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Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of breadcrumbs with bacon

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of breadcrumbs with bacon

Put 3 liters of water with 1 teaspoon of salt on the fire. When the water boils, add the pasta and let it boil for 5 minutes.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan. Cut 3 slices of bacon or pork leg into slices and add to the hot pan. Next to the bacon pieces, put the 3 whole slices of bacon. After the bacon has been fried, the 3 slices are set aside, and next to the fried pieces, add the diced pumpkin. Let it fry until the pumpkin is slightly browned. During frying, add 1-2 tablespoons of water in which to boil the pasta, to avoid burning the bacon. At the end add 1 pinch of salt, pepper and 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme. Stir, let the flavors blend in and add the jar of tomato sauce, bring to the boil.

For the crust: I had the breadcrumbs made before. Put the fried bacon slices in the food processor, let it crumble, add the breadcrumbs, give the robot a few more pulses, enough to mix the bacon with the breadcrumbs, add 1 pinch of salt and pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme. Stir.

For assembly: mix the boiled snails with the tomato and pumpkin sauce, put the composition in a heat-resistant dish, add half the diced fondue cheese, mix all the ingredients. Place the remaining diced fondue cheese and crust mixture on top. Put the pot in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve hot pasta. Enjoy your meal!!!

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

How good it looks. But if I put wholemeal flour (I don't know if it's barley), can I make buns ?! That, according to Italian studies, it is better not to eat white bread from the trade, that we put too many preservatives and we make the liver sick and we also have diabetes, so. bread writes on my kitchen and fresh dough scent. Many kisses .

I take a bite out of those rolls: D, I really like seeds, I kiss you!

It looks extraordinarily good.

You convinced me. I'm going to the health food store to look for barley flour. But what is:

How beautiful they are !! I feel like admiring them ... but I dare to eat one too !! many kisses

Your buns are gorgeous !!

I like them very much. In addition to sesame and flax seeds, you can also try sunflower, poppy and pumpkin seeds. Greetings!

gorgeous, like balls.

Excellent. I came for the smell. Kisses!

Hallölchen Maya!
Did you hit the bakery again ?!
The buns look great!
`Three tried!
Congratulations on your success and good luck!

Coincidentally, right now I had the leaven to make a loaf of bread

Schwarzwälder Landbrot.
But it's actually an experiment.
My dear husband, decided to install the second alternative to wood heating.
And now, the second year, I have a roomy stove on lemons and I thought I had the experience of baking bread in it.
I'm so curious, because I've been coding for a long time whether to buy / build a special bread oven in my yard.
If something works out for me, I'll bet on the Blog, maybe it's interesting.
Dear Maya, thank you very much for the recipe and photo!
A successful week!

I have never used such flour but if I have the opportunity to see it in stores I will definitely take it home with me and try it. The cakes are great, I want one with sesame seeds.

Licuta, today I made buns only from wholemeal flour and flax seeds.
They came out very tasty! Kiss :*

Daniela, I say it should work out. Today I even made them only from whole barley flour and flax seeds. Very tasty.
If you have experience with whole wheat flour, you will know if it requires more or less liquid. Even if it were, it is definitely a plus-minus 10 ml.
Many kisses !

Flory, the ones rolled in linen were for me, the ones with my husband's sesame, and Denise wanted simple ones. He also likes seeds, but that's what he wanted this time: D

Lia, thank you. Barley flour type 1050 is white barley flour, not really bright white, but white, and is not extremely finely ground. It is used as white wheat flour type 405 for example.
I hope I helped you. Kiss!

Anto, I serve you with pleasure! Kiss!

Marius, I use all kinds of seeds. Solo or mute in combination. I like all :)

Cristina, and tasty! I would even go so far as to say that they are better than those made from wheat flour (equal to which, either wholemeal or combined white and black.)

Cat, that's what Denise said: D

DiaMar, today I have fresh wholemeal flour, so. I'm waiting for you!

Laura, bread on the hearth is a luxury. And we kept thinking about "rebuilding" the grill / oven in the garden outside the city. That is, to make a door for him and turn him into an oven. For bread, some goose something =))
I'll go see what you're cooking there. Recently, due to his allergies, he baked whole and / or white barley flour.

Sarah, if you get the chance, try it. With barley flour, everything comes out tighter. The downside is that it dries faster. But I don't do much at once, so nothing gets dry =))
Many kisses!

I write here too, and I apologize for the misleading. that is, about the confusion between barley and spelled flour. So for this bun recipe I used wholemeal flour and white spelled flour, not barley flour.

I like buns and I will try the recipe. I don't have a robot but I will try to make the dough in the bread machine.

They are perfect!
I don't know the taste because I've never eaten pastries made of flour other than wheat, but your buns are good, Maya.

Mmmm, I imagine how fluffy and fragrant they were when you took them out of the oven! I'm a bit lazy and I don't make much bread at home, but maybe I'll start doing it due to the cold outside :) Nice weekend!

I have to look for spelled flour too, because I only made bread with white flour. if you say she's healthier and gets rid of allergies and hip fat, then I'll get in!
The buns are all good! : *

looks very good. and if they are healthy ... it's great!

Diana, she's doing very well in the bread machine. I did that too, just because my daughter likes the buns more, I bake them in the oven.

Appetizing dishes, you should know that bread, buns and co, seem tastier to me :)

Danutza, the most beautiful smell in a house is that of freshly baked bread and apple and cinnamon pie! So beat him, because the cold has arrived: D

Liana, that's right. To try. If you find spelled tiles of several & quotnuante & quot you can combine them without problems.

Alinutzika are healthier than those made from wheat flour, in the sense that they are easier to digest. And they are also tasty :)

Maya, don't you want to write exactly what flour you took (in German), and possibly where?

