Traditional recipes

Palm trees ... mine

Palm trees ... mine

In a bowl, mix the sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

Spread the sheet (after letting it thaw) and sprinkle the fragrant sugar on the entire surface, press well with the foil, turn the sheet and ... do the same. We start to fold the dough. A quarter of the width, on both sides towards the center, I sprinkled a little sugar again and I pressed with the facalet again. When we reach the middle of the sheet, join the two strips in one (we overlapped them). Press well with the foil and cut the dough strip into pieces of about 1 cm, which we put in the oven tray with baking paper. We leave them in the preheated oven until they brown a little on the side they are on, after which we turn them over and leave them for another 5 minutes.

Mother's prayer for blessing children

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, for the prayers of Your Most Holy Mother, hear me, Your unworthy handmaid (name). Lord, in Your merciful dominion are my children (name): have mercy on them and save them, for Your name's sake. Lord, forgive them all their willful and unintentional mistakes they have committed before You. Lord, guide them to the true path of Your commandments and enlighten their understanding with the light of Christ, for the salvation of the soul and the healing of the body. Lord, bless them at home, at school, on the road and in all the place of Your dominion. Lord, guard them under Your holy cover from bullets, sword, poison, fire, plague, and sudden death. Lord, protect them from all seen and unseen enemies, from all troubles, evils, and misfortunes. Lord, heal them of all sickness, cleanse them of all defilement, and relieve their suffering. Lord, grant them the grace of Your Holy Spirit to long life, health and purity, in all good faith and love, in peace with those near and those far away. Lord, multiply and strengthen their powers of mind and body, which they have received as a gift from You, blessing them, if they will please before You, for the life of a godly family and the birth of an honest baby. Lord, grant me, to your unworthy and sinful handmaid (name) parental blessing for my children, who are Your servants, in this time of morning (day, night), for Your name, for Your kingdom is eternal and omnipotent. Amen.

If the mother is not absent from the Holy Church, the child develops in this good atmosphere that he feels in his own way, and the child raised in the Church at birth will have a certain behavior, especially if the mother has fasted.
The usual morning and evening prayers, the akathist of St. Stelian and other prayers and akathists when he has time, but it is very important to confess often, to share, if he has release, and especially not to be absent from the Holy Church.

If the mother is not absent from the Holy Church, the child develops in this good atmosphere that he feels in his own way, and the child raised in the Church at birth will have a certain behavior, especially if the mother has fasted. You know that pregnant women may not fast, either because they have a craving or because their health does not allow it. Here the spouses pay for many of their sins by "obeying" them, because they are forced to run at night, who knows what. This is a way to show their care and love for their husbands.

Children are to be taught, both by parents and godparents, and especially by the priest, the fear of God, the right faith, humanity, mercy, humility, obedience, and the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. They must be accustomed from an early age to fasting, regular prayer, confession, mercy to the needy, and respect for all people.

Parents, if they want to have good, wise, and healthy children, they must first be good, faithful, obedient to the Church, and full of the fear of God. For children are in fact "children" of their parents. What I see and hear in the house from my parents, that's what I do.

The education of children begins right from the day of the parents' wedding, that is, from the moment of conception. In order to have wise and faithful children, parents need to pray a lot, go to church regularly, fast, pray, confess often, keep clean in order, have mercy, be gentle, humble, and full of divine love for all. Husbands are obliged to restrain themselves on holidays and fasts and not to do any devilish craft in order not to have children.

The heaviest sin of the married is abortion, that is, the killing of children. Children born on holidays, in fasts, in a state of intoxication or after abortions are usually born sick, weak and sometimes even crippled. So do those who practice guarding, they cannot share the Holy Sacraments for two years, and sometimes they get nervous, as a punishment of the right Judge.

After birth, parents are obliged to take care, more than anything, of the education and good upbringing of their children. First, look for faithful godparents to the children they have given birth to. Then, to take them regularly to church, to share them with the Holy Sacraments every month, to teach them little prayers and good things, not to fool them with their words and deeds, for the folly that their parents do to their children is a grievous sin before God, with terrible consequences in the lives of children. Most children become bad in life because of the sins they learned from their childhood parents.

Cosmin Cernat had fun in the Caribbean

I chose the Dominican Republic and the USA as my holiday destinations for this year, where I stayed with my wife, Monica, and my daughter, Ayana, for four weeks. America is one of Monica's favorite destinations, and the Dominican Republic was my choice.

