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Gabriela Cake

Gabriela Cake

Beat well in the mixer (foam) 5 egg whites with 200 gr sugar and at the end incorporate 150 gr ground walnuts. Grease the stove tray with butter, line it with baking sheet (parchment) and pour the composition, level it in the shape of the tray and bake the sheet at 180 degrees for 50 minutes, write in the book. I did not manage to reach this time, I could not leave the sheet for more than 40 minutes. I don't know maybe you care about the power of each oven ... maybe ... on the second sheet I still said let's try to leave it longer if it is stated in the book but I risked ... at the limit I left the sheet 45 minutes ... extremely much still a little and it was burning ... So I had a good sheet and a little better browned. So I do not advise you to do as per the book, but as the oven allows. When you feel that the roasted nut already smells strong, watch the cake minute by minute.

Meanwhile, prepare the second sheet and proceed to bake in the same way (carefully).


We have time to take care of the cream as soon as we bake the first sheet.

In a medium-sized bowl (I prepared in a zepter in a bain-marie, over low heat) mix the sugar, flour, egg yolks with the salt, salt and vanilla and mix continuously until you get a dense, hard and homogeneous cream. Set the pot aside on the fire and leave it to cool well. I moved the cream to another bowl and cooled it in the fridge.

In a bowl (actually the mixer bowl) I put the butter and rubbed the foam and then mixed it with the peel and juice of the two lemons.

In this butter composition I added vanilla cream spoon by spoon also to the mixer.

I spread the cream between the two perfectly cooled countertops and let it cool for 24 hours ... ha ha haaa ... don't believe me, I resisted, I cut it in half for coffee ... o I had done it in the evening, but I have to admit that after 24 hours it was much better ... in fact it was perfect!

It may not be the most beautiful photo ... but it's one of the most delicious fries I've ever tasted!

Bohemian cake

In my family, everyone loves well-syrupy cakes, to bite the syrup when they stick their teaspoon in the cake. In terms of preferences, we are divided: some prefer cakes with a lot of chocolate, others only with vanilla and cream, and I eat any cake, just to be good.

This cake is very syrupy, with a lot of chocolate, but also with a pinch of cream, and I prefer it instead of almonds. It is not an original recipe, but it is much better, because quality ingredients are used.

For Countertops we need: 2 eggs, 130 g sugar, 150 ml oil, 100 ml milk, 200 g flour, 50 g cocoa, 5 g baking powder.

Mix the eggs with the sugar until you get a creamy composition, then add the oil and milk and mix well. Separately mix the flour, baking powder and cocoa and sift them into the liquid composition. Homogenize and pour the mixture into a tray (24 & # 21524 cm) lined with baking paper. Bake for 17 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, heating up / down. Let the countertop cool.

For ganache cream: 250 g dark chocolate, 250 ml whipped cream.

Put the whipped cream in a saucepan and heat, then pour over finely chopped chocolate, leave for 5 minutes, then mix with a whisk until shiny. Cover the bowl with cling film and let the cream cool for at least 2 hours, then mix it for 5 minutes until it becomes frothy.

For syrup caramelize 150 g of sugar after caramelization pour 250 ml of water and mix until dissolved.

Cut the cake into square pieces that we syrup well with the cooled syrup and put the cake in the fridge.

For glaze we need: 200 ml whipped cream, 200 g dark chocolate, 50 g sugar.

Put the cream for the cream with the sugar in a saucepan and heat it, then pour it over the finely chopped chocolate, leave it for 5 minutes, then mix it with a whisk until it becomes shiny.

Over each piece of cake we put a spoonful of icing, letting it drip on the edges. Leave the cake in the fridge until the icing hardens.

Furthermore we need 300 ml whipped cream, 50 g powdered sugar, 1 sachet of whipping cream. Beat the cream at low speed until it starts to harden, then add the hardener and powdered sugar and continue mixing until it becomes hard and good to decorate.