Diana, this is about Dinkelmehl. The Küchenmeister brand offers four variants:
-white as Type 405 usual for sweet leavened doughs such as cakes and other pies
- coarserly ground white, for bread, pizza and Co
-finely ground white for pandispans, cakes, etc
All tested, very good. Can be found at Kaufland and other stores.
I generally use a regional brand. If you're in Bayern, you may have heard of Rosenmehl.

I want to make too, but yeast a cube of what weight? That they are 25 and 50gr. Wait for response. Only Good Sandu

Sandu, if the yeast is fresh, they reach 25-30 g.
A nice evening,

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Keto meatballs with crispy coating

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I had some cottage cheese in the fridge that was immediately used. In the first phase, I was tempted to make some papanasi as they are eaten elsewhere, that is, the one that looks more like donuts. :)) In the end I made them as I knew they were very good, so in Moldova. :)

Very easy to make and delicious, they can be served with honey, jam or sweetened cream. A delight! And just what they ate I know what I mean!

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

I never cooked trout, I never had trout.
So far -) A bag of four trout, really !!

Ocean Fish semi-finished products, seafood and frozen or smoked fish are of recognized quality. Located in the commune of Afumati, Ilfov, on an area of ​​6000 sqm., The company has a modern factory, equipped to the highest international standards. The company has a production capacity of 100 t per month. The entire production process takes place under the HACCP system, with the F306EC export license.

I was very proud when I found out that Ocean Fish was among the strongest 34 brands from Romania that were awarded in Galei Superbrands-Romania on Stage, from the month thus marking the completion of the 2013/2014 edition of the Sup erbrands Program, dedicated to the recognition of exceptional performance in branding.
More information here.
Find the Ocean Fish page on Facebook as well.

I also cooked Cod en papillote with zucchini and carrot.

2 frozen Ocean Fish trout,
150g bacon,
1 carrot,
2 lemons,
sage branches,
Kotanyi grated lemon pepper,
1/2 lgta spices for. plague, New Cuisine, Kotanyi

A bag with trout frozen from Ocean Fish contains four pieces.

Now I have cooked two, I leave the other two for another recipe -)

And it's good that they're ready to gut, so I only bothered to clean the scales.

I wiped them, salted them and ground pepper with lemon from the Kotanyi grinder. Inside I sprinkled spices for fish, Nouvelle Cuisine range from Kotanyi.

Also inside I put three slices of lemon and a sage leaf, washed and wiped.
I also put on top, on the skin, a slice of lemon and a sage leaf.

Then I wrapped them in five slices of bacon each.

In the back, I caught the slices of bacon with two toothpicks, so that they do not open during baking.
The carrot is washed, cleaned and cut into slices.

I placed each trout on a baking sheet, on a bed of thin slices of carrot, and on top I put pieces of butter.

I closed the paper tightly and put the tray in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees C.

After this time, I unwrapped the papers and let the bacon become a little crispier for another 10 minutes.

Any food cooked in baking paper, in papillote, is served exactly like this:

Don't get off the paper !! Of course you can put the fish paper on a plate -)

This trout was bad!

Very buuun. And the meat came off the bones very easily, only on paper it bakes like steam -)


It actually left my mouth watering, I being a big trout lover, and whenever I have the opportunity, I like to cook it in the oven on a bed of potatoes. Know that I will try your recipe, Liana. )
Kiss you!

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

An aperitif suitable for family holidays, birthdays, name days, etc.
A recipe from the magazine Femeia de azi, no. 21/2013.

Servings: 10-12 pcs.
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: medium

For the dough:
250g flour,
90ml warm milk,
1 yolk,
1 yolk,
2 tablespoons oil,
15g fresh yeast,

For the filling:
150g pitted black olives,
2 cloves garlic,
50ml olive oil.

Sift the flour together with a pinch of salt. Make a hole in the middle and put the yeast dissolved in the warm milk. Cover and leave to rise for 15 minutes. Add the yolk and oil,

knead a slightly elastic dough. Cover with a napkin and let it rise for 30-40 minutes.

Put the olives and garlic cloves in a blender

and everything passes. At the end, gradually incorporate the olive oil. Spread a thinner sheet of dough. Put the olive paste on top.

Roll and cut 3-4 cm thick rounds.

Place them in a greased tray lined with baking paper. Grease the snails with a little yolk and leave it in the oven, over medium heat, for 20-25 minutes.

My husband was fooled, he thought I was a poppy !! : P


So & # 39melcisori & # 39 sa tot mananci :) kisses

Very nice, a wonderful appetizer

wonderful aperitif! I give you beer!
kiss and good evening!

good idea, I eat olive paste on bread. but it works fine :)

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

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Pumpkin pie is our favorite in the cold season. With homemade pie sheets it comes out much better and doesn't compare to any puff pastry on the market. This homemade pumpkin pie or pumpkin strudel reminds me of my childhood, especially my grandmother, from whom I learned how to work with sheet dough, plus many other tips that are very helpful to me today.

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

  • 3-400 ml of tomato puree
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt pepper
  • 3-400 ml tomato paste
  • 1-2 Knoblauchzehen
  • 1 Bund Basilikum
  • 2 The Olivenöl
  • Salz, Pfeffer
  • 600-650 g flour
  • 25 g fresh yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 350 ml of warm water
  • 3-4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt and / or to taste
  • 600-650 g Mehl
  • 25 g fresh Hefe
  • 1/2 TL Zucker
  • 350 ml lauwarmes Wasser
  • 3-4 El Olivenöl
  • 1 TL Salz / je nach Geschmack

Roll a roll and cut 2 cm thick slices. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C.