The first stop was in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. From there, we set off for Punta Cana, where we stayed for ten days. Then I flew to the United States, where I spent three weeks in Dallas, Texas, with my sister-in-law and grandchildren. There, we took the opportunity and went on a short trip to Galvestone, a town on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

White sand, palm trees and reefs

Every place I visited was a tourist attraction worth visiting. We wanted to rest more and walk less during this holiday. We wanted to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and relax, to spend more time at the beach, to do various water sports, to go boating. The Dominican Republic is one of the most exotic islands in the Caribbean and offers many opportunities for relaxation and fun on the beach. White sandy beaches and palm trees, incredible azure water, coral reefs, exotic fish and dolphins are all part of the charm of the place. & Icircntr in a word & acircnt, Punta Cana translates to the beach and Pi & ntildea Colada.

The whole vacation was a dream one, and I felt great with Monica and my little girl, Ayana. What I think is most impressed me is the moment I noticed with the dolphins in Punta Cana. Ayana was happiest when she saw these creatures up close and was able to walk around them.

Quality fumes

One thing I enjoyed was the experience of smoking some quality cigarettes from sheets. The owner of the place where I was, the one who recommended them to us, by the way, is a Romanian from Maramureş. I really enjoyed this experience, and I bought a few packs of cigarettes for home, but especially for friends.

This was our first trip to the Caribbean. We will definitely spend another vacation there. And, each time, we will have different routes, because we want to visit as many places on the American continent. The Dominican Republic is a fascinating, romantic place that tourists should visit with their family.


Pampering at Melia Caribe

& gt The accommodation offer in the Dominican Republic is very diverse. Punta Cana hotels are very expensive, four or five star hotels, but there are also hostels where the prices are lower, but they are not accessible to everyone.

& gt
We stayed at the Melia Caribe Hotel in Punta Cana, where the price of a room is a bit high, but it's worth it, especially since we had all inclusive with access to all hotel facilities.

& gt
A room costs between $ 250 and $ 500, depending on the package chosen.


Sancocho prieto and beer

& gt After a day at the beach you can enjoy the restaurants on the coast. The culinary specialties of the island vary, the traditional recipes are confused with the cuisine of Central America, which has as main elements rice, fish, vegetables and goat meat.

& gt
Don't miss the local specialty Sancocho prieto & # 8211 a combination of seven types of meat, & icircn in a larger quantity that of goat, all & icircnecate & icircn beer El Presidente.

& gt
Recognized as the Coconut Coast, Punta Cana dishes all have coconut milk as their main ingredient.


Swimsuit and card

& gt For the Caribbean, all you need is a swimsuit and a credit card. With the card you can buy the famous Dominican rum or leaf cigarettes.

& gt
You should not leave the Dominican Republic without buying the most valuable amber jewelry in the world, through transparency, color and the fact that the stones have captive insects in very good condition, which increases their value.

& gt
Another unique thing for the Dominican Republic is the larimar stone, opaque blue.

Water Park Otopeni: endless fun

Perfect for hot days The new Splash Crash is waiting for us at Water Park.

Summer has started and continues with endless fun at Otopeni Water Park!

We walk down the street and our heels sink into the asphalt, the ice cream we bought to cool off melts with our eyes, the air becomes harder and harder to breathe, and our thoughts refuse to gather in well-organized ideas. .

When any other method of cooling fails, the heat becomes unbearable, and the adrenaline demands you escape, the only thing left for you to do is go to the Water Park, where the fun is for everyone, regardless of age!

Playgrounds, swimsuits and sunbeds: perfect!

Located just 6 kilometers from Bucharest, near the RIN Airport hotel, Water Park is easily reached, where the fun is in full swing.

The park is decorated with artificial turf, thousands of colorful sunbeds and umbrellas, palm trees are a welcome spot of greenery, and children's playgrounds are brightly colored and irresistible for the little ones.
In addition to these, the park also has an artificial waterfall whose noise will relax you and create a pleasant atmosphere, perfect to have great fun.
For those who arrive by car, there are over 2500 parking spaces, and for the safety of your belongings that you do not want to leave on the sunbed, we have locker rooms equipped with a lock.

If you happen to forget your swimsuit at home, don't worry! We have a solution for your problem! A specialized store is open inside the park, which offers you several models of swimsuits, among which you will surely find the one that suits you.

26 slides!

