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Cabbage in Cluj prepared with Crock-Pot slow cooker

Cabbage in Cluj prepared with Crock-Pot slow cooker

I cut the cabbage faithfully.

In a bowl I put two tablespoons of oil in which I hardened two onions that I cut into small pieces and half a grated carrot.

When the onion became glassy, ​​I put a teaspoon of paprika and chopped cabbage.

I added salt and pepper. I hardened everything until the cabbage left a little water, I added 200 ml of water and I let it boil. Towards the end I added finely chopped green dill.

The cabbage does not have to be cooked at all because it will also be cooked at Slow Cooker.

I washed the rice with cold water, then I put 700 ml of water and a teaspoon of salt on it and I boiled it.

Rice doesn't have to be boiled either. After it started to boil, I left it for another 10 minutes.

I strained it and washed it under a stream of warm water.

I then prepared the meat.

As with the cabbage, I hardened the onion and the grated carrot with a little oil, I added the paprika, then I put the meat.

I also hardened the meat until it turned light in color. I seasoned, put 200 ml of tomato juice, a little water and let it boil.

I also cooked the meat for about 15 minutes.

When all this was ready, I assembled everything in the Slow Cooker bowl.

On the bottom of the bowl I put half the amount of cabbage, then a layer of rice, a layer of meat, over the meat I put tomato juice, again a layer of rice, meat, tomato juice and finally the remaining cabbage.

I also put tomato juice and cream over the cabbage.

However, next time I will give up the cream because it gave it an unsightly appearance, anyway the cream will be used for serving.

I set the Slow Cooker to High and after 2 and a half hours the food was ready.

As you can see, the layers settled nicely and could be cut nicely after it cooled down a bit.

If you do not have a Slow Cooker, you can assemble everything in a tray or a higher bowl and put it in the oven.

I guess in 40 minutes it should be ready.

If I had more time, I would have set it to Low and left it for 3 hours.

For those who do not understand why we choose to cook for a long time at Slow Cooker instead of choosing a faster method, I will tell you that the taste of food is much better if it is cooked slowly.

Have fun!

In our desire to help, we thought of making a list of doctors and medical centers in the country and abroad who have experience in ameliorating desperate cases with the help of vegan or raw food. See the list below for details. Before you reach these centers, read and apply the tips listed at the end of this article. For more testimonials, visit this site as well as this Posting which includes another list of Romanian naturopathic doctors.

Dr. John Ionescu
Center for Integrative Medicine & # 8222Quantum Therapy & # 8221
Str Maior Ion Coravu, Nr 20
Sector 2, Bucharest
Phone: 0770949314
In my opinion, the best doctor in the world and competent in treating any form of cancer. Click on his name above to find details.

Dr. Nicodim Ovidiu, primary obstetrician & # 8211 gynecologist, colposcopy competence, doctor of medical sciences.
Mircea Vulcanescu, 88, Bucharest, Sector 1
Phone 021.319.3051 / 021.319.3030
Email: [email protected]

Phytotherapist Tudorita Profir
Brosteni, Suceava County, with many active results in diseases such as cancer, Lyme disease and other ugly diseases. Unfortunately, she is very busy and it is difficult to enter.
Details here or on the phone 0743.942714 or 0747 122 743. Schedule only Tuesday and Friday between 8: 30-14

Apitherapy Medical Center
Prof. Dr. Vasile Andrițoiu
Bălăneşti locality, no. 336-337, Gorj county, Romania
Phone: 0253 / 270.221 0763.655.629
E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Ruxandra Constantina
Cotroceni, Costache Negri nr 6
0734 410 417

Panduri sauce no. 22, building 2A, sector 5, Bucharest
(near Theodor Burghele Urology Hospital)
Consultation appointments +021 410 2419

Mara Club, detoxification and relaxation center. The aim is to improve the quality of life through a detoxification program. More details here. Mara Mara no. 213. Jud. Maramures, 0262.372.729, 0742.301.745
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Doru Laza
goal. 0745.118.488
[email protected]

Dr. Olivia Langa, Goal. 0746 23 22 55, Medical Genetics & Raw-Foods Nutrition
Cluj Napoca.

Dr. Cristian Boerescu, Goal. 021-423.05.83, p. Preda backrest no. 21, pp. 129A, sc. 3, ap. 65, Bucharest, Sector 5, email: [email protected]

Dr. Crina Vereş, goal. 0788.390.486 or 0743.935.174. Str. Take Ionescu no. 51B, Gheorgheni neighborhood, Cluj Napoca. L-V between 10 and 15 o'clock.

Only with appointments considering the frequent trips outside Cluj. Dr. Crina Veres uses the New German Medicine which you can find out more about in the video below. Press the CC button for Romanian subtitles.

Detox and health centers in Romania

Tree of Life (Detox Center, Nutrition and Pension)
Sat Rod no. 227, Transalpina, Drumul Regelui, Sibiu.
Tel: 0269.256.430, 0737.097.576
email: [email protected]

Atasagon Detox Center & Wellbeing Center
2 Maciesului Street, Racadau, Brasov
Tel: 40 368 407 070
email: [email protected]

Harmony Clinic & # 8211 Colon hydrotherapy can also be done
Str. Barlogeni, Nr. 38-40, Sector 1, Bucharest
Tel: 0760 913 331, 0729.078.770

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You have the mission to form and create healthy branches within the Church. At the religion class, the child receives a training of another nature, that of talking to God, which in the secular world we do not often find in any of the curricular objects. Download nutritious stock photos, royalty free images and illustrations from $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Register for free

Cook from the heart. Delicious and healthy recipes - Denisa ..

What do we eat in the summer of 2011? Exotic and healthy trends The trends of summer 2011 are to eat healthy, in the city, exotic and to ask for as much information as possible about the food we order at the Pompa De San Electrica restaurant By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and analyzing partners. To date, on September 2, in Romania, 89,891 cases of people infected with the new coronavirus (COVID - 19) have been confirmed. 38,701 patients were declared cured and 11,392 asymptomatic patients were discharged 10 days after detection. Following the tests performed at national level, compared to the last report, 1,298 cases were registered.

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  • Electric Pump in Cluj Ads on Add new ad. My account. Recently selected: Choose location: + 0 km 0 + 0 km 0 + 2 km 2 + 5 km 5 + 10 km 10 + 15 km 15 + 30 km 30 + 50 km 50 + 75 km 75 + 100 km 100 Search in description . Only with pictures. Delivery with verification available.
  • Jamie, Minister of Health. Anyone can learn to cook in 24 Hours - Chefs
  • During the fertile period, breastfeeding offers long-term protection against breast cancer, so breastfeeding has a double role: on the one hand it provides an optimal nutritional intake to the baby, being considered the best type of food for the little one, on the other hand, ensuring the mother's protection against breast cancer. However, some women have problems.

