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Apple in a jar for the cake

Apple in a jar for the cake

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Apples in a jar for cake:

Wash the apples well and clean the peel and the middle part, then put the apples on the grater. Then squeeze the juice apples well and add the sugar and preservative. Dip the apples in jars well (with the remaining juice), then put the jars in the dust for about 30 minutes. After they are ready, wrap the jars in the blanket until they cool

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BL55, vital gluten, oat fiber, sesame, psyllium fiber, apple fiber. Orange cake with semolina for diabetics. Dear friends, I promised you some diet recipes, recipes for diabetics in particular, and here I am keeping my word.

Choose from our collection of delicious, fast, easy-to-make cakes with many cheap ingredients. Apple pie - the traditional recipe. Cookies for diabetics are prepared without sugar, taking into account.

400 g sugar (200g for burnt sugar and 200g for countertop), 120 g flour, 3 eggs, 700 g apples (9 pieces), 1 glass of nuts, 4 tablespoons of cherry jam syrup, 50 g butter, 4 tablespoons sugar , 1 glass of water, vanilla essence

High quality white flour 200ml, Sugar 400 ml, (200 ml for dough, 200 for filling and plus 4 tablespoons of sugar for icing), Eggs 3 pcs (1 egg for countertop and 2 for filling), Milk 100 ml, Butter 200 g + 2 tablespoons for icing and butter to be soft, at room temperature, cottage cheese 500 g, baking powder 1 sachet 10g, cocoa powder 4 tablespoons (2 for top and 2 for icing), vanilla essence 2 pcs (one for countertop and another for cheese)

Apple in a jar without preservatives and sugar

Apple in a jar without preservatives and sugar

For a long time I have not had such an apple crop as last year. Unfortunately, many fell on the ground and due to the fact that they were hit, crushed here and there, you can't keep them over the winter.

And so as not to lose a lot of fruit, because it would have been a shame to throw them away, I decided to preserve them for cakes, pies and other apple delicacies according to this method that I will share with you.

The apples thus preserved do not oxidize, they retain their natural color. We invite you to browse the section with preserves , where you will find many other delicious recipes for winter. We recommend you try it too Apple cake prepared with Fraged dough which is special.

Ingredients Canned apples without preservatives and sugar :

370 ml jars

Apple in a jar without preservatives and sugar

Preparation Apples in a jar without preservatives and sugar :
The apples are washed and then put on a large grater. Squeeze 2 lemons initially along the way, if necessary, we can squeeze more depending on how many jars will result in the end.

Grated apples are stuffed well in jars, press well and squeeze as much apple juice in another bowl (the jar should be full). Put 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice over the stuffed apples. We close the jars with lids and put them to sterilize in a water bath for 20 minutes from the beginning of the first boil.

We pull the pan in which we sterilized the jars aside and cover it, leaving the jars in the bowl until the next day. The next day they are taken out, wiped and placed nicely in the pantry.

Have fun! Read the recipe as well Mere Rase la Borcan ! From these apples can be prepared delicious Apple and Cream Cake !

Shaved apples in a jar - method

Although the method is simple, there is an extremely important condition for the apples to keep well: you have to buy new jars with lids.

Old lids no longer fit as well, and there is a risk of air entering the jar, ruining the entire contents.

Grated Apples in a Winter Jar

Seasonal apples are usually sweet and fragrant. Select only the healthy ones. You can choose jars of 800 grams, because this amount can be used once in a pie tray.

After you have washed the apples well, put them on the grater with large holes. Do not peel them, as it has the highest concentration of antioxidants. Only peel them if the apples do not come from an organic source.

Grated Apples in a Winter Jar

Fill the jars with grated apples. Press them with a spoon so as not to leave air. The juice left in the bowl is also poured into jars. You don't have to put anything, no sugar, no water, nothing else.

Grated Apples in a Winter Jar

Close tightly with lids and sterilize. Put them in a large saucepan with water and after they start to boil, leave the jars for 5 minutes. Extinguish the fire and leave the jars in water to cool until the next day.

The next day, wipe the jars with a towel and store them in the pantry. You will see that after sterilizing the jars, the color of the apples will recover.

If you want the apples to be more fragrant, you can put broken cinnamon sticks, grated citrus peel or other flavors in the jar.

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Shaved apples in a jar for cakes, rolls and pies & # 8211 a can that must be in the pantry throughout the winter!

We dedicate this successful recipe, dear lover of delicious dishes, to those who love sweet pastry with apple filling. We suggest you try the recipe for grated apples in a jar. You will get a delicious filling for cakes, rolls and pies. The stuffing in the jar is prepared from only 2 ingredients and very simple. On cold winter days you will always have a perfect filling option to prepare beautiful desserts!