Aufrollen und in 2 cm breite Scheiben schneiden. Auf mit backpapier ausgelegtes Blech legen und bei 180 & # 176C backen.

alt = "Pulp_de_pui_cu_ceapa_boia_si_lamaie" /> Chicken legs with onion, paprika and lemon from: chicken legs, onion, paprika, lemon peel, lemon juice, parsley, vegetable soup and olive oil. Ingredients: 8 chicken legs 3 onions, thinly sliced ​​2 teaspoons of paprika peel and lemon juice 1 handful of parsley, chopped large 150ml… /> Salad with eggs, potatoes and cucumbers from: cucumbers, eggs, potatoes, dill, oil and salt. Ingredients: 4 sour cucumbers 4 eggs 4 potatoes a bunch of dill 2 tablespoons salt oil Preparation: In separate pots boil the peeled potatoes and eggs. Meanwhile, the cucumbers are washed with brine and

Snail with pumpkin under the crispy crust of bacon with bacon - Recipes

2 Bulgarian Tongues of Flavor

Pork steak with pasta and mushrooms
Ingredients: 350 gr pork, 500 gr mushrooms, 250 gr pasta, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 teaspoon butter, 50 ml oil, spices: salt, pepper, paprika, Bulgarian flavor
Pork (meat or chop) is portioned, seasoned (salt, pepper and Bulgarian flavor) and fried well on both sides. I usually season the oil in which I fry the meat a little, namely I heat the oil, I cook a little 1 clove of garlic, I add salt, pepper and paprika and only then I put the meat. When the meat is browned, add a little water and cook until reduced.
Separately, cook a little chopped onion, then add the diced mushrooms and cook well. Season with salt, pepper and Bulgarian flavor (you can add a little crushed garlic).
Boil the pasta in salted water according to the time indicated on the package, drain it and mix it with a tablespoon of oil so that it does not bind.
In a tray greased with a little butter and place a row of mushrooms, a row of pasta and a row of mushrooms and a row of pasta.
Bake for about 20 minutes. Towards the end of the time, you can put the pork on top and leave it for another 5-10 minutes.

I think it would go very well with pumpkin cream soup because it is light and consistent at the same time. The combination of mushrooms and pasta makes it special. For this fasting period, you can choose to serve only pasta with mushrooms, in which case the amount of mushrooms can be supplemented. Or soy croquettes can be served instead of pork.
Good appetite!

Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese

Ingredients: we need:
-4 halves of chicken breast
-12- 14 mushrooms
-1 onion
-salt and pepper
-3 delicately Bulgarian tablespoons of flavor
-70gr cheese

Wash the chicken breast, each half cut lengthwise in half with a sharp knife. So you have 8 pieces of chest to fill. Place, in turn, each piece between two transparent foils and lightly beat, with the meat beater, the thicker portions, after which season with salt and pepper. In a saucepan, sauté the onion, cut into thin slices, in 2 tablespoons of oil, then add the cleaned and chopped mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper and add three tablespoons of Bulgarian chicken flavor. Do not leave them too long, but only until the water drops from them and they have softened. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Grate the cheese and chop the parsley. Put them all at hand and start filling. On top of each piece of meat is placed a tablespoon of mushrooms (you must have a total of 8 tablespoons), a teaspoon of parsley and cheese to cover. Drive carefully. Place each roll in a bowl greased with oil. Grease the roller on top. I placed the roller on one side and then turned it over, so that both sides came in contact with the oil in the bowl. Place the roller with the joint side down.
When all the rolls are ready, sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and bake for 30-40 minutes, until golden brown on top and cooked. It is good to preheat the oven to 180C. After removing from the oven, let them rest for a few minutes and then take them out on a plate.
Smaller rolls come out, like sarmalute, but they are particularly good. They can be served with potatoes and salad, but I think it would go very well with a sauce (of any kind). I wish you good appetite!

I chose this recipe because I really like it and it is quite easy to make and I think it would go great with pumpkin cream soup! Being a light soup I think it would go perfectly with this main course which is quite consistent! Good appetite

1 large chicken
50 gr.unt
3-4 tablespoons oil
1 lemon
rozmarinboia dulcepiperBulgarasi Vegetable Flavor 3 teaspoons

1 onion3-4 large carrots1 parsley link
200 gr. Mushrooms from the box
3 or 4 slices of bread
150 grams of smoked ribs
white wine-500 ml
garlic peppercornmarar
250 ml. Milk
potatoes 5

2. CONDITION WITH PIPERBOIAROZMARINCHIMEN Bulgarian Vegetable Flavor. Leave to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.
4. finely chopped onion, mix with drained mushrooms, take the core from 4 slices of bread, soak in milk, squeeze out excess milk and mix with mushrooms, add finely chopped pepper and dill and sautéed Bulgarian vegetables. AM PUS DUPA GUST.SE CALESTE COSTITA IN 2 LINGURI DE ULEI SE AMESTECA CU CIUPERCILE.APOI SE UMPLE PUIUL SE PUNE INTR-O TAVA CU CARTOFII SI MORCOVI LINGA .SE PUNE LA CUPTOR SE PUNE 500 ML DE VIN APOI SE COMPLETEAZA CU APA SI CONDIMENTE DACA VA FII NEVOIE SE STROPESTE CU VIN CA SA NU SE USUCE PUIUL.
Bulgarasi de Savoare de legume ia dat savoare puiului meu un condiment de 5 stele

Supa asta ma duce cu gandul la multe preparate ca fel principal, dar ma opresc la o reteta cu peste.

