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Thermomix marsala meatballs

Thermomix marsala meatballs

Thermomix marsala meatballs recipe by of 04-04-2014 [Updated on 03-09-2018]

Meatballs with Marsala are a tasty second dish in which the meat is particularly tender. The presence of herbs makes the dish flavored to the right point, with the addition of the fabulous Marsala sauce that completes the dish in an amazing way. If you have not yet organized your dinner for tonight, I recommend you turn on your Thermomix and prepare this easy recipe. You will not regret it!


How to make Marsala meatballs

Chop the Parmesan and the herbs for 10 seconds at a turbo speed
Combine the meat, egg, softened bread, salt and pepper, 30 sec at vel 3
Form meatballs, pass in the flour and place in the greased varoma
Put the marsala, oil, a glass of water, the herbs in the jug and cook 30 min varoma vel 3
Arrange the meatballs on a serving dish and coat them with the cooking juices

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