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Thermomix liquorice liqueur

Thermomix liquorice liqueur

Thermomix licorice liqueur recipe by of 19-07-2016 [Updated on 14-01-2019]

Licorice liqueur is a delight! Let's not forget that it is also an excellent digestive and bringing it to the table at the end of the meal is a pretty good excuse. Licorice lovers certainly cannot miss this recipe, especially if in possession of Calabrian licorice.


How to make licorice liqueur with the Thermomix

Put the licorice, sugar and water in the jug and cook for 18-20 min. at 100 ° C speed 1, evaluating its consistency.
Once cooled add the alcohol.
Mix everything well for 20 sec. at vel. 3.
Now pour the liquorice liqueur into the bottles with the help of a funnel.
Put the caps on the bottles and then let the liquorice liqueur rest in the pantry and wait at least a week before serving.

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