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Salted quiche with cherry tomatoes and olives

Salted quiche with cherry tomatoes and olives

Salted quiche with cherry tomatoes and olives from of 31-01-2014 [Updated on 04-10-2017]

A new savory pie on Friday is exactly what it takes to end this working week well, this time I propose a quiche with cherry tomatoes and green olives that I prepared during the Christmas holidays but which has remained in drafts until today, poor thing :) The base is made with brisee dough which, if you prefer, you can replace with puff pastry or fake puff pastry, for the filling instead I chose to use cherry tomatoes and olives to make a chromatic effect of red and green polka dots which obviously you will lose if you change the ingredients so don't do it, I'm kidding;) Early this morning I kneaded 2 different types of bread whose preparation started last night and I can't wait to bake them to discover the flavor, lately I'm on the ball with the leavened salted long leavening so if they are good, you will soon see the recipes on the blog. I'll leave you and I'm going to prepare the new newsletter, I hope you like the new graphics, then maybe give me some feedback on the blog, docks and have a good day.


How to make salted quiche with cherry tomatoes and olives

Prepare the brisee by putting the flour, salt and butter into small pieces in a bowl
Work the mixture until you get a crumbly consistency then add the cold water while continuing to knead

Form a loaf that you will wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to cool for 30 minutes
Take back the brisee and roll it out on a floured surface then line a greased tart mold with it

Prick the base and remove the excess paste along the edges

Prepare a mixture of eggs, milk, Parmesan, salt and pepper
Pour the mixture on the base of the brisee

Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut it in half and place them in the pan with the filling

Add the pitted green olives and bake at 190 °, cook the savory pie for 30 minutes

Let cool, then remove the quiche from the mold and serve

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