halo Top flavor into an ice cream sandwich or taco.

Which flavors will you be able to enjoy, you might ask? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry crumble, peanut butter, birthday cake, vanilla bean, caramel macchiato, cookie dough, red velvet, sea salt caramel, and mint chip—just to name a few. The soft serve Halo Top is just about 100 calories per serving, while scoops are upwards of 90 calories per serving. The new stores also are currently serving two flavors—chocolate and cookie dough—in non-dairy varieties.

We’ve tasted. We’ve tested. We took all of the new flavors of the wildly popular healthy ice cream brand Halo Top and did not judge the book by its cover.

Instead, we hid the titles of these deceptively healthy treats and devised names for them ourselves!

Essentially, we asked several of The Daily Meal editors to try all eight (yes, eight) of Halo Top’s newly released flavors in a blind taste test. Then, we had them conjure their own titles for the tastes, without knowing the actual name on the label.

We put into words what we were all really thinking as soon as we took a bite of each diet ice cream flavor.

Does Pumpkin Pie actually taste like pumpkin, or are we all just lying to ourselves? Did Mochi Green Tea really deliver a soothing tea flavor, or was it more of a scathing bittersweet? Find out our thoughts on the best-selling new pints.

50th. Zanoni & Zanoni – Vienna, Austria

A wonderful place to come for those of you with a sweet tooth. They do great breakfast, cakes and sweets but in reality you are only here for the ice cream.

They’ve been going strong since 1971 so you know they are doing something right. A huge choice of fresh and colourful flavours.

49th. Roxy’s Ice Cream Social – Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

They make all their ice cream in house daily and specialise in hand dipped ice cream, fresh baked cookie sandwiches, floats, and sundaes.

Nothing beats getting in line on a hot day when you spot their truck and knowing you are going to get one of their delicious ice creams. Pure joy.

48th. Ice Cream Lab – Dubai, UAE

Ice Cream Lab’s idea revolves around the molecular gastronomy freezing concept, using liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. The end result? You’ll be stunned as liquid nitrogen flows into the bowl, expands in the air as smoke and then evaporates right in front of your eyes, leaving fresh ice cream behind.

47th. Elephant Grounds – Hong Kong

This hip coffee store has some great brews, but it’s the attention to detail in their ice cream and ice cream sandwiches that make them really stand out. Treat yourself with hand churned ice cream cookie sandwiches in a variety of creative flavours.

They’re almost too beautiful to eat – almost.

46th. Gelateria Da Vinci – Bruges, Belgium

They’ve been serving up their delicious ice cream now for 18 years and everybody leaves a happy customer.

You can either sit in and have a “coupe” (a large selection with fruits and sauces) or grab a cone and go and wander this stunning city.

45th. Anita – Tel Aviv, Israel

Anita’s boutique ice creams are 100% hand-made from natural ingredients, and whatever your favourite flavour, Anita has you covered. You can pick from over 150 different kinds of frozen yogurt, sorbets, and organic sugar- free, fat-free, soy-based and real cream-based ice creams.

Finish it off with some delicious toppings, including fresh fruit and homemade jams from Mama Anita’s own kitchen.

44th. Classic Ice Cream Parlour – New Delhi, India

As the name suggests, Classic Ice Cream Parlour has all the traditional favourites, but it also serves up some funky treats. Choose from cones or cups in a great range of flavours that are superb value for money.

A must-try refreshing treat when the heat strikes in the city.

43rd. Gelato & Latte Este – Sofia, Bulgaria

They are so passionate about their own ice cream that they produce their own buffalo and cow’s milk as well as cream. These are some serious ice cream professionals we are talking about.

Their farm is organic and by the time they add the flavours and it ends up in your hand you are going to be in for a serious treat. You’ll never look at ice cream in the same way again.

42nd. Dondurmino Gelato – Istanbul, Turkey

41st. Andrés D.C. – Bogota, Columbia

Andrés Carne de Res is a very popular restaurant in Bogotá that has it all, from arepas and dancing to outrageously good ice cream-based desserts. Chow down on tall sundaes filled to the brim with creamy ice cream, fresh fruits and tasty sauces.

40th. Angelato – Prague, Czech Republic

A wonderful selection of original gelatos with a big focus on fresh fruit and berries.