Recipes from readers: Creamy cake - Gabriela Antici

Ingredients: Sheets: 3 eggs, 1 baking powder, 200 ml yogurt, 20 g butter, 100 g sugar, 650 g flour. Cream: 1 l milk, 200 g sugar, 1/2 sachet vanilla pudding, 5 eggs, 2 spoons of cappuccino: For garnish: hazelnuts, chocolate.

Mix the eggs with the sugar until the sugar melts. Add the yogurt together with the melted butter on a steam bath. Mix well and add the flour mixed with baking powder. Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes. Divide the dough into 4 and bake them on the back of the stove trays.

Put 800 ml of milk to boil. Dissolve the rest of the milk in the vanilla pudding. Separately mix the eggs with the sugar and pour it over the pudding composition.

Mix everything well together and pour it over the boiled milk. Leave on the fire until a fluffy cream forms. Divide the cream in half and add the tablespoons of cappuccino to one.

Place a sheet on a tray, syrup it on top with a little vegetable compote and add the vanilla cream. And again sheet-cappuccino cream-sheet-vanilla cream-sheet and at the end we add the cappuccino cream. When finished, garnish with a little grated chocolate over the entire surface and a few hazelnuts on top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

  • a cup of coconut flakes (115 gr)
  • the cane faina (190 gr)
  • a cup of sugar (250 gr)
  • a cup of soy milk or rice milk 300 gr)
  • a sachet of baking powder
  • a tablespoon of cocoa
  • vanilla essence.
  1. Mix in a bowl the coconut, flour, baking powder and sugar. Pour the milk and vanilla essence over the solid ingredients and mix well.
  2. Wallpaper a rectangular shape with oil or margarine, if you use, and flour and pour three quarters of the dough. Mix the remaining dough with 1 tablespoon of cocoa and place it over the dough in the pan,
  3. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Before taking it out, I put a toothpick in the cake. If it comes out clean then the cake is ready.
  4. It is very important to let it cool completely in the tray, because having a wet consistency it tends to crumble and come off the tray harder.

Serve powdered with vanilla sugar.

P.S If you are not fasting, you can use cow's milk instead of soy milk or rice.

Cake with jam and meringue

Honestly, you can't even imagine how right you are :))) It's a super cake! Maybe I should brag more about my cakes: D
Ninth, you can make the cake even tomorrow if you feel like it. You invent a holiday tomorrow and you're done: D

700 gr of flour. I do not think so!!

Yes, 650 gr of flour came in

What else do some people like to giggle. I wrote & quot700 g of flour (as it contains) & quot, so I specified that the amount of flour required is only indicative. Would you have preferred to write 500 g there, you would have only 500 g in the house and start the cake, and then wake up that you have more flour than you have? It probably would have been better, then you would have really had something to say.

after the jam is put, how much is left in the oven?

Leave the cake with the jam in the oven for another quarter of an hour, over medium heat. But as ovens have the stupid habit of baking differently, it is safest to insert a toothpick in the cake from time to time. When the cake is ready, the toothpick does not have to be dry, it can get wet due to the jam on top.

Ok I tried the cake and it didn't work out properly, the top is too crowded, it's not baked properly. too much oil. I give it a grade of 0. next time check more and other more reliable sites.

Well, it's my site's fault that you weren't able to bake the cake top properly. Each oven bakes differently, you can't accuse me of not writing the exact number of seconds in your recipe. And how do I know if you followed the instructions of the recipe or not. As the recipe photos show, my jam cake turned out ok, so I don't understand the point of the mischievous comment. Finally, it's easy to throw mud at someone else's work through an anonymous comment.

notes are given. where.
it's really not nice of you to throw & quotanonimul & quot and you don't even have the courage to post your name. if you didn't like the cake. go to another page. but do not be discouraged! only the devil does that!

Maybe I should delete comments like this, but among so many praises it may not hurt a cold shower :) It's just a shame that it can discourage some and not try the recipe.

if I use jam it has something.

It has nothing, only that the cake might be a little sweeter than if you used jam :)

I cut the cake about 10-15 minutes after I took it out of the oven.

super cake.
no comment.