The temperature changes of this period and, especially, the lack of movement that most of us experience as we go through the period marked by the coronavirus pandemic can have their say on our muscles and bones.. - All articles on the topic: Healthy joints Unlike other types of cancer, where it is known that a healthy lifestyle can prevent 70-80% of diseases, breast cancer has always been considered an exception. There are many risk factors that lead to its appearance that can not be influenced by our decisions: age over 50 years, the existence of blood relatives (mother. 13:48 VIDEO A golf ball could be seen from a distance 24 km in the US tests have begun with a 3,200 megapixel camera 13:47 A Romanian startup of data darkness wants investments of 300,000 euros by listing on SeedBlin or ovarian (mother, sister, grandmother) can save their lives by doing a simple genetic test, a cheap and accurate blood test Breast and ovarian cancer in the world and Romania Every year, breast cancer is responsible for 77,000 deaths in Europe We go on vacation Parent job Woman, beauty and relaxation Couple, Love, Sex, Relationship Legislative, Parental rights Divorce Green Family Christmas, Santa's house Our house, sweet house

Healthy alternatives to potato chips: 5 unique and tasty recipes that do not make you fat. healthy habits Whether you are preparing to watch the long-awaited final of the 2014 Football Championship in Brazil with friends, or whether you are planning a family home cinema evening, potato chips are the snacks that are not missing from these special moments. The study used photos taken by players and interviews to explore their perception of food in relation to the game of hockey, noted that players tend to avoid eating in the arena in favor of food units that are perceived as healthier. Abortion and breast cancer breast) - A connection that will not disappear. Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, member of the US College of Surgeons - the study conducted for years but the information being manipulated even by most doctors and specialists in the field of Lent may seem a chore for many Romanians especially because they are removed from food staples such as meat, eggs or dairy products. In order to successfully resist this period, it is very important to consume as many varied and healthy fasting foods as possible, which is why a list of healthy fasting foods follows. of in May they are also rich in lignan. Wood is a phytoestrogen (antioxidant) that has a high fiber content. Researchers claim that lignan in seeds of plays an important role in cancer prevention, especially breast cancer breast

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  1. Cubes with photos and messages Most of us played with some wooden cubes when we were little but like any toys I put them aside and replaced them with others
  2. Even if, at first glance, it seems difficult to keep, Christmas Lent is a blessing for those who eat too much or are full. Temperance and healthy food choices during fasting prepare you for the cold weather climate changes and keep you fit.
  3. Breast cancer can be overcome with gentle therapies. In Romania, every year, 7,000 new cases of breast cancer are detected. The danger posed by this condition is marked across the continent on October 15, the European Day of Breast Health.

Adenomatous colonic polyps - is a small group of cells that form on the lining of the colon. Although most polyps are harmless, some of them become cancerous over time. Anyone can make colonic polyps. Hope for cancer patients. A large and sweet fruit, whose pulp can be eaten directly or can be used to prepare drinks, sherbet or sweets, only destroys cancer cells, being 10,000 stronger than Although Soursop (Guanábana) fruit or Graviola tree is a miraculous product that destroys cancer cells, the information is not.

50 wonderful healthy tattoo designs with pictures Lifestyles Breast inks are becoming popular every day with the celebrities who sported them so bravely. With a tattoo on the breast area, the woman gets to choose whether she wants to reveal her tattoo or keep it hidden. When women have tattoos on their backs. Researchers have found, for example, that people who regularly drink tomato juice have a much lower risk of developing lung or prostate cancer. It also seems that this substance can prevent cancer of the breast or that of the pancreas and esophagus. The best source of lycopene, however, is tomatoes. Flax seeds are also rich in lignan. Wood is a phytoestrogen (antioxidant) that has a high fiber content. Researchers say flaxseed lignan plays an important role in preventing cancer, especially breast cancer. How healthy are bananas in excess. On the other hand, bananas contain high amounts of carbohydrates compared to other fruits - 23 grams per 100 grams - so in excess, bananas bring a high calorie intake. They have the ability to alleviate heart rhythm disorders, to normalize blood triglyceride levels and balance blood pressure. To strike a balance between these essential acids, the ratio should be 1: 4. Palm oil. It is ideal for frying, as it remains stable up to temperatures of 230˚C

In fact, when children make mistakes, parents have a sense of rejection of him. Many times we don't like our children, but we don't realize it. When we have a problem child, we do not realize that we do not like that child and it is very important to be very honest with us and to admit I do not like this child It is not up to us what others choose, it is up to us to choose what we choose for ourselves, even if it can be frustrating at times.. But if we remember that we are the creators of our own reality and that every human being is an eternal divine being, with its own rhythm, its own choices, its own plan of life and experimentation.

• A list of healthy foods that you should eat on a daily basis. What to eat to be healthy? Nutritionists recommend consuming at least once a day certain products, which for many years to stay healthy, beautiful and in good physical shape. For their study, scientists placed malignant epithelial cells from breast cancer. in a gelatin-like substance. The cells were then injected into flexible silicone chambers that allowed the researchers to apply a compressive force to the cancer cells at an early stage of their development.

Healthy food recipes - cooking

  • A doctor from Arad, disciplinary investigated after posting photos with a flooded section of the County Hospital, accuses a regime of terror in the institution RECOMMENDATIONS Maria, a 16-year-old Romanian woman, was hit in the head, hit by a curb and trampled by bicycles, near Madrid
  • Healthy Products is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Healthy Products and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and ..
  • They also lower the level of triglycerides in the blood. Therefore, consumption of MUFA tends to produce an overall improvement in the overall pattern of blood lipids, which should be very friendly to the cardiovascular system. In addition, there is evidence that MUFA can help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles
  • Prostate cancer tumors have stagnated. Several studies on breast cancer prevention have been conducted and extensive research shows that it does
  • 14 Photos. 1 of 14. Tea and honey. Never turned your back on a cup was so virtuous: adding a doll of these sweet things to the lemon-flavored tea, you make it an even more nutritious sip, new research shows. The tea itself is steamed with antioxidants (linked to lower levels of disease.

