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Cutlets with olives

Cutlets with olives

Recipe Cutlets with olives from of 18-05-2012 [Updated on 17-10-2012]

I made these green olive cutlets a while ago to bring slices of meat to the table in a different way than I usually do. The ribs with green olives were a very popular second dish in my house and they are certainly worth repeating given the speed with which they are prepared and the few ingredients to use. If you were looking for an idea for tonight's dinner that doesn't take you too long, maybe I gave you an idea, accompany the meat with a green salad and you will have an easy, quick and tasty dinner that will be appreciated by all;) last night at my mom's house, for the culinary Thursday, I prepared pizzas and savory pies so in the next few days you will see the recipes on the blog along with various single-portion sweets, in the meantime I leave you wishing you a good weekend and we'll read tomorrow for a new recipe;)


How to make chops with olives

Chop half olives with oil and freeze-dried garlic, salt and pepper to form a cream

Make cuts on the edges of the ribs, then pass them in the flour.

In a large pan, choc a small piece of butter with a sprig of rosemary
Add the floured slices of meat and brown them on both sides for a few minutes.

Deglaze with the white wine

Add the olive cream and the remaining olives cut into rounds, season with salt and continue cooking, turning the meat from time to time.

Serve the chops with olives accompanying them with the cooking juices.

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