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Get on your lap

Get on your lap

For this goodness you need a lot of time, so it's good to know to take it into account.

The dough should rise until it almost triples in volume.

We will sift the flour before use. Ideally, have all the ingredients at room temperature, but if there are no solutions, you will gently heat the liquid composition in a pot to a suitable temperature that is slightly warm (not hot).

You need, like a cake, heat in the kitchen, so if you walk through the doors, send them from home :)))).

After sifting the flour, place the dry yeast in the middle (does not require dissolution), put the milk on low heat until it warms up a little and soak the butter well in it, not until it melts.

We mix the eggs with the sugar until they turn white, we add the butter that we take out carefully with a palette of milk, we mix for 3 minutes, we add the milk, then the vanilla, we mix a little more and we put the bowl aside. At this point, if we feel too cold, heat the composition slightly before putting it over the flour.

Put the liquid composition over the flour and start kneading the dough. In ten minutes it is ready and we can flour it and leave it to grow. I covered the pot with a towel and placed it near the open eye of the stove. It took about 2 and a half hours to rise, I took the dough, folded it inwards 3 times and turned it on the floured plate, I let the dough rest until I took care of the filling. You can do this before if you want.

I made some huge pies and for this I broke pieces of dough the size of a tennis ball, if you want smaller pies (but it is possible to bake 3 trays and not two) break smaller pieces.

I stretched each piece with the rolling pin as long as I could (but be very careful not to break the dough), I put a lot of filling, around two tablespoons, then I folded a corner inwards until I gathered the whole pie. Don't worry if the cheese comes out, put raisins in the middle.

I then left it to rise in the tray next to the eye of the stove until I prepared all the pies. I greased them with yolk mixed with milk and baked them at 280 degrees for 30 minutes each tray (do not put more than six pieces in the tray).

Do not remove the pies before turning one in the pan and see that they have browned at the base.

Let the pies cool a bit ... but I guarantee you will eat them hot :))))) Alas! I am a wonder!

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