. Not all foods that are on the shelves are healthy and help us stay that way. You just have to choose the right ones to have a better life. It's meal time and you want a little celebration and taste in your plate. Maybe you want Indian food or a taco salad. But, unfortunately, nowadays it is too easy to find yourself in the situation of biting from the ethnic version of a triple burger with french fries. Food Americanization is the worst choice, says Daphne Miller, author of The Jungle Effect: The Most. We take all 30 of these foods in turn and talk about the benefits that each of them brings. Mushrooms are one of the most complete and healthy sources of protein, successfully competing with meat. Mushrooms prevent breast cancer and regulate estrogen levels in women

5 foods that prevent breast cancer. Include them in your diet! Do not give up healthy dishes just because it is more convenient to stop at the first fast food to satisfy your hunger! We recommend some dishes that you can prepare in less than 15 minutes. The most unusual wedding photos: 18 images with. The wedding day is also the day when a lot of photos are taken, without this being avoidable. Therefore, it is important to look in such a way as to convey self-confidence and be happy, without worrying about hair loss.Don't forget that these photos will be viewed for generations. purpose of the literature, to deal with details such as the road to the hospital or products available to you before and after the operation

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  • Most people these days are aware of the importance of consumption of food health. However, not everyone knows that the dishes used to cook food are almost the same of as important as the food itself. Even the healthiest diet can lead to complications of health if your vessels are toxic. Must [
  • a roz. I thought that Iohannis sees the state of Romania in pink again. I would find out, however, that Ad
  • Healthy eating for children can be a real challenge for some parents who often face the refusal of their little ones: I don't like it, I don't want it, it's too cold, it's too hot or it's not like grades or mama. Refusal of children to eat some healthy foods that contain essential nutrients for their harmonious development can.
  • For example, pizza, lasagna, pasta. They are based on flour. However, the inhabitants do not suffer from excess weight and most of them and maintain good physical shape. This proves that Italian cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. In this country, a tight lunch is mandatory

10 Healthy Foods That Women Should Eat

Chemotherapy is based on the administration of drugs that attack cancer cells, destroying them or stopping their growth. However, after a good initial reaction, the treatment may become less effective during the following sessions, due to the phenomenon of the body's resistance to therapy. After the peeled potatoes are peeled, they are drilled and set aside. In step two, put the sausages in the pan and cover with water. When it has evaporated, add a little oil. Boiled and fried sausages are placed in potatoes that are placed in the tray, covered with slices of cheese and left in the oven until sliced.

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  • ica past I worshiped her life. As promised, I joined the Pink Troops March out of a desire to sound the alarm about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, the leading cause of death for women in Romania. In fact, because the numbers speak for themselves. , I announce with great regret that a total of 5,600 Romanians are diagnosed annually with this.
  • a C. This type of beef
  • The ongoing cohort study, involving nearly 4,000 children, found that a standard increase of 1 deviation in processed dietary scores was associated with a decrease of 1.67 points in IQ at age 9, according to with Dr. Kate Northstone, University of Bristol and colleagues
  • Judy Blume Treated for Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer Center - Disease - 2020 Health Video: Fudge of Mania by Judy Blume audiobook (August 2020). Famous author Judy Blume announced on her blog that she is being treated for breast cancer
  • Table 3 - Shake protein whey, natural peanut butter Meal 4 - 8 oz salmon, green vegetables, healthy fats Table 5 - Shake whey protein, healthy fats Table 6 - 6 capsules of omega 3 + 3 eggs. Toney Freeman Training. Toney Freeman doesn't like some exercises either

"You have the mission to form and create healthy branches in

  1. Armor: properties, benefits, how to use, remedies and contraindications. Discover what armor is good for, how to use it, natural remedies, how to make armor tea, contraindications and side effects
  2. Rich in healthy carbohydrates, beans prevent type II diabetes, colon and breast cancers, lowers blood pressure Scanton have shown that this type of popcorn are healthy, contain Recipe on Donuts in their own juice (cold preserved).
  3. PILL AND BREAST CANCER (BREAST CANCER) - Birth control pill, birth control pill, oral contraceptives and breast cancer, breast cancer, excess alcohol, hormone replacements, increased risk of developing breast cancer before menopause
  4. Breastfeeding, weaning, healthy recipes until the age of 6 The arrival of a child arouses love and sensitivity, but also many doubts. This book answers many questions that parents ask about a fundamental aspect of raising a child: nutrition.
  5. Why is a breast ultrasound performed? Your doctor may perform an ultrasound of the breast if a suspicious breast has been discovered. A breast ultrasound helps your doctor determine if the lump in the breast is a cyst filled with fluid or if it is a solid tumor.

The campaign of the Romanian Patriarchate Give life! Come and donate blood! keep going. The Romanian Patriarchate, with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, under the coordination of Archimandrite Father Ciprian Gradinaru, the ecclesiarch of the Chapel of the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation, continues the Give Life campaign! Come and donate blood! This week, the blood donation campaign carried out by the Patriarchate. Egg yolk contains a lot of key nutrients that are hard to find in other foods. Although many have given up yolk because it contains a lot of cholesterol, there is so much evidence that for most people it is very healthy, according to haircuts for boys 3 years old photos - Idealbebe.r online store

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  1. It is very important to train children in healthy eating habits so that they become healthy adults. (or hundreds?) of photos. We suggest you choose some favorite photos, print them and place them in plain photo holders, made by you and your little one. Itsy Bitsy. Today at 2:00.
  2. Find out what healthy eating habits are. Skip to content. Login / New account. Questions. Fertility questions Pregnant questions General questions Questions Questions from parents. Preconception. Before conception Difficulties in conception Fertility questions Recommended products. 11.
  3. We can see photos of 10-year-old girls wearing T-shirts with signs over their chests like Look at this place, and we all do it. The health pages receive e-mails from young women between the ages of 13 and 22 whose concern is that their breasts do not develop as much as their girlfriends, or that.

Usually, women with benign breast cancer risk much higher than healthy women. So cyst is needed for surgical treatment. For the skin it is difficult to determine the state of pathology 100 photos that changed the world - Margherita Giacosa, Roberto Mottadelli, Gianni Morelli - book - DPH A book-album collection with the most important 100 photos in world history and a description of their historyGreat moments in history immortalized in 100 photos! From the opening of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb to the Wright brothers' first flight from the mushroom.

What do we eat in the summer of 2011? Exotic and healthy trends

Breast cancer is diagnosed and weekly samoohlyady samopalpatsyey breast and mammography (best of all - a combination of the two methods) .According to recent data, the method of self-diagnosis breast is not effective because it allows viewing education only 0 , 5 mm, which corresponds to stage II-III cancer, and in. Amalgam, All for all, Universal Store. Saturday, January 28, 2012. The ten healthiest E-urs With ambition, with perseverance, we have seen it in the spotlight for years. She had moments of joy over the years, especially when her daughter Violeta was born. She is a fighter who has learned from mistakes and hard times. In 2016, Andreea Marin announced that she had lost her father. Now, she is the promoter of healthy life, good girls, I am a girl from last month, Ionela, what are you doing? I was well today. Transylvanian with whom I give birth told me that he can't give me leave because I don't have a referral from my family doctor, what do you give me an idea? I have 29 weeks In turn, it helps clean the arteries. Make sure that healthy fats represent 25% of the number of calories you consume daily. Fish - especially certain species, such as salmon, cod or perch - is rich in Omega 3 acids.

