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Baskets of chocolate

Baskets of chocolate

Recipe Chocolate Baskets of of 29-04-2007 [Updated on 07-02-2018]

Baskets of chocolate are a delicious way to serve liqueurs, grappas or cold creams prepared ad hoc. To make chocolate baskets it takes very little, paper cups, excellent dark chocolate, and a little patience.I stuffed them with mozzarella ice cream and garnished everything with sour cherries in syrup, morsels really delicious!


How to make chocolate baskets

Melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler

Once melted, let the chocolate cool

Then, pour the mixture into the cups and distribute the chocolate evenly

Put the chocolate glasses in the fridge

As soon as the chocolate has solidified, you can gently peel off the paper. You have to be very patient otherwise you risk breaking the baskets. (You can help yourself with a toothpick to leverage).

Now fill the glasses with ice cream

Garnish with sour cherries in syrup and serve or keep in the fridge until ready to serve

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