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Sea bass in salt

Sea bass in salt

Sea bass in salt recipe of 31-08-2014 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

Sea bass in salt is a dish that I prepare very often, fish cooked in this way is light, moist and tasty, the preparation is very simple and the yield is excellent. Cooking with salt is very ancient, it does not require the use of added fats and is able to enhance all the flavor of the sea bass; the coarse salt, with the heat creates a crust around the fish releasing a small amount of salt crystals that will salt the meat at the right point and keeping the meat tender and juicy. With the sea bass in salt I hope to have given you an idea for the second dish to prepare this Sunday, I still do not know what to do with this day, I wait for the puppy to wake up and give instructions on the subject;) a greeting to those who pass by from here.


How to make sea bass in salt

Gut the sea bass, then rinse under running water (click here for the guide)

Put some pieces of garlic and chopped aromatic herbs (I used thyme, magiorana, basil, parsley and chives) inside the belly of the fish

Pour a layer of salt on the bottom of a baking sheet, then lay the fish on top.

Cover the sea bass entirely with the remaining salt

bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° for about 25 minutes.
Gently remove the crust of salt from above the sea bass, this is the most delicate operation of the preparation since you will have to be careful not to let the salt into the fish.
then lift it from the pan and place it on a serving dish.

Clean it by removing the skin and bones, then serve your sea bass in salt with a drizzle of raw oil.

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