It’s also a beautiful store with clean lines that feels like walking into a designer boutique or Apple store. The ice cream is so good that you’ll often find a line around the corner waiting for it.

29th. Taos Cow – Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

They have a huge focus on using only the best and most pure of ingredients. That includes organic egg yolks, pure cane brown sugar and all natural extracts including Madagascar vanilla bourbon.

The end result? An ice cream that is rich, pure and delicious. The only problem is that once you taste ice cream here no other scoop will come close ever again.

38th. Go Coffee & Ice Cream – Bangkok, Thailand

Go Coffee & Ice Cream is a cute bakery that serves up some amazing waffle cones and homemade ice creams. They are super creative with their flavours, so you can come here again and again to try something new. Think: Breakfast Cereal ice-cream or Mayongchid sorbet.

37th. Glace Bachir – Paris, France

Their ice cream was the first in Paris to be 100% organic and both locals and tourists have been embracing it in record numbers.

Created by two Lebanese brothers they marry the traditional technique with some quirky modern twists and flavours they have introduced. The Michelin star of ice cream.

36th. Baires Ice Cream – Taipei, Taiwan

This Argentinian artisan ice cream store is all about incredibly creative (and delicious!) flavours. Feast on generous scoops of Whiskey Praline Pecans, Kinder Bueno ice cream with Nutella or a refreshing Mojito sorbet.

One lick and you’ll see why this is one of the best ice cream parlours in the world

35th. Snugburys – Cheshire, United Kingdom

Three sisters (Hannah, Kitty and Cleo) took the business over from their parents who had started making ice cream at the kitchen table with their own milk 30 years ago.

The business has grown to the point where people come from miles around for that exceptionally fresh taste. They served a whopping 300,000 scoops last year alone.

34th. Casa Leone – Moscow, Russia

You can try unique Italian ice cream in Casa Leone, in the centre of the capital. Using authentic Italian gelato techniques, they change their flavours each season to show off the freshest ingredients.

In summer they have peach, raspberry or watermelon, while there’s pumpkin or beets in autumn.

33rd. True & 12 Handmade Ice Cream – Munich, Germany

The founders are passionate ice cream lovers who travelled the world researching the best variations from around the world.

What they have created and what they now serve, is their life’s work on every single cone and in every cup. Ice cream that is so good you consider going back and getting a second one.

32nd. Creole Creamery – New Orleans, Louisiana

Now with three locations in the area, you are never too far away from their ice cream and that is a good thing.

As well as their regular menu they have seasonal flavours that rotate in and out, depending on what is available. They also serve a great selection of sorbets if you want something lighter but to miss out on the ice cream would be a travesty.

31st. Teddy’s – Dublin, Ireland

Although they have expanded in recent years it is their original shop in Dun Laoghaire that has been there since 1950 that most people know them by.

A walk out on the pier in the summer months with one of their classic 99s is one of the best feelings you will ever have in Ireland.

30th. Milano Ice Cream – Bangalore, India

Milano Ice Cream does scoops the Italian way – rich, creamy and full of flavour. You can get their scoops on waffle cones, cups, as topping on crepes, in sundaes or even shaped like a beautiful flower.

Flavours include a tempting Whiskey Irish Creme or indulgent Dark Chocolate. An ice cream lover’s dream parlour.

29th. Eat Darling Eat – Hong Kong

Eat Darling Eat is a modern Chinese dessert shop that brings you your favourite childhood Hong Kong desserts and sweet treats with a twist. There’s pineapple buns, tong sui and egg tarts, but the ice cream is a real shining star.

There’s Taro ice cream and an unusual Sichuan pepper ice cream with candied bacon.

28th. Gelateria La Carraia – Florence, Italy

They’ve been making ice cream since 1990 here and the line out the door is still as long as ever. What else would you expect at one of the best ice cream parlours in the world?

They offer some great options for eating there but the best way to do it is grab a big double cone or pot and walk out and sit in the sun taking in this absolutely majestic city in all her glory.

27th. Heladeria Buffala – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The ice cream here is made with 100% natural and premium ingredients, with a combination of cow and buffalo milk for extra creaminess. Flavours include a local Samboyon (eggs, sugar and sweet marsalla wine) and banana split.

