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Hostess Has Re-Launched Fan-Favorite Snack Cake Suzy Q's, Again

Hostess Has Re-Launched Fan-Favorite Snack Cake Suzy Q's, Again

The Suzy Q’s you know and love are supposedly back

After tons of feedback from consumers, Hostess Brands announced on February 13 that they are re-launching Suzy Q’s yet again, after re-launching them in 2016 to poor customer response. The snack cake will also return to its original shape, appearing with rounded edges.

The re-boot couldn’t come soon enough. Ever since the 2016 return of Suzy Q’s, Hostess fans have been up in arms and leaving scathing reviews on Amazon and the Hostess website, saying things like:

“Honestly... No stars. I'm 58 years old... and remember the REAL Suzy Q cake. What hostess did was a complete joke. A real Suzy Q... you had to lick the inside plastic covering of the cake because there was so much cream filling... that's what real kids do. Also the packing had Two cakes not one. These cakes are no bigger than 4 fingers... sad and disappointed.”

“These suck! I remember the original Suzy Q's as a kid, so much cream in the center with very dark rich cake. These in no way compare to the original. I found these at my local Walmart and was so excited until I opened the box, doesn't look like or taste like the original cakes. Don't let the packaging fool you.”

Many of the reviews claim that the snack cake is smaller, less creamy, and dry. This time, Hostess says they are re-launching the cake with 50 percent more crème and 50 percent more cake.

“Suzy Q’s fans are among our most passionate consumers, and they have spoken loud and clear,” said Burke Raine, Hostess Brands’ chief marketing officer, in a press release. “We heard their feedback on social media and through our Consumer Affairs group, and have responded with an even better snack cake that measures up to their expectations. Our dedication to putting out a quality product — as well as responding to our consumers — is paramount.”

The cakes are now available in six-count multipacks and single-serve twin-packs at supermarkets nationwide. Suzy Q’s aren’t the only Hostess snack with a rabid following — another of the brand’s iconic creations is one of the most popular snack foods of the last 10 decades.

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