The healthiest drinks. Carbohydrate Cancer When we think of healthy drinks, the first thing that comes to mind is water. But there are other diet drinks, which should not be missing from the diet. Many drinks have many health benefits. Some drinks help with indigestion, others treat osteoporosis, and still others. To close pictures or photos with such paint on the wall do not need glue or nails. existing on the market for about 20 years. San Marco - produces a whole line of wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom), the paint must be waterproof, for children's rooms - from healthy materials, for. True health does not mean the absence of disease. True health means emotional, physical, mental and emotional well-being (mental, spiritual). Health and Life - For a Healthy Lifestyle and a Happy Life - You will know the truth and the truth will set you free - Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight Loss (Healthy Weight Loss, Maintaining ... 2nd place WTA clarified "The recovery is not complete, the team is in first place and it is much more important to have four healthy players ready for the matches," said Halep.

Perhaps most importantly, being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin D3 helps reduce the occurrence of several cancers, such as colorectal, breast, prostate and pancreatic. For all this to make sense, we have to make a small effort: 20 minutes of sun exposure every day, until 11 o'clock or after 4 pm. I know a few people who regularly spend hundreds of euros on this stuff. Pendants that regulate your karma, dwarfs to put on your breast, all kinds of magnetic devices that protect you from evil, potions that cure any disease, stone massagers that purify your blood and other dandruff, water without memory, etc. E o ditamai industria in spate 03.02.2019 - Explore Iulia Sbera's board 8 on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vintage Engagement Rings, Engagement Pictures, Girl Photography

Take care of your skin's health. About choosing a fitness bike to help you lose weight after giving birth. TASK. All. Pregnant food. Load analysis. Spontaneous abortion in pregnancy. About pregnancy. Pregnancy care. Food for an energetic task The second week in San Francisco I didn't have a fitness room at the hotel so the only move I made was to visit the city and so I walked a lot. I did not worry too much about this aspect, I enjoyed more rest this week to return with fresh strength when returning home

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What is attachment parenting? The term attachment parenting, introduced by the American pediatrician William Sears, advocates the emotional connection between parents and children. The stronger this connection, the more children have. chances to become confident, independent and empathetic 3. Breastfeed as much as you can. Breastfeeding brings many benefits. And not just the baby. Breastfeeding mothers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer or postpartum depression. In addition, it helps the mother to lose weight gained during pregnancy

Photos of osteoporosis on their feet. The most impressive photographs of those who stand on their feet. Which can be called the future of Europe and firmly reject the quotas of migrants.19. its four pillars and their four legs were two lower ends of the chest, on its edge and legs. dog with leg problems Hello These fruits have so many health benefits that it is difficult to keep them The apples contain quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells from degeneration. Apples also bring important benefits to heart health. Adults who eat apples are 37% less likely to have high blood pressure than those who do not eat apples.

Healthy foods and habits to prevent the onset

Barley is another whole grain that can be found in bread, breakfast cereals or healthy winter soups. Very high in fiber, barley is great for intestinal health and can reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of colon cancer. type II diabetes (especially if consumed regularly). Barley also contains copper, about which it was. Cancer of breast - death by allopathy or self-healing by understanding NMG of a beautiful woman and healthy which had arrived like a walking corpse and was buried in the grave of chemotherapy treatment after an unimaginable torture and whose husband was left in such a state here are a few others photos suggestive, of this time of. The festival has been held for 100 years in the city of San Fernando and over time has become a competition, in which artists compete to create the most fascinating kaleidoscopic Christmas decoration. Initially the lanterns were made of paper, but now glass, metal, plastic and other materials are used.

. These combinations of foods are the secret that keeps you in shape and increases your nutrient intake, writes Prevention Eddie Hall, one of the most powerful people on the planet, trying Olympic sports A US website offers $ 13,000 to follow a diet 3 months Signs that can save your life metastatic breast cancer Building healthy bones is extremely important. Minerals are embedded in bones during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Matcha has grown a lot in popularity lately, with Matcha photos, latte, teas and even desserts appearing everywhere from stores.

. You can find out your exact body composition (muscle mass, mass, fat, degree of hydration inside and outside the cell by measuring BIA - Bio Impendance Analyzer) and, with the advice of nutritionists from the German Diet Center you learn to properly lose weight. good eating habits are established from the first months of life. Harmonious development and the health of the baby depend on a correct diet. Some tips for the correct feeding of the small child: - talk to the child's pediatrician or family doctor who will make a scheme with the baby's diet. Offers products and services: greeting cards manually. Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers - Christmas Cards, Cra Cards New moms also need low protein (chicken, eggs, lentils and beef) and healthy fats, which are found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados and fish ( salmon or mackerel). Because it can happen that from time to time the baby is agitated in the breast or has gas after consuming certain products, it would be best to. PHOTOGRAPHS WITH ABORTED CHILDREN: ATTENTION! - The following photos contain images about abortion. If this kind of material offends you, don't watch it! Why do we show bloody photos of murdered unborn children? A photo is worth a thousand words - Watch here

I'm sorry alina that I don't comment on the subject, always, but I was always delighted by everything you did and when it came to commenting on something on your blog, it was just good .. this is not about the award, any frustration , it's absolutely nothing personal and I hope I don't offend anyone, congratulations to the winners .. but I looked at several sets of curiosity .. some are really beautiful, maybe. Raspberry syrup - fragrant and fragrant, served with cold mineral water, can be a real delight on a hot summer day. Difficulty: low. Ingredients needed for raspberry syrup: 1 liter of raspberry juice 1 kg sugar 2 tablespoons lemon juice How to prepare raspberry syrup: Raspberries (1 kg) clean the stalks and wash under running. breast cancer Whether they are passionate about cars or they like guns and superheroes, one thing is for sure: boys have a lot of energy and imagination. Here are some interesting things about raising a boy that could help you have a better relationship with your son. Offers products and services: breast pictures. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers - Media player with TV output, with built-in reader and remote control, San Finally, Oji-san's voice broke the silence. "That's why I set fire to the rice." People suddenly understood why Oji-san had done this. By setting fire to his rice fields, he saved four hundred lives. When the people rebuilt their village, they gave Oji-san the greatest reward they could think of - they built a temple in his honor.

Cluj cabbage prepared in slow cooker Crock-Pot - Recipes

Initially I wanted to make my favorite sarmăluţe & # 8230, but as I couldn't wrap them because the cabbage was stronger, a delicious cabbage came out in Cluj. I invite those who do not fast to taste.


  • 1 kg minced pork
  • 1.5 kg sauerkraut
  • 200 g of rice
  • 2 onions
  • bacon
  • smoked bacon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • dried thyme
  • dried dill
  • oil
  • tomato paste

Method of preparation

We chop the cabbage faithfully. Mix it with a little oil and pepper.