Somon aromatizat la gratar cu salata de sfecla

2 bucati somon proaspat
2 tablespoons olive oil
lemon juice
1 lingurita Bulgarasi de Savoare legume
1 lingurita ierburi de Provence
1 lingura rasa mustar Dijon
Pentru salata:
2 sfecle rosii fierte
March 1
1 radacina mica de hrean
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil

Method of preparation:
Spalam somonul, il tamponam usor cu niste servetele de bucatarie.
Intr-un bol amestecam zeama de lamaie, uleiul de masline, mustarul, Bulgarasi Savoare Legume, sare, piper, ierburile de provence.
Trecem bucatile de somon prin acest amestec, le dam la frigider pentru 1-2 ore.
Incingem o tigaie grill, o ungem cu ulei si rumenim la foc potrivit bucatile de somon, pe ambele parti.
Salata: Sfecla curatata o trecem prin razatoarea cu ochiuri mari.
Marul il spalam, il dam pe razatoarea mare, iar hreanul curatat il trecem prin razatoarea mica.
Amestecam sfecla cu marul si hreanul, apoi adaugam otetul balsamic, uleiul de masline si sare dupa gust.
Servim somonul cu salata.

La final, ca si desert, putem opta pentru un tiramisu sau un cheesecake la pahar.

Mie mi-ar place ca fel principal langa delicioasa supa crema de dovleac ,un somon.

File de somon prajit cu orez

200 gr somon file
1/2 pahar de orez
50 gr butter
1/2 lemon
100 gr cascaval ras
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 leek thread
green parsley
1 lingurita Bulgarasi de savoare de legume
salt to taste

Method of preparation:
Somonul se condimenteaza cu sare si piper,se stropeste cu suc de lamaie si se prajeste in ulei incins pe ambele parti.
Fierbem orezul in apa la care adaugam Bulgarasi de savoare.Dupa ce s-a fiert il amestecam cu verdeata,maioneza si cascavalul ras.Punem amestecul obtinut intr-o forma de ceramica unsa cu unt si coacem 15 min la foc mediu.
Pentru servire rasturnam orezul pe farfurie,deasupra asezam somonul,stropim cu unt topit,presaram verdeata tocata si inele de praz.

Mie mi-a venit alta idee :
Muschiulet de porc umplut, cartofi auriti si o salata verde

Muschiuletul de porc il tai si-l tai si-l tai pe lungime astfel incat sa obtin o foaie de carne. Cu mare grija il bat printr-o folie de plastic special tinuta la "G6" ca sa obtin o foaie cat mai subtire si fara gaurici.
Carne tocata sau o cumpar sau o"fur" de la sarmale - sa tot fie 300 - 400 gr functie si de cat de mare am ales muschiuletul
Ciuperci - fie din conserva, fie proaspete acolo sa - 1 mana
1 or
Condimente: sare si piper, fara de care nu se poate, usturoi (cativa catei) si ghimbir (cat o boaba de fasole) ca sa aromatizez sosul in care va sta rulada mea in cuptor. Usturoiul nu-l curat dar il tai rondele.
Dupa ce am obtinut foaia de carne si am legat carnea tocata cu ou si toate condimentele, o intind lasand pe margini cam de un deget, presar ciupercile si ma apuc de rulat. Si-o rulez cu grija sa nu plece compozitia pe masa apoi leg bine rulada cu sfoara. O ung cu ulei si adaug vin alb - numai vin alb - cam 500 ml - vin si cu ghimbirul si usturoiul. Bag la cuptor si trec la cartofii auriti.
Cartofi cati vreti voi. Noi suntem 3 si fac 5-6-7 cartofi functie si de marimea acestora. Curatati spalati si aruncati la fier cu un praf de sare. Cand sunt bine fierti ii scot cu grija si-i asez in tava unde doarme muschiuletul, pe care cand si cand il verific si-i dau cu o lingura sos pe dansul. Intre timp sosul fripturii scade vertiginos umpland casa de mirosuri de sarbatoare. Sa revin la cartofi. i-am asezat langa muschiulet in tava i-am pulverizat cu ulei parfumat cu oregano si vor mai sta cam 10 min sa se aureasca totul impreuna.
Salata verde, marar, ulei si suc de lamaie va acompania felul principal al mesei de te vei linge pe degete!
Carmen Manu

As alege o Musaca de piept de pui cu vinete coapte. Cred ca s-ar potrivi cu supa de dovleac, datorita aromelor si coloritului frumos, i-ar intregi gustul!
Avem nevoie de urmatoarele ingrediente:

2 vinete subtiri
700 gr carne tocata de pui
150-200 gr cascaval Delaco
5-6 buc de ceapa uscata
un ardei gras rosu (mare)
100 ml suc de rosii
10-15 rosii mici mici (de curte)
2-3 linguri cu ulei
o lingurita cu bulgarasi de savoare
sare si oregano dupa gust
cateva frunzulite de busuioc proaspat

Method of preparation:
Tocam ceapa si ardeiul gras, le asezam intr-un vas impreuna cu uleiul si le calim la foc potrivit pana cepa devine translucida.

Adaugam carnea tocata de pui si amestecam pana la incorporarea completa.

Condimentam cu sare si oregano, coloram cu suc de rosii si fierbem totul pana ce sosul format scade suficient. Adaugam apoi cateva frunzulite tocate de busuioc proaspat.

Intre timp, feliem vinetele, le saram putin si le coacem pe ambele parti (pe tava de aragaz sau pe grill).

Ungem un vas de yena cu putin ulei, asezam o parte din feliile de vinete, iar peste acestea presaram cascavalul ras.

Adaugam carnea de pui, presaram inca putin cascaval si asezam restul feliilor de vinete impreuna cu rosiile (peste care vom adauga cascavalul ramas).

Dam vasul la cuptor atat cat este necesar.

