Traditional recipes

Sweet cabbage soup with smoked bacon

Sweet cabbage soup with smoked bacon

Vegetables, onions and peppers are cleaned, washed and chopped.

The cabbage is cleaned, put in a stream of water, then it is finely chopped, the tomatoes are scalded, the skin is peeled and finely chopped. Cut the bacon into pieces and put it in a pan and fry it well, then with a spatula we take it out on a plate with an absorbent kitchen napkin for the excess fat.

In a pot I used one of (5.5 l) put the oil, chopped onion, pepper and vegetables with 100 ml of water to leave for 10 minutes. then add the chopped cabbage and leave for another 5 minutes. with his carriage.

Season with salt, pepper, vegeta and thyme, then add hot water and let it boil for another 15 minutes.

Add the tomatoes, bacon halves and broth paste and let it boil for another 10 minutes.

Season with green dill or larch. It is a very good soup. And I highly recommend it.

Pancakes (flour, 2 eggs, mineral water or milk)
Stuffing (minced pork mix with beef, 2 onions, dill and parsley, salt, plenty of pepper)
Sauce (tomato broth or 3 fresh tomatoes, 1 finely chopped onion, plenty of hot peppers (chili), hot paprika, salt, pepper, greens.

1 / 2kg pork, 1 / 4kg beef, 1 / 4kg smoked mutton or pork ribs, rice, onion, pepper, tomato broth, dill.

ingredients: 2 kg liver, 2 kg pork, 2 kg bacon, 2 kg onion, salt and pepper to taste, 2 bay leaves

pieces of mouse (according to everyone's taste), heart, tongue, kidneys, lungs, spleen, ears (each organ will be cut in half), smaller pieces of bacon that we can not use when smoking, pork to taste so as not to get too fat caltabosi), rice, onion, salt, pepper, thyme