1. Wash the apples, remove the stalk with the seeds and peel them. Put the apples through the large grater.

2. Sterilize some 0.5 l jars and lids.

3. Fill the jars with grated apples.

4. Pour 2 tablespoons of sugar into each jar. Cover them with lids.

5. Wallpaper the bottom of a tall saucepan with a towel. Place the apple jars in the pan and pour hot water up to the shoulders of the jars. Put the pan on the fire and bring to a boil.

6. Sterilize the cans for 20 minutes. If you have 1 l jars, sterilize the cans for 35-40 minutes.

7. Carefully remove the jars of grated apples from the pan and staple them.

8. Turn the cans upside down, cover them with a duvet and let them cool completely.


Although we are in the middle of winter, I come and bring you this recipe for grated apples that I have been making for several years, but which I never found the time to write on the blog, to take some photos and so on. . Recently, I presented you the recipe for Parisian with apples and vanilla pudding, the recipe for which I used exactly grated apples from the jar.
The story of "grated apples in a jar" began when my husband brought me a jar of grated apples from a visit from some friends. It wasn't anything special until I wanted to make an apple pie in a hurry, I didn't have fresh apples, I say, I open the jar in question. The pie was very good and that's how I realized that it's actually an alternative to apples kept in the freezer. For me this method is perfect. First of all, we can't keep the apples in the freezer from one season to another, considering that within a year we have to defrost the freezer at least once. In one year I had 4 boxes of bananas full of apples in the garden of two apples. What to do with apples, because I couldn't even fill the freezer with grated apples. That's why this method of keeping apples seemed really revolutionary to me.

INGREDIENTS: beautiful and healthy apples
clean jars with a lid of 800 g

The apples are washed and peeled. They shave on the large grater. During this process the apples will oxidize and darken. You don't have to worry, after sterilizing the jars, the apples return to their original color.

We fill the jars with grated apples. I recommend you press the apples well in the jar. The resulting juice, if any, is poured into jars over apples. Seal the jars tightly without adding any sugar or water.
Place the jars in a pot of water and sterilize them until the water starts to boil. After it boils, I leave them on the fire for another 5 minutes. Let the jars of apples cool in the water in which they boiled until the next morning when we take them out, wash them if necessary and store them in the pantry until we use them. For me it is the best and most practical way to preserve apples.

It can be seen from the second photo, the apples do not darken the photos are different due to the light during the shooting.

I hope you find my recipe useful and help you when you want an apple dessert. A very tasty apple pie you will find HERE.

Apples in a jar for dessert

Wash the apples, then peel them and remove everything that is spoiled.

Put them on the large-mesh grater.

Put the oil in a larger saucepan.

Add the grated apples that you drain beforehand (so enjoy a cup of fresh apple juice).

Sprinkle with sugar, then put the pan on the fire.

At the right heat, let the apples drop, while you turn them often, so as not to get caught in the pot.

When the liquid is low, pull the pan off the heat.

Add the cinnamon and stir to incorporate.

Put the hot apples in jars.

Close the lids tightly, then wrap the jars in paper.

Place the jars in a larger pan, put warm water to cover 3/4 of the jars, and place a kitchen towel on top.

Put the pan with jars on the fire, sterilize them for 25 minutes, from the moment the water starts to boil.

When they are ready, put the hot jars in a blanket and leave them there until the next day, when they have cooled.

Keep them in a cool place.

From this quantity came 4 jars of 800 gr, 2 of 370 gr and one of 220 gr.

Recipe: Cherries for jar cake

Preparation Cherries for the cake in the jar
The cherries are washed and the seeds are removed. In a bowl put a row of cherries, sprinkle sugar, a row of cherries, sugar again. The cherries put with sugar are left until the next day. The syrup left by the cherries drains. Then the cherries are placed in jars. The jars are filled to the top, because when dusted, the cherries fall. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar in each jar over the cherries. The cherry jars are stapled and dusted for 30 minutes.

Of course, it is much easier to put the cherries for the cake in the freezer.
The syrup left by the cherries is prepared by the cherry syrup and put in bottles.

Dustulit : is the way in which jars filled with pickles, zacusca, eggplant for moussaka, apples, cherries, plums or other fruits put in jars for cakes, compotes, etc., are sterilized by boiling them in a bowl with water. The pot of water in which you placed the stapled jars is put on the fire, always with a plate underneath and boiled over low heat so that the jars do not crack. Cover the jars with a damp napkin and let them boil for about 30 minutes from the moment the water in the pot starts to boil.

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