Whichever you go for, you won’t be disappointed.

26th. Il Massimo del Gelato – Milan, Italy

They serve up dozens of different flavours but if you are a chocaholic and an ice cream fan it’s worth traversing the entire planet to try this place out.

Lots of different varieties and subtly different chocolate options which means that you will be well within your rights to go back for a second scoop. No matter what flavour you choose they are all silky smooth and made daily.

25th. Ismageriet – Copenhagen, Denmark

A wonderful ice cream parlour with both inside and outdoor seating and some of the most original styles and flavours you’ll ever come across.

They have both gelato and sort serve and a bunch of great toppings, sauces and treats to go with your ice cream. Never a dull moment in this ice cream parlour.

24th. Mary’s Milk Bar – Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary’s Milk Bar is a famous shop in the city centre where the Mary herself makes the ice cream every morning. There are always fresh, ever-changing flavours to sample.

The originality of the flavours, the fact that there are no preservatives and the creamy texture will keep you coming back as a regular. No ice cream will ever taste as good again after you’ve tried this.

23rd. Mr Krean – Miami, Florida, USA

Mr Krean is the world’s first ever ‘Hip Hop ice cream shop’ and a seriously fun place to spend some time.

Bright colours, slick decor and pumping tunes, but most of all some of the most colourful and flavoursome ice cream you will ever taste. If only all ice cream shops were this imaginative and exciting.

22nd. Luciano – The Hague, Netherlands

With shops across the Netherlands, they are a wildly popular set of ice cream shops.

Luciano started the business back in 1996 and despite the weather not being hot all year round people always find a reason to come here for ice cream.

Super imaginative flavours and toppings means you might never have the same thing twice here.

21st. Pidapipó – Melbourne, Australia

This fantastic gelateria knows that there is no good gelato without great ingredients, so they use only the freshest ingredients that are in season, and make all ice cream on site. Their flavours are the absolute bomb: blackberry and salted chocolate, banana milk or a sweet apple crumble.

Easily one of the best ice cream parlours in the world.

20th. DeLaCrem – Barcelona, Spain

DeLaCrem produces Italian ice cream and pastries according to the highest standards for truly gourmet scoops. All ice creams are made with pure 100% natural ingredients, with in-season flavours available.

Choose to have your scoops in crunchy waffle cones or wafer cups.

19th. Milkcow Cafe -Vancouver, Canada

If you’re looking for outside-of-the-box ice cream, come to Milkcow Cafe.

Their soft serve ice cream comes in some pretty rad flavours. Definitely get their most well-known cold treat which is the watermelon ice cream sandwich.

18th. Luculus Ice Saloon – Bratislava, Slovakia

This historic ice cream bar has been dishing out scoops since 1954 and are still as beloved as ever. Cones are piled high with generous scoops, with flavours such as lavender, fig and ricotta, French macaron and plum sorbet.

There’s more than 170 ever-changing ice cream varieties, from traditional flavours, sorbet and organic ice cream to gluten-free and lactose-free cream.

17th. Suzukien Asakusa – Tokyo, Japan

Suzukien is famous for serving up the most intense matcha tea flavoured gelato in the world. Opened in 1853, the tea shop is famous among locals and its ice cream has spread far and wide thanks to social media.

There’s seven different strengths of matcha ice cream to choose from. We suggest going to whole hog and getting the strongest.

16th. Momo Gelato – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

They are big on flavours and keeping them original at all times, which why they change on a daily basis depending on what in season.

Have one of their classic creations or go wild and try something new. Each scoop here is packed full of flavour and is perfectly creamy.

15th. Shiroichi Shinsaibashi – Osaka, Japan

Shiroichi serves “nama ice” (fresh ice cream) that is all about the use of natural ingredients. It looks like soft serve ice cream, but it doesn’t use fresh cream or additives, so it has a lighter texture. Order a topping of Shiroichi’s organic brown sugar to finish it to perfection.

14th. Apsara Ice Creams – Mumbai, India

Aspara Ice Creams has been going strong since 1971, thanks to its dedication to natural ingredients and unique flavours. From its iconic sancha ice creams, to milkshakes, kulfis and sorbets, you’re sure to find the perfect scoop here.

