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8 Decadent Valentine's Day Dishes to Make If You're Alone

8 Decadent Valentine's Day Dishes to Make If You're Alone

Just because you're single this Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you can't treat yourself

This recipe from Jimmy Bradley of New York City's Red Cat is for your mouth and your mouth only.

Valentine’s Day is the most polarizing Hallmark-made holiday out there — it can be a day of cozy, romantic celebrations or… something else. For all of the single women and men out there, the holiday can be a reminder that there isn’t that special someone in their life; there will be no bouquet of roses, and no decadent, candlelit dinner… But there’s nothing wrong with being single, and there’s no reason why Valentine’s Day can’t be a happy holiday for all involved, especially when it comes to food.

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Fear not, single-and-proud eaters, because we’ve compiled a list of our favorite restaurant recipes that are perfectly fit for a solo Valentine's Day meal. Created by the master chefs themselves, these indulgent recipes allow you to create your own delicious bistro experience right in your own living room.

There’s a decadent baked fontina dish from New York City’s Red Cat that will make you feel emotionally fulfilled, and spicy duck meatballs that will heat up your evening even though you’re alone. Last but not least, a triple chocolate brownie from pastry chef Pichet Ong to make sure your meal ends on a sweet note.

This menu you will treat you right, so put on your Sunday best, get out those comfy slippers, and make yourself a decadent Valentine’s Day meal that celebrates nothing more than your love for yourself. It’s about time it became a holiday for all to enjoy, right? Daisy Melamed is a freelance writer based out of New York City, and also writes for the New York Daily News and New York Magazine, among others.

Daisy Melamed is a freelance writer based out of New York City, and also writes for the New York Daily News and New York Magazine, among others.

65 Decadent Valentine's Day Desserts to Whip Up This Year

There's clearly one holiday that out-sweets the rest: Valentine's Day. Sure, Christmas has cookies and caramels, and Halloween is all about the candies, but Valentine's Day is every chocolate-lover's day to shine. The most romantic day of the year gives you the perfect excuse (not that you need one) to enjoy your favorite decadent sweet treats throughout the day. And while the typical box of chocolates would suffice, these mouthwatering (and easy-to-make) Valentine's Day desserts are worth the extra effort. Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your significant other, your Galentine's sqaud, or cuddled up on the couch with your furry friend or a bottle of wine, you're going to want to indulge in one (or more!) of these delicious Valentine's Day treats.

From all of the chocolate and fruit combinations you can imagine, to the most adorable heart-shaped treats, to the colorful cupcakes, there's a V-Day dessert for every palate. (One of the recipes even calls for wine!) If you're looking for a dessert to split with your partner after dinner, send to school with your little ones in the morning, or bring to the office to share with your coworkers, you can find the Valentine's Day treat that suits your needs. You can even take things to the next level by wrapping and gifting any one of these Valentine's Day cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more, for the homemade present your valentine never knew they wanted.

Nothing says Valentine's Day like pink and red everything and chocolate, of course. These tasty treats cover all the bases.

You can never go wrong with cheesecake, let alone adorable, mini-sized ones that you can top with anything your little heart desires: fresh berries, whipped cream, and/or crumbled cookies, just to name a few.

Valentine's day is all about indulging your loved one, right? So why not combine their favorite breakfast items into one delicious treat?

Turn your typical Valentine's Day cupcakes into bite-sized pieces of heaven with this mouthwatering pink velvet cupcake recipe.

Valentine's Day and chocolate go hand-in-hand like milk and cookies. Put a new spin on the traditional box of chocolates with this decadent mousse.

These buttery thumbprint cookies perfectly complement the tartness of the raspberry-lemon filling, all topped off with a white chocolate drizzle that makes sure these aren't too sour.

Start off the most romantic day of the year with breakfast in bed with these three-ingredient doughnuts that only take 15 minutes to make. Glaze them or dust them with powdered or cinnamon sugar.

Instead of giving your partner their favorite candy bar in the cute pink and red holiday wrapping paper this Valentine's Day, turn it into this chocolatey-fruity kebab.

Summer may still be a few months away, but that doesn't mean you can't start having ice cream sandwiches already. It's the day of love! Let yourself and your significant other enjoy all of the day's sweet treats.

Who says pizza has to be salty? This sweet pie gives a new meaning to the word "pizza," and will be come your new favorite treat.

