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Sarmale with turkey and sauerkraut in the nest

Sarmale with turkey and sauerkraut in the nest

We put the cabbage in the evening in warm water. Put the clay pot (in case you use a clay one) with water, cover it and leave it like this for at least 1-2 hours.

We wash the turkey meat and put it through the mincer. Peel an onion and finely chop it. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Put a little more oil in a hot pan, sauté the onion, then the carrot. Add the donut paste, the tomato paste, leave it on the fire for another 1-2 minutes and then put the pan aside.

In a bowl put the minced meat, onion mixture and rice that we wash in 2-3 waters. Put chopped parsley and green dill, paprika, salt, pepper to taste, egg and mix well, well.

We squeeze the cabbage leaves from the water, we leave the bigger ones whole for the nests, we cut the rest depending on how big we make the cabbage rolls. We take a leaf, put a little filling, roll the stuffed cabbage, close the ends and place them on a plate. For nests, it is preferable for the sarmalutes to be small. We take a large cabbage leaf, we put 4 sarmalute, 2-3 slices of mouse, then we fold them well. In order to stay better caught and not to have surprises that they unfold when boiled, we tie them with strips of mouse.

Pour the water from the clay pot, place the pieces of cabbage on the bottom and sprinkle a little dried thyme. Place the sarmale nests, put a little chopped cabbage, homemade tomato juice on top. Pour the water until we cover them and put them in the oven at a suitable temperature. We try them after about 3 hours and when they are cooked we close the oven and leave the pot there until they cool completely.

Good appetite!

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Cabbage juice is very well known for its high vitamin content. Even though it is very low in calories, it has an impressive nutritional profile. Contain.

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, choose to go for sauerkraut. As you will learn from the article below, it is a food.

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A flat abdomen, like in the movies, is everyone's dream, whether it's a man or a woman. And to have the flat abomination you dreamed of, you need a proper diet, no.

The white meat category includes not only chicken, but also turkey and duck. Be careful, there are parts of turkey or duck that are.

The blacklist of the most contaminated vegetables and fruits is one that any responsible parent should know!

Meat is one of the foods we eat most often, in all sorts of forms. In order to be able to capitalize on it properly, keeping its qualities.

Sarmale from sour cabbage with 3 kinds of filling, in VIDEO nest

Chop the onion and fry about 60% of it in oil. When it has become glassy, ​​I put homemade "vegeta" in it (see the recipe here: peppers, pepper and capsicum paste. I eat them well and at the end, I put out the fire and put the rest of the onion and rice there. I let the composition cool then divide it over the three kinds of meat. To tie the composition, I put a few egg whites. I knead the compositions well & # 8211 each separately, after which, I start packing the sarmales.

It goes without saying that they will be as small as possible because they make a pork wire, a poultry wire and a beef plus pork wire. Then, I pack all these three sarmales in a big cabbage leaf and I got a bigger wire, huge for Moldovans, but almost common in Banat where the sarmales are made as big as a cabbage leaf.

I choose a pan with walls as thick as possible. From the heart of cabbage and what I have left from shaping the leaves, I make a bed where I put a few more slices of bacon or smoked and bay leaves with a few sprigs of thyme. If you like, you can put a tablespoon or two of tomato paste. Then we place the "wires" in the nest and so on until we reach the last layer over which we put finely chopped cabbage, bay leaves, thyme, possibly dill, a few slices of smoked and a tablespoon of tomato paste, just like in bed.

I put a plate over the cabbage so that it doesn't rise, I put water & # 8211 attention & # 8211 not too much because it swells and I put it over the pan and bake it with them. They can also be cooked on the stove as you like. After about two hours we try to cook them, then we prepare a generous portion, a glass of wine and good appetite & # 8211 I use bread. Others prefer them with polenta. I admit, polenta is not my weakness. I really like it with sweet, salty cheese and cream and that's it!

These are my stuffed cabbage in the nest. They are different because & # 8211 although they are cooked together, everyone tastes different. In addition, it looks super, otherwise, more special on the plate.

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Red cabbage, unfairly avoided in the daily diet, is among the few vegetables that contain resveratrol - the most powerful.

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