As alege o Pulpa de vita in sos de bere bruna si busuioc pentru care ne sunt necesare urmatoarele ingrediente:

1 kg pulpa de vita
300 ml bere bruna
2 suitable carrots
un ardei iute
o capatana de usturoi
10-15 frunzulite de busuioc verde
150 ml suc de rosii/bulion
o lingurita cu bulgarasi de savoare

Dupa ce am curatat bine carnea de vita si am spalat-o, in apa rece, o uscam usor cu un servet de hartie si o punem la prajit intr-o tigaie acoperita cu un capac.
O lasam sa se patrunda bine si adaugam, pe rand, morcovul, usturoiul feliat si ardeiul iute. Lasam sa fiarba totul, acoperit, cam 10-15 minute si adaugam si berea bruna. Cand s-a evaporat berea, adaugam sucul de rosii/bulionul, bulgarasii de savoare si presaram si busuiocul tocat marunt. Mai lasam 10 minute pe foc si gata! Se serveste cu pofta, alaturi de un pui de mamaliguta!

Citind povestea din spatele acestei supe de dovleac, inevitabil mi-am amintit de propria-mi bunica si de iernile friguroase petrecute la tara, in care dovleacul sfaraia in cuptorul vechi si emana mireseme imbatatoare prin toate ungherele sobei.
Cu siguranta, pentru multe dintre noi aroma dovleacului este oarecum sinonima cu vacantele petrecute la bunici, cu copilaria si nu in ultimul rand, cu primii pasi in sfera culinara.
E drept ca bunica nu prepara delicatese, precum , mancarurile ei erau simple si totusi delicioase, dar sunt sigura ca tare i-ar mai fi placut sa tina pasul cu aceste noi "tendinte gastronomice", sa invete retete noi si sa se reinventeze ca bucatareasa.
Bunica mea desi era femeie de la tara, iubea noul si era extrem de deschisa la minte si tocmai de aceea, pentru ca mi-ati trezit o multime de amintiri frumoase, despre femeia careia ii datorez in mare parte ceea ce sunt azi, atat ca gospodina cat si ca persoana, voi propune ca fel principal, in completarea acestei supe aromate, .
Exceptand tagliatellele, carora bunica mea le spunea taietei lati si pe care m-a invatat cu drag sa le prepar, inca de la o varsta destul de frageda, nu e o reteta pe care sa o fi mostenit din al bunicii, insa asemenea supei de dovleac, care imbina traditionalul cu modernismul, mi se pare ca e o reteta care are cate un pic din toate.
Tagliatelle, pe care le voi prepara dupa reteta bunicii si fructe de mare, ceva destul de nou si modern pentru mine, despre care nici macar nu auzisem pe vremea cand eram copil.
In plus toata reteta va fi intregita ca si gust, de minunatii de la Delikat si trebuie sa va marturisesc, ca bunicii nu i-a lipsit niciodata Delikat-ul nici din casa, nici din bucate, cred ca i-ar fi placut tare mult acest produs nou si inovativ, care reda extrem de bine aroma legumelor de odinioara.
Dar gata cu amintirile si nostalgia si sa trecem la treaba, asadar voi asterne reteta in randuri virtuale, si tare mi-as dori sa incercati aceasta reteta.

Am cautat o reteta care sa se potriveasca cu retea dumneavostra si sa fie si fel principal.Cred ca acesta supa crema de dovleac cu ghimbir merge bine atat pentru masa festiva de Craciun sau pentru petrecerea de anul nou!Tinand cont de faptul ca nu ne permitem in fiecare zi carne de buna calitate,macar in aceasta perioada sa incercam sa prezentam familiei si ceva mai deosebit!COTLET DE PORC LA TAVA CU CARTOFI, PASTARNAC,PERE SI PLANTE AROMATICE INGREDIENTE: 8 cotlete de porc, marinata de usturoi,rozmari si lamaie, 3 pastarnaci, 3 pere cu coaja fina, 700 gr cartofi curatati de coaja, sare,piper negru proaspat macinat.MARINATA DE USTUROI CU ROZMARI SI LAMAIE : 2 maini de rozmarin ,proaspat , zdrobit, 6 catei de usturoi zdrobiti, 10 linguri ulei de masline, 3 lamai taiate in jumatate si cu coaja zdrobita, piper negru proaspat macinat .Amestecati totul si frecati carnea cu aceasta compozitie.Lasati-o apoi sa stea la marinat pana cand sunteti gata sa o preparati. PREPARARE COTLET DE PORC:Frecati bine cotletele de porc cu marinata de rozmarin si lasati-le asa,im mod ideal timp de 1-6 ore ,pentru a absorbi bine toate aromele .Preaincalziti cuptorul la 220 grade C.Spalati radacinile de pastarnac, siperele si taiati-le in sferturi,pe lungime,indepartand semintele fructelor, apoi taiati cartofii in felii de 0,5 cm grosime.Uscati bine feliile cu servetel de hartie apoi puneti-le intr-o tava pentru copt de marime adecvata impreuna cu pastarnacul, perele,cotletele de porc si marinata.Amestecati astfel incat toate ingredientele sa fie acoperite de sos ,apoi condimentati si dati la cuptor pentru 45min-1 ora,in functie de marimea cotletelor.

