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Babà thermomix

Babà thermomix

One of the most typical sweets of the Neapolitan tradition is the Babà. Unlike what it may seem, Babà is by no means an easy dessert to prepare but with the help of the Thermomix you will surely have the road paved and the preparation times shorter. Once cooked in the oven, serve your Babà with a delicate rum dip. Happy Baba everyone!


How to make rum baba

Put the eggs, sugar, margarine, salt and yeast in the jug 30 sec at vel 7
add the flour and set for another 40 seconds at vel 7
Place the dough in the previously buttered and floured baba mold and let it rise for 2 hours
bake the baba in a hot oven for 30 minutes at 200 °
Prepare the syrup by putting water, sugar and lemon zest in the jug 7 min 60 ° speed 1
remove the lemon peel and add the rums Pierce the entire surface of the now warm baba with a toothpick Wet the baba several times by pouring the rum syrup on the surface of the baba with a ladle Leave the baba to rest for 2 hours in the fridge before turning it upside down on a serving dish and serve it garnished with whipped cream.

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