We mix the meat with chopped onion, washed and well drained rice, salt, pepper and dried thyme vein bearshare download. Heat a little oil and add the meat mixture. Leave on the fire for a few minutes, stirring constantly.

Grease a bowl with a little oil, then put a layer of chopped cabbage, sprinkle the pieces of kaizer and smoked bacon, all the minced meat, another layer of cabbage and the pieces of sausage and bacon herunterladen. Sprinkle with thyme and dried dill, add enough water to cover everything and put the pot in the oven over low heat.

After an hour of cooking add the tomato paste dissolved in a little water herunterladen.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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Automatic milking systems - Apparatus and installations for milking cows. Visit our pages for the latest news on milking systems for cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats and the feeding systems sold by us. Small farmers have a concept of a milking parlor, which can be located in different areas of the country, to help them adapt to the rules & # 160. The average milk production is 4. In Austria we have met farms where there are nuclei of goats with a daily production of 11.

Our company also installs milking parlors, the types we install are 1x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, we also install milking parlors. Sc Ambisco Hires PERSONNEL MILKING ROOM in Reghin, Petelea. It works economically and functionally in confined spaces.

Milking parlors in spike, in fir tree or in & # 160. The theoretical yield assumes that the milking parlor never stops, the cows are milked in a single rotation and a new cow occupies & # 160. No products were found matching your criteria. This feature is not available right now. Unsubscribe from Caralact Lapte-Proaspat.

Slow cooker silvercrest kitchen tools

I can honestly say that I wanted to buy a slow cooker at any cost. I wished so much that I was in the first hour when Lidl opened. Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information.

Silvercrest Slow Cooker Manuals. By all accounts, a slow cooker is a pot that & # 160. Attribute (data-ohref, a.href) var c = a. Looking to get a little more use out of your slow cooker than making the same old stews and casseroles. Try one of these GHRI-recommended slow cookers to cut down on how much time you spend in the kitchen. Slow cooking preserves flavor and meat becomes extremely tender.

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You can program cooking times ranging from minutes to hours, and its. Recently slow cookers, pressure cookers, multicookers and similar appliances have & # 160. A slow cooker, also called a crock-pot by many.

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Do you want to cook the tastiest food that even your friends love? Sarmale recipe in cabbage leaves, slow cooker from the categories Meat dishes, Christmas recipes, Slow Cooking. Set the Slow Cooker to High in hours.

After the hours have passed, take the chicken and potatoes and put them in a tray. The slow cooker electric pot has changed dramatically in recent years, and below you will discover the features that the most & # 160 must have.

Andrew James is one of the largest local retailers in the UK, specializing in & # 160. Short guide to using the slow cooker pot safely - I recently discovered the slow cooker and if I still convinced you to & # 160. Slow cooker Crock-Pot CSC028X-DIM, 3. L, Digital 2W, Horse Keeping Function & # 160. Belly soup in a pressure cooker & # 8211 video recipe & # 160. Home Meat Pork Pork with mushrooms and curry on slow cooker. Calf stew with potatoes & # 8211 simple multicooker recipe, pot.

All you have to do is put the ingredients in the pot, put the lid on and set the temperature step & # 160. You can cook a multitude of healthy dishes such as vegetables, fish or chicken, rice, beef, etc.

We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with baked thighs on Search Engine

Baked chicken legs with garlic and rosemary Savori Urbane

  • Hams chicken in the oven with garlic and rosemary
  • Steak to this tray thighs chicken, brown and juicy, scented with garlic, onion, tomatoes, cumin and rosemary
  • If I make the steak it is clear that I thank every member of the family, of to little to big.

Baked chicken legs, breaded with garlic

  • ingredients Hams chicken in the oven
  • 2 thighs of large chickens, 200-250 grams / piece
  • A few slices of smoked bacon (about 1 tablespoon) salt (about 1 teaspoon good, coarser) and pepper (to taste) 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin or other spices to taste.

Baked chicken legs, Petitchef recipe YES: 16 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 68

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Recipe Video Hams of Chicken with Mustard to OvenDetail details: http: // more recipes with

322 simple recipes for Baked Legs Craftlog Rom & # 226nia YES: 12 BYE: 33 MOZ Rank: 49

Hams Chicken with Potatoes the Oven 500 g tomatoes 4 thighs chicken cut in half 3-4 tablespoons oil 3 bay leaves 1 kg potatoes a little rosemary a little oregano a little thyme 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon herbs 1/2…

Crispy baked chicken legs and wings Laura Laurențiu

  • ingredients Hams and crispy chicken wings in the oven
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika (who prefers more spicy, can make a mixture between sweet and hot paprika) 3 tablespoons of high-grain breadcrumbs (panko) or chopped potato chips.

Baked chicken legs Marinated recipes with Dana

  • Chicken is and will remain the type of meat preferred by all, regardless of age
  • Strawberries and spices, whole marinated chicken legs in the oven

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  • Chicken thighs in the oven are a classic steak, which we try to improve every time with different spices or unique flavors
  • Recipe of thighs chicken with wine in the oven is a recipe

Baked duck legs - Evelina's Food

  • Duck legs in the oven they are excellent no matter how they are served, simple, with vegetables or fruits, if they are cooked properly
  • Well-prepared duck meat melts in your mouth and we can impress our guests with this dish.
  • I will show you how we can make this recipe with thighs of duck in the oven very simple and fast.

Boneless Chicken Legs in the Oven & # 187 Quick Menu Menu Recipe Evening YES: 14 BYE: 45 MOZ Rank: 68

  • Hams boneless chicken in the oven: Serving tips
  • For extra flavor, you can add a bay leaf and a few cloves of garlic & # 238n sauce, then remove the foil.
  • We recommend black olives, because they have a neutral taste and do not "grab" the dish like green or kalamata.

Baked pork meat, simple, classic recipe YES: 14 BYE: 47 MOZ Rank: 71

  • Pork leg in the oven, simple, classic recipe
  • Pork leg in the oven, simple, classic recipe, a tender, juicy, aromatic, well-seasoned stewed steak
  • A recipe that never fails, with guaranteed success
  • When you say steak, you immediately think to holiday, to something good, to a more special meal with loved ones.

Chicken legs with baked potatoes JamilaCuisine YES: 15 BYE: 6 MOZ Rank: 32

  • Recipe of thighs chicken with potatoes in the oven it's one of my husband's favorites when I don't know what to cook anymore
  • It is made quickly, it is tasty and village

Baked chicken legs with potatoes

  • Recipe of thighs chicken with potatoes in the oven it's one of my husband's favorites when I don't know what to cook anymore
  • It is made quickly, it is tasty and filling
  • What's more, it's delicious and fragrant
  • Nobody in my family refuses a portion, especially since all mine are carnivores, and my husband is a big fan of potatoes.