I tried this recipe and it turned out great. Congratulations to as many simple recipes as possible

Thanks, I will try to keep the recipes as simple as possible. We just won't spend all day in the kitchen :)

700 g of flour is too much. No offense, you better write 500 g and if necessary add more. Nobody starts to cake if they have a fixed weight in the house. )
If you use jam, everything will flow into your tray.

Look, so that there are no more discussions, I will change now (500-700 g). You realize that this with the lack of a few grams of flour was not the ultimate argument :)) Probably at that moment I felt the need to grind a little too, don't throw stones.
As I have not tested it, it is very possible that you are right about the jam.

a cup or 2 of sugar and also oil? Please tell me more exactly

& quot1 / 2 cup & quot means half a cup (one divided by two multiplied by one cup).

interesting bad recipe, you should know that I'm trying it for Christmas. I love your site, it's on my "taste". Good luck and happy holidays!

I saw the message a bit late, but I don't think this influenced the success of the cake at all :) I would like the site to remain among your favorites even after trying the rest of the published recipes.

This recipe was made by my mother when I was little, it looks exactly like that. I do it without discussion! Thanks for posting the recipe!

You don't have to, I hope the taste of the cake is the same as the one you remember.

what kind of jam is used for this cake?

I used a quince jam, but the cake can be made with any kind of jam (the thicker the jam, the better - the too thin jam can flow through the tray).

I used apricot jam :) it's a very good cake thanks for the recipes

With pleasure! So it remains established that the apricot jam & quot & quot is good in this cake :)

Congratulations for such a wonderful blog!

Can you tell me the size of the tray, please?

Thank you in advance!
Keep it like this!

Thanks, Mada! The size of the tray in which I baked the cake is 35x25 cm. I enjoy cooking!

I've been wanting to make this cake for a while.
A few minutes ago I asked my mother for the recipe. I will send her a link to this page, to tell me if she did the same.

If I don't prepare it tonight, it's just because I don't have a lemon, but I'll do it soon.

Until then, thank you and see you soon.

that's good. It's like she used to be called DAMEN CAPRICE, WE EAT HER AS A CHILD, Dana

Dana, until now I had heard of the Damen Caprice cake, but I didn't know that I actually ate it since childhood :) I wasn't even curious to see what it entails, this name made me think of a complicated recipe (and I'm trying to I avoid them, I prefer simple recipes).

this is my childhood cake. jur. it looks exactly like my mother used to make it and it's my favorite. I'll make it tomorrow because it's still my boy's birthday.

With pleasure, Georgiana! And, even if it's already 2 minutes, I say "Happy Birthday!" To the boy.

I also tried this recipe but unfortunately I suffered the same as the person upstairs who said that the countertop came out as if soaked in oil. Something is wrong, maybe you failed to specify an important detail, for example, what texture should the dough have before we put it in the tray, like a pandispan or like a pizza crust ?! I tried to put it in the oven thinking that I didn't bake it enough, but I don't think anything will be solved. I'll be back in detail. I'm a little disappointed!

Hi, the dough for this cake is more like pizza dough. I didn't think it would be important to specify the texture of the cake dough before it is placed in the tray, in the images of the recipe you can see that it is strong enough not to be confused with a pandispan composition. The top of the cake should be a little oily, it only has half a cup with one, but this should not prevent it from baking - you probably baked it too little in the first & quottura & quot, before spreading the jam.

Gabriela Cake - Recipes

Method of preparation:

Beat the yolks together with the sugar until the composition doubles and becomes creamy.

Melt the butter, let it cool then add it to the egg cream. Add the milk and incorporate it.

Add the egg whites over the yolk composition and incorporate them easily, in circular motions, with a wooden spoon.

Add flour in the rain and incorporate it little by little. We add vanilla to taste.

We pour the composition in a tray lined with baking paper (tray dimensions 32 * 35)

Put the tray in the preheated oven, over medium heat, until it browns a little on top. Don't be afraid if there is liquid left in the tray.

Let it cool completely (I left it in the fridge overnight). Cut cubes with a sharp knife, which we wipe before each slice. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top.
It's very good cold from the fridge.

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130 reviews:

I added now, sorry for the omission, I posted in a hurry :)

Thank you very much, I now understand Violeta. Good night!