Buna Violeta! Cei care ma cunosc stiu ca eu ador dovleacul. Il folosesc in bucatarie destul de des, nu doar la deserturi ci si in diferite preparate cu carne sau legume, in diferite combinatii. Imi place foarte mult supa crema de dovleac, imi place ca ai folosit mirodenii, ai aromatizat foarte bine supa, e pe gustul meu. Dupa o asa supa fina si aromata eu zic sa ramanem tot in cadrul unui preparat fin, plin de arome, care completeaza perfect supa ta crema de dovleac. Pentru asta iti propun: Muschiulet de porcin crusta de chimen si piure de linte.Pentru aceasta reteta am folosit chimen prajit si macinat in mojar, o aroma care se potriveste foarte bine cu lintea, dar si cu dovleacul.
1 muschiulet de porc
2 linguri chimen
1 lingura piper 3 arome
1 lingurita Bulgarasi de savoare
2 tablespoons olive oil
pentru piureul de linte:
200 gr linte uscata verde
2 potatoes
1 lingurita Bulgarasi de savoare
1 lingura unt gras 80%
1 lingurita din amestecul facut din chimen si piper
Pentru muschiulet: spalam muschiuletul, il zvantam de apa si-l asezam in tava mare a aragazului cu hartie de copt. Semintele de chimen le punem intr-o tigaie de fonta si le prajim 2-3 minute pana incepe sa-si schimbe gustul. Se pun semintele in mojar si se piseaza. Se adauga lingurita de bulgarasi de savoare, piperul, eu am avut mai multe "nuante" de piper, pe care le pisam impreuna cu chimenul. Se asezoneaza muschiuletul cu sare, se stropeste cu ulei de masline si se maseaza putin. Se condimenteaza din abundenta cu amestecul de chimen, bulgarasi de savoare si piper, se freaca putin muschiuletul pentru a se lipi mirodeniile de el si a intra aroma in carne. Se lasa sa se odihneasca 10 minute la temperatura camerei. Se inveleste muschiuletul in hartie de copt si se da tava la cuptorul incins la 200 grade pentru 30 minute. Se desface hartia si se mai lasa la cuptor la 180 grade pentru 15 minute. Se lasa sa se odihneasca si apoi se portioneaza.

Este foarte fraged si suculent.

Pentru piure: spalam lintea in mai multe ape, adaugam apa cat sa o cuprinda si o lasam la inmuiat 20-30 minute. Scurgem de apa, completam cu apa proaspata si punem lintea la fiert. Cand este aproape fiarta adaugam in oala si cartofii curatati de coaja si taiati in sferturi. Se lasa sa fiarba pana sunt fierti cartofii si lintea. Se scurge de apa in care au fiert si se pasireaza cu robotul vertical. Se adauga 1 lingurita bulgarasi de savoare, 1 lingurita din amestecul de chimen si piper, unt si se amesteca ingredientele. Se pasireaza pana veti obtine un piure fin si cremos.

Se serveste piureul cu felii de muschiulet.

Nu stiu daca propunerea mea e pe placul cuiva dar eu as asocia gustul rafinat, usor dulceag si intepator de la ghimbir al supei de dovleac, cu aroma unor dovlecei umpluti cu carne si stropiti (sau nu) cu smantana sau iaurt. E un preparat usor, nesofisticat al carui gust se armonizeaza cu aroma de ghimbir si bacon. Un pahar de vin alb completeaza festinul !
Dovlecei umpluti cu carne:
Ingrediente: 500 gr carne tocata amestec (porc si vita), 4 dovlecei, 2 ceapa, 4 linguri cu orez, 1 lingura pasta de tomate , 2 linguri ulei, bulgarasi de savoare si piper dupa gust, 1 morcov, 3 rosii.

Method of preparation:
Dovleceii se spala , ii taiem in 3 parti si le scobim miezul.
Intr-o tigaie punem uleiul la incins , se adauga jumatate din miezul de dovlecei (ras) si ceapa taiata marunt. Se calesc 2 min apoi adaugam carnea, orezul spalat, pasta de tomate , sare si piper. Se lasa pe foc cca 5 min.
Dovleceii se umplu cu compozitia formata si se pun intr-o tava termorezistenta, inalta .
In tava se adauga apa fierbinte cat sa cuprinda dovleceii pana la jumatate , rosile taiate marunt , bulgarasi de savoare si morcovul taiat rondele.
Se da la cuptor pentru 30-35 min.
Se servesc calzi alaturi de sosul format , dupa preferinta cu smantana sau iaurt.

Hi! mi-ar place ca fel principal langa supa crema de dovleac crap pe varza la cuptor
1-2 kg crap
150 ml oil
2 linguri de bulion
150 ml vin
1 kg varză acră
1 foaie de dafin
1-2 linguri Bulgaras de Savoare
MOD DE PREPARARE: Calim varza, după ce s-a înmuiat, adaugam bulionul si celelalte condimente se pune deasupra ei crapul tăiat felii uns cu ulei condimentat cu Bulgarasi de Savoare se adauga vinul Deasupra feliilor de peşte se pun felii de roşii. Se dă la cuptor, până când se rumeneşte peştele
Se seveste alaturi de mamaliguta
Good appetite!

Parerea mea este ca ar merge foarte bine langa acesta supa delicioasa un preparat din carne de pui.

1 pui
6 cartofi mai mici
200 gr mushrooms
2 onions
4 felii de bacon afumat
2 tablespoons flour
3-4 linguri ulei
1 1/2 pahar supa de pui
1 lingura Bulgarasi de savoare de gaina
piper si sare

Puiul se imparte in patru parti.
Se condimenteaza puiul cu bulgarasi de savoare,se pipareaza si se tavaleste prin faina.Se prajeste in ulei pana capata o crusta aurie.Scoatem carnea din tigaie si o lasam deoparte.In tigaia cu restul de grasime calim ceapa tocata marunt si cartofii taiati sferturi.Scoatem si cartofii si-i dam deoparte.
Calim apoi ciupercile si baconul.
Punem toate aceste ingrediente prajite intr-un vas care se poate pune la cuptor.Turnam peste ele supa de pui,Acoperim vasul si-l dam la cuptor la foc mediu pana cand carnea este bine patrunsa.
La servire presaram verdeata tocata.

Langa aceasta supa, as servi un peste.

Somon cu felii de branza topita si ciuperci.

- somon
- felii de branza topita cu aroma de smantana
- un gogosar
- mushrooms
- codiment Bulgarasi de Savoare

Presaram condiment pentru peste, peste fileurile de somon si le punem intr-o tava la cuptor. Cand le intoarcem pe partea cealalta adaugam ciupercile si gogosarul.
Spre final adaugam feliile de branza topita, lasam sa se topeasca si se pot servi imediat alaturi de un vin alb.

