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Memorial Day Recipes for Kids

Memorial Day Recipes for Kids

These delicious ideas will keep the kids satisfied this Memorial Day

The little ones will gobble up these tasty Memorial Day recipes.

On Memorial Day weekend you have to indulge a little. Whether you are eating up delicious barbecue or gobbling up some delicious Memorial Day desserts, you need to enjoy this tasty holiday to its fullest capacity.

If you’re having friends heading out back for some delicious barbecue this Memorial Day, you can’t forget your pint sized guests’ picky taste buds. After all, those little ones will be your biggest critics. Make them perfectly portioned and sized foods that can make their summer celebration even more delicious:

Meatballs on a Stick

There's nothing like meat on a stick to get people running into the kitchen. And these meatballs from nutritionist Laura Cipullo are made from lean turkey breast, which helps turn this usual calorie fest into something a bit healthier.

Click here to see the Meatballs on a Stick Recipe.

Sweet Potato Crisps

Vandana Sheth, registered dietitian and representative for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, suggests making these sweet potato crisps as a healthy and fiber-filled snack for kids (and adults, too). We'll bet you won't be able to eat just one.

Click here to see the Sweet Potato Crisps Recipe.

Apple Wedge Dessert

No roundup is complete without dessert at the end! Amy Roskelley, author of the blog Super Healthy Kids, offers up this satisfying dessert that won't bog you down.

Click here to see the Apple Wedge Dessert Recipe.

58 Amazing Recipes for the Best Memorial Day Ever

Whether you're enjoying a cookout on the back porch or simply celebrating Memorial Day at home, you can still have a festive time thanks to our amazing list of Memorial Day recipes. From small bites to start with to burgers, cocktails, and even dessert, here are some of our favorite recipes to whip up for every type of summer cookout.


Start things off right with delicious drinks that everyone can enjoy. For the kiddos, watermelon lemonade is a tasty treat with a healthy bonus of vitamins from the watermelon. If you have local honey available to you it’s an even bigger bonus (if not it’s okay, no one will judge you harshly for using store-bought honey). For the adults, the grilled bourbon peach smash is a pretty and palette-pleasing cocktail.

Do we like the recipes? Yes to both.

What would we do differently next time? The grilled peach bourbon smash was on the sweet side so we recommend adding more lemon juice or going easy on the simple syrup.

Tips for Memorial Day Gatherings

BBQ FOOD TIPS: Keep these things in mind when preparing food for this holiday.

  • Clean the grill a few days before the event.
  • Keep lids or plastic wrap handy to keep food covered and pesky bugs out.
  • Plan Menu ahead of time. This helps with shopping and if guests offer to bring a dish.
  • If keeping food in a cooler be sure to separate meats and poultry from other food items.
  • Food should not be out for more than 2 hours. Only put out enough food that can be consumed within that window of time. Keep extra portions in a cold cooler or fridge.
  • Take meats out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before grilling.
  • Cook and Serve meat according to done, medium and rare. Have designated signs labeling which plate is which.
  • Have a box of baking soda on hand in case of a grill fire.

OUTDOOR PARTY TIPS: Just a few things that may help if planning a party outside for Memorial Day.

  • Pick up the yard beforehand. Be sure there aren’t any tools left out that children may get hurt on.
  • Seating: Have plenty of seating set up around the yard. A Pic Nic Blanket is easy and perfect for children.
  • Tables: Older guests will especially appreciate a table. Also, provide tables if you’re serving anything that needs to be cut with a knife. No one one wants to try that on their lap.
  • Avoid long lines: Set food out in such a way that there can be more than one point of access.
  • Lighting: If your BBQ is going to extend into the evening, be sure to have lighting such as torches or strings of light . A fire pit is also fun to have at night.
  • Shade: Use umbrellas or awnings. You can even string up bed sheets. Your guests will appreciate the shade.
  • Be sure to provide plenty of trash bins.
  • Have lawn games available
  • Music adds nice element

Memorial Day Recipes Last year I made a fun patriotic salad that would be just perfect for your Memorial Day picnic? Besides being cute, this is super-easy. Even your kids can make this salad. With Memorial Day a week away, you have plenty of time to get the ingredients. Question:What Memorial Day recipes can you share with us? You can leave a comment byclicking here.

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