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Mushrooms for the winter

Mushrooms for the winter

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mushrooms for winter:

Wash the mushrooms, chop them and boil them in salted water. After they have boiled, put them in jars and boil them once more in a bain-marie.

Marinated mushrooms for winter without sterilization! Mushroom marinade recipe! Marinated mushrooms!

There are a lot of recipes for tasty mushroom dishes, as well as preservation methods. We know that many people prefer to go mushroom picking, and with this method you can marinate any mushroom: pleurotus, hrib, leccinum, suillus, ghebe, yellow sponge, tricholoma, etc. Already in 2-3 weeks, the mushrooms are marinated, but the longer they stay, the tastier they become. They soak the marinade very well and absorb all the taste and aroma of spices.


-600 ml of boiling water

For marinade:

For each jar of 0.5-0.7l:

-1 powder of black peppercorns

-1 clove of garlic & # 8211 optional.


-2 tablespoons with a pinch of salt.

For marinade:

For each jar of 0.5-0.7l:

-1 powder of black peppercorns

-1 clove of garlic & # 8211 optional.


1.Choose and wash the mushrooms well. Put the pan (15l) on the fire, pour 3l of water, add salt, put the lid on and bring the mushrooms to the boil, periodically removing the foam that forms, and stirring, so that it does not stick to the base of the pan.

Advice. Do not worry that there is a little water, getting hot, the mushrooms leave juice and decrease in volume.

2. Boil the small mushrooms for 15 minutes, and the large ones and the forest mushrooms for at least 30 minutes.

Advice. Marinating mushrooms must be boiled. After boiling, you can transfer them to a strainer and rinse them. This step, however, is not mandatory if you have tender mushrooms.

3. In a saucepan of at least 8l, pour 2.5l of water, add salt, sugar and vinegar. Stir and bring the marinade to a boil.

4. Transfer the mushrooms to the saucepan with the marinade, wait until they start to boil and boil them for another 15 minutes, necessarily removing the foam, if they form.

Advice. Mushrooms can be cooked directly in the marinade, but in this case, the marinade takes on a rather dark color and can become cloudy or even viscous.

5. Meanwhile, in the time-sterilized jars, add bay leaves, allspice berries, cloves, black peppercorns and sliced ​​garlic.

6. Without turning off the flame under the pan, spread the mushrooms in jars, fill them to the brim with boiling marinade, seal them with pre-cooked screw caps and let them cool completely on the kitchen table.

Advice. In addition to the indicated spices, you can add mustard seeds, dill seeds, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, juniper berries, onions, carrots, hot peppers, etc.

From 6 kg of raw mushrooms you get 6l of marinated mushrooms. The mushrooms are very tasty and good-looking. Keep them in a cool, dark place. Before serving, drain the marinade, add green onions or plain onions, aromatic oil and dill. The fantastic appetizer for the festive or daily meal is ready! We are sure that these mushrooms will be to your liking, especially since they are also perfect for various salads and snacks.

Preservation of mushrooms, Much more than documents.

Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine How to make a recipe for mushrooms for winter in condyloma acuminata of or brine?

The recipe is extremely simple, does not require much work or special weighing.

I give you everything step by step: Cut the stalks into mushrooms and wash very well, with a jet of water, each mushroom separately, so that no dirt or sand remains. Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine 3.

Preserved mushrooms

Put on the fire a pot with 1 l of water, 1 tablespoon of salt and 50 ml of vinegar. When it boils, add the mushrooms and leave for minutes from the moment it boils.

They do not need to be cooked, they just need to be removed. Vinegar will not affect the taste, will keep the light color preserving the fungus mushrooms.

Lemon juice can be used instead of vinegar. Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine 4.

Remove the mushrooms and place on dry napkins, cover with other napkins, change a few times, press well, until all the water is preserved mushrooms.

I change the napkins several times, until I feel that the mushrooms are completely dry.

Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine 5. Place the mushrooms in perfectly clean and dry jars.

Pour over sunflower oil or brine per ml of water put 5 g of pickle salt, or 1 tablespoon to 1 l of water. With the tail of a teaspoon, place the mushrooms to remove the air.

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  • This method continues to be used today on a large scale in the stain and skull industry on a smaller scale in the case of vegetables.

Leave the jar empty for mm, do not fill it completely. Put the lids on and sterilize in a bain-marie for 30 minutes from the moment the water boils. Leave the jars in the water in which they boiled and cover with thick napkins until the next day.

Wipe, label and put the jars with mushrooms in oil or mushrooms in brine in the pantry. They are delicious in winter, they can be eaten like this, straight from the jar of good ones. Or they can be added to salads, pilaf, appetizer cake, pizza, rolls, etc. Ideas are found, we're just housewives, aren't we?