I've tried it before and it's fffff. Good, but I knew it was called & quot- Separation of powers in the state & quot

Congratulations for the recipes and for the posts. Don't stop, it's a welcome help and an idea for many housewives.

a question for Mrs. Postolache. how should the milk be? boiled or raw, cold or at room temperature?

I put the raw milk, directly from the fridge, I don't know if it is important or not for the success of the cake.

A super cake! I have had the recipe for years. I do it with great pleasure, whenever I remember. and now you reminded me) Delicious. thank you! Cami

It really is delicious, I did it for the first time now, but I will definitely do it again!

something is unclear to me about this recipe. 1. the ingredients say that 250g of flour is needed, but in the explanations I don't see what stage is added and 2. from the pictures I see that the cake has 3 layers, and only the preparation of a single mixture is presented. how do 3 layers of this result?

I failed to pass the flour, I added now, it is put at the end. This is exactly why the cake is called smart, because it will separate itself when baked, in the three layers :)

she's really smart and I was wondering how from one prepared start you made three it's gorgeous.

that's why she calls it SMART CAKE, because she's smarter than you and she chooses herself. Put the flour at the end, after mixing the composition of the yolks with the sugar and the beaten egg whites.

the egg whites are ALWAYS added at the end. it is always, in any cake, the last ingredient added. only in this way the cake or the cake comes out fluffy and tasty, so it is left and becomes inaccurate

that's why it's called intelligence. during baking, the layers are formed. it is fff good and easy to prepare

looks delicious. although you didn't specify, I think we incorporate the flour before we add the beaten egg whites, don't we?

Sorry for the omission, I edited, at the end the flour is added

tasty and very interesting I would like to try it but you don't say anything about flour.

It's great, I tried it too!

that's right, although I wouldn't have thought it would work out for me because cakes aren't exactly my strong point, this cake exceeded my expectations!

I've only done it before, I call it the smart cake!

I have to try it too. I've wanted to do it for a long time. It's on the list!
It turned out perfectly!

thank you very much! and it was on my list for a long time!

I did it a long time ago, I will repeat!
I love what it looks like!

We call it this cake: fake creams, perfect. :)

I've heard of it, but I haven't tried it yet. It's really interesting the way the layers are separated! It looks beautiful!

That's right, that's the charm of the cake, and I kept hearing about it, now I have the courage and I'm happy!

I tried the recipe and it is wonderful, it's worth it!

It's really worth it, it's not much work, and the result exceeds expectations!

How beautiful it looks, it turned out exactly as it should)

thank you very much, I really had emotions, I keep checking to see if the layers appear! :)

I heard about this cake and I will prepare it because I find it interesting. Sincerely,

I am very happy, it is very easy to make and it is also very tasty!

Vio, you give me nightmares about this cake. I heard about it too but I didn't try it. I think it's time to do it. my mother came from the country with eggs to me. (zau so. it has so many eggs. for us & quotorasenii & quot it is expensive. hahaha

:))))) to know that my eggs were also from my mother: P by the way is seen after the intense yellow!

If I first incorporated the egg white into the yolk and then the butter and milk, does it still come out?

I can't put my hand in the fire but I say it might come out like that.

You also forgot to say the cooking time

I DIDN'T OMIT. I have already repeated too many times, too many recipes, not everyone can afford a new stove, my stove is old, has no timer, has no adjustment, it is simple and commonplace! So I can't wait, it depends on the oven for the old type stove, for me it could be ready in half an hour, and for the neighbor's, let's say in half an hour it could already be burned, or maybe raw!

Hi, I tried the recipe above, it's browned, but I'm very amused that it shakes only in the tray, that is, it's golden baked on top, but in the middle it's liquid, will it harden when it cools or I did something wrong

And mine was liquid when I took it out, I really thought it was compromised! I tasted it, I saw that it was very tasty and I said, well, that's it, we eat it with a spoon.

