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The Daily Dish: August 2, 2016

The Daily Dish: August 2, 2016

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LeBron James has done many things that most people can only dream of, and this week he attained the life goal of millions and ordered a pizza with 16 toppings on it. It sounds like he might have been suffering from a bit of buyer’s remorse after that big order, because he posted a photo of his receipt to Facebook along with the caption: “Don’t order while STARVING. #AddedThatSaladThough.” We have the full list of the toppings LeBron ordered... just click on the story in our Eat/Dine section.

Cold Stone Creamery, the international ice cream chain known for its seemingly endless toppings and singing employees, will be serving soft serve ice cream for the first time. For now, the ice cream will only be available at the store’s brand new location in Japan, but may soon spread to other locations. There’s no word yet on if this sweet treat will be coming to the United States.

In a profile on President Obama last month, The New York Times drew back the veil on the final months of the 44th president of the United States, particularly how he spends his quiet evenings alone. One of the details that went viral was that the president was strict on snacking. According to his personal chef Sam Kass, Obama snacks on exactly seven almonds every evening. But the president wants to set the record straight: He was just kidding. When asked if he would upgrade his allotment to 10 or 11 almonds, the president smiled and said, “Absolutely.”

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