Transform their go-to Sunday morning doughnut into their new favorite cupcake.

You Valentine's dessert can be anything you want, so forget chocolate (if that's not your thing). These lemon hearts are festive and make for a delicious chocolate alternative.

Your Valentine's Day dessert doesn't have to be simple or decadent &mdash it can be both with these rich chocolate cookies.

Granted, this is technically a salad recipe, but the combination of honey, greek yogurt, and fruit sounds like a dessert to me (especially if you're looking for a treat that's rich in vitamin C).

This no-bake, frozen cheesecake only requires six ingredients and has a relatively simple preparation process that only takes 30 minutes.

This breathtakingly decorated cake will be the most gorgeous centerpiece for your Valentine's Day dinner table. And if you don't live somewhere that it snows in February, simply remove the snowflake toppings.

This five-ingredient dessert is the perfect last-minute sweet treat to whip up. It only takes 5 minutes and is very on brand for Valentine's Day, considering the hints of pink and red colors.

Frozen mango and pineapple chunks make for an incredibly refreshing dessert, and the melted white chocolate drizzled takes this recipe the extra mile.

If you want to try something new this Valentine's Day, consider making these hermit bars. They're rich with molasses, dried cherries, and candied ginger, which fill them with flavor.

These pavlovas (a.k.a. meringue swirls) are almost too pretty to eat, but once you take a bite, you won't want to stop. They do take a few hours to cool, however, so plan accordingly.

Put a classy twist on your favorite toasted pastry with these gorgeous mini desserts. All you need is refrigerated pie dough, raspberry (or any other) jam, and an egg.

Who says you can't have pie year-round? This colorful dessert keeps both pecan and fruit pie fans happy by combining the two in the very best way.

What's Valentine's Day, the holiday made up of pink and red everything, without a classic red velvet dessert? These ice cream sandwiches are to-die-for, and if you're feeling really adventurous, you can make your own vanilla ice cream to go with it.

These green tea cookies are incredible and give your loved one their favorite latte in dessert form.

Cinnamon rolls are another great option for breakfast in bed but also easily work as a delicious after-dinner treat.

You can make these madeleines in two different ways, either with store-bought cookies or making madeleines from scratch. Then you just dip them into melted white chocolate and sprinkle with freeze-dried raspberries.

Transport your valentine (or yourself) to the streets of Barcelona with these churros made from scratch.

Put an Irish spin on the classic chocolatey dessert by folding a fourth cup of your favorite stout into the batter for a richness and depth that makes turns your childhood favorite into your adult favorite. And if you want to add some red or pink food coloring, there would be no judgments here.

These orange slices are perfect if you're looking for something sweet and light after your big Valentine's Day meal.

If you want to prepare something tasty and a little more on the lighter side of the flavor scale, look no further. These fruit poops are perfect, even if it's still 20 degrees out.

This rhubarb and almond cake is perfectly pink for Valentine's Day. You definitely won't be able to have just one slice.

What better way to say "I love you" than with chocolate cupcakes covered in creamy ganache?

Top this buttery cake with rich chocolate truffles for maximum sweetness.

Skip the bouquet of flowers and give your sweetheart a box of these delicious cookies instead.

Flowers and dessert all in one? Now we're talking.

Everyone gifts roses on Valentine's Day, but these cupcakes are a much sweeter treat.

The only thing cuter than these cupcakes will be your daughter's face when she sees them.

These buttery jam-filled cookies will melt in your mouth.

Your Valentine will fall in love all over again with a homemade box of chocolates.

If you really want to impress your guests, consider baking this delicious chocolate meringue cake. Fresh raspberries are the . well . raspberry on top.

What You'll Need: Cake stand ($27, Amazon)

We won't blame you if you choose these hugs and kisses over the ones your significant other wants to give you. Kidding! (Kind of.)

Mocha Chilli Chocolate Recipe

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Base Layer: Almond Sponge


1. B rown the butter and let it cool.

2. combine sugar, almond, egg, then butter, flour, oats and coco. ALSO READ: Top 10 DIY cocktails for a boozy romantic Valentine&rsquos date night

3. pour onto tray lined with greased paper &ndash 1 cm thick.

4. bake at 180c &ndash 10 mins and let it cool.

