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Risotto with tomato

Risotto with tomato

Tomato Risotto Recipe of of 05-09-2017 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The tomato risotto it is one of the simplest risotto there is! Unlike the rice with sauce here there is the toasting of the rice, the shading with white wine and the cooking done in the tomato sauce (possibly homemade) and the vegetable broth. If you love the tomato risotto try this easy recipe, abound with parmesan and basil and let me know if the simplicity of the dish has conquered your palate!
Although Elisa does not like dishes with sauce, she likes this dish very much, I prepare it for her rich in Parmesan so the sauce becomes more pink and the whole more stringy: P


How to make tomato risotto

Finely chop the onion and brown it in a pan with oil.
Then add the rice, mix it and let it toast for a couple of minutes. Then add the white wine.

Now put the puree and mix it with the rice.

As soon as the sauce shrinks, add the boiling broth a ladle at a time and continue cooking.

When almost cooked, add the parmesan and chopped basil and season with salt.
Then mix and let the risotto rest for a couple of minutes.

Your tomato risotto is ready to be brought to the table.

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