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Mediterranean style fish

Mediterranean style fish

An explosion of flavors to our liking but also a healthy dish.

  • 1 salt 1.2 kg
  • 1 sleep 1.5 Kg
  • 2 lamai
  • 2 tablespoons capers in vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 500 gr cherry tomatoes
  • 200 gr Kalamata natural olives


  • 100 ml of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon red pasta
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper paste
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil seeds
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon crushed garlic
  • 100 ml white wine
  • salt
  • green basil

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mediterranean style fish:

  1. The fish is cleaned and washed.

  2. I left the sleep whole, I divided the hall into rings.

  3. I mixed the ingredients for the sauce and greased the fish with them.

  4. I put the fish in a tray. I added olives and capers.

  5. I covered the tray with a piece of baking paper [Do not burn the fish on top] and baked for 30 minutes.

  6. I washed the tomatoes, cut them, salted them and seasoned them with balsamic vinegar and added them to the fish.

  7. After this time I removed the paper and let it brown.

  8. I decorated with lemon slices and green basil.

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Serve the fish with your favorite garnish or sauce.

Chicken breast with Chinese style pasta and vegetables, quick recipe, ready in just 15 minutes

Do you want to make something quick and tasty? Nothing simpler, these pasta with chicken and vegetables are ready in just 15 minutes and are so good, filling and healthy.

an Italian delicacy, with ingredients at everyone's fingertips and you don't have to be an emeritus chef to succeed!


  • 300 g chicken breast
  • 1 tablespoon starch
  • 5 tablespoons soy sauce + 50 ml
  • 150 g Chinese noodles
  • 100 g carrots
  • 100 g red bell peppers
  • 2 leaves Chinese cabbage / pak choi
  • 1 green onion
  • 100 sweet chilli sauce or 2-3 tablespoons of ketchup

Step by step method

For starters, boil the water for the pasta, and while you are preparing the other ingredients, boil them. After they have boiled, strain them!

Wash the vegetables and cut them into julienne. Also the chicken breast, cut julienne, put in a bowl with the 5 tablespoons of soy sauce, salt, pepper and starch, mix well.

Heat a wok pan, if you have one, if it is not good and a normal one, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil and fry the chicken breast on the fire quickly, stirring constantly in it so that it does not burn. When it has a golden-brown color, take it down and set it aside in a bowl.

Also in the same pan, hot, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil, vegetables and a little salt and quickly pull in the pan until soft, add the salad, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste, meat and pasta and keep the pan on the fire for 1-2 minutes, to combine the tastes. If you use ketchup, add another 100 ml of the water in which they cooked the pasta.

Baked fish with vegetables, wrapped in glue! The reddish, flavorful crust and juicy fish inside will not leave anyone indifferent!

The fish cooked in a stick is obtained so finely and juicy that it melts in your mouth. Amazing, but with minimal effort and in record time you can prepare a very appetizing dish, worthy of the holiday meal. This delight will not leave anyone indifferent, and the praises will not be long in coming. The fish can be served hot, as a main course or cold, as an appetizer.


-500 g fish fillets (pollock or cod)

-300 g of thin glue (1 large glue)

-200 g of cream (high in fat)

-3 tablespoons refined sunflower oil


1. Cut the fish into larger pieces and place them in a bowl. Add 1/3 teaspoon of salt and ground black pepper to the bowl. Stir.

2. Peel the onion and cut it into quarters (as thin as possible).

3. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small cubes.

4. Mix the cream with the mustard, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and ground black pepper. Add the lemon juice and oil. Mix well until you get a homogeneous mass.

5. Cut the glue into 6 equal parts, with a width of 18-20 cm and a length of 30-35 cm.

6. Grind the onion a little with your hands until it becomes soft. Place a portion of onion in the middle of a stick.

7. Place 1-2 pieces of fish on the onion and grease them with the cream sauce.

8. Place a portion of chopped tomatoes on the fish and fold the stick. Repeat the process with the other glues.

9. Line a baking tray with paper and grease it with oil. Place the fish sticks in the pan and grease them with the remaining cream sauce.

10. Bake the fish in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes. Baking time depends on each oven. If desired, you can sprinkle the stick with grated cheese.

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Olga 6 years ago - November 29, 2011 13:30

Re: Salmon in the pan

What an appetizing color that fish has, Ioana! And what that uncle does in the video in the link is absolutely wonderful! Do you have any idea where we find crab meat in our country? I've never seen it, but it's true that I haven't looked very hard either.

Ioana 6 years ago - November 29, 2011 13:39

Re: Salmon in the pan

you can find either frozen pre-cooked, or you are looking for crab meat surimi (those frozen pink sticks).

Diana 6 years ago - 29 November 2011 18:40

Re: Salmon in the pan

Aaa, you anointed my heart with this salmon. In my opinion, few things are more wonderful than a grilled salmon.