To talk about what really interests you, the reason why you will come to our amusement park, we must also mention the 26 most fun slides, the 8 swimming pools and 4,000 sunbeds. And, to make the holiday feeling even better, Water Park invites you to relax with a refreshing drink at one of the two bars with a terrace or at the café.

To overcome the feeling of hunger, we are waiting for you to try one of the snacks specially prepared for you from the restaurant arranged inside the park. To combine the useful with the pleasant, in case you are bored of sitting on the beach and want to get more exercise, Water Park offers you a football and volleyball court on the sand, a tennis court, but and a football pitch with synthetic turf which, unlike the one on the sand, is equipped with night lighting installation. And for the recipe for relaxation and good mood to be complete, sunbeds and umbrellas are free throughout the program, so all you have to do is have fun and relax.

Perfect for hot days

What awaits us in the summer of 2013

For the new 2013 season, Water Park has been modernized so that you can have the best services and fully enjoy the hot summer days. A new swimming pool has been added to the existing facilities, and the two terraces have been completely renovated. In addition, in order for the players to cool down and to balance their vitality, a third terrace was opened, next to the volleyball and football fields on the sand. The children's playground has been redesigned with the addition of new entertainment points that will surely attract all children.

Thrill seekers will be able to enjoy the new Splash Crash (funnel slide) that will give them a healthy portion of adrenaline and fun.

Starting with the 2013 season, the water park also has a field tennis court that can be enjoyed by all fans of this sport. In addition to this, there is also a football field on synthetic turf, both fields having a terrace specially designed nearby so that players can revitalize.

A summer of fun!

The park is open from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 to 20.00, and on weekends between 09.00 and 20.00.
Admission fees for adults are 40 lei, from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday you will pay 60 lei. Children under 1.40 m in height can enter at half price, ie 20 lei during the week, respectively 30 lei on weekends.

The address of the park is Calea București 225A, Otopeni.

A whole summer full of surprises, new games for all ages, outdoor concerts and lots and lots of fun are waiting for you at Water Park! Log on to the Water Park Facebook page to stay up to date with all the events!

This prevents autumn allergies

It is said that those who suffer from allergies are the best indicators of the quality of the environment. However, their coexistence with allergens is an ordeal. If you are among the people who suffer from autumn allergy, here is what to do:

1. Alcohol and tobacco are harmful!
In most types of allergies, and especially in people with asthma, alcohol is a formidable enemy. Even its smell can trigger a crisis. Smoking is another risk factor. It is best to avoid even the company of smokers if you are a non-smoker.

2. The way you wash your clothes, that's how you breathe
Do you feel light dizziness at bedtime or when getting out of bed? The mites have taken over your bedroom! Both bed linen, underwear and curtains should be washed in the car only, at least 60 ° C, to get rid of allergens.

3. Plants are beautiful but unhealthy
The green potted wonders that you love so much and that you care for with so much love can hurt you. Their sap contains a substance that spreads into the surrounding air and which, once inhaled, triggers allergic reactions. Ficus, orchid, dwarf palms are among the most dangerous.

Measurement of ingredients

When we want to try a new recipe or simply measure some ingredients according to a certain weight, in the absence of a kitchen scale, we often face the problem that we do not know what and how much it weighs.

Recipes are usually written with different units of measurement (grams, glasses, spoons, etc.) and it is difficult for us to determine exactly the amount in grams of the appropriate ingredient. But keeping the proportions when preparing a recipe is crucial. That is why the team has prepared a suitable solution for this problem, by creating the following table - Measuring the ingredients without a scale.

Measuring ingredients without scales

Ingredient Quantity in grams
One glass (250 ml) 1 tbsp 1 teaspoon 1 piece
With peak / race With peak / race
Wheat flour 160 25/12 7/4
Potato flour 200 27 9
Rusk 150 16/12 6/3
Buckwheat 210 25 8
Wheat semolina 200 20 7
Wheat barley 230 25 8
hominy 225 20 7
Rice 220 25 8
Black wheat flour 180 20 7
Mei shelled 220 25 8
Oatmeal 90 12 6
Beans 220 30 10
Pea pods 200
green peas 230 25 9
Mac 155 15 5
Ground walnuts 265 25/20 7/4
Cocoa 120 20 7
Mustard 4
allspice 4.5
Black pepper 4
Ground cloves 3
Cloves 4
Sugar 200 25/17 8/4
Powdered sugar 190 23/15 7/3
Salt 325 27/17 9/7
Vinegar 250 20 7
Gelatin sheets 2.5
Gelatin powder 15 5
Melted lard 250 20
Lard 260 30
Butter 220 25 10
Vegetable oil 250 20 5
Milk, water, wine 250 20 5
Condensed milk 22 7
Powdered milk 120 15 4
Sour cream 250 20 5
Egg 45-65
Yolk 20
Egg white 30
Honey 360 25 15