Dupa o asemenea supa delicioasa, cred ca ar merge si o salata de dovleac cu naut!
- 300 grame dovleac,taiat felii de 1 cm grosime (pe care le lasam 30 de minunte intr-o marinata facuta din 4 catei de usturoi pisati, 2 lingurite boia dulce de ardei, o lingurita Bulgarasi de savoare legume, piper, 2 linguri ulei de masline)
- 300 grame de naut fiert si scurs bine (se poate folosi si o conserva de naut)
- 50 grame fulgi de migdale prajiti
- patrunjel pentru decor.

Dupa ce feliile de dovleac s-au impregnat bine cu marinata de mai sus, se scot si se pun pe gratar, aproximativ 4 minute pe fiecare parte. Se lasa la racit, apoi se amesteca cu nautul si fulgii de migdale. Se decoreaza cu patrunjel tocat marunt. Good appetite!

Este o reteta foarte usor de facut, dar foarte aromata si gustoasa!

Draga Vio, eu cred ca ar merge bine langa a ta supa crema de dovleac un ghiveci de legume savuros cu aroma puternica de marar. Mama mea facea un ghiveci grozav cand eram copil, al meu e ceva mai modern deoarece ii adaug mereu si porumb. Iata si reteta mea:
1 onion
1-2 ardei rosii
300 g de morcovi rasi pe razatoarea mare
150 ml broth
2 dovlecei micuti
1 vanata
120 gr orez
1 conserva mica de porumb
1 legatura marar proaspat
1 lingura si jumatate bulgarasi de savoare legume
salt and pepper to taste
2-3 linguri de ulei pentru calit legumele
500 ml supa de legume
Caliti ceapa tocata marunt in 2-3 linguri ulei pana devine sticloasa, apoi adaugati ardeiul, lasati-l si pe el vreo 2 minute, adaugati si morcovii si amestecati bine. Atentie, totul se face la foc mic. Stingeti apoi cu jumatate din zeama de legume sau cu apa fierbinte, acoperiti cu un capac si lasati sa se inabuse. Adaugati putina sare si piper. Separat fierbeti orezul in apa cu sare, scurgeti-l si clatiti-l cu apa rece.
Dupa ce ceapa, ardeiul si morcovii au fiert impreuna cu bulionul vreo 20 de minute bune, puteti pune vanata si dovleceii tocati cubulete impreuna cu bulionul. Completati cu restul de supa de legume pe parcursul fierberii. Gustati si potriviti de sare. La nevoie mai puteti adauga vegeta bulgarasi de savoare. Dovleceii si vanata fierb destul de repede asa ca puteti desface conserva de porumb si scurge zeama.
Gustati legumele din ghiveci, daca au fiert indeajuns adaugati orezul si porumbul. Mai lasati cateva minute la foc ca sa se intrepatrunda aromele, apoi puneti si mararul tocat, amestecati si indepartati cratita de pe foc. Acoperiti cu un capac si serviti peste vreo 20 de minute. Good appetite!

Adela Mariana Visan
La supa asta as adauga niste cartofi pe tava cu carnat proaspat afumat, slana proaspata si dovleac copt, toate coapte in cuptorul de paine al bunicii.

Supa crema de dovleac este o supa delicioasa, dulce, cu o aroma deosebita!
Este o supa usoara si cred ca dupa servirea acestei supe merge ca fel principal un preparat pe baza de carne de porc, combinata cu . dovleac si piersici.
Eu pregatesc acest fel in special iarna, de sarbatori, fiind un preparat festiv. Si cum sarbatorile se apropie, mi-am adus aminte cu drag de aceasta reteta pe care abia astept sa o pregatesc.
Sper sa va "faca cu ochiul" reteta mea, si sa o incercati!
Asadar aceasta este reteta:

Rulada de porc cu dovleac si piersici

- 1 kg pulpa de porc
- 1 kg dovleac
- 1 compot mare de piersici
- 3 linguri unt
- 1 ardei gras
- 1 ardei capia
- 1 lingura Bulgarasi de Savoare legume
- 1 lingura zahar
- 200 ml vin alb
- patrol
- salt
- oil

Method of preparation:
Se curata dovleacul de coaja, se da pe razatoare si apoi se caleste in cele 3 linguri de unt.
Se taie feliute ardeiul si se adauga peste dovleac, calindu-se usor si el alaturi de acesta.
Dupa ce zeama a scazut se adauga lingura de zahar, amestecam si apoi stingem focul.
Piersicile din compot se scot, se storc usor de zeama si se impart in doua parti.
Una din partile din piersici se feliaza si se adauga peste compozitia de dovleac si ardei calite.
Se taie carnea in asa fel incat sa obtinem bucata intinsa si groasa de 1 cm. Mie mi-au iesit 3 bucati.
Batem carnea, o dam cu sare si presaram pe fiecare felie Bulgarasi de Savoare legume.
Punem deasupra carnii amestecul (oprim cateva linguri pt platou) si rulam carnea cat mai strans.
Legam rulada cu ata si punem preparatul intr-o tava de copt.
Ungem rulada cu ulei, punem vinul si zeama de la compot si dam la cuptor pentru cca 1 ora, la foc moderat.
Din cand in cand stropim friptura cu zeama din tava.
Servim rulada pe un platou, alaturi de amestecul ramas, la care se adauga patrunjel tocat si cu feliile de piersici din restul de jumatate de compot asezate frumos pe marginea platoului.

Supa crema de dovleac arata intr-un mare fel!! La cum arata nu cred ca ar putea cineva sa o refuze :)
Pe langa aceasta delicioasa supa cremoasa si parfumata eu as propune o rulada din carne de curcan cu garnitura.
Un meniu usor cu preparate savuroase ce i-ar sta bine si pe masa de sarbatori.