Baked thighs in a yena dish DANA AND HER DEAR NET

  • Hams depending on how big the yena vessel is, I used the smallest vessel in the set and only two thighs , potatoes to cut into cubes, spices for chicken: pepper, paprika, curry, vegeta, nutmeg, an iceberg salad for garnish with a dressing of garlic sauce, oil and vinegar

Baked lamb legs with wine and garlic. Find out the recipe YES: 13 BYE: 32 MOZ Rank: 59

  • What you need for thighs of lamb with wine, garlic and lemon in the oven: 3 thighs of lamb of about 1.4 kg I used thighs of to a 5.5 kg honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

Baked chicken legs with yogurt

  • Recipe of thighs chicken with yogurt in the oven it's great when we really don't know what to cook for lunch or dinner
  • Usually, chicken is always present in our refrigerators, so it's meat to handy and is preferred by the little ones
  • I cook chicken very often, and the chicken ostropel recipe is my favorite
  • My husband prefers the chicken in the oven, but necessarily with potatoes and many spices.

Baked chicken: The most delicious baked chicken recipes

  • Garlic 100 ml olive oil 2-3 pcs
  • Onions 1 tablespoon parsley 2-3 pcs
  • Method of preparation Baked thighs
  • The chicken legs are washed and cleaned well
  • Onions, peppers, garlic are finely chopped
  • In a bowl, mix the butter well with salt, pepper, paprika until it is done

Baked chicken legs with potatoes YES: 15 BYE: 43 MOZ Rank: 75

  • Hams chicken with potatoes in the oven - the simplest recipe: A simple dish to prepare, but satisfying for the whole family
  • Chicken legs do not require much time to prepare, and potatoes in the oven they are the simplest and tastiest garnish to put next to it
  • & # 206together with a salad of assorted pickles, you prepared the most delicious lunch.

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  • What ingredients do we use for the recipe Hams chicken in the oven, in tomato sauce with garlic
  • Hams chicken in the oven, in tomato sauce with garlic, tender, juicy, flavorful, a classic and tasty recipe, without many fits, as it used to be
  • Written recipe and step by step video.

426 light, homemade recipes with thighs, prepared by those who YES: 11 BYE: 16 MOZ Rank: 47

426 homemade recipes with thighs of to the largest cooking community in the world! See also recipes for Hams chicken in the oven.

Baked chicken with potatoes, quick recipe with PICTURES on STEPS YES: 13 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 84

  • chicken in the oven with potatoes - Greek recipe Elena Butuc
  • I have become addicted to Greek cuisine and I really enjoy reading foreign blogs specializing in Greek recipes with & quotfurate & quot to Greek mothers-in-law, aunts and grandparents
  • 2 days ago I came across this chicken version in the oven with potatoes, in the Greek version

23 simple recipes for Baked Legs With Cream YES: 12 BYE: 45 MOZ Rank: 79

List of the best 23 recipes, inclusive Hams Chicken with Cream and Cheese the Oven, Hams Boneless with Sour Cream and Mushrooms the Oven, Hams boneless the Oven, with Sour Cream and Cheese, Hams of Chicken the Oven with Turmeric and Garlic Seasoned Sauce, Hams stuffed the Oven with Grated Potatoes Craftlog

Star moms: interview with Ligia Pop

At the age of 33, Ligia Pop is the author of cookbooks: Vegan Recipes Without Fire, Desserts for Parents and Healthy Children and of the book Germs and Sprouts - Sources of Health and Energy, raw food chef (chef specializing in vegetable cuisine without fire), she says culinary demonstrations and organizes bi-annual national exhibitions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

She is the host of the online TV show, Ligia's Kitchen. But beyond that, Ligia Pop is licensed in music by the University of Arts & quotGeorge Enescu & quot from Iasi, piano teacher and author of the innovative piano method, Pasi in Lumea Muzicii, awarded as an important promoter of healthy eating in Romania during the gala & quotCe Se It happens Doctor & quot and the winner along with 15 other chefs in the world of the international title, YouTube Next Chef.

We know that you are one of the important promoters of raw food in Romania. How long have you been adopting this diet and what benefits have you felt?
In 2008 I started to study and apply this side of healthy eating and the results were not long in coming. Those who adopt a raw food lifestyle in general are concerned with several aspects - mind, body and soul healthy, aspects related to inner and outer health and we can refer here to body care, quality sleep, exercise, as much as possible. a lot of time spent in nature, protecting the environment, time to relax and feed the soul through a good book or an activity to help the brain stay young, quality time spent in the family, etc.

Returning to food, we all know that large amounts of raw food keep us young and alert, full of harmony and inner peace, and ready to see life in other colors.It was amazing to watch the changes in my body depending on the proportion of raw foods introduced along the way and I will talk to you about it immediately. Great transformations are made when the percentage of diversified raw materials approaches 90% and I am referring here to miraculous changes made by detoxifying and cleansing the body. I noticed the same changes in me, due to the lack of constipation as well as changes in skin texture and eye clarity. And I don't talk about cellulite anymore because, recently, I read that the only way you can get rid of it is through high consumption of raw foods. Also, hair and nails become healthier and shiny. I got rid of the liver and gall pains that came as a bonus with the consumption of meat dishes, as well as that weight and lack of energy, which were replaced with a state of well-being and peace of mind.

Many people do not really know what raw food or fireless food means. Can you explain to us in a few words what this lifestyle actually means?
The name & quotraw vegan food & quot means vegan food without fire (vegan without ingredients of animal origin but only vegetable), in which the staple foods are
& bull Vegetables, in a wide variety and many leafy used in salads and juices.
& bull Germs and shoots - sprouted vegetable seeds grown in shoots that are 30 times richer in nutrition than mature plants and are major sources of complex proteins, easy to assimilate and digest.
& bull Seeds and nuts are also sources of complex proteins and essential fatty acids.
& bull Fruits in their natural or dried state.
& bull Superfoods, such as seaweed which is the most complex source of minerals in the world and up to raw cocoa and various vegetable powders rich in complex nutrients.
With all these ingredients you can make variations and combinations that are nutritionally correct, special for the tastes of gourmets. When I say raw = raw, I don't just mean carrots and empty salads. The fire-free vegan diet includes many gourmet recipes that many have never dreamed of. In my book, Fireproof Vegan Recipes, you can see the diversity of recipes, from almond / sesame / rice milk, walnut bread and various combinations of sprouted seeds, pizza, pâtés and vegetable fats, walnut cheeses with an exceptional taste, meatballs, mushrooms with mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, extremely simple and delicious desserts, cakes, ice cream and healthy cakes, especially for our children.