1 glass (250 ml) of other ingredients

Diced mushrooms 150 g Walnuts, whole hazelnuts 160 g
Other diced vegetables and fruits 180 g Jam 260 g
Macaroni 175 g Raisins 210 g
kouskous 220 g Grated rooster 90 g
Grated Parmesan 110 g Chocolate chips 180 g

"An outlet", "A dust" or "A knife tip" of salt = 2 g (the amount of salt that we catch between two or three fingers the expression is also valid for other spices, for example: pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.).

"A fist" of rice, nuts, etc. = 4 tablespoons of this product

"A nut" of butter, lard, etc. = 20 g

"Yeast as a nut" = 50 g

Note: In all recipes on 1 cup = 250 ml.

We hope that this information will help you overcome any difficulty in preparing a recipe and achieve the most subtle culinary dreams.

"They waited for me after school, then I moved out of that high school."

Sebastian Dobrincu tells with difficulty about the harshest incident he experienced during the period when he was the victim of bullying: “The situation in which I was marginalized reached its peak when I was expected after hours.

After a round of insults that were hard to reproduce, I was threatened that I would be expected after school by the boy I was in conflict with and his group of friends. I got a few punches, and soon I called the police. I arrived at the department with my parents, I gave statements and soon I changed the high school ", Sebi remembers.

Since then, for the 22-year-old, things have changed significantly. The application she created is currently used by stars like Selena Gomez and has revenues of over 2 million dollars.

Cook with me

Contrary to many people's beliefs, this book is not about cooking. It's not about restaurants, fine dining, Michelin stars, elaborate recipes or minimalist plating. This time I am not in the position of juror, mentor or culinary authority. Today, here, I am just a gourmet, and my love for food is beyond my passion for cooking.

I wrote a book about myself, about my stories and memories related to the dishes I cook at home today, the ones that shaped my taste and the ones that now shape the taste of my children. Because, first of all, I am a man, with memories and dreams, and my girls' joy when we make bread together or my wife's smile when I prepare the dessert that bears her name does not compare to anything.

It is not a typical cookbook. It's not a string of recipes. It is rather a book about the important stories in my life, related to different recipes and dishes. From my grandmother's dishes, the ones I grew up with, to the recipes that marked my career, to the dishes that made me understand how important it is to cook with love and out of love.

This book is my story, told in the language of taste and it is for those who cook at home, out of passion or need, for those who put on the table the pieces of their loved ones… ”

What did Antonia do before she became famous?

In the USA, the young woman had to start from scratch and adapt to the new reality. From the beginning, he went through more complicated moments, because he had to try to get to know the people there, the places and the lifestyle. Although it was difficult for her, the artist continued to fight to achieve her desired dreams.

Antonia's parents could no longer help her financially and the singer had to fend for herself. She had to enter the world of fashion, participating in all kinds of catwalks, filming since adolescence. The star mentions that she did it not for pleasure, but for experience. She also admits that modeling has helped her achieve everything she has today.

"It was hard for me to adapt, but I moved quickly, I entered the world of fashion, considering that my parents could no longer help me with money. I had to make my own money. It was never my passion, I did it for the experience, but it brought me on the path I wanted, ”says Antonia.

The singer managed to achieve success due to her work. She gradually built her career in the music world, because she became a mother at the age of 20 and had a lot of problems in her marriage to Vicenzo Castellano, her first husband. Following this marriage, Maya was born, a little girl who took over all the beauty of her mother.

The two separated, but the divorce was very complicated, and the final verdict was known only last year.


- put the 600ml, then add, gradually, depending on the texture.

The shell thus formed is divided into equal parts (approx. 280g).

Step 3
Shape each portion of the crust, striking hard the "bread" of the table (beat the bread well, to make it easier to shape!)

Step 4
Baking: leave the breads at 180 degrees, in the electric oven, for one hour (baking down) + 10 min. (browning).

Thank you, BIO Republic, for the flax and millet seeds!

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