Cabbage salad with mushrooms. Good for winter!

If you have started to prepare pickles and salads for the winter, try this recipe as well. You will get a delicious cabbage salad with mushrooms. It is only good on cold winter days.

Ingredients for 5 jars of 900 ml:

  • 1 kg of mushrooms, a pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons 10% vinegar, 2 kg white cabbage
  • 50 gr onion, 50 gr red pepper
  • 35 gr carrots, 150 gr celery

Ingredients for the marinade:

  • 1 cup vinegar 10%
  • 1 cup sunflower oil, 1/2 cup sugar
  • 20 black peppercorns, 10 cloves
  • 5 juniper berries, 4 bay leaves

Method of preparation:

Rinse the mushrooms well, let them dry, then cut them. We pour water into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt, vinegar and mix well. Add the mushrooms to the water. Cook the mushrooms on low heat for about 10 minutes. Drain the mushrooms, pour cold water over them, then drain again.

We clean the cabbage from the outer leaves, rinse it and finely chop it. We then put it in a large bowl with boiling salted water and, from the moment it starts to boil, we leave it on the fire for another 15 minutes. Then drain the cabbage and put it in a bowl.

Peel an onion, rinse it and cut it into scales. Wash the red pepper, remove the seeds and cut it into strips. We clean the celery and the carrots, wash them and give them a coarse grater.

Put the onion, red pepper, carrot and celery in a pot of salted water. We turn on the stove, and from the moment it starts to boil, we leave the pot of vegetables on the fire for about 15 minutes. Then take the vegetables out of the pot and drain them.

Pour vinegar and oil into the pot. Add sugar, peppercorns, cloves, juniper berries and bay leaves. Mix everything and let the marinade boil.

Put the mushrooms, onions, red peppers, carrots and celery in the bowl with the cabbage. At the end, pour the hot marinade and mix everything together (if necessary you can add a little salt).

Transfer the salad in large, clean and dry jars. We screw the lids on and sterilize the jars for about 15 minutes. Let them cool then store them in a dark and cool place.

Видеорецепт вкусных маринованных грибов в домашних условиях

Мариновать дома на зиму можно не только известные всем сорта грибов. Отличный вкус при засолке имеют такие виды пористых культур, как обабок, Красноголовики, рядовка, ги. Только такие грибы следует мариновать дома уверенным в себе грибникам со стажем, чтобы не навреде. Способов засолки грибов на зиму очень много, но существуют и универсальные рецепты, один из которы

Classic recipe for winter

What will be needed for cooking:

  • Water & # 8211 1 liter
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 1.5 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 2-3 pieces of lavrushka
  • 6 peas
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • A little cinnamon to your liking
  • A few kinds of carnations at his discretion.

How to die white mushrooms at home for the winter:

  1. To start, wash the mushrooms, clean all the dirt and grass with a brush
  2. Then cut the legs, we just need a lid
  3. Meanwhile, place a container of water on the fire so that the lids can boil
  4. After the water boils, pour a little boiling water into the jars and fill the lid
  5. Add salt to boiled water and put lids
  6. While boiling, wash the jars, in addition, use detergent or soda to clean them of dirt and dust.
  7. Rinse the containers several times, sterilize them in a pair or in the oven
  8. After 15 minutes, the lids should sink to the bottom, this will be a signal that they are ready. Remove from heat and spread in water in sterilized jars
  9. Then go to the marinade preparation. Pour 1 liter of water into the pan, put on the stove
  10. As soon as the water starts to boil, pour in salt, granulated sugar, put hot peppers, lavrushka, cloves and cinnamon. Boil for about 15 minutes
  11. At the end of the boiling marinade pour vinegar, mix and remove from heat.
  12. Hot marinade pour the mushrooms, close the lid
  13. We remove the jars in a dark place, put the top and wrap a warm carpet
  14. The storage of porcine mushrooms must be in a closed place for six months.
Also read how to salt salmon in a hot way at home. When the mushrooms are collected a lot, then the salting recipes are the same.

And here you will learn how to cook tomatoes in tomato juice for the winter.

You can make delicious homemade ketchup for the winter by looking here. It makes it easier for you!

Mushroom caviar

Almost every one of us quite often prepares such a dish for the main course, such as mushrooms. Most often it can be champions, then chandeliers, oyster mushrooms and other mushrooms. Everyone prepares them in their own way. And this applies to both the main course for each day, a festive one, and the preparations for winter. But today we will share with you a unique photo recipe for mushroom caviar for the winter.

