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Edible mammoths

Edible mammoths

How do you proceed?

Cut a tomato in half, split it in half, but not at all, to remain a little uncut. In the uncut part, put a mouthful of a piece of olive, caught with a piece of toothpick, and make the polka dots from the cloves.

Top 5 recipes for home cooked meals in the Philippines

There is no country with more holidays than the Philippines. Nor is there a country with a longer Christmas season. Holidays are essential to the Filipino lifestyle and food is the key to all Filipino festivities. When there is no vacation, Filipinos will invent a single person to have a reason to meet. mentality fiesta is called. But when Filipinos don't party or celebrate, daily meals tend to be simpler. As in other Southeast Asian countries, Filipino meals often consisted of a soup, a plate of meat, and a plate of vegetables. The interesting thing is that in many cases, all three components are served in one dish.

Superb soup

It can be said that the most beloved of the Filipino soups, sinigang is a broth soup clearly flavored with a souring agent that can be sampalok (tamarind), bayabas (guava) or kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi). It adds the fruits of (shrimp, shrimp or fish) or meat (especially pork) and a range of vegetables that may include kangkong (swamp spinach), eggplant, gabi (taro), sitaw (long beans) make a filling soup that most Filipinos consider a main slice.


Although salad as an introductory course is not traditional in the Philippines, half a century of American colonization and the American media have changed the eating habits of many people in the Philippines, many of them considering a basic salad as an integral part of the meal.

Elsewhere in the country, especially in rural areas, salads are considered a special dish. Salad (local name for salads), on the other hand, is primarily a dish served to complement a main dish with meat or seafood.

Main dishes

Although Filipinos also love a lot of vegetables in meals, Filipinos are not vegetarians by nature. Therefore, the concept of the main antenna revolves around meat and seafood, which, if not cooked with vegetables, are often accompanied by a plate of vegetables.

An archipelago of over 7,000 islands, the Philippine seas are full of many varieties of fish and shellfish.

Meat from the Philippine diet is not limited to pork, chicken and beef. Goat goat is popular in the country is good. And "meat" includes edible organs.

No main meal in the Philippines is complete without rice. The simplest and most common form is rice boiled in water, but Filipinos can enjoy the remaining rice. Fried rice with garlic, Java rice and rice with crab paste are just among the many favorites.

Sweets and desserts

The concept of dessert is foreign to traditional Asian customs, but sweets are an important part of Filipino cuisine as it is throughout Southeast Asia. Consumed mostly as snacks in the old days, modern Southeast Asians have adopted the Western practice of serving these sweet dishes at the end of a meal.

Papaya seeds also help burn body fat, as it prevents the body from absorbing excess fats and sugars, accelerating digestion and contributing to weight loss.

It must have caught your attention that, among other things, papaya seeds can help you lose weight. If so, then read on to find out three tricks you can apply to lose weight with the help of papaya seeds. But before revealing them to you, we must remind you that it is important to be patient, because the results are seen in time. In addition, it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet and exercise as often as possible.

Trick no. 1

Eat 12 papaya seeds with a grapefruit tea every day on an empty stomach. Repeat this remedy for 15 consecutive days and then take a break for another 15 days.

Trick no. 2

Also on an empty stomach, add 15 papaya seeds in a glass of grapefruit juice and drink the mixture, swallowing the seeds like pills. This remedy helps to fat burning, but also to improve digestion.

Trick no. 3

The last trick is to chew a few whenever you want papaya seeds and add them to salads. They have a spicy, mustard-like taste, so you shouldn't overeat them.

Vegetarian Recipes: Laura Adamache Recipes

In this category you will find vegetarian recipes, both sweet and salty. There are people who have opted for this diet, turning it into a lifestyle. It is about vegetarians, people who have completely removed meat, milk and eggs from their diet. There is a category of people who include milk (lacto-vegetarian) in their diet and another category that includes milk and eggs (lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet).
Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds (or other edible parts of plants) can be eaten in the vegetarian diet.
I present you some vegetarian recipes (some of them can also be fasting recipes). Among them you will find the tofu recipe, salad recipes, hummus recipe, energy bars, vegetable food, soy meatballs, stuffed pumpkin, etc.

