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Puff pastry candy cane

Puff pastry candy cane

Puff pastry candy cane recipe of 17-12-2018 [Updated on 17-12-2018]

THE candy cane puff pastry sweets are very easy and quick to make: Christmas puff pastry sticks filled with ricotta cream and raspberries. These sweets they are perfect to serve at Christmas, they are prepared in a short time and perhaps with the help of children. Girls, I come back from my last business trip, I was in Rimini for a conference where my husband was a speaker and, despite yesterday I spent the whole day at home with my daughter and my husband in pajamas, I was unable to recover my strength.
This last week of work, before closing for the well-deserved Christmas holidays, will be exhausting, so I have to hold on and concentrate to close all the tasks I have open. A basin therefore and a good start to the week: *


How to make candy cane from puff pastry

Put the ricotta in a bowl with the icing sugar and work until you get a cream.
Roll out the puff pastry roll, then cut it into isosceles triangles.

Place the triangles side by side slightly crossed on the side of the bases. The shape to be obtained is that of a hook. Then cover one side, the wider one, with a strip of ricotta cream and then with raspberries. Then close bringing the tips of the triangles to cover the filling.

Place the puff pastry candy cane on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, then brush the surface with a beaten egg. Bake the candy cane in a preheated oven at 200 ° for 15/20 minutes.

Once ready, let them cool down, then glaze them with the advanced ricotta cream or royal ice.

Serve your candy cane on the table.

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