Look more familiar from semi-finished separately marinated mushrooms or assorted mushrooms. But in this master class I will offer you to cook mushroom caviar for the winter. How do you like this idea? If my recipe intrigues you - I invite you to the kitchen with me.

To prepare the caviar, we need:

- mushrooms - 1 kg,
- water - 200 grams,
- salt - 10 grams,
- citric acid - 4 grams,
- vegetable oil - 100 grams,
- mustard - 20 grams,
- 5% vinegar - 100 grams,
- black pepper.

So, after we have prepared all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the semi-finished product, we can definitely continue the process itself. To do this, sort the mushrooms and remove the spoiled ones. We clean the mushroom lids. Fill with cold running water and rinse several times. We spread it in a collector or just a fine sieve and let the water drain.

Then add salt and citric acid to a saucepan with cold water. Bring the water to a boil and place the prepared peeled mushrooms in a boiling solution. Cook the mushrooms until tender.

As soon as they have sunk to the bottom of the pot, remove the mushrooms on a fine sieve or coil. We wash them with cold water and let the water drain.

Thoroughly chop the chilled mushrooms with a sharp knife or pass through a meat grinder. I do not recommend using a blender, because after using it you will have a kind of mushroom table.

Add vegetable oil, mustard diluted in vinegar and ground pepper to the mushroom table. Salt to taste and mix everything well.

We pack the finished caviar in clean dry jars. Cover the jars with lids and place them in a bowl of hot water for sterilization. We sterilize 0.5 liter jars - 45 minutes, and 1 liter jars - 55 minutes. After processing, the jars are corrugated and cooled.
I remind you of another recipe for winter - pickled mushrooms in Korean
Harvesting mushrooms ready for winter!
Enjoy your meal!

Preparations of oyster mushrooms for winter meal

The biggest appreciation of popularity are pickles, mushrooms with salty mushrooms for the winter or salads with vegetables. For any preservation of oyster mushrooms to be of high quality, you need to focus on choosing mushrooms.

We take the product without signs of mold, rot, stings and serious damage. There should be no yellowish spots on the lids on both sides. Such cases are inappropriate.

We also pay attention to the legs of the fungus. The smaller they are, the more profitable and better our purchases will be.

Then move on to choosing the recipe and start cooking delicious oyster mushrooms.

Marinate Mushrooms

They can make a worthy competition from the store. For 1 kg of mushrooms need the following proportions of other components:

  • half a lemon
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 3 glasses of clean water
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon table salt
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 75 ml of vinegar
  • spices - 3 pcs. bay leaves, 7 pcs. black pork, 3 pcs. Carnation.

Mushrooms inspect, wash, cut into pieces of the right size, preferably small. According to the recipe, we need marinade. How to cook marinade so that oyster mushrooms remain elastic after casting? We perform simple actions.

Pour the water into a saucepan and add the rest of the ingredients - vinegar, garlic (chopped), lemon juice. Stir, boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Then filter, leaving only the liquid. Pour back into the bowl, add the oyster mushrooms and continue cooking for at least 30 minutes. Cool, put in sterile jars, pour in sunflower oil (1 tbsp. Spoon) and close with lids. For reliability, some housewives sterilize the workpiece.

Salad mushroom mushrooms for the winter

This option can be started even without completely washing the oyster mushroom. We will drink the mushrooms and drain the first water. It will take away excess garbage and dirt. But light dust will not be useless.

Cut into large pieces. It is better to leave the small mushrooms intact so that they do not break in the control.

Pour water into the pot, bring to a boil, put the oyster mushrooms.

It's important! When cooking, be sure to remove the foam.

Fur mushrooms for 15 minutes. A sign of preparation will be the placement of the oyster mushroom in the lower part of the tray. Then we take them out with a burglar in a strand and pour the water. We don't need her anymore.

Now put water on the fire again, but with salt. Pickle makes salty, try to taste. Cook the oyster mushrooms 30 minutes after boiling. It's not worth it anymore. The more cooked the mushrooms, the harder they will be in the workpiece.

At this time we are preparing the banks. Wash, dry and spread on the bottom of the spices to taste:

The benches are covered with lids, fixed in the oven and the temperature is turned on.

As soon as the boilers heat up, keep the oven on for 2 minutes and turn it off. It's not worth it anymore, otherwise the spices will burn. Remove the jars and allow to cool on the baking sheet.

Cook the mushrooms lightly on the banks, pour in the salted cheese, add 1 teaspoon of acetic essence and acetylsalicylic acid powder (on top of the knife) on top.

