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Turkey stew, potatoes and mushrooms

Turkey stew, potatoes and mushrooms

Recipe Turkey stew potatoes and mushrooms of 20-02-2008 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

The stew is an ideal dish to prepare during the winter evenings. The other night for the first time I prepared the stew with turkey meat and I have to tell the truth, if cooked well it makes a lot. Here is my recipe for a mouth-watering turkey stew, potatoes and mushrooms;)


How to make turkey stew, potatoes and mushrooms

Prepare chopped carrot, onion and parsley and sauté it in a pan with high sides together with a little oil.

Flour the pieces of turkey pulp and brown them for 3 minutes per side in the chopped onion and carrots.

Deglaze the stew with a splash of red wine.

Then cover with water and cook everything over low heat with a lid for about 15 minutes, turning the pieces of turkey from time to time.

Prepare the mushrooms by softening them in warm water and then tossing them in a pan with a little oil.

After 15 minutes, add the diced potatoes to the stew and season with salt.

Continue cooking, always on low heat for about 15 minutes; then add the mushrooms.

If the stew gets dry, add a little water. However, if at the end of cooking it is still watery, remove the lid and raise the heat.

Now you just have to serve the potato and mushroom stew on the plates and enjoy it all :)

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