Layer 2: Chilli chocolate cake

Compound chocolate : 250 gm

1. Melt together butter and chocolate.

2. Whip yolk, egg with sugar. (Sugar and water needs to be boiled with chilli)

3. Mix slowly chocolate with egg mixture.

Layer 3: Kahlua mousse

Compound chocolate : 250 gm

Coffee powder (instant) : 4 gm

1. melt chocolate with butter.

2. cook yolk and sugar with water in double boiling method.

3. add chocolate with egg mix.

4. mix all together espresso, coffee powder, rum .mix with chocolate batter.

1. bloom gelatine in water and allow for at least 15 &ndash 20 mins

2. dissolve coffee in water, combine with Kahlua then add sugar.

3. heat half of mixture, add and dissolve gelatine , add with rest of the coffee mix

4. chill over ice bath, whisk to ribbon stage ,whip on high speed to stiff peaks..

5. spread this mixture on top of the layer let it freeze before cutting

From bottom to top, almond sponge, chilli chocolate cake, Kahlua chocolate mousse then top coffee foam &hellip(freeze it before cutting). Plating can be done with c aramel sauce and chocolate sauce and some chocolate garnish for the opera topping. ALSO READ: Valentine&rsquos Day 2017: Top 7 most romantic restaurants in Mumbai!

If you don&rsquot want to take the trouble of making this decadent dessert at home, however, you can enjoy it at the newly opened Radisson Blu Atria in Bangalore, where it will be served on Valentine&rsquos Day.

10 Delicious Valentine’s Day Sweets to Make for Your Sweet

These Valentine’s Day dessert recipes are sure to impress no matter who you’re baking for this February 14. Is there any better way to say “I love you” than with food? We think not!

Our collection of the most delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, and more are sure to earn you a smooch from your sweet, whether that’s your partner, parent, kid, or even the family pup (just make sure the ingredients are pet-friendly first!). And because you’ll probably be spending a fair bit of time perfecting these recipes, we encourage you to do a lot of “taste-testing.” You deserve a treat, too!

Sure, roses and chocolates will do, but preparing something by hand is truly an act of love. And besides, roses eventually wilt and a chocolate box is hit or miss. The nice thing about a homemade (and edible!) gift is that you can completely customize your desserts to a person’s liking, whether they’re searching for a keto-friendly sweet or they believe there’s no such thing as too much sugar. So, grab that apron and rolling pin because it’s time to make some magic.

Keep scrolling for romantic Valentine’s Day dessert inspirations and try to stop yourself from drooling.

These pavlovas (a.k.a. meringue swirls) are almost too pretty to eat, but once you take a bite, you won't want to stop. They do take a few hours to cool, however, so plan accordingly.

Put a classy twist on your favorite toasted pastry with these gorgeous mini desserts. All you need is refrigerated pie dough, raspberry (or any other) jam, and an egg.

Top this breathtaking cake with fluffy, colored meringues and edible flowers and you have the best, most delicious dinner centerpiece you (and your valentine) could want.

It only takes to prep these yummy bites, but the watermelon does need to be frozen for about an hour. Once you complete that step, however, all you have to do is melt the chocolate, dip, and serve.

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This genius dessert—a simple lemon tart perfumed with elderflower cordial—comes from the first cookbook of The Great British Bake Off’s youngest contestant ever, Martha Collison.

This is one heck of a cake on so many levels. For starters, nobody is ever going to guess there's zucchini in here, because it virtually disappears in the baking—there's not even a hint of vegetable flavor or nubbiness that you might expect from grated zucchini. What you will notice is what a moist cake this is, maybe the moistest chocolate cake you've ever had.

Paired with sauteed broccoli and steamed rice, these glazed Asian-style drumsticks are the perfect Valentine’s Day dish. Make them on the mild side, or add extra Sriracha to taste. Takeout has never been this tasty or this romantic!

If you’re swearing off meat, eggs, and dairy, whether it’s a temporary resolution or a long-term lifestyle choice, you can still enjoy a decadent Valentine’s Day meal. Try this vegan risotto, that gets an earthy, textural kick from wild mushrooms and a green hue from spinach, parsley, scallion greens, and tarragon leaves.

8 Decadent Valentine's Day Dishes to Make If You're Alone - Recipes

Posted on February 4, 2017 | 6:26pm | Travel Costa Mesa

It’s almost time for the most romantic day of the year! With Valentine’s Day falling mid-week this year, local restaurants and hotels are offering menus to allow you to extend the celebration by spending the weekend in Costa Mesa beginning February 10.