I left it overnight in the fridge but it only hardened on the edge and in the middle it's just as liquid, something I didn't do well I think or so I'm lucky not to get it out :)

I didn't give up and tried again today. It came out this time super hardened before putting it in the fridge but this turn I put only 900 ml of milk and I left it more in the oven than the last round and I increased the temperature from 160 degrees to 180 grade. thank you for posting these recipes and help us who are beginners and not only through the kitchen

I rejoice with all my heart, perseverance is the mother of learning!

Violeta, I want to make the cake tomorrow, but please tell me, at least approximately, how many minutes I have to keep it in the oven. I will take into account your instructions but I think not to take it out of the oven too late. Thank you.

I left it for about 40 minutes, it was browned on top, it was well browned on the bottom (my oven has a problem, it burns on the bottom), and on the edges there was still a little liquid, but it hardened after cooling. Instead, I saw in other people that they left it for only 20 minutes, in someone I saw that in 40 minutes it had hardened too much and the medium that should be creamy, the consistency of burnt sugar cream was hard. So orient yourself as the cake looks. increase cooking, I'm waiting for you with impressions, or if you want with pictures :)

it's very good, now a fc is great, but it also works without baking paper

Tomorrow is my birthday and I made & quot; Smart Cake & quot. Now I took it out of the oven. Looks good. I don't know what to mean by "oven on medium heat" (150-170 degrees, or is it too much?). It didn't grow too much. Kisses

Happy birthday for tomorrow, good health and only joy! You only need to grow a little. With the fire it's hard for me to give a temperature, I have to get along with Santa Claus, maybe he'll come up with a new stove: P I've seen it in other people who have tried it because they baked it at 180 gr

I returned. Even if we didn't incorporate the ingredients in the order described by you, it turned out extraordinarily good, especially after it was cold. I tried a few recipes ranging from bread to food and cakes. So every day I am inspired by you and every time the result is a successful recipe. Congratulations

I rejoice with all my heart! Thank you for your appreciation and thank you for being with me & lt3

I've been making this cake for about 5 years. If you are a housewife you know your stove, you don't have to ask Vio how. u wait for blackberries in your mouth. K

Hi. It's the first time I've been here. I saw this cake and I said why not :) It's delicious. I thought it wouldn't come out as I saw it in the oven. but I succeeded. Congratulations on this great blog.

many calories eggs many milk flour already too much

Well, it's the cake, of course it has calories! Yes, there are many eggs, milk, flour, but someone says you have to eat the whole tray. Let's not exaggerate, you can only eat one cube, then run for 10 minutes and burn calories!

no, no baking powder needed!

It's super cool. I have done it countless times and I eat it with great pleasure even now.

Really super cool, I did it for the first time, but I will definitely do it again and again!

Which cream? I wrote at the beginning of the post that it is called smart cake because it separates into three layers: D

Hello today I also made the cake and it turned out very well. I will take it to my mother too. Many kisses

I am happy with all my heart, he will definitely like it!

One of them didn't work out for me, I followed the recipe exactly, I even kept it a little longer in the oven with aluminum foil on top and it still didn't stick to the liquid: ((((

My dear, I'm very sorry that it didn't work out for you :( But I say don't be discouraged, try again, it's a little more pretentious, that's right, but you have to hack it in the end!

Good evening! Did I understand 1 liter of milk well? That my dough was made into soup. I'm waiting for an answer, thank you very much. I hope it comes out in the end. Thank you !!

Yes, 1 liter of milk is correct, the composition is about pancake dough

The girls know the recipe and the flour when it is put. If you follow the recipe step by step, a wonderful recipe comes out, it's correct, try the diplomat cake with apples. It's something of a dream.

Thank you very much! Indeed, the diplomat with apples is very good and cool, worth a try!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation!

if we replace the flour with coconut flakes or almonds, does it still come out? :)

It will definitely not come out! Smart cake is a more demanding cake anyway and the quantities must be strictly observed!

it's extraordinarily good. today we tried it at work, we work at the pastry shop. everyone was very excited. Thanks a lot!

Good luck, I'm so glad you liked it! :)

If they are made with a number of 6 eggs, the rest of the quantities would be for the others?

