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Couscous cherry and feta salad

Couscous cherry and feta salad

Recipe of couscous cherry and feta salad of 12-06-2019 [Updated on 13-06-2019]

L'cherry and feta couscous salad it is a somewhat particular but definitely very good recipe. As you will remember from past years, when the summer period arrives I like to prepare delicious salads and in recent years more and more often I have started to combine various types of fruit with normal salad vegetables. I find it a fantastic way to prepare light, tasty, delicious and original dishes. I realized, however, that I had never prepared any pasta salads with fruit (where by pasta I also mean rice or other cereals;)).
So this is my first experiment: cherry and feta couscous salad, a very special combination for a delicious and very quick first course that I will repeat as soon as possible;)


How to make cherry and feta couscous salad

First prepare the couscous: put it on a plate, add double the weight in hot water, add salt, mix, cover with another dish upside down and let the water be absorbed (it will take 5-10 minutes).

Meanwhile, lightly toast the hazelnuts in a non-stick pan and chop them coarsely.
Peel and grate the ginger and mix it with the lemon peel, then wash and pit the cherries.

Put the washed rocket with hazelnuts and cherries in a bowl.
Shell the couscous with a fork and add it to the rest, finally add the ginger and lemon and the chopped feta.
Season with oil and season with salt and pepper.

The cherry and feta couscous salad is ready, mix gently and serve.

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