I make it a little different - I use "horseshoe" pieces and not fillets - it seems to me that they have a larger grilled surface and I like the crust they make. Plus there are many more fat fibers exposed to the melting pans.

I put high salt on it, heat the pan (grill) very very well and that's it. Leave a lot of fat, I do not feel the need for any extra oil. It makes a wonderful crust on the outside and inside it remains juicy. Serve hot with lots of lemon and steamed vegetables. It's my favorite food.

Olga 6 years ago - November 29, 2011 9:45 p.m.

Re: Salmon in the pan

Thanks Ioana. Hmmm, I think surimi is that "imitation crab" that he says in the movie not to use (a text appears on the image at some point). I'll look for the frozen crab.
Thank you very much, once again!

Ioana 6 years ago - November 30, 2011 10:36

Re: Salmon in the pan

Diana, I had given up making fish fillets on the grill pan because it comes out good but unsightly, it breaks. but now I'm going to give it another chance, I'm going to try the sliced ​​salmon you said to see how it behaves.

Ioana 6 years ago - November 30, 2011 10:42

Re: Salmon in the pan

olga, yes, you don't really know what those sticks contain besides fish, but they are ok to taste. you realize that Gordon never touches anything like that, he cooks with the highest quality ingredients, I tried the whole pre-frozen one and it was good, sweet.

Diana 6 years ago - 30 November 2011 15:26

Re: Salmon in the pan

Ioana, you're right, it's more delicate to handle. Only with salmon do I have courage because it is a very fatty fish evenly.

But if the pan is hot enough and you turn it in time (not too early, the same principle as with the little ones, you turn it when it is not glued at all) and help with a wooden spatula, it's ok. Eventually cut the horseshoes in half, to make it easier to turn. I always do very well that way. And that crust. do all the "risk"

Laura_G 6 years ago - 13 December 2011 10:05

Re: Salmon in the pan

I love salmon! I also don't put oil when I prepare it and I don't do it at all, I leave it a little 'in the blood'. I put a sprig of rosemary and on top of the salmon fillet in the pan / stove. Very tasty! Hmm, I might as well tonight

senzed 5 years ago - 27 February 2012 17:04

Re: Salmon in the pan

Congratulations on the recipe. It's special!
I used as a garnish natural potatoes and gorgonzola sauce (so much so that I removed the garlic and added a few capers).
I found the combination very successful.
As a dish, I think it's something quite sophisticated and also easy to cook, and it goes great with a good wine.
Thank you

Ioana 5 years ago - 28 February 2012 10:32

Re: Salmon in the pan

Laurentiu Aurel Mirica 5 years ago - 29 March 2012 13:08

Re: Salmon in the pan

ioana, when do you delight us with your presence in the videos? as for salmon.

Laurentiu Aurel Mirica 5 years ago - 30 March 2012 18:56

Re: Salmon in the pan

HEY, I'm waiting for an answer. Can't anyone hear me?

Ioana 5 years ago - 1 April 2012 14:44

Re: Salmon in the pan

I heard, but I have no answer now.

iuliana 4 years ago - 3 February 2013 11:55

Re: Salmon in the pan

excellent and tender but I recommend without much lemon to those customac ssibil

Praslea cel Voinic 4 years ago - 23 March 2013 10:08

Re: Salmon in the pan

We drank the horseshoe type. how long do I fry?

Ioana 4 years ago - March 23, 2013 10:12

Re: Salmon in the pan

about 2 minutes / part. if it seems thicker, you can leave it on the first part for 3 minutes.

Daniela 3 years ago - 6 December 2014 17:40

Re: Salmon in the pan

My husband accidentally bought smoked salmon. I don't like it. Can I fry it? will it be good or do I ruin it? thank you

Ioana 3 years ago - December 8, 2014 07:50

Re: Salmon in the pan

Daniela, you can use it in food. Here are the first 4 recipes with smoked salmon: [link]

Corydon 3 years ago - 16 December 2014 15:55

Re: Salmon in the pan

It's done! Now I devour it, on the computer..I'm almost done with it and I want to mention that the last 5 minutes I had a continuous orgasm: X: X: X..It's simple to do but awesome.

ioana manzat 3 years ago - 31 December 2014 13:22

Re: Salmon in the pan

salmon looks deadly. I also want to make sure that I bought a horseshoe type and I don't have sea salt, can I season it with fine normal salt? wait for response

Ioana 3 years ago - 31 December 2014 13:41

Re: Salmon in the pan

yes, put normal salt. frying time will be shorter because the slices are thinner than the fillets.

Nicoleta a year ago - 10 February 2016 17:42

Re: Salmon in the pan

Hello! I have two salmon fillets about 300 g each. About how long to fry them?