This lifestyle is not extremist but promotes the consumption of large amounts of food in its natural state and everyone is free to choose the proportion between raw vegan food and cooked vegan / vegetarian food. The vast majority of raw foodists consume a percentage of 60-80% raw and the remaining 20-40%, vegetarian / vegan cooked food, such as vegetable soups, slow cooker preparations, at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for a longer period, steamed, baked in clay or ceramic pots, in a word as natural as possible.

Do we need special appliances, special food?
We can prepare raw food with only a good knife, a chopper and a scraper. Technology has advanced and then we have many tools at hand that can make our work easier and limit the time spent in the kitchen. At this point, every housewife has a robot and a blender in the kitchen. To make our work easier, we could use a blender as powerful as possible, ie over 1,000W for the preparation of non-dairy products, for cream and whipped cream, walnut mayonnaise, vegetable pasta, soups, zacusca, as well as many other dishes. High speed matters because we want our dishes (creams, whipped cream, pies) to be pleasant in texture, not sticky or with pieces of unfragmented vegetables. We will also need a grinder to grind seeds and nuts.

As ingredients, of course we will use a lot of raw vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts - but they are not fed special. The effort is at the beginning when we have to strive to find the most natural local sources, reliable farmers and producers and sites where we can buy them at affordable prices and not with multiple additions, as we often find in stores bio.

The benefits of eating sprouts - one of the stars of a healthy diet.

Sprouts means any sprouted edible seed, and this includes both legumes and grains. Let's analyze the importance of both simple and germinated seeds. Seeds are living sources of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential fatty acids that are an important source of protein in this family of vegetables. The vast majority of edible seeds can germinate. From sunflower seeds, which are more difficult to germinate and grow, but which are the most nutritious superfoods known, to tiny seeds of parsley, dill, mustard, cabbage, pumpkin, hemp, millet, green or whitish buckwheat, wheat , barley, oats, rye, amaranth, midgalele, sesame, quinoa, fenugreek (fenugreek) all from the bean family, but be careful that not all varieties are indicated, except the following, mung, adzuki beans, lentils, chickpeas, cat and other varieties such as alfalfa, broccoli, mustard, radishes, clover, salads, spinach, etc.

In the USA and other countries, the shoots mentioned above have been sold in any supermarket for at least 10 years and fortunately, since we promote their consumption in Romania, several producers have started to sell them in supermarkets as well. Surely you've heard of alfalfa sprouts, which are alfalfa sprouts and are found in many American sandwiches and
salads. See here a wonderful article with pictures and the benefits of germinated seeds and
grown in shoots.

By softening, sprouting and growing in shoots, chemical reactions take place that activate the enzymes ready to protect us from diseases, and prepare everything by pre-digestion for us, ie I break the complex nutritional structure being ready for assimilation. Let's see, however, what happens through these processes. Nutrients break down and simplify, becoming very easy to assimilate and digest. Proteins are thus transformed into amino acids, fats into essential fatty acids, so into complex proteins. Proteins, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals multiply from 300% to 1200%. Certain toxins and acids that normally hinder digestion are reduced or even eliminated. Much more can be said.

Are there any disadvantages or can deficiencies occur in the body? How can they be prevented?

In general, in all diets, nutritional deficiencies occur when the percentage of cooked food is too high compared to food of plant origin or, if the variety does not exist. In our case, the solution is simple, try to add to your daily diet not only a large amount of fruit but as much as possible of local vegetables in the raw state, especially roots and vegetables full of chlorophyll, eat seeds from time to time and nuts, rich in complex minerals (yes, calcium, magnesium, iron), good fats, proteins and essential fatty acids that we knew before existed only in fish. In this way the deficiencies and possible anemias are removed.

When the person who wants to take more steps for better health, he must inform himself as much as possible. I'm not saying they have to take special courses or training, but for many of us when we say raw we only mean whole pounds of apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, salads, tomatoes and so on. We must realize that we must include a wide range of raw materials that include sprouted seeds, germs and sprouts from cereals and legumes, these being true sources of energy and healing, all varieties of nuts that we will soften before to make them Easier to digest, legumes with intense green leaves that are true sources of calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, root vegetables that can be eaten raw and the list goes on.

Many people who already suffer from gastritis and ulcers have had problems because they went on the road without much information and worsened their situation by high consumption of acidic foods contraindicated in these diseases. It matters a lot that when you bring a higher percentage of raw foods into your life, you know how to combine them correctly, and you know which are acidic and which are basic. The same is true for cooked food because the wrong combination food gets stuck in the gut and we later suffer from bloating, indigestion, constipation, headaches and lack of energy.

What are the benefits of a high percentage of raw food in our lives?

This diet keeps us young and alert, full of harmony and inner peace, and ready to see life in other colors. In addition, who would not want to look like a 40-year-old person
50, 60 years? We can mention here Mimi Kirk, who received the title of the sexiest vegetarian in 50 years, by Annette Larkins and Karyn Calabrese. The last person was a famous model in the USA and in 2000 she was invited to Oprah's show to tell the world about the secret of her youth. At the age of about 60, she looks like 40, with smooth skin, supple body and silky hair.

Nobody says to give up cooked food, but the benefits of a high percentage of live, alkaline food lies in its nutritional superiority over cooked food - in the high content of nutrients found in raw foods, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. (they are also proteins, but they have specific roles in the body). In raw vegan cuisine, food is not prepared above 40C, and this means that the enzymes in them are intact and ready to help us in any chemical reaction in the body, as well as in protecting and fighting diseases, as their purpose. And because the rest of the molecules in plant food are intact, they are a hundred times easier to assimilate, and do not overload the liver, gall and pancreas, as is the case with animals. It is important to remember that raw foods contain the eight essential amino acids for our body.

Medicine says that the human body's reserves of enzymes are very limited, and must constantly be replenished. When we no longer have enzymes, we are considered lifeless. Only VIE food and especially one full of chlorophyll contains live enzymes, because cooking destroys any enzyme. The destruction of enzymes makes food only a matter without quality, full of empty calories, foreign to the body and difficult to digest, and hence the desire of man to eat more to saturate.

Art Baker, the author of the book "Cook less, feel better" said that through high temperatures starting from the first 3 minutes, the following chemical transformations take place and I quote:

* 100% of enzymes are destroyed

* the function of natural fibers is canceled

* Carbohydrates are caramelized

* vitamins and minerals are largely destroyed

* pesticides in ingredients are restructured into even more toxic components

* fat is deformed, generating many carcinogenic substances that later lead to the development of tumors and cancer. Two examples are acrolein and benzopyrene.

