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White grape compote

White grape compote

This year I had several early grape varieties, including PALATINA (Muscatul de august) from which I chose to make compote.
Palatine grapes are large with berries often placed in bunches. The berries are elongated and with a musky taste, they mature from the first decade of August.
It is resistant to frost and drought and is not susceptible to disease.

  • white grapes Palatine
  • raw sugar (1-2 tablespoons per jar)
  • the water
  • JARS

Servings: 15

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION White grape compote:

Carefully unwrap the grapes from the bunch, wash them in more water and put them in clean jars, without completely filling the jars.

In each jar add 2 tablespoons of sugar (I used raw sugar) and add water to the neck of the jar.

Staple the jars with pre-cooked lids, carefully place them in a pot lined with newspapers or a towel and add enough water to not completely cover the jars.

Sterilize the jars with compote and let them boil for about 20 minutes.

Let them cool and store them in the cellar or pantry.

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