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Timballini of zucchini with salmon

Timballini of zucchini with salmon

Recipe Timballini of zucchini with salmon of of 17-08-2012 [Updated on 16-02-2015]

This recipe is very very chic, timballini of zucchini stuffed with ricotta and smoked salmon that will make you look great once brought to the table. I got the idea from the modern woman magazine where the chef proposed these zucchini caskets as parmigianine and with a completely different filling, I twisted the recipe a little and made the filling with a ricotta cream, smoked salmon and basil , if you like these three ingredients, you can't help but try my recipe. Well, my first week of vacation has flown by and I don't even know how, between walks, chores and various purchases I lost the perception of time, I had so many backward things that I had to make a work plan to be able to organize myself;) Today we go to my mother's terrace where this year they have equipped a swimming pool, umbrella and sun loungers to let Elisa run around freely and who knows if I won't be able to get a little tan too, but first, I have to go to the party shop to see if he managed to get me the swags I ordered. And to think that a year ago these days I was on vacation in Sorrento with my 9-month-old belly to pass the wait that separated me from knowing my puppy, now I hold her in my arms after a year and it still doesn't seem real to me , but how did this year fly away so fast? Basins and happy Friday and, if you try my recipe, don't forget to let me know what you think;)


How to make timballini of zucchini with salmon

Peel the courgettes, cut them lengthwise and roast them on a wire rack

Sprinkle muffin molds with oil and line with grilled courgettes

Shred the leftover courgettes and smoked salmon fillets.
Fry a clove of garlic in a pan with oil and brown the courgettes and salmon

Arrange the ricotta in a bowl and work it together with the zucchini and salmon (remember to remove the garlic clove), add salt, pepper and basil

Mix until you get a homogeneous filling. Fill the zucchini baskets with the mixture obtained by compacting everything well.

Close the timballini of zucchini with salmon and bake at 180 °

Cook the zucchini timballini with salmon for about 15 minutes
Turn over onto a serving dish and serve.

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