Ioana a year ago - 10 February 2016 17:50

Re: Salmon in the pan

on the first part (with the skin down) until you see on the edge that 2/3 of the thickness has turned white. then turn and fry for a few more minutes. sting with a knife in the thickest part if you don't see any pink in the center it's ready.
In general, you can follow the times given in this recipe, but the visual clues I told you about are the safest.

Fried fish with garlic sauce and polenta & # 8211 the simplest recipe

Fried fish with garlic sauce and polenta & # 8211 the simplest recipe. How to make whole fried fish in crispy crust of flour or cornmeal? How to make creamy muffin & # 8211 sarmuzac? Fish recipes. Fried crucian. Lin fried.

Fried fish knows how to make almost everyone. With this traditional recipe for flax and fried crucian, we address young people who are just starting out in the kitchen. There are some useful tips that will help you get a tasty, well-seasoned fried fish with a crispy crust.

I say this because I have often been served with fried fish soaked in oil, with a crust woe to her mother or insufficiently seasoned. The fish cooks very quickly and there is a risk of excessive drying of its meat. A properly fried fish will have a crispy red crust and a juicy, shiny meat & # 8211 as you see in the picture below. "Glistening" would say Gordon Ramsay

The crust of the fish can be made either from wheat flour, corn (corn) or from a mixture of both. Both the recipe and the pictures were provided by Mya Benea from Galați who is also a moderator in Urban Flavors Group from Facebook. More recipes from Mye find here.

Mya, born and raised near the Danube (in Galați), shows us how she prepared two very tasty kinds of fish: crucian and smooth. You will see how he juggled their crusts using the flour, cornmeal and the mix of the two.

Mya also gave us a recipe for fried carp flour (cut into pieces) in corn crust or flour & # 8211 see here.

In the case of whole fish, the frying times must be adjusted a little. The quantities of fried fish below are indicative and can be adapted to the needs of each.

Unfished®, a new category of alternative plant products to fish

Innovation in the category of herbal products. Prefera Foods launches the Unfished® brand, a new and innovative category of alternative vegetable products to fish. It is one of the first producers in Europe to innovate the category of herbal products, with a revolutionary portfolio under the slogan "Fish in the water, plant on the plate".

"We decided to develop the company's portfolio in the plant-based category. We bet on the long-term potential of an underdeveloped category at the international level, that of alternatives to fish. We are seeing less and less fish in the oceans due to intensive fishing. We set out to revolutionize the category of plant fish and come up with a complete portfolio, which, at first glance, seems like just a bold culinary option. But we believe that what we are doing now will have a positive impact on our lives and our oceans in the future. Unfished it is more than a range of plant nutrients, rich in protein and means less fishing, more biodiversity, a sustainable solution for future generations, for the planet, for saving the oceans and its valuable resources. Unfished is an innovative brand, created by us in Romania, in which we have invested 600,000 euros in product development in the last two years. Our ambition is to take it everywhere in Europe and, why not, to other continents. Because we are convinced that this category will become an important option in the future, we will invest in international distribution and increase production capacity for these types of products. We are ready in the next period to support this development strategy and we take into account, in the first step, the issuance of bonds that will be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. In this sense, we have already started the discussions with the most active retail broker on the Romanian capital market, TradeVille, ”said Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Prefera Foods.

Photo: Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Prefera Foods

portfolio Unfished® it is diversified and includes 11 SKUs, vegetable alternatives to tuna and salmon. Even if they are vegetables, the products Unfished® they contain nutrients that we also find in fish, proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids, from vegetable sources.

Unfished PlanTuna® is the range of alternative plant products to tuna, from plants. From juicy pieces in olive oil or infused with herbs or vegan mayonnaise, in the range of canned food at 150 grams, to salads with canned vegetables ready for consumption at 240 grams and tube pies at 100 grams, the portfolio promises culinary versatility and amazing taste.

Unfished PlantZalmon® is a vegetable alternative to salmon paste, in a tube at 100 grams, absolutely delicious for salmon lovers. The Unfished® range can currently be found in Cora, Auchan and Mega Image stores, but also on the website with online sales

“Innovation and taste improvement are the basis of our mission to develop a versatile portfolio that contributes to increasing the consumption of plant-based products, friendly to the planet. Constant ocean pollution and intensive fishing threaten and destroy the oceans and marine biodiversity. Without water there is no life. You can love fish and save the oceans. Unfished is our solution, a brand for everyone, vegans, flexitarians, omnivores, that amazes with its products, we say, strangely good. We decided to launch the brand internationally Unfished, with an extensive portfolio, in several product categories, from canned tuna, to ready-to-eat salads with vegetables and tuna and spreads. We focused on developing in the portfolio Unfished classic products of the category of fish, but from plants, in several product segments, to cover as many taste preferences as possible and to be relevant with a full range. Salads Unfished they are ready-made, for immediate consumption and are the most convenient way to replace an animal protein meal with a vegetable protein meal. Moreover, Unfished salads offer a perfect tasting experience for consumers who are getting to know the taste of vegetable tuna for the first time. We launched Unfished in Romania and we are preparing, following discussions with partners and external distributors, to reach our countries with our products. ” said Celina Condorovici, marketing director of Prefera Foods.