Italian bean dish

Italian food beans, beans all & # 8217uccelletto Italian food beans, on its original name [. ]

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Dried fruits - forest horns, blackcurrants - tonic and energizing

Dried fruits can be a snack or a desert rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy natural fats which bring many benefits to the body and health.

Fruits by dehydration lose some of their vitamins, but retain their content in minerals and nutrients needed by the body, especially in the cold winter when it shows its true properties of medically natural.

Dried fruits are the healthiest source of sugar, after fresh fruits, are tonic, diuretic, laxative, nutritious, energizing, digestible as easily as raw fruits, and have antioxidant effects beneficial to the body and health.

Recipes with shells

preferably, steamed, thus eliminating the bacteria retained by
water filtration process. They have a sweet, juicy and colorful flesh orange. They are sold alive, they have a washing and cleaning ritual, and after boiling the good mussels will open, and those that have not opened will be thrown away. The mussels are excellent steamed with garlic. On the other hand, oysters are eaten raw, as a delicacy, but also boiled, fried, smoked, pickled, baked or grilled. What makes them adored by many people is unique taste and gelatinous appearance. The classic oyster recipes would be Kilpatrick oysters, Rockefeller oysters or breaded oysters also called Po boys. In terms of shells, I have the upper handSaint Jacques shells or pilgrim shells, noted for their shapefans, meat aba and sweet and special nutritional properties.

Edible flower biscuits (Chef Bogdan Corduneanu's recipe)

Although these ingredients are not found in many recipes, edible flowers can give color and refinement to certain dishes. They can be found in salads, sandwiches, drinks, but perhaps most often found in jams, syrups and other desserts.

If you want to impress your friends and family or just pamper yourself on a weekend, make these edible flower cookies. To make sure the flowers you choose aren't toxic, read this article.

Careful: before consuming the flowers, remove the stamens and pistils. Pollen can cause allergic reactions in some people, and its taste & # 8211 that not everyone finds pleasant & # 8211 can cover the delicate aroma of the petals.


For biscuits

  • 3 eggs
  • 200 g yogurt
  • a few drops of vanilla essence
  • a tip of cinnamon knife
  • 150 g of sugar
  • 100 ml oil
  • 600 g of flour

For the film with flowers

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs with the sugar until the sugar melts well. Then add the vanilla and cinnamon.

Incorporate the yogurt, then the oil and finally the flour.

Let cool for about 30 minutes.

We spread with the rolling pin a thin sheet of the obtained dough, after which we cut the biscuits with the help of a shape.

Place the biscuits formed in a tray with baking paper and place in the preheated oven at 175 ºC for about 5 minutes (or until the toothpick test passes). When they are ready, take them out and leave them to cool.

With a silicone brush, grease the biscuits with beaten egg white, then place the flowers on them and grease again with egg white.

At the end, we powder the biscuits with caster sugar.

Reinsert the tray in the oven off for about 5 minutes to dry the biscuits.

The recipe was taken from the magazine Practical in the kitchen, number 6/2020, which can be read in full via the Magzter platform.

11 edible flowers. What delicacies are hidden in your garden

Edible flowers can color and refine any culinary preparation, from salads to desserts or attractive cocktails. Even just a few cleverly colored petals can turn a plate into a true work of culinary art.

But before you venture out into the garden or into the wild to gather a bouquet of flowers for dinner or lunch, you need to know that certain plants are poisonous. It is also a good idea to avoid eating flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. However, if you have a garden, specialists recommend that you grow organic flowers or at least pick them from a place where no protective chemicals are used.

All flowers picked for consumption must be washed and shaken well in cold water before use, as they can harbor a lot of insects.

Collect the "harvest" of edible flowers in the morning, when their water content is maximum. Then place them on a damp paper towel in a saucepan so you can keep them for up to a week. Withered flowers can be refreshed if you immerse them in ice water for a few minutes. Prepare the dishes with flowers right before the meal, in order to keep their freshness and attractive appearance.

