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Savory vegetable plumcake

Savory vegetable plumcake

Recipe Salty plumcake with vegetables by of 31-07-2013 [Updated on 09-01-2014]

Between me and the vegetable plumcake there is a long history of failure and anger. This is my salty vegetable plumcake version 1.3, and finally after two miserable failures I managed to obtain the desired result, a soft and tasty rustic where the taste of vegetables blends with the dough without weighing it down, for the series, who lasts the wins;) I used for this plumcake the vegetables that I had on hand for a total weight of about 300 gr cooked and I added some feta cheese that I had left over from the preparation of yesterday's pasta salad, it was almost an empty fridge in practice. The "master's touch" was the addition of sesame seeds on the surface, an idea copied from pino from the fb group, well I can say that this time I was really satisfied, try my recipe and let me know. I wish you a beautiful day, I have started the countdown for my holidays, -7 cheers;)


How to make salty vegetable plumcake

Trim the vegetables, cut them into thin slices and grill them
Peel the carrot, cut it into slices and boil for 5 minutes

Mix the flour, Parmesan and yeast in a bowl

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and add them to the flour mixture and mix

In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the salt and pepper

Add the milk and then the oil

Now add the flour and the vegetables, mixing with a wooden spoon

Now add the crumbled feta and mix

Line a plum cake mold with wet and squeeze oven-baked farta and pour the mixture into it
Level the dough, then sprinkle the salty plum cake with sesame seeds

Bake the salted plumcake with vegetables at 180 ° in a preheated oven for about 35 minutes

Let it cool before cutting it into fete and serving

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