Recipes with smoked ribs

Mamaliguta with cheese and jumari
We make a polenta not very hard and leave it aside until we prepare the rest. We cut the ribs into pieces and fry them in a pan until they become crispy. I prepared 5 individual servings. In each tray, I put a little fat (left by. Transylvanian sarmale with sweet cabbage
Cut the onion into small pieces and heat it in a little oil. Add the minced meat, rice, salt, pepper, paprika, finely chopped or dried thyme and dill. Mix on the fire for about 15 minutes. Put water in a large pot on the fire. Wash the cabbage, we clean it if it has imperfections, we take it out. Pan-fried potatoes with ribs and cucumbers
Peel an onion and slice it. The potatoes are cleaned, washed and cut into slices, not very thin. Fry the potatoes in a pan in oil for approx. 5 minutes, then add the onion and fry a little more together. Season with salt. Sarmale with polenta
Cook the onion in oil for 2-3 minutes then put the paprika and then the rice and mix well for 5 minutes, then I took the pan off the heat and I put the minced meat and 4-5 tablespoons of tomato paste (the rest of put tomato paste over. Bean soup in bread
I put two servings because the bread recipe is only for two but the soup is several servings. Considering that I used dry yeast, I did not leaven the yeast separately in a glass as it is done, but I mixed it directly with the flour and the rest. Potato stew with smoked ribs
Finely chop the onion, and fry it in the 4 tablespoons of oil, then add the sliced ​​carrot, diced pepper and the ribs cut according to your preference. Mix well and leave to fry for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the diced potatoes. . Pie with smoked ribs and vegetables
Put all the ingredients for the dough in the bread machine and select the kneading and leavening program. Meanwhile, prepare the filling: finely chop the onion and simmer it together with the diced mushrooms. Carrots,. Goulash in the cauldron
Cut the onion and pepper into small pieces and fry in oil. Cut the beef into cubes, add water, spices, tomato juice to the pot and leave to boil. pork and ribs. After. Tarragon soup
Put the onion, the carrot and the finely chopped parsley root to harden. After they have hardened, add salt, paprika, put the chopped ribs, add water and let it boil. When the meat is cooked, add the borscht cubes and finely chopped tarragon. Smoked dried bean soup
In those days, people knew differently than today to ensure their daily living and preserve their food in such a way that even on long winter days they do not lack anything. Pickles and jams were nicely stacked in. Peasant pie
I put olive oil in a pan (4-5 tablespoons). I finely chopped the meat and ribs and mixed them. When the oil was hot, I added the meat and cooked it for about 5 minutes. I added a cup of water (100 ml). Then I chopped the onion. Sarmale from fresh cabbage with meat, mushrooms and smoked ribs
Roast the cabbage in water with salt, vinegar and lemon salt, carefully remove the scalded leaves and leave to cool, clean the back. Smoked bacon is cut into small pieces and put in each sarmaluta one piece. Peel the onion and. Smoked ribs and sausage with couscous garnish
Wash the sausage and sausage well under running cold water and portion if necessary. Cut the fish onion and put it in the hot oil to cook for 3-4 minutes, then put the tomato paste, the ribs and let it boil on the right heat 50. Sarmale with sweet cabbage
In a larger pot, boil water with a little salt and 300 ml of borscht. Remove the stalk from the cabbage and scald in borscht water until the leaf softens very little. While you are cooking them, you must also open the leaves, leaf by leaf. Get out. Cabbage with ribs
We wash the cabbage well and chop it faithfully. we clean the onion, wash it and chop it. we grate the carrot, wash it and cut it into cubes. we remove the kapia pepper and its stem and seeds, wash it and cut it. cut the rib into slices of the right size. in a. Cabbage soup with smoked ribs
Put it to boil in a smoked rib pot. Meanwhile, clean the onion, cut the fidelita cabbage. When the rib is half cooked, add the onion in the pot and the cabbage and let it boil. an oil pan is. Potato food with pork
I put the sausages with a drop of oil in the ribbed pot for the first time, and when they started to fry a little, I added the vegetables and we hardened them together until the vegetables softened a little. I then put the fresh meat (neck), paprika and I have. Glazed lamb roll
Remove the bones from the meat and spread with slices of smoked ribs, slices of carrot and celery (cut the vegetables into 1 cm thick sticks), salt and pepper to taste. The meat thus prepared is rolled, rubbed with paprika and. Macris soup
Wash the sorrel well and cut it into small pieces. Put water in a pot and then add the slightly fried ribs before. Leave it to boil then add the finely chopped carrots and finely chopped onion. Add salt, rice and sorrel. Just when . Cabbage dish with apples
Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Chop the onion, smoked ribs and cut the meat into cubes. Heat them all in a pot in hot oil, put the cabbage, add the spices and white wine. Let it boil.

How to make homemade smoked bacon

After cutting the pig, the next day, move on to smoking bacon for immediate consumption.

Salted with coarse salt, well rubbed with some spices, the bacon is smoked, but over high heat, to give warmth. In that first phase, the bacon must actually be penetrated by the heat and suck a little, some of its fat draining.

It is a very delicate operation, because if you do not follow the fire second by second, it can happen that the bacon ignites and catches fire. Those who have suffered it know what they are talking about. So actually the owner sits next to the smoker and watches everything with great care and attention.

Sometimes several men from the neighbors participate in the operation, if they all come with bacon and put it in a larger smoker. Even if a brandy works well and cheers people up, warming them up and helping them to overcome the cold outside, the attention remains maximum, so that everything goes as it should.

After the faster fire stage and a lot of heat, after the bacon has crumbled and left some of the fat, it is the second stage, slower smoking with much smoke. And if in the first stage beech wood was used, which has high calorific value and gives a lot of heat, in the second stage it is put plum wood, greenery and cherry, a secret that the locals have learned since ancient times.

The aromas of these trees also penetrate the linen bacon, which I assure you is special and actually "melts in your mouth" for good.

At this stage, the fire being small and the smoke more, you can drink another glass of brandy.

After the bacon has been smoked properly, this can be seen by the color (it should not be full of soot, it should not be white either), but it can also be seen by the experience of the smoker, it can be considered that the operation is over.

Consecrated by the households gathered with another glass of brandy and a thank you to the One from Above, for such wonders that he made us take part in.

And when we eat it, let us think gratefully of the owner who raised the pig, and of the ancestors who left us so many beautiful traditions, and of God for helping us!