Rulada de curcan cu garnitura de legume
o bucata piept de curcan ( cam 700 g)
125 g butter
a bunch of parsley
2 linguri mustar Dijon
2 cloves of garlic
O crenguta mica de rozmarin
o lingurita coaja de lamaie
boabe de piper rosu
100 g jambon
o lingura bulgarasi de savoare cu gust de gaina
150 ml of semi-dry white wine
2 tablespoons oil
4-5 catei de usturoi
Pentru uns(optional)
0 lingurita miere de albine
o lingura sos de soia
piure de cartofi cu pastarnac
morcovi caramelizati
fasole verde sote

Method of preparation
Pieptul de curcan se taie in asa fel incat sa obtinem o foaie de carne nu prea groasa, sub forma dreptunghiulara.
Se aseaza intre doua foi de ciolofan si se bate cu ciocanul de snitele dar nu exagerat de tare.
Carnea astfel pregatita se condimenteaza cu putina sare si se lasa deoparte pana pregatim umplutura.
In cuva unui robot de bucatarie punem untul, o lingura bulgarasi de savoare, 2 catei de usturoi, patrunjelul,coaja de lamaie, rozmarinul,mustarul Dijon sare si cateva boabe de piper rosu.
Mixam pana obtinem o pasta omogena.
Asezam peste bucata de carne, compozitia de unt aromatizat, si o intindem in strat uniform.
Peste unt punem fasiile de jambon, apoi o rulam(din partea cu latura mai mica) cat mai strans.
Legam rulada cu ata de bucatarie punem 2-3 linguri de ulei intr-o tigaie si o prajim timp de 2-3 min pe toate partile cat sa capete o culoare aurie.O scoatem si o asezam intr-o tava sau forma de graten. In tigaia in care am rumenit rulada turnam vinul si dam intr-un clocot cat sa se desprinda toate resturile de pe fundul ei. Lichidul obtinut il turnam alaturi de rulada in tava impreuna cu cateva boabe de piper si cativa catei de usturoi zdrobiti, .
Introducem tava la cuptor pentru o ora si 20 de min stropind-o din cand in cand cu sosul din tava.
Daca dorim, cu 10 min inainte de a o scoate din cuptor se unge cu un amestec format din miere, sos de soia si putin ulei pentru o culoare intensa .
Cand rulada este gata, se scoate din tava, se acopera cu o folie de staniol si se lasa sa se odihneasca cel putin 20 min., se va taia mai usor si va fi mai suculenta.Intre timp pregatim sosul
In tava se mai adauga putin vin sau apa daca a ramas putin lichid , se fac pasta si cateii de usturoi, se mai fierbe pe flacara 2-3 min. Se da deoparte si cu ajutorul unui blender pasator omogenizam sosul.Pentru a fi mai fin il strecuram prin sita.
Poate fi servita alaturi de o garnitura din piure de cartofi cu pastarnac,fasole verde sote, morcovi caramelizati si sosul format.
Good appetite!!

eu as completa aceasta supa crema minunata cu un piept de pui umplut cu ciuperci,deoarece se potriveste perfect pentru a completa nutritientii necesari unei mese complete si nutritiva.
-300 gr piept de pui
-1 onion
-20 ml ulei
-200 gr ciuperci
-50 gr cascaval
-o lingura bulgarasi de savoare legume
-condimente-marar uscat,mustar
-30 gr unt
-300 gr cartofi
Preparare:ceapa se caleste usor si ciupercile si bulgarasii de savoare,se portioneaza pieptul de pui si se aplatitzeaza,se umple fiecare bucata cu umplutura de ciuperci usor racita,se rade cascaval,se prinde in scobitori si se pun in tava pe hartie de copt pentru 40 minute.Intre timp se fierb cartofii taiati felii si se amesteca fierti cu untul si mararul.Pofta buna!

Sincer nu sunt o maestra in ale gatitului. reteta propusa m-a cucerit pe loc si m-a dus cu gandul la ceva deosebit, sofisticat. Sincer, probabil pentru ca nu am gatit-o niciodata! Sincer as continua cu o friptura de miel cu garnitura de legume (diversificata as zice si veti vedea in finalul comentariului de ce) (carnea de miel este preferata familiei noastre). Astfel, avem nevoie de urmatoarele incrediente:
2kg carne miel
1,5kg cartofi
600g smantana,
2kg ciuperci
400 g rosii
300g castraveti
200g ridichi
200g ceapa cerde
2 salate verzi
sare, piper, bulgarasi de savoare,
40 ml ulei masline
10g rozmarin macinat
500 ml bere blonda
10 ml otet de mere
Method of preparation

1. 1. Friptura de miel (carnea dezosata integral) este tinuta 6 ore in bere (ulei de masline) si condimente (sare, piper si rozmarin si bulgarasi de savoare) dupa care este preparata pe grătar (grill) la o temperatura medie.
2. Separat, ne ocupam de cartofi cu smantana: cartofi sunt curatati de coaja si taiati rondele, dupa care sunt opariti cu apa si sare. Dupa ce ii scurgem bine de apa si ii lasam la racit, ii asezam in tava fiecare strat de cartofi este acoperit de smantana, sare si piper, si dupa sunt dati la cuptor la 150 grade celsius timp de 45 minute.
3. Optional (ne dam in vant dupa ele si nu putem renunta) preparam si ciupercute sote ciupercutele sunt spalate, lasate sa se scurga bine de apa, dupa care sunt puse in tigaie cu ulei incins. Adaugam sare si piper si un catel usturoi dupa ce se rumenesc le asezam pe farfurie. Putem adauga si o salata de sezon cu rosii, castraveti ceapa verde, ridichi si salata verde.
Poate parea cam mult insa noi, fiind o familie numeroasa si prin prisma faptului ca cei doi prichindei ai mei sunt destul de pretentiosi , trebuie sa existe o diversitate pentru a alege.

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