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The watermelon, also called alcoholic watermelon, is nothing but a kind of fruit salad for adults only, as it is elongated and flavored with vodka. Watermelon is known to be the protagonist of the summer and when I was younger (ah, good times of carefree and fun), in the bonfires on the beach and in August the watermelon was never missing and was always the prerogative of a friend of mine, Gerry, who patiently prepared the drunk watermelon for 20/30 people but filling it only with vodka;)
Although I haven't attended a bonfire for several years, I like to prepare this macendonia with watermelon vodka for an aperitif or an evening with my friends.
The amount of alcohol you decide to use depends on your personal tastes, as well as the choice of fruit, I give you the recipe according to my personal taste and I guarantee you that it is usually super appreciated. Happy Saturday to those who pass by here;)


How to make watermelon

Clean the watermelon, cut off the upper cap (if necessary to make it stand straight, even a thin layer of the lower one) and with a digger remove the pulp leaving only the outer shell, with only 1 cm of pulp.

Peel all the fruit and cut it into small pieces, just like for a fruit salad.

Prepare a syrup with water, sugar and lemon.

Let the syrup cool, then add the vodka.
Fill the watermelon shell with the fruit (including some of the watermelon pulp), then add the syrup to the vodka.

Your watermelon is ready: let it cool in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before serving.

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