Get yours in a colourful sprinkle cone for extra enjoyment.

Image: @craversbooty/Instagram

13th. The Lost Bread – Manila, The Philippines

The Lost Bread brought serious funk to Manila with their exceptional ice creams and desserts – there’s soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, and French toast cubes. Soft serve flavours include Blue Vanilla with Chocolate & Caramel Popcorn or Milk Tea with an ‘injection’ of raw honey.

12th. Gelarto Rosa – Budapest, Hungary

Gelarto Rosa is a small independent chain of artisanal ice cream stores in the heart of Budapest.

All their ice cream is made using traditional Italian techniques and their products are all organic. They serve it up in the prettiest little rose shapes you have ever seen.

11th. 32 Parfait – Seoul, South Korea

32 Parfait is soft serve on steroids – these bad boys are three times taller than any other soft serve cone you’ve ever seen. The 32 cm-tall cones are a must-try when in Seoul, but it’s so much more than a novelty.

The ice cream itself is super creamy and absolutely delicious. An essential inclusion for among the best ice cream parlours in the world.

10th. Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy – Chico, California, USA

Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy first started making ice cream back in 1938 and have been going strong ever since. Incredibly, they still use the same original machines to this very day.

Locals know the ice cream as some of the best they have ever tasted and they have won numerous national awards. The real deal!

9th. Giapo – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland’s wildest ice cream store is a must-have on any roundup of the best ice cream parlours in the world. They constantly push boundaries of what you think ice cream can be – from wearable ice cream ‘lips’ to Māori Fry Bread with chocolate ice cream.

The colossal squid is one of their most recognisable and popular ice cream art pieces.

8th. Emilia Cremeria – Parma, Italy

Emilia Cremeria is a beautiful ice cream store with super Instagrammable cones. They only use exceptional ingredients, such as high quality milk, fresh fruit and cane sugar.

The artisan ice cream is pure goodness, with semifreddo flavours in small glass jars as well as creamy scoops. The passion for making their ice cream comes across in every bite.

7th. Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique – Singapore

They serve up dozens of different flavours that are all unique to the store, so it’s worth traversing the entire planet to try this place out.

Try the White Chrysanthemum and Sea-Salt Hojicha in their signature fragrant Thyme Cone. No matter what flavour you choose they are all silky smooth and made daily.

6th. Churn – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Churn insists on keeping the product as pure as possible. That means no additives and no chemicals and ice cream that is always churned fresh daily.

The end result is rich, creamy and melts in the mouth. They have some regular flavours that never leave the menu and a large extra selection that are on rotation. Never a dull moment here.

5th. Gelato Messina Circular Quay – Sydney, Australia

They are so passionate about their own ice cream that they produce their own Jersey cow’s milk as well as Ecuadorian cacao. These are some serious ice cream professionals we are talking about.

Their flavours are unique and original and you’ll find yourself really struggling for choice. Maybe have three scoops instead of two?

4th. FRYST – Stockholm, Sweden

Their ice cream range follows the season’s selection of fruits, berries and playful curiosity. Simply what’s the best at that moment in time.

Add in the fact that they are absolute masters at what they do in terms of the process and you end up with one of the very best ice creams in Europe. Has to be tasted to see how good it actually is.

3rd. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery – Toronto, Canada

Bang Bang Ice Cream brings the creativity to serving ice cream in Toronto.

It helps that they are also bakery because they make the most delicious ice cream sandwiches. Get their ‘Puff’, a pastry with ice cream in the middle and topped with a brown sugar craquelin.

2nd. Licc – York, United Kingdom

Licc has a range of 150 flavours (and are coming up with new ones all the time) of ice cream that will you have salivating as soon as you see them. The 24 flavour display freezer is permanently stocked with an interesting product range – the whole fruit spectrum, classic nut varieties, rich chocolates and the ever popular bubble gum and jelly bean flavours.

The shop itself is cute and cosy and the perfect place to sit down with your ice cream and coffee and take a breather.

1st. Unframed Ice Cream – Cape Town, South Africa

Unframed is an artisanal ice cream maker, which means they make healthy ice cream from scratch, in small batches, from real and sustainable food. There’s always vegan flavours available and the “Blue Coconut” made with Blue Spirulina is famous for good reason.