Prefera Foods is also preparing for the launch of the brand for this year Unfished® and in Europe, following the estimates of experts who estimate the European market for herbal products at 7.5 billion euros in 2025.

"Globally, consumers have become more aware of the impact of the products they consume on the planet, now even more so after Netflix's" Seaspiracy "production that has made waves around the world. Whether we think about the planet, personal health, the well-being of marine life, reducing fish consumption helps preserve the oceans. Says Celina Condorovici, marketing director of Prefera Foods.

Product information, video clips and recipes Unfished® are available on the YouTube channel (Unfished account) and social media: and

About Prefera Foods

Prefera Foods is one of the largest players on the canned food market in Romania. Founded in 2009 with own funds and Sapard, the Factory was built in Transylvania, Alba County. In 2017, the company was taken over by the entrepreneur Raul Ciurtin and, at the same time, the company went through a process of restructuring and modernization of the portfolio. Currently, Prefera Foods' portfolio includes brands such as "Capricii şi Delicii" and "de Azi". Prefera Foods holds the IFS (International Food Standard) certificate, a manufacturer audit standard recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Tunisian style couscous

The couscous should be found in the kitchen of any housewife. Here's how you can prepare it in Tunisian style!

1. In 100 ml of oil, fry the chicken cut into pieces, the onion cut into small pieces, the tomatoes cut in half, the salt and the pepper.

2. After hardening, add two liters of water and, once it reaches boiling point, leave it for another 10 minutes.

3. Then add the sliced ​​cabbage, sliced ​​peppers, carrots, raisins and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the diced zucchini.

4. Mix the couscous with two tablespoons of oil and then scald with 250 ml of boiling water. It is allowed to absorb water
sprinkle with salt and put on low heat. Leave for 10 minutes, mix with a fork and finally add the butter. Bring the couscous to the table with the vegetables and chicken on top.


Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared DORADO GRILL WITH MEDITERRANEAN STYLE SALAD. It is a perfect combination, the fish is aromatic and succulent and the salad gives it an extraordinary freshness. I hope you like today's recipe and enjoy it. I wish you to continue to have a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 4 Dorada fish (about 300 gr. Each)
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 8 slices of lemon
  • 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Dried oregano
  • Salt and black pepper

For salad:

  • 300-400 gr. - sliced ​​tomatoes
  • ½ onion rings cut
  • 100 gr. - olives
  • ½ teaspoon & # 8211 dried oregano
  • Kalamata olive oil

To be served:

Method of preparation:

  1. Season the fish with salt, black pepper and put a sprig of rosemary and two slices of lemon in the belly. Turn the fish on the other side, season it with black pepper salt and sprinkle with olive oil.
  2. Grease the fish well with oil and spice, then bake it on a well-heated grill pan for about 7-8 minutes on each side. You can also cook the fish on the grill or in the oven.
  3. While the fish is cooking, prepare the salad: arrange the sliced ​​tomatoes, onion rings, olives on a larger plate, sprinkle with olive oil, and sprinkle with dried oregano.
  4. Before serving the fish, sprinkle it with a little dried oregano and drain a little lemon juice. Good appetite!

If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

Royal style fish - a delicious dish!

Baked salmon with vegetables under the cheese rumen. A tasty, fragrant and filling food. It is ideal for family dinners, but also for the festive meal.


-2-3 boiled potatoes in shell


1.Cut the fish into small pieces, add salt, black pepper, crushed garlic and oregano. Stir.

2. Distribute the salmon in the baking dish, add the sliced ​​potatoes and sprinkle with salt and black pepper.

3.Place the tomato slices and sprinkle with grated cheese.

4. Shape in a preheated oven to 190-200 ° C for 30 minutes.

The preparation is juicy and very tasty! If you are looking for an original dish for the holiday meal, it is worth paying attention to this recipe. Choose any fish you prefer and add vegetables and spices to taste. Fish prepared in this way can be a wonderful alternative to French-style meat.

Weight loss recipes. Buckwheat diet - Option 1

eat a glass of whole grains a day (add 2 glasses of boiled water and let it soften overnight. Buckwheat is consumed during the day, when and as much as you want. Avoid salt, sugar and butter in any type of menu. If you feel that you can't diet exactly, you can eat 2 glasses of soaked buckwheat seeds It is allowed to drink water, tea and coffee You should not eat other foods Occasionally you are allowed to eat an apple but it would be good if you did not this if you want the results to appear faster.

Video: HOW TO: Ασφαλής πέτρες για το ενυδρείο (September 2021).