150 gr sugar, 600 ml milk, 150 gr butter, 150 gr flour, vanilla essence

It's super perfect for me at first

Congratulations, I'm very happy!

you know what I didn't see ?! do not add salt at all. now I put it in the oven, I look forward to seeing what comes out

It is wonderful and so easy to make! Congratulations on the blog, Violeta! For those who have a ventilated oven, I baked it at 170 degrees (towards the end I reduced it to 160-165) for 30 minutes, the middle level. It looks gelatinous in the middle when taken out of the oven, but after it cools, it hardens nicely. Precisely it will be good and to taste! It is the surprise tomorrow, March 8, for us and for our neighbors. Be loved and appreciated by those around you and blessed by God! Quite special for you, Violeta, who is an inspiration for many of us and a joy for all those who dare to follow your recipes so simple and beautifully described!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation, I am honored! Thanks for specifying the grades, as for the cake, I am convinced that you will like it, it won us over. Beautiful party and happy birthday!

Budapest TV Cake Double old recipe

Budapest TV Cake Double old recipe. How to Make TV Cake? It is also known as Budapest Cake or Dobra Cake. A cake with cocoa leaves, vanilla cream with lemon, fluffy top and chocolate icing.

TV Cake made after old recipe from grandparents' notebooks. Those from Transylvania and Banat know it Budapest Cake, others of Black and white cake and Slivia Jurcovan presented it in her straight cookbook Double Cake. In Hungary this cake is called Vendégváró szelet (The cake that guests expect). Ladislau (aka Veve), dear friend and moderator in Urban Flavors Group on Facebook he prepared it the other day and offered us the recipe and some pictures. A classic, fine cake, with two tender sheets of cocoa (with sologar, salicar, salicale & # 8211 ie ammonia), simple vanilla cream or flavored with lemon peel, two thin layers of apricot jam and a fluffy top and vanilla. The TV cake is glazed with chocolate.

Although it seems complicated to know that the recipe is easy to prepare. The different components can be made in advance with 2-3 days and the cake can be mounted and glazed later. It is even recommended that the tender leaves with cocoa and ammonium be prepared 3-4 days before they have time to soften. The vanilla cream with butter can also be kept in the fridge for a few days and the fluffy top in the middle remains fragile due to the oil it contains.

Ammonium for cakes is sold in all foodstuffs in 7 g sachets. Only 5 g (sheets) are put on this cake, so approx. 2/3 envelope.

Veve recently prepared this Budapest Dobra TV Cake and gave us the recipe and some pictures. We thank you!!

From the quantities below results a TV Cake of 30 x 25 cm.

A perfect preparation for winter, which, unlike other apple cakes, has a special layer of almond-based cream. Almonds give it a special flavor and sliced ​​fruits like fans do Apple cake very handsome.

If you love to cook with wafer sheets, this cake is perfect for you. The combination of white chocolate, cream with nuts, wafers and biscuits sounds so complex that you can't believe that the cake is so simple. Convince yourself by trying the recipe wafer cake .

Method of preparation strawberry shortcake

I separated the egg whites from the yolks. I mixed the yolks together with the sweetener, then I added the oil and water.

I added the beaten egg whites, stirring lightly in the composition, after which I incorporated a spoonful of flour and baking powder.

I poured the composition in a tray lined with baking paper and left the top to bake for about 20 minutes, in the already hot oven, at 180 degrees C.

From the baking tray I mounted five cakes, with the help of squares and stainless steel circles. With their help I first cut two squares (two circles) for each cake.

In a bowl I put mascarpone cream, sour cream and sweetener. I mixed them until they were homogenous, after which I added the mashed strawberries.

I hydrated the gelatin in 100 ml of water for about 10 minutes, after which I heated it in a bain-marie and added it to the strawberry cream. I put the cream in the fridge to harden it a bit.

At the base of the square I placed a square of top, I covered with a layer of strawberry puree to syrup it, then I put a layer of cream, the other top, and puree of strawberries, and a layer of cream.

I left them in the fridge until they hardened, after which I removed the shapes and decorated them with fresh strawberries and strawberry puree. Good appetite !

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