Whether you are planning to treat your sweetheart to a nice dinner out, a weekend away, or you’re looking for just the right gesture to show you care, Costa Mesa is your one-stop destination for exclusive gift ideas, Valentine’s Day menus and some great hotel deals to make getting away easy and memorable.

Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar at Avenue of the Arts – a Tribute Portfolio Hotel will offer a four-course prix fixe menu including baked brie a pink cauliflower soup or heirloom salad, followed by a selection of entrees like a 10 oz. lobster tail, New York prime steak or wild mushroom risotto and chocolate beignets for dessert. Guests will also enjoy a complimentary champagne toast. This menu is available for $75 per person on Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11 from 5 to 10 p.m. Reservations can be made through Opentable. To complete a romantic evening, check out the Kiss and Tell package being offered by Avenue of the Arts.

Le Chateau Garden Bistro, located at Ayres Hotel & Suites, is offering a full à la carte or prix fixe dinner menu. Start with Le Chateau’s signature lobster bisque and end with their chocolate lava cake or a heart-shaped red velvet cake. This dinner menu is available from 5 to 10 p.m. for $47 per person beginning February 10 through Tuesday, February 14. Call 714.549.0300 ex. 407 for reservations. Ayres Hotel & Suites also has a variety of special weekend packages.


Segerstrom Center for the Arts has a weekend lineup making for a perfect date night.

Michael Bolton, the Grammy-award winning legendary singer, will perform a medley of his greatest hits on February 10 and 11 at the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall.

Actress, producer and Broadway star Rita Wilson is joined by talented songwriters Billy Steinberg, Holly Knight and Desmond Child on February 10 for an intimate evening performing and sharing the stories behind their music.


Habana offers a decadent Valentine’s Day menu and entertainment with special dishes like grilled filet mignon with Dungeness crab Béarnaise, fried yucca, and watercress salad. Live music and the special menu will be available February 11 to 14 from 5:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. Enjoy one of Open Table’s top 100 best al fresco dining spots in the U.S. Make reservations by calling 714-556-0176.

One of Costa Mesa’s top Indian restaurants offers a three-course prix fixe menu including an appetizer or choice of gourmet salad a selection of entrées including their own Khyber Nectar (lamb shank aphrodisiac) and a selection of sweet desserts. This menu is available from February 10 to 14 beginning at 5:30 p.m. each evening for $39 per person. Make reservations on Opentable.

Open for an exclusive dining experience Valentine’s Eve, guests will enjoy complimentary Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne, alongside chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate the occasion. This offer is available on February 13. Make reservations online or by calling 714.432.1140.


Take your romantic dinner up a notch by participating in a hands-on cooking class at Bistro Papillote. You and your loved one will work together to create a Valentine chocolate dinner that’s sure to set the mood for a romantic evening! You’ll prepare pepper-crusted filet mignon and chocolate port wine sauce, fig and Stilton salad with port vinaigrette, potatoes sautéed in duck fat and a beautiful flourless chocolate torte for dessert. The price is $225 per couple and includes one bottle of Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine. The cooking class begins at 6:00 p.m., with the sitdown dinner to follow. For more information and to reserve your spot, please call 714-697-1707.

Offering a special appetizer menu as well as a nine-course prix fixe menu this Valentine’s Day, guests will enjoy an appetizer selection that includes Ishiyaki Wagyu beef, miso-marinated lamb chops, seared scallops with black truffle, Kumamoto oysters, abalone and more. The prix-fixe menus include live spot prawn carpaccio with uni & caviar, foie gras steak, grilled Chilean sea bass and much more. The nine-course pre-fixe menu is $125 per person and includes Australian Wagyu for $150 per person the nine-course menu includes Japanese Wagyu. Appetizers are priced per selection. This exclusive event is on Tuesday February 14, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. For reservations please call 714.850.0880.

Enjoy the fresh, vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean this Valentine’s Day at Mezzet. In addition to the à la carte menu, a special four-course menu will be available. Begin with an appetizer sampler followed by an arugula salad. Entrée choices include chicken scaloppini or grilled salmon. For dessert, a decadent heart-shaped chocolate cake with coffee will be served. Two glasses of champagne and a red rose for the ladies will also be part of the prix-fixe menu for $55 per person À la carte prices vary per selection. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day dinner at Mezzet (exclusive of tax and gratuity) Tuesday February 14, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For reservations please call 714.540.3365.

