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A Citrus-Inspired Engagement Party

A Citrus-Inspired Engagement Party

Let the colors and flavors of Sicilian blood oranges be the inspiration for this special celebration



Hosting an engagement party in the early spring allows you to enjoy the buds and flowers emerging from the long winter and take advantage of the return to longer, light-filled days. It also provides you with an opportunity to serve a number of dishes inspired by seasonal produce, like the spring’s first baby lettuces and full-flavored blood oranges.

Blood oranges have a limited season, and now is the time to pick the freshest blood oranges and use them to add a zesty twist to your special occasion. Its tangy and sweet taste, coupled with its bright red-orange color, makes the blood orange a fabulous inspiration for a spring engagement party.


Brighten up the room with bold red and orange blooms like tulips, roses, anthuriums, or calla lilies. Or opt for something different, fillling tall glass hurricanes with blood oranges and other citrus fruits. Accent the table with bold red or orange chargers, napkins, place setting cards, and candles.

Party Favors

Extend the blood orange theme and send your guests home with citrus-inspired party favors. Natural citrus bath salts and lotions, or a selection of citrus-infused chocolates, will ensure that your guests remember the evening long after the lights have dimmed at the party.


The sweetness of the blood orange gives a new twist to traditional favorites, allowing you to create a fresh and tangy meal sure to be enjoyed by all.

Cocktails and Appetizer

From The Daily Meal

Solerno Cocktail

Top a flute of Champagne with a splash of the Sicilian blood orange liqueur, and garnish with a blood orange supreme.

Main Course

From The Daily Meal

From The Daily Meal

From The Daily Meal


Blood Orange Recipes

Colorful Citrus Birthday Party

A little girl’s second birthday should be just as fun and fabulous as she is! Well, Adair of Dairing Events, did just that for her daughter with this colorful citrus birthday party. And it couldn’t be cuter! From invites that read “Tutti Frutti our little cutie is turning two!” to a game of Watermelon burst using water balloons, who wouldn’t have fun at this party? Scroll on for Adair’s favorite parts and all the cute photos that captured them.

When it came time to start planning the birthday party for our Little Boo, I couldn’t imagine anything but a summery citrus inspired bash! It really all started when Olivia Grace Paperie showed me her inspiration for the invitations individual white boxes, filled with crinkle paper, the invite of course, and a cello-wrapped pair of fruit slice candies! From there, every detail fell right into place.

We love the creativity! Find more amazing themes and party ideas from these kid’s birthdays too!

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Olive, Fig, and Tangerine Chicken

2 tablespoons tangerine zest

1 tablespoon fresh chopped rosemary

½ cup pitted Kalamata olives

½ teaspoon ground black pepper

8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs

½ cup black mission figs, chopped

2 tangerines, cut into wedges

How to Make

In a food processor blend the garlic, onion, tangerine zest and juice, honey, rosemary, and olives with broth and salt and pepper.

Marinate the chicken with the olive mixture and set chicken pieces in an oiled baking dish. Scatter with chopped figs and tangerine wedges, tucking them between the pieces of chicken.

Place chicken in oven and roast until completely cooked through, reaching an internal temperature of 165°F, about 40 minutes, until browned and caramelized. This can be served directly from the baking dish or transfer onto a serving platter, spooning juices over top of the chicken.

When life gives you lemons, use them to spruce up your wedding. That's how the saying goes, right? Limones, along with their citrusy cousins, are beautiful additions to your wedding-day lineup. Oranges, grapefruits, kumquats, limes&mdashthe list goes on, but the flavors always wow. Tasty, vibrant, and oh-so refreshing, these colorful treats are totally worth celebrating. If you love these sweet, tangy, and popular pieces of produce, why not make a splash by bringing citrus to your celebration?

Here, a roundup of the prettiest citrus ideas&mdashall super creative, and all for citrus lovers. Summery, sunshiny, and delicious too, this big-day inspiration is absolutely eye-candy. Read on for genius ways to incorporate the fruit, and get ready to get guests talking up a storm about how stylish, fun, and flavorful your wedding was.

7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas that will Wow

The winter season is upon us, & with that comes the joy of gift-giving. With so much change this season, we know how special getting & giving gifts for our close friends & family will feel. If we can’t be together during the holiday season, we figured we should make the most out of the gifts we give– including the wrapping. We’ve compiled a list of 7 unique gift wrapping ideas that’ll set your gift apart under the tree! Make sure to post a photo with your unique gift wrapping & hashtag #EverydayIBT!

.01 – Pattern Stamped

Catch everyone’s attention with this adorable stamped wrapping paper! These are elegant & perfect for under those aesthetically pleasing Christmas trees.

.02 – Citrus Inspired

We love the idea of including dried citrus fruits on top of gifts! It’s such a cute way to add a tasteful pop of color to your gifts! This not only is a lovely addition to wrapping paper but is a fun tradition you can do as a family. Find a tutorial for drying citrus here!

.03 – Handwriting Tags

Calling all calligraphy beasts! This is a fun & one-of-a-kind way to personalize someone’s gift. Make some fun name tags using calligraphy and your favorite festive sayings!

.04 – Poloraid Inspired

Looking for an ultra-custom option this year? If you have a polaroid camera then this one is for you! Either collect your favorite images or take some new ones, punch a hole in them, then call it a day!

.05 – Christmas Ornament

Photo via A Fabulous Fete

An elegant & simple addition to any wrapping paper is an ornament!

.06 – Fabric Wrapped

Have you ever heard of the Furoshiki gift wrapping method? We hadn’t either until we were searching for some fun new wrapping ideas for a recent shoot we did and wow – we never look back!

