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Media Mix: Yao Ming's Wine; Safeway Bans 4-Year-Old; and a 3 Pound Baby Fee

Media Mix: Yao Ming's Wine; Safeway Bans 4-Year-Old; and a 3 Pound Baby Fee

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Media Mix

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Yao Ming Dabbles in Wine: The retired basketball star is launching a California winery for the Chinese market called Yao Family Wines. The first wine will be labeled "Yao Ming," of course, and will be made from cabernet sauvignon grapes. [WSJ]

British Restaurant Charges Baby Fee: Cosmo, the largest restaurant in England, is charging a minimum fee of 3 pounds for kids, even kids under the age of 3. So if customers bring in a baby, that's another 3 pounds. That's one way to deal with babies in restaurants. [Eater]

Less Sleep Linked to Childhood Obesity: Researchers have found that a lack of sleep increased the likelihood of weight gain. "The children who slept longer aged 3 to 5 were 61 percent less likely to be overweight [by age] 7." [The Telegraph]

Safeway Apologizes After Banning a 4-Year-Old: After banning a pregnant lady for sandwich theft (and then apologizing), a different Safeway guard banned a 4-year-old girl for eating a couple of dried apricots from a bag and returning the bag to the shelf. Sources say the guard made her sign a form acknowledging her lifelong ban, even though she can't read or write. [Washington Post]

Honey Sans Pollen Is Still Honey: Remember that fuss about ultra-filtered honey? Well, NPR says that even without pollen, honey is still honey. [NPR]

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