Their ice creams are extraordinary, made with passion and truly unique in their flavour and just how rich they taste. When it comes to the best ice cream parlours in the world, it truly doesn’t get much better than this.

What is the best ice cream for type 2 diabetes?

In moderation, ice cream is not off-limits for people with type 2 diabetes.

People with type 2 diabates have to consider how ice cream will affect their blood sugar levels since blood glucose control is critical for managing diabetes.

While including small servings of ice cream as part of a balanced, healthful diet is not dangerous, decisions about types and brands require careful consideration.

In this article, we look at the safest ice creams on the market for people with diabetes and offer some tips on how to minimize their impact on blood sugar.

Share on Pinterest Some ice creams are safe for people with diabetes to enjoy.

Choosing from a wide range of available ice cream products can be difficult for people with diabetes.

They must take into account the number of carbohydrates, the calorie count, and any fat content in the product, as well as serving size.

The following are the best brands and flavors for those who have diabetes.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream: This brand offers vanilla and chocolate options. Both contain 20 grams (g) of carbohydrates per ½-cup serving.

Breyers Creamy Vanilla: This contains minimal fat and 17 g of total carbohydrates per ½ cup. Breyers offer a similar product in chocolate flavor that has the same number of total carbohydrates.

The manufacturer also offers some flavors with no added sugar. However, these varieties contain multiple artificial sweeteners, which can still make blood sugar increase.

Edy’s: This manufacturer produces several varieties of their slow-churned ice creams, which contain around 20 g carbohydrates or less per ½-cup serving. The Neopolitan flavor of Edy’s contains only 14 g.

Halo Top: Halo provides ice cream flavors with additional protein and low carbohydrates. They are able to use lower amounts of sugar due to the use of the sugar alcohol erythritol, which provides sweetness without adding empty calories.

The addition of protein helps slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood, making it a good choice for people with diabetes. Their vanilla bean contains 5 grams of protein , 5 grams of sugar alcohol, and just under 15 grams of carbs per ½ cup serving.


As a sweet dessert, ice cream usually has high carbohydrate content coming from refined and processed sugars.

Recommended daily carbohydrate intake will vary based on many factors, including the success of an individual’s glucose management, medications, height, weight and activity level. If a person manages blood sugar poorly, a doctor might advise a low-carbohydrate intake.

Talk to your diabetes specialist or a dietitian about the ideal intake of carbohydrates for your particular presentation of diabetes.

People with diabetes who are following a carbohydrate-restricted diet must keep a thorough record of carbohydrate intake.

Those who plan on eating a serving of ice cream for dessert should make sure they eat one less carbohydrate serving outside of this. Substituting a sandwich with a lettuce wrap or salad could achieve this.

Some ice cream brands and flavors also have high saturated fat content. Since people with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease, limiting other foods that contain saturated fat on the day they plan to eat ice cream is a way to avoid exceeding the recommended intake.

A person with diabetes who plans to include eating ice cream as a daily treat should talk to a dietitian about ways to include it into a dietary plan while still managing blood sugar levels.

Halo Top Ice Cream Pops Are Officially Here

Halo Top has dethroned top-selling brands like Ben & Jerry&aposs and H๊gen-Dazs to become the best-selling pint of ice cream in the U.S𠅊nd it&aposs hard to argue with their popularity. These low-calorie, high-protein treats are perfect for people who want to have their ice cream and eat an entire pint too.

And as if that weren&apost a sweet enough deal (pun fully intended), the brand is introducing yet another frozen-treat game-changer: snackable mini ice cream pops for just 50 to 60 calories each. (P.S. did you know that Halo Top has a bunch of dairy-free flavors too?)

Starting today, Halo Top Pops will be available online in four delicious flavors: Mint Chip, Peanut Butter Swirl, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Strawberry Cheesecake. A single box includes six pops�h of which contains just 50 to 60 calories and 7 to 10 grams of protein per pop. Full pints (

four servings), on the other hand, range from 240 to 360 calories per container and boast 20 grams of protein. (Related: Why I&aposm Breaking Up with "Healthy" Ice Cream)

To celebrate the exciting launch, Halo Top will be giving out 30,000 free samples of their pops at Grand Central Terminal in New York City on February 14 (aka Valentine&aposs Day). They are also hosting a national giveaway online for fans outside of NYC who will have a chance to win 1,000 samples by heading to their website. (Did you know Halo Top ice cream parlors are coming too?)​

Halo Top Pops will be available this month in the Midwest, Texas, and California, followed by the Northeast, and will roll out to select national retailers in May 2019. Start making room in your freezer now.