.07 – Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Support small businesses & wrap your gift in a linen cloth wrapping that you can purchase on Etsy here!

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30 Savory Citrus Recipes That Bring Sunshine to the Dinner Table

Whether it's a dark, chilly day in winter or a sunny summer afternoon, citrus flavors instantly brighten just about any meal. From lemons and limes to oranges and grapefruit and everything in between, citrus fruit holds a special place in our heart. That's why we collected 30 citrus dinner recipes for you to make year-round, such as the Bibb-and-Citrus Salad with Sesame Crunch that's
pictured here.

We have several citrus recipes that you can make on the grill, such as grilled chicken breasts and grilled shrimp. The zest and juice of citrus are mixed into a glaze that is brushed on the meat, which infuses it with bright acidity. Serve these entrées with one of our delicious citrus side dishes&mdashwe pair the fruit with asparagus, carrots, fennel, peppery greens, and more. Of course, lemon juice is a classic ingredient in a traditional salad vinaigrette. In some recipes, we don't stray too far from the norm but other times we experiment with whole grain mustard instead of the usual Dijon, or preserved or Meyer lemons instead of freshly squeezed juice from Eureka lemons. See how the slightly sweeter citrus product shines in recipes like Peppery Greens with Meyer-Lemon Dressing.

Citrus (especially orange) can instantly perk up hearty meats like braised brisket or pork tenderloin, and we have several phenomenal recipes that show you how to do just that. And when paired with aromatics like garlic, shallots, and herbs, these citrus recipes become even more spectacular. Ready to start adding this bright fruit to your meals? Our recipes are exactly what you need.

Now that you're engaged, you have a number of different pre-wedding celebrations to look forward to. While the engagement party, bachelorette weekend, and rehearsal dinner are all exciting events, we think the event that's thrown specifically for the bride&mdashthe bridal shower!&mdashis the most fun of the bunch. Your loved ones will gather together to celebrate you, and this new chapter of your life, with a shower designed with your likes and personal style in mind. Whether the celebration is planned around one unifying theme or simply features thoughtful touches throughout, there are so many special ways to celebrate a bride-to-be. At a loss for where to start sourcing inspiration? We consulted everyone's favorite social media channel: Instagram.

While one of the main goal of a bridal shower is to celebrate a bride-to-be and gift her items she'll need in married life, it's also an opportunity to connect with loved ones, have fun, and let loose. As with all pre-wedding parties, we think it's especially exciting to plan a party that's entirely different than the upcoming wedding. If the bride is organizing a classic, refined wedding, why not throw a bright, bohemian-inspired shower? Celebrating a bride who's crazy about flowers? Then pack a room with her favorite blooms. Whatever she likes, there's an idea out there&mdashand we found tons of them thanks to engaged women who posted photos of their own pre-wedding celebrations on their Instagram feeds. This colorful photo backdrop, which included an appropriately-phrased mylar balloon, is just the start.

Ahead, the most unique, creative #bridalshower ideas we found while scrolling through our Instagram feed. From design inspiration and food ideas and even games and activities your guests will love, consider this your starting point for planning the coolest bridal shower ever.

Peelin’ Good Delicious Citrus Cocktail Recipes with Bottles & Blooms

If you saw our fun colorful party then you were probably drooling all over the cocktails by Bottles & Blooms. Lucky for us they are sharing all the recipes. Yes, three amazing recipes for you to add to your repertoire. Get ready to be the superstar this summer because these bad boys are gonna be the talk of the town!!

Photos by Lorin Kelly Photo

Let’s start with Peelin’ Good, since it was the title of our shoot!

Peelin’ Good

Pairs deliciously with the Strawberry Pop

Next up is Squeeze the Day!

Squeeze The Day

Shake vigorously until frothy

Sprinkle a bit of Cinnamon to garnish.

Pairs deliciously with the Hydrate Pop

Last but definitely not least, Simply the Zest!

Simply the Zest

Salt & tajin rim half of your glass

Pairs deliciously with Citrus Cure Pop

The pops from Pacific Organic Pops just make it that much more fun, don’t you think?!

Summer inspiration for the best event!

With these helpful summer decor ideas to inspire you, you’re well on your way to throwing a truly delightful outdoor event. As you continue to plan your special occasion, keep these seasonal tips in mind:

  • Hot summer sun can melt the moods of guests faster than ice cubes which is why you should provide sunscreen and plenty of drinking water at every outdoor event you host.
  • Remember to keep all food and beverage stored in temperature controlled containers and have a point person checking in on the freshness of buffet options at frequent intervals.
  • Hats, sunglasses, and personal fans are all welcomed grab bag gifts for summertime vents.
  • If you have the option available, try to pick a venue that offers air conditioning for at least half of your event. Some seniors or children might not fair as well once temperatures suddenly ramp up so it’s always better to play it safe.
  • Summer events that take place in the evening should consider having shawls, bug spray, and extra lighting at the ready, just in case.

Outdoor events are truly wonderful in the summertime as long as you prepare everything your guests might need ahead of time. Once they’re comfortable, happy, and surrounded by your amazing summer event decor, they’re sure to have a blast.

Ready to begin sending invitations for your summer event? Explore event name ideas. Or get even more budget-friendly DIY table centerpiece ideas.

Looking for more seasonal decor inspo? Make sure you check out our fall decor trends and spring themes for parties. At the very least, if you’re planning to take advantage of the summer sun you’ll definitely want to check out these outdoor decor trends.

Watch the video: Our Engagement Party. Planning our Engagement Party Vlog (December 2021).