* heat-prepared and digested food, reaching the blood, transports inorganic minerals through the system, which are established in arteries, veins, joints and internal organs, and cause loss of flexibility
and premature aging.

And if we started with excerpts from various books, we find an interesting paragraph in Dr. Virginia Vetra who wrote, "Warming up any food destroys most of the content of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, forming poisonous particles of inorganic acids." The whole diet, which includes mostly raw foods, is the most suitable and able to sustain our health. & Quot . What other nutrients do we choose from it? Nobody says to give up cooked food, but we must be aware of the effects of a diet based ONLY on cooked food.

Tell me about the raw food exhibitions you organize in Romania. How often does it happen? What is your main goal?

My exhibitions are called Raw Generation Expo and I hold them twice a year, in spring and autumn in Bucharest. We are at the sixth edition which will take place on May 12, 2013 at Rin Grand Hotel, between 10 am and 8 pm and I look forward to seeing you. The purpose of the exhibitions is simple, I try to promote a high consumption of raw food and a healthy lifestyle. I believe in gradual education and I believe that small steps are the safest. With small steps, people have come over the years to make major changes in their family's diet and this is exceptional news for me. People write their testimonies and share with me the exceptional things that happen to them. I am in a permanent communication with many people and again, my great joy is that this movement is like a wave that attracts as many people as possible.

The event is not only for those who are vegetarians, vegans or raw foodists but is intended for all those who want to improve their lifestyle. At these events, the visitor will discover, in addition to a wide range of natural products from over 60 exhibitors from all over the country, health presentations, culinary demonstrations, children's corners where they are taught to cook healthily, etc.

Congratulations on the task, first of all. When you found out you were pregnant, did you think for a moment that you could go back to eating meat, eggs, dairy?

It never crossed my mind that I could return to the consumption of animal products, because I knew that I could cover my nutritional needs only with products of plant origin, which are absorbed much more easily, especially by pregnant women. I knew that maybe I would have a craving and I was really ready to taste it, but at the same time I was aware that all the consequences will not be expected and that I will definitely have the & quotnormal & quot symptoms of a pregnant woman if I venture.

Pregnancy requires a need for folic acid, iron, vitamins and calcium. What foods help you meet these needs?

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. the baby. Fortunately, all plant sources include those listed above, nutrients that are absorbed and used so easily by our body if taken from natural sources. Folic means "leaf" and can be found in all shoots and green leaves, iron, calcium and magnesium can be found in small quantities but not enough in sesame seeds, chia, almonds and all green leaves, as well as proteins and vitamins. which can be found in the above, but also in vegetables and fruits (I exemplified above in sprouts). And if I talked about chia, they are my favorites and you can see below for what reasons:

- They contain 5 times more calcium than milk.
- They contain 2 times more potassium than bananas.
- Helps the body eliminate extra pounds and cuts appetite.
- Helps the body to support and rebuild its muscles during exercise, during pregnancy but also after birth, because it helps to regenerate the membrane.
- They increase lactation and are a compact source of nutrients for children of all ages.
- Consumption of chia seeds helps balance blood sugar.

Just as an idea, folic acid has not been recommended for a long time in other countries, only in our country it still rises in glory, because here is what it can cause. Dr. Fuhrman reports that "Women taking supplemental folic acid increase their chances of developing breast cancer by 20-30%, according to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition."

Since you were pregnant, have you made any changes to your lifestyle?

This topic is very broad, in the sense that we have made changes in general to everything that means healthy mind, body and soul. That is why I documented everything in the book that I hope will appear in the fall of this year (2013). This book is a kind of diary of my pregnancy and my baby.

Do the restrictions imposed by your lifestyle involve extra efforts during pregnancy?

Restrictions - is a word that never existed for me and is very harsh. When I switched to a healthier diet, I gradually did so and gradually abandoned my favorite ingredients from the past and not out of obligation, but simply because my body rejected them. I did not force the body to make major changes because I knew it was not natural for it and small and safe steps always gave the best performance. Regarding the period of pregnancy, you must really want to be more disciplined every day with everything related to mind, body and healthy soul.

Pregnant women often do not pay much attention to many aspects, from nutrition to caring for the peace of their soul. I put a lot of food falls and abuses based on cravings, which if I sat and analyzed them I would notice that they are still the vast majority of cravings that I had before, with small exceptions. Another mistake is that he too often spends his time with the things he did before and it is not such a bad thing, but most of the time he forgets to take better care, he forgets to relax, to take care of himself. , to take time for a relaxing massage or for rest, etc. Extra efforts must be made to keep them all in balance and to give the baby the basis for his whole life, which seems to me a maximum responsibility.

What are the advantages of such a diet during pregnancy?

In general, people have major nutritional deficiencies and especially in pregnancy, these deficiencies are revealed in a very prominent way, first of all through the specific states of pregnant women, considered normal as well as through the states of exhaustion, due to anemia.A diet rich in products in the most natural state, a high percentage of sprouts that we discussed above and this, especially in winter because it suited me, combined with a positive and clean thinking, exercise, restful sleep and inner peace, I make the task to be a beautiful period and without deficiencies, as it was and is with me. I have enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy so far, even though my family has a rich history of miscarriages, toxic pregnancies, heavy and stressful nausea and nausea throughout pregnancy. I had very few "symptoms", I gained weight only with the weight of the baby and the fluids that surround him / her, I did not have high blood sugar, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation, water retention, annoying hormonal conditions, etc. I would tell you more, but you will find all the details in the book
I am working now.

Sour cabbage with scallops in the oven

With a longing for childhood and her good food, like at my grandmother's house, I prepared this sour cabbage food with scrambled eggs.

Although pickled cabbage it is highly recommended by nutritionists, we consume it more for sarmale and salad. We prefer, fresh, fresh cabbage for food.

You can also find it on the blog Cabbage recipe from Cluj. I prepare this quite often, more often than sarmales.

Cluj cabbage prepared in slow cooker Crock-Pot - Recipes

Die, you see, I'm not saying in vain to stop by you, because look what wonderful sarmale, as they say, to my taste. Not that it's something I don't like, but something you really can't refuse, not even after the third portion. :))) Bravo!

Father, I would be very happy to have you as a guest, I think the offer would far exceed your appetite :))))) I still hope to meet on my lands. Thank you for visiting and appreciation.

Well, I also sign up for this contest, because although I am a moderate guest, I think that, at such dishes, even in the house where you are received as a good friend, I can exceed the norm, that you only know that I am cured. :)))

You see that I wrote down in my father's diary, I'm waiting for you to talk :)))) I know that you have been prescribed an increased dose of treatment and that it must be taken permanently :)))))

They are very good and full of taste. For 1 year and a half I only make them with turkey meat when there is no fasting, because I discovered them and I actually fell in love with them. But until I do next week I'll get one from you. Many kisses!