Before consuming the flowers, remove the stamens and pistils. Pollen can cause allergic reactions in some people. In addition, its taste can cover the delicate aroma of the petals.

Here are 11 flowers you may not know are edible.


These wonderfully fragrant flowers pass as the national flower of China, where they enjoy a true cult and where poets and nobles once made a name for themselves by eating a few raw petals. Nowadays, the flowers are half-boiled and sweetened and accompany Chinese tea meals. We prepare jam and very fragrant syrup. In the Middle Ages, peony water was a very popular delicacy at country parties.

The tongue of the lamb

Borago officinalis it is a garden plant with leaves with hairs and starry flowers, of an azure blue. The leaves and flowers have a strong cucumber taste. Eat the flowers in summer lemonade or sorbets. Or even in tonic gin! Looks good as a garnish for gazpacho, assorted cheese trays or sprinkled in salads.


Cichorium endivia makes, at the end of summer, tall stems on which flowers of an intense blue appear. The petals can be gathered and added to salads, which give them an earthy aroma, similar to endives. Unopened buds can be picked and prepared in the same way as capers.


It is a charming ornamental plant, which makes flowers with an attractive shape, like bells, in different shades of pink and red. Avoid plants that have been treated with chemicals. Otherwise, the splendid flowers adorn the meat and vegetable dishes and have a slightly sour taste.


Portulaca oleracea it is a succulent plant with fleshy, oval and small leaves and yellow flowers. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. In the past, grass was considered a garden weed, but it began to be appreciated because it is rich in nutrients. The flowers can be served raw in salads and sandwiches. Or they can be hardened or boiled with other vegetables, as a side dish, or added to soups.


The shock makes white and small flowers, with an intense smell, grouped in umbrella-shaped inflorescences. Flowers have been consumed for hundreds of years for their health benefits. However, they are not consumed raw, but in the form of tea, tinctures, decoctions.


Marigolds have been a well-known medicinal plant for hundreds or thousands of years. From the yellow-orange flowers, medicines are prepared for a lot of ailments, including teas. The attractive and cheerful flowers are entirely edible. They have a pleasant aroma that ranges from spicy to bitter and colors soups and salads very nicely. They can even color the pilaf, for example, as saffron does.

Wild pansies

I am a smaller relative of garden pansies and make a lot of cheerful flowers with a fine taste of herbs. It looks great on cakes, with cheeses of all kinds or in salads. The flowers are used entirely, intact.


Coriandrum sativum makes, in hot summers, tall stems on which appear small white flowers, grouped in bouquets. Coriander flowers have an intense aroma, as do the leaves and seeds of the plant, and can be used as a garnish.

Monarda fistulosa

It is also called wild mint. The young flowers and leaves have an intense mint aroma, with hints of citrus and oregano. The plant has a scent reminiscent of Earl Gray tea. In fact, the bergamot oil used to flavor the tea mentioned above is extracted from the peel of a certain type of orange. Monarda flowers consist of large groups of edible petals, which can be separated before being added to cakes, drinks or salads.


They have a spicy, clove-like aroma with a sweet note. The petals of blueberries look great in salads or summer soft drinks.

Article taken from the magazine Practical in the kitchen, number 6/2020, which can be read in full via the Magzter platform.

The right temperature for macarons

Preheat the oven to 140 ° C.
If you are making it for the first time and you are not sure about the temperature of your oven, bake a single macarons first and see how it behaves.
Bake at 140 ° C for the first 5-6 minutes, until the leg is formed. Then reduce to 120 ° C until cooked through.
After removing them from the oven, pull the paper off the tray and let them cool well before removing them from the paper.

The cream is prepared extremely simply. Melt the white chocolate and mix in it until it cools down so that it can be added to the whipped cream.
Mix the whipped cream with the vanilla until it starts to take on consistency. Then incorporate the melted and cooled chocolate.
Fill the sweets with this cream, using the same sac à poche and keep them cold. Enjoy!

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