Vaca by Amar Santana is offering their full menu, with some extra special Valentine’s Day items like seafood-stuffed squid ink canelon and their rum raisin ice cream with peanut chocolate crunch and caramel peanuts. Dinner service is on February 14 from 5 to 10:30 p.m. Make reservations or call 714.463.6060.

Offering three different tasting menus, guests can choose the Original, Vegetarian or Vegan Tasting Menu, each four courses and served with wine pairings. This special menu is offered on February 14 beginning at 5 p.m. Reservations are required and can be made calling 714.545.1411.

For Valentine’s Day, Pueblo will be doing an “Elige Tu Aventura” (Choose your Own Adventure) dinner, where each guest will have a list of 15 specially curated tapas for only that evening. Each table will have an option to freely order the items à la carte, as a combination of 5 or 9 items, or El Mundo, which is all of the above! The last option works beautifully for parties with 5 or more guests. The more a table orders, the better the value received. To make your reservation, please call 714.340-5775.

Enjoy a holiday three-course menu, which includes an appetizer, entree and dessert featuring Darya’s most popular dishes. Live music by Amir will be featured throughout the evening. Pick one of two seating times on February 14 with two seating times. The first seating is from 5 to 7 p.m. and the second seating is from 7 p.m. to close. This dinner is $79 per person exclusive of tax and gratuity. Advanced reservations are required. 714.557.6600.


Try Black Market Bakery at The CAMP for a delicious variety of baked goods, chocolates and their “Drunk in Love” cheesecake.

Popbar, a concept founded in New York, serves up frozen treats on a stick in a variety of blends including gelato and sorbet. With flavors like chocolate, vanilla, banana, mint or passion fruit, the all-natural Italian treat comes in a variety of flavors and can be customized with a variety of dips and toppings.

RUIN Bar: Cat Lady (and Gentlemen) Anti-Valentine’s Day Celebration February 10 from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Enjoy anti-Valentine’s Day house drink specials, knitting, movies and more!

Love is sweet at Sugarfina! Fill your own customized XOXO bento box with festive chocolates and gummies including “Love You a Bunch” rosé roses imported from Germany, “You’re a Catch” Swedish fish imported from Sweden, “I Pine for You” Parisian pineapples imported from France, “Kiss Me” sugar lips from the USA and other domestic and imported goodies. Prices vary per selection. Sugarfina is located on the first floor between the Jewel and Carousel courts.

Enjoy a special heart-shaped shortbread cookie and espresso beverage at Antonello Espresso Café. Antonello Espresso Café is located on Level 2, Carousel Court.

Champagne French Bakery Café helps you say “I love you” with heart-shaped sugar cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries or heart-shaped cakes. Valentine’s Day specials will be available from February 1-14. Call for availability. Champagne is located on Level 1 of the Crate and Barrel Wing.

Stop by ST Pâtisserie Chocolat, Chef Stéphane Tréand’s elegant pastry shop in The OC Mix courtyard. Not only will you find lots of chocolate for this Valentine’s Day, but the selection of macarons will entice you to buy one of their specialty variety gift boxes. And, while wandering around SoCo Collection, stop into Restaurant Marin for made-from-scratch desserts including their amazing “cake-of-the-day” special!

Valentine’s Day Special Dessert Recipes: Top 7 easy-to-make desserts to surprise your partner with on Valentine’s Day

When it comes to impressing your partner by doing something special for them, no one minds going the extra mile. Now that Valentine&rsquos Day is here, we&rsquore sure you&rsquore planning to do just that to express your undying love for your significant other, and what&rsquos better than food to show some one you love them? If you love cooking and are planning to prepare a sweet surprise for your partner, then these decadent Valentine&rsquos Day dessert recipes from some of the best chefs of the country, are just the what you need. Also Read - Weight Loss Tips For Chaat Lovers: Kinds of Chaats You Can Eat While Trying to Shed Kilos

Given below are recipes for seven desserts that will speak straight to your partner&rsquos heart and tell them just how much you love them: Also Read - Tantalize Your Taste Buds With These 3 Easy And Quick Healthy Food Recipes

Watch the video: Decadent Vegan Three Course Menu for Valentines (December 2021).