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Chocolate cake and coffee

Chocolate cake and coffee

Recipe Chocolate and coffee cake by of 10-01-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

The chocolate and coffee cake is the dessert I prepared on the occasion of my grandfather's birthday, on January 2 he turned 87 and I decided to make the cake myself to celebrate him, I took an hour in the lunch break and I prepared a cake by choosing flavors that I knew they might like, chocolate and coffee. You must know that my grandfather has never been an easy man, he has a particular character ... when he speaks he would like everyone to be silent, he asks for information about everything and everyone and asks for details, he wants details, why and why how and this also several times and when someone does not support him, he yells and mumbles. So, on his birthday, after having a little quarrel with my uncle, he put the muzzle, he didn't want to have dinner and went to bed leaving the whole family to celebrate without the birthday boy and useless were my grandmother's tears who tried to convince him by telling him that I had prepared the birthday cake for him or the prayers of my sister who asked him to blow out the candles with us, nothing, nisba, we opened the cake without him making Elisa blow out the candles who was shivering from the want to open the cake. If I told you that I was not upset, I would tell you a lie, but grandfather is like that and not today that he turned 87, I can assure you that even as a young man, it has always been like this;) I'll try again, then I'll let you know if we can all celebrate together without whims. Kisses to those who pass by and have a good weekend.


How to make chocolate and coffee cake

Whip the eggs with the sugar until frothy

Add the milk, oil and coffee slowly

Then add flour, cocoa and yeast and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture

Pour the dough into a greased and floured mold and place in a preheated oven at 180 °, bake for 35/40 minutes

Once ready, let it cool down, then remove the chocolate cake from the mold, turn it upside down and put it to cool on a wire rack.
Meanwhile, prepare the coffee custard
Simmer a vanilla pod in the milk, then lift it and add the coffee

In a bowl, whip the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the starch and mix until you get a cream

Pour the mixture into the pan with the milk and hot coffee and mix

Put it back on the heat and cook the coffee cream, stirring occasionally

As soon as it has thickened, turn off the flame. Pour the cream into a citole and cover with a film.

Cut the cake into 3 horizontal discs. Keep some crumbs for the final decoration.

Put a first disc as a base on a serving dish, sprinkle with milk and coffee, then stuff with half of the cream

Cover with another disc, wet and add more cream
Cover with the last disc and exert a slight pressure to distribute the filling well
Glaze the cake with the remaining coffee cream, then create a fence all around with some caprice or togo biscuits

Cover the surface with a little crumbs of the dough then put the chocolate and coffee cake in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

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