It's important! Do not put the tablets, they will not dissolve.

And without aspirin, such a control will not resist. Now it remains to close the banks, cool them and send them to the basement.

Such mushrooms can be used immediately or used to prepare marinade food. Bon appetit!

washing mushrooms, eventually we clean them of peel, then we put them to boil in a pan with 1 l of water (the mushrooms leave more water) and a pinch of salt, for approx. 20 minutes.

Drain into a colander, cut bbigger ones (they still melt when cooked and we want them to be visible in the food), then we leave them in a waiting bowl.

Kapia peppers and donuts bake on a grill with embers (or in the oven from the stove), steam in a covered bowl and sprinkle with salt until cool, then cleaned of skin, seeds and stalks, cut narrower or wider strips to taste, put separately from the mushrooms in another bowl.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

Tomatoes will burn for approx Ten minutes in boiling water, then they are cleaned of the skin and cut into small cubes (or given by the tomato machine, obtaining tomato juice).

In this recipe, the tomatoes were cut into cubes in the mushroom stew.

Onion, cleaned and cut fish, we put it to melt in a double-bottomed stainless steel pan (or a cast iron kettle) in hot oil. When onion it melted (not quality), add carrot grated on a large grater, stirring until slightly softened.

After 20 minutes add tomatoes cut into cubes (to boil and drain from the liquid), following peppery cut into strips, stirring constantly approx 15 minutes.

Towards the end we add mushrooms, sliced ​​garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns sugar and season the stew to taste with salt, pepper.

Let the vegetables boil together for a while 30 minutes (during this time mix the composition with a spatula, so as not to stick to the bottom of the pan and get a bitter taste), adding and broth paste (to intensifies the appetizing color of the stew and the taste)

When mushroom stew it will drop well (when you see the oil on the edge), it will come down from the fire, leave approx. 20 minutes to rest and cool a little, to be put in clean and stapled jars.

jars will be sterilized approx 30-35 minutes (after the water will be boiled), are left to cool in boiling water, removed after cooling, wiped off with water, labeled with the name and year, cooled in the pantry.


When time presses, stewed vegetables can be given raw through the mincer, then cooked together in a stainless steel pan with heated oil (in this case you get a paste that is used as an appetizer or for sandwiches).

Pleurotus - vegetable meat

Pleurotus mushrooms, an ideal substitute for meat, are true sources of vitamins, especially from the B complex and vitamins D, being therefore a choice as wise as it is beneficial. The taste is similar to that of white mushrooms, but the nutritional value is special.

Pleurotus Ostreatus are species of mushrooms that can be grown much easier than Champignon, less demanding in microclimate conditions, can be eaten in all culinary varieties. The taste of this mushroom is similar to that of white mushrooms, but its nutritional value is special. C

Pleurotus mushrooms are part of the category of vegetables recommended in diets, being rich in protein, but without cholesterol. Due to the protein contained and their texture, they are also called "vegetable meat" and are a food that can supplement and rebalance menus rich in fat or low in protein. The nutritional value of mushrooms is 250-400 Kcal / 100 gr.

Pleurotus are very rich in protein, B-complex vitamins and have a high concentration of lovastatin - a substance known to be helpful in lowering "bad" cholesterol and is also a valuable source of essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, threonine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine, tryptophan, tyrosine.

Other effects that are mentioned, besides the control of cholesterol levels are the antiviral, antibiotic, antitumor and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, by consuming Pleurotus you will be able to remove the effects of radioactive elements from your body, its properties being proven over the years by repeated studies.

It is important that Pleurotus mushrooms be eaten only cooked, at a temperature above 60 degrees C, as they contain a protein - ostreolysin - which can be toxic.

You can cook Pleutorus mushrooms in any way you want: fried with garlic, bread, in salads, in soups, grilled, stewed, you can use them for pies, pies, sarmale. Boil, drain and then cook.

Be very careful when cooking (for ciulama or salad): do not boil them for more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise they harden and become "sponge".

Pleurotus is the mushroom that is best suited to replace meat in slices or meatballs, and the raw walnut flavor makes the preparation in which they are used as an ingredient, have a different flavor from other mushroom dishes.

Shell mushrooms are used in many dishes because the lid is thin and can be cooked quickly. Asian chefs simply break them into the desired dimensions and throw them in wok Their fried it.

If you are preparing a dish that requires a long cooking time and you want to add Pleurotus, add the mushrooms in the last stage of cooking.

Due to their special taste, they are the ideal option for a delicious zacusca. Also, these mushrooms are only good for pickling in the fall, to be stored and enjoyed on a cold winter day.

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