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Beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot and feta salad recipe of 29-05-2013 [Updated on 02-09-2014]

I had never eaten beets or had any idea how to prepare them, then my sister, intrigued by the shape and color of this vegetable, bought a bag of precooked beets to make me make something new. The first idea that came to me was to prepare them for the salad and I must say that I liked the recipe a lot because the sweet taste of the beet goes very well with the spicy feta cheese and with the balsamic vinegar. Since red juice is an excellent natural dye, I really think that the next experiment will be to use them in some dough to make it bright red, I will keep you updated :) Well, greet you and leave you to the recipe, kiss kisses: *


How to make beet and feta salad

Cut the boiled beets into cubes

Put the chard in a bowl, season with oil, salt and pepper and mix

Cut the feta into cubes

chop the mint leaves and add them to the bowl together with the feta

Dress the beetroot and feta salad with the balsamic vinegar and serve

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