Chocolate Ice Cream Market 2021: Global Industry Trends by Manufacturing Size, Share, Applications and Types by Growth Rate, and Top Key Players Analysis till 2023

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The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

May 17, 2021 (The Expresswire) -- The “Chocolate Ice Cream Market” research report is an exclusive research that provides holistic overview of quickly changing business sector situation and future development status. The research examines and provides granulated insights in terms of market drivers and opportunities with future estimates, development openings. It offers details of the key players operating in the market along with focusing on market revenue estimates, growth rate and forecast for coming years. The Chocolate Ice Cream Industry research report offers significant yet in-depth analysis of market shares of players and key market segments for various regions across the globe.

Chocolate ice cream is one of the most prominent segments in the global confectionery industry and is expected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period, 2018 to 2023. A high preference for chocolate flavor in ice creams and the growing number of ice cream parlors are expected to result in an increased demand for chocolate ice cream during the forecast period. The popularity of specialty ice cream shops is increasing due to social media, flyers, and guerilla marketing activities. Market players are switching from traditional distribution methods to ice cream shops to increase the sale of ice cream, including chocolate ice cream. Furthermore, a preference for specialty stores is increasing among consumers since ice cream parlors offer a range of flavors that can be skillfully crafted and customized.

Ice cream is generally high in certain ingredients that possibly affect cardiovascular health, leading to issues such as high cholesterol and diabetes. They are high in saturated fats, which increases blood cholesterol levels and the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the increasing health awareness among the consumers is anticipated to restrict the growth of global chocolate ice cream market during the forecast period.

Regional Analysis

The global chocolate ice cream market has been segmented based in region into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest chocolate ice cream market, by value. In 2017, the regional market accounted for approximately 37.73% of the total market share. Additionally, the market in Asia-Pacific is also projected to exhibit a growth rate of 6.88% during the forecast period. The growth of the chocolate ice cream market in the region can be attributed to the rapid urbanization and the growing middle-income population. Moreover, the increasing per capita disposable incomes have led to the growing sale and consumption of chocolate ice cream. Consumers are ready to pay high prices for premium products, which, in turn, hampers the growth of the low or mid-quality chocolate ice cream segments. Additionally, key manufacturers of chocolate ice cream are targeting the region to increase their sales revenue. In 2017, China accounted for the largest share of the chocolate ice cream market in Asia-Pacific and is expected to maintain its leading position in the market during the forecast period. However, the chocolate market in China is fragmented owing to the presence of several local and regional players. The market in India is projected to witness significant growth during the forecast period, primarily due to the increasing per capita disposable income of individuals in the country.

The chocolate ice cream market in North America is lucrative. Manufacturers are expanding their portfolios of chocolate ice cream, which is driving the growth of the market in the region. Innovation in the flavor blends of chocolate ice cream is one of the main factors expected to positively impact the growth of the market. Moreover, key manufacturers emphasize promotional activities to create strong awareness among consumers regarding product launches, which, in turn, is accelerating the growth of the regional ice cream market. In North America, the market in the US is projected to expand at a growth rate of 2.48% during the forecast period, 20182023 and is estimated to retain its leading position in the market during the forecast period.

The global chocolate ice cream market has been segmented based on product type and distribution channel.

On the basis of product type, the global chocolate ice cream market has been segmented into sticks/bars, cones, cups, tubs and bricks, and others. In 2017, the cups, tubs and bricks segment held the largest market share and is projected to reach USD 11,765.9 million by the end of 2023. The sticks/bars segment is projected to expand at a maximum growth rate of 5.99% during the forecast period.

On the basis of distribution channel, the global chocolate ice cream market has been segmented into supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, and others. The supermarkets and hypermarkets segment is estimated to retain its leading position in the global market throughout the forecast period. The specialty stores segment is expected to register the highest growth rate of 6.16% during the forecast period.

Key Players

The leading market players operating in the global chocolate ice cream market are Nestlé S.A. (Switzerland), General Mills, Inc. (US), Unilever PLC (UK), Jude’s Ice Cream (UK), Straus Family Creamery (US), Halo Top Creamery (US), and Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (India).

Key Findings

• Growing number of specialty stores in developing economies is expected to act as the primary driver for the growth of the global chocolate ice cream market during the forecast period of 20182023.

• Rising health concerns among the consumers is anticipated to hinder the growth of global chocolate ice cream market during the forecast period.

Global Chocolate Ice Cream Market Research Report—Forecast till 2023:

As per Our Industry analysis, the global chocolate ice cream market is estimated to reach USD 25,521.7 million by the end of 2023 at

4.73% CAGR during the forecast period.

Key insights into the global research report:

  • Comprehensive analysis of global market drivers and restraints
  • Business profiles of key market players
  • Competitive analysis of the global market
  • Demand-supply chain analysis
  • Some significant sales strategies and methodologies
  • Global market trending topics and its influence on the global market
  • Technological advancements and innovative platforms

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Key Questions Answered in The Chocolate Ice Cream Market Report:

  • What will the Chocolate Ice Cream market growth rate?
  • What are the key factors driving the global Chocolate Ice Cream market?
  • Who are the key manufacturers in Chocolate Ice Cream market space?
  • What are the market opportunities, market risk and market overview of the Chocolate Ice Cream market?
  • What are sales, revenue, and price analysis of top manufacturers of Chocolate Ice Cream market?
  • Who are the distributors, traders and dealers of Chocolate Ice Cream market?
  • What are the Chocolate Ice Cream market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Chocolate Ice Cream Industry?
  • What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by types and applications of Chocolate Ice Cream Industry?
  • What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by regions of Chocolate Ice Cream industry?

Key Highlights of the Table of Contents:

  • Chocolate Ice Cream Market Study Coverage: It includes key market segments, key manufacturers covered, the scope of products offered in the years considered, global Chocolate Ice Cream Market and study objectives. Additionally, it touches the segmentation study provided in the report on the basis of the type of product and applications.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Market Executive summary: This section emphasizes the key studies, market growth rate, competitive landscape, market drivers, trends, and issues in addition to the macroscopic indicators.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Market Production by Region: The report delivers data related to import and export, revenue, production, and key players of all regional markets studied are covered in this section.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Market Profile of Manufacturers: Analysis of each market player profiled is detailed in this section. This segment also provides SWOT analysis, products, production, value, capacity, and other vital factors of the individual player.

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Detailed TOC of Chocolate Ice Cream Market Forecast Report 2021:

1 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Introduction

3 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Introduction

4 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Research Methodology

4.4 Market Size Estimation

5 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Dynamics

6 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Factor Analysis

6.1 Porter’s Five Forces Model

6.1.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

6.1.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

6.1.3 Threat of New Entrants

6.2.1 Research and Development

6.2.3 Distribution and Sales

7 Global Chocolate Ice Cream Market by Type

8 Global Chocolate Ice Cream Market by End-user

10 Global Chocolate Ice Cream Market by Region

10.5 Middle East and Africa

11 Chocolate Ice Cream Market Competitive Landscape

12 Company Profiles

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5. Bi-Rite Creamery

Location: San Francisco

It&rsquos easy to fall for Bi-Rite Creamery &rsquos sumptuous selection of ice creams and soft-serves. With rotating flavors like cinnamon maple oat crunch, balsamic strawberry, and rich chocolate to choose from, you can satisfy any craving here. Plus, unique toppings such as flaky salt and olive oil perfectly complement the sweetness of the ice cream without overpowering the delicate nuances of their profiles.

Like Arcata Scoop, Bi-Rite Creamery sources many of its ingredients locally, pulling beloved favorites from nearby businesses into its creamy concoctions. So, don&rsquot be surprised to find ice cream laced with Burlingame&rsquos Guittard chocolate, Los Angeles&rsquo Mr. Holmes Bakehouse brioche, and San Francisco&rsquos Ritual Coffee Roasters. Beyond representing the flavors of California, Bi-Rite Creamery also nails the art of nostalgia by serving up classically craveable creations in unexpected ways.


Quad Cities

If they think about them at all, most people associate the Mississippi River-straddling Quad Cities region with its unique (and road trip-worthy) pizza tradition, but don’t eat too much, because you’ve got dessert coming—specifically, one of the best hot fudge sundaes in the business. With soda fountains in Moline (that’s in Illinois) and Davenport (that’s in Iowa) for your convenience, this century-plus old chocolatier—so good, they won a James Beard Classic award back in 2006—knows its sweet stuff, or make that not-so-sweet: the hot fudge (they give you a whole little pitcher) is beautifully balanced and rich in flavor, pairing well with the house made vanilla ice cream.

Halo Top Ice Cream Parlors Are Coming Soon - Recipes

A New Jersey-based ice cream parlor is making changes to its packaging after receiving community backlash over the brand’s cartoon logo — a seductive-looking pink cow in pigtails, braids, and a beret with a prominent rump branded “DA” within the confines of a heart. The shop’s marketing strategy and social media presence rely heavily on posterior puns. Some menu items are called: “Peppermint Fatty,” “Oprah’s Favorite Fanny,” and “Muffin Top Money Maker.”

“Dairy Air was created with one goal in mind — to make delicious dairy desserts for our customers. To us, it’s all about the ice cream and serving it in a super unique, family-friendly store, with awesome customer service,” Dairy Air co-owner Anthony Tortoriello said in a release. “We simply created a fun illustration to complement our fun name. In ‘hindsight,’ however, we realize that the illustration may have been offensive to some. In light of that, we are working now to tweak it.”

Tortoriello and partner Jeff O’Neill say they never intended for the brand’s identity to become a controversial issue within the community. Tortoriello continued, “We want the awesome taste of our ice cream to unify — not divide — our community. We stand by our product 100 percent, but we’re OK with putting the cow out to pasture.”

But reactions to the cow caricature haven’t all been negative. O’Neill says the positive feedback “has actually been overwhelming,” but ultimately, he wants to “end the battle over the cattle.” Dairy Air and its branding team are currently sketching new variations of the illustration and expect to publicize it soon. For more unconventional desserts, here are America’s 13 wildest and weirdest ice cream trucks.

Best Ice Cream In Maryland

What are the best ice cream shops in Maryland?

Would you believe us if we told you Maryland is home to a cornucopia of delightful ice cream shops, each coming with their own distinctive charms. Some shops, however, stand out above the rest, frequently making “best of” lists and topping the rating charts on Google and TripAdvisor. Some of those particularly loved shops include Rocky Point Creamery, in Tuscacora, with an astonishing nearly-5-star rating by more than 1,000 reviews, and The Charmery in Baltimore is rated very similarly by just as many patrons. Maryland is lucky to have so many brilliant and delicious places to find top-notch ice cream. Nutter’s Ice Cream in Sharpsburg is also well worth a visit! For a closer look at one of our favorite ice cream shops, this article takes a dive into the legend that is Hoffman’s Homemade Ice Cream, in Carroll County.

Where can I find the best desserts in Maryland?

Oh, goodness. Where to begin? Maryland is home to bunches of delightful establishments that pull out all the stops in the dessert department. Some are shops that specialize in sweet treats and dishes, and some are restaurants that serve up desserts of their own that are simply to die for. Among the top choices of locals are places like Insomnia Cookies, a service that delivers cookies until late into the night (as the name implies). Don’t let it being a chain fool you there’s a reason Insomnia Cookies is popping up everywhere, and it’s worth discovering for yourself. Cinnaholic, a Baltimore bakery from Heaven perfect for all things sweet and cinnamony, including their world-famous cinnamon rolls. You also can’t miss Dessert & Company, another local baker with incredible talent that you simply must sample for yourself.

What are the best restaurants in Maryland?

Maryland isn’t just a dessert hotspot! Some of the top picks by locals and visitors alike in the restaurants and dinners department include The Capital Grille, in Maryland, nearby the National Aquarium. The rave reviews are enough to make you want to try it on their own, but don’t take our word for it – you’ve got to experience it for yourself, ASAP. Friendly Farm Restaurant is a family-friendly delight that’s simply destined to please, and Woodberry